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  1. What computer do you have?!?

    Yeah, when talking about computers with my father, I was surprised to find out that my computer has more ram than he had storage.
  2. Steal the cookie game

    I make a Hawkins radiation generator and kill that black hole! Nobody's got the cookie!!!
  3. Don't Click This

  4. The Ctrl+V thread!

  5. The Number Game Continued

  6. The letter Game.

  7. Thread to complain bout stuff

    Strange noises in the dark. Laying in bed watching the last YouTube video before going to bed. Lights all off. Something in my dresser area (like three feet to the left of the bed) popped. Scared the crap out of me. My lamp was on incredibly quickly...
  8. Which PC games have the most stunning graphics?

    Battlefront 1 from ea.
  9. What computer do you have?!?

    I got an i5 laptop...with a harddrive that's not detecting after a drop enough though it kept on going for a couple of hours and still heats up and spins!
  10. The Astro-Imaging Thread

    Almost clear sky tonight...except for the northern portion. Very thick. They are also blocking's almost 12:00am for me sssooo, looks like no astrophotography this week!
  11. Thread to complain bout stuff

    In school, we're gonna start reading Dante's inferno...sounds like fun!
  12. The Astro-Imaging Thread

    Are flat frames necessary for dso's?
  13. What funny/interesting thing happened in your life today?

    A while ago I downloaded astroneer and was getting a frame every two seconds. I feel your pain.
  14. The Stargazing Thread!

    How'd you avoid overexposing the center? I was shooting 30 seconds st 100 ISO and wasn't getting that amount of detail.
  15. Christmas

    I got an autoguider and guidescope for astronomy. As well as destiny 2. I won't be starting destiny 2 until i finish destiny 1 though.