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  1. We‘re looking on getting one for it. It’s gunna be amazing seeing it every time I walk into my room!
  2. Yeah, when he came in my room and showed me it I was ecstatic! On Social Media in July theres always Apollo memorabilia. I remember seeing a similar news paper and thinking it would be amazing to have one that my grandparents got and I am very happy to have this one! More photos:
  3. He used it for a book report when he was in school and he just found it and he gave it to me.
  4. Moon base, Mars base, Titan base, Venus base, Europa base, bases everywhere!
  5. You visits the lounge long enough and you see one of these threads every couple of months. I even made one. Personally I think there should be a pinned one but there’s nothing wrong with creating a new one every couple of months.
  6. Yeah, should probably get it checked out sooner than later!
  7. I have a 2006(7?) Hyundai Sonata with a sunroof that cracks open at speeds about 40-50mph, the ceiling fabric is hanging, and the back rear wheel makes a weird squeaky sound when you turn and keeping making it for a while after the turn.
  8. Might also want to drop this in the astrophotography thread over in science and spaceflight
  9. You’d be surprised. I haven’t seen it but I’m sure a few of the mods have.
  10. A teen 18-20 year old girl pulling her grandmother in the airport. Wasn’t super violent but it was enough to count as domestic battery.
  11. Ok, will try it later today. Thanks
  12. So if I get similar speeds, what would that mean? Could possible speed issues be server side? How would I know where the issue is?
  13. I have a more local ISP with 500 up/ 500 down and its fiber optics. I've done several Ookla tests and it was always >200 down. Just chrome but opening it didn't seem to affect speed. Besides that I had nothing else open. No games, no antivirus either.