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  1. munlander1

    Thoughts on Starman (little late)

    They could have been put in the suit and be immobilized. Could have hidden an oxygen tank inside the car. If we are gunna paint Elon Musk to be a super rich super villain, let’s do it rigth.
  2. munlander1

    Lots of rectangles [forum bug(?)]

    They all work perfectly. Will try that now Clearing the cashe did it! :) thanks
  3. I’ve reloaded the page multiple times and the forum has been covered in these rectangles
  4. I have a laptop and I think the screen connector is bad. When ever something is moved around in screen or a window open, the lines will change colors in the area. How difficult of a repair is it, how much will it cost? How much will it cost for it to be professionally repaired? Oh, and won’t a graphics card speed up processing astrophotos?
  5. munlander1

    For Questions That Don't Merit Their Own Thread

    I know to go down to the Antarctic base you have to get your appendix removed. To go to space, do you have to get it removed? Has there ever been surgery performed in 0g?
  6. munlander1

    Solid State Airplane

    Natural selection is only for genes, driving would take a LONG time to become any type of instinct. Really I believe the deciding factor would be how much time you can put into practicing it
  7. munlander1

    Kevlar in Spacecraft

    Could Kevlar be used to give additional shielding in a composit shield? How much Kevlar would you need to stop bullet at orbital velocity?
  8. I think I’m going to get this computer. In the Price range, it has the largest ssd and it’s under budget for me. What performance should I expect out of it?
  9. munlander1

    Solid State Airplane

    People can’t properly control cars in 2 axis. You wanna give them another?
  10. munlander1

    For Questions That Don't Merit Their Own Thread

    I don’t think it would be noticeable, but yes.
  11. munlander1

    For Questions That Don't Merit Their Own Thread

    If one of the Gemini pilots was incapacited during the mission, would the other pilot be able to fly?
  12. munlander1

    Simple Rockets 2 is out!

    I think it’s worth getting the game. RN, there’s a lot of stuff I’d like to see changed or added, but the game really has potential.
  13. munlander1

    Simple Rockets 2 is out!

    For just being released, it’s pretty amazing
  14. munlander1

    Simple Rockets 2 is out!

    I don’t know if competition is needed, but I don’t see anything bad coming out of it. Regardless, I’m sure what ever they produce will be interesting.
  15. munlander1

    Don't Click This

    I thought this thread was...locked.