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  1. Go view your profile and there is the "new post" button on the top right corner On mobile, view your profile and its the rectangle with the white check in it in the right hand corner.
  2. I would like to see a pause feature with the ability to move the camera, it would be much easier to get screenshots as you wouldn't have to fly and try to take a screenshot at the same time.
  3. With a good selection of parts (as seen in Making History or Breaking Ground) I wouldn't be against an extended solar system for KSP 1. If KSP 2 does not have at least a couple completed solar systems or plans for a couple solar systems for free, I will have to consider not purchasing the game. One of the things they have advertised with KSP 2 is interstellar travel. I understand if the dev's of KSP 2 do not "complete" Kerbin's solar system if KSP 1 does not. With interstellar travel being a selling point of the game, I do expect other solar systems to visit and from everything I have seen it's clear that is the route the devs are taking,
  4. While I don't know if making Kopernicus stock is something I support, I do think that the Solar System should be competed with Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune analogs. Maybe even adding in some TNOs as modified asteroids. By expanded the solar system, it will expand the uses of RTGs as solar panels would be almost useless past Jool.
  5. Yeah, I really like his launch streams.
  6. I had a teacher who, despite teaching an advanced course, did not know the material. When he did attempt to teach, it felt like he was learning the material at the same pace as the rest of the class. Instead of even just lecturing, he would sit at his desk all class. We were expected to use khan academy to teach ourselves the course content. Any “labs” were poorly put together and while it was this Failure’s first time teaching, it was obvious that he had not succeeded in the lab. Instead of clear and concise instructions, we were given confusing and convoluted packets. Despite being a course which needed plenty of desk space, it was taught in a computer lab. The teacher accepted the cramped quarters as adequate for the class. Often when doing a lab, half the effort was getting set up in such a cramped environment. The teacher had horrible pacing. Out of the 12 units, by the second semester we had only started unit 5. Unfortunately, this appeared to be the normal for all his other classes. Packets of information in which the students had to teach themselves...
  7. I didn’t click...I tapped!
  8. A 50km tall structure. This structure would basically be a giant heat pipe, using the heat from the lower atmosphere to power turbines at the top. There would be a cooling system to allow the turbine's fluids to be recycled. The electricity generated could be used to cool the lower portions of the structure and the rest can be used to break down CO2.
  9. You should totally do that and post the details and results here!