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  1. yep @adsii1970
  2. @Pine
  3. or has it?
  4. disregard
  5. Just wanna leave this here to see what everyone thinks about it.
  6. What are the pro's and cons of photographing nebulae over galaxies?
  7. Charging camera battery, will try to make off on less than a full charge. Moved on to M31. Saw 3 meteors so far. Plus an orbiting object.
  8. I think I'm imaging the crescent nebula... if not, a star field in Cygnus.
  9. what the? Was that a wild guess? You're right. How did you know I would be on? @HebaruSan
  10. You lost it. Most terms of services state you are responsible for the account and anything it does.
  11. A worst case scenario, the computer is broke and is totaled (it doesn't sound like that) but if it turns out that way, remove hard drive and try to salvage it.
  12. I don't think we can really speculate, since so much relies on evolution. A lot of things look similar to us because we are related.
  13. He is home now. Just lounging around.
  14. Thanks everyone