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  1. munlander1

    The Martian or Apollo 13

    In Apollo 13, it portrays the “no”” sign on the lm jettison switch completely wrong. So, my vote is for The Martian edit: “”
  2. munlander1

    Just came home from Florida

    Was down in Orlando last week. Guess where we didn’t go? I’m jealous.
  3. munlander1

    Post dumb videos here

  4. munlander1

    What funny/interesting thing happened in your life today?

    Saw a fireballish meteor!
  5. munlander1

    What country are you from?

    I’m from Illinois
  6. munlander1

    Help with Relationships Thread

    Even though she says stuff like that DAILY?
  7. munlander1

    How to make a bottle rocket

    I thought we were talking about the firework bottle rockets... good luck
  8. munlander1

    Help with Relationships Thread

    So, a really good friend of mine said she talks behind other peoples back. A bunch of her friends were talking about a girl in there grade and she said "I don't understand how someone can be that ugly". I...I hoped my friend was messing with me. my friend says she does stuff like that daily too. She also has a boyfriend of over a year.
  9. munlander1

    What's your dream planet?

    If you stood inside the „donut hole“ of a ringed planet, where would you go? Like would you „fall off“
  10. Ok, thanks again
  11. Ok, thanks we do have the “put a face to that name” thread though.
  12. Could I get a certain number of threads that were created in the past to make the case it’s an interest to many players?
  13. munlander1

    Make a wish... and have it horribly corrupted!

    I wish that th girl I’m a talking to likes me back.
  14. munlander1

    Don't Click This

    When the mods think they can stop THE THREAD
  15. I just got a NASA legend to protect no offense to him, but not much.