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  1. I had this issue on console. Someone suggested that it could be my cargo bay, if that was the root part. Haven't tested it yet. Seems plausible.
  2. I use the longer tanks to save parts count and stability. I also only put wings in a 4x symmetry around the center stage, near the bottom. The last tip I heard, and love, is to tie your outer stages together at the bottom. If your center stage is burning when you decouple the kickers, you have a nice ICBM middle stage.
  3. I had wondered about the cargo bay as the root part. This is likely the issue. I'll give it a shot and report after. I finally purchased KSP on steam. It's probably how I should have started my kerbal journey (although my little yoga might disagree) and I'm hopeful that the more robust PC community will keep me satisfied. I struggle with how little support and community there is for ksp on console. With so many hurdles to breach just to get an update or dlc, I wish I would have known before I purchased on console... hell, it took a year for a working version. [sigh] Thanks for your input, Kerbnub.
  4. Ok, first time I thought it was my building skills, but now I'm certain... I have a vessel that can be classified as a Kerbin capable, refuelable, VTOL SSTO. I worked very hard to optimize this bad boy: It can reach and land on Minimus, VTOL around Kerbin, Semi-circumnavigate and return... it's legit. However, it can only do all of these wonderful things after an initial launch. That is: Launch from Dessert, reach Mach 3, refuel at North Pole, reach mach 3, return to Dessert, mach 3, Land on a Mountain, Return to Lowlands, Save. Upon reload, I can't reach Mach 1! what? I'm so flamed right now. I know it's not a weight issue; it won't reach Mach 1 at half fuel. I'm certain the craft has the proper aerodynamic properties; I greatly reduced drag after having this problem once before. I streamed an anomaly hunting session on Mixer with iteration 2. I know you will probably want pics and vids, make a bug report, yada yada... I'll get there if I can figure out why this forum won't accept any of my picture links... but let's start with the dilemma. Why is this happening? Edit: Bug Tracker ID, Bug #22931 Bug Page (pictures included) https://bugs.kerbalspaceprogram.com/issues/22931 Edit2: A livestream recording good until July 2, 2019: https://mixer.com/jEdward333?vod=111380162
  5. Don't transmit science from Science Jr. I repeat: No transmitto dato de Science Jr. Every report of the bug I found, and encountered myself, was encountered after any Science Jr had transmitted science, and would stay that way for the remainder of your current play (game reset fixes bug). As long as I've followed that rule, zero EVA problems. I bought this port before it was "Enhanced Edition" and I can tell you that this bug is not gamebreaking, just annoying (or challenging if your feeling gracious).
  6. What's everyone's take on the latest update and/or DLC? Where do all of you other console players congregate on these forums?
  7. It only happened once. I've since learned that older vessels with outdated command modules and or Comm links was probably the issue.
  8. Can you post a picture of your vessel?
  9. Previously, when I use a maneuver mode from Kerbin or Minimus I get a trajectory projection that allows me to see interplanetary trajections. Now I get only 2 projections from a node: the local body and 1 escape. Before I could transfer to Duna from Minimus; I could see the node project 1(blue), Minimus escape, 2(orange?), Kerbin escape, 3(purple), Kerbol orbit to encounter, 4(new color), duna encounter. Now I only get blue and orange, then nothing. What am I missing?
  10. Oof, that's tough. It's easy to overshoot at periapsis when the craft is moving faster, and that's not even considering fighting game lag in warp mode.
  11. Make sure your reaction wheels aren't overpowering your wheels. If they are you may experience unexpected orientation changes. And make sure your command module is facing the correct direction.
  12. The only solution I have found is don't wrap (which isn't a solution), or always plan for a mid flight course correction.
  13. I have a cargo SSTO that I launched from kerbin, refueled, and put into Minimus orbit last night. Today I load the save, landed it on Minimus, and realized that all of the landing gear on the craft, and it's cargo, had been indiscriminately (seemingly so) twisted off of its axis. Like, 15 degrees for each piece, all different axis, and It wasn't like that when it took off. I can upload more data if anyone else has experienced this. Edit: Just launched a second vessel to remedy the first. Same craft. Landed within 2km, switched vessels, alignment returned on first vessel. Still wondering if anyone else has encountered this.
  14. I hear there is still a bug report for EVA after transmitting data? Or crafts bouncing on load? I have some recordings of these events. Mostly frustrating. Sometimes comical.
  15. And here's the real point. $10 is moot in comparison to the complexities and liabilities of a car, or many other products. It costs less than a LEGO set. I say the haters should go find their own game. Maybe they can have black-jack and reputable ladies too. For the money I did pay, the product works fine. It's a game about problem solving. I've successfully made a refuelable ssto that made it to eve and duna. I've mined many moons. I've caught asteroids and built space stations. All on XBox. The game is not "broken". It was. It still does sometimes "break", but solve the problem by working around the issue, ie. saving strategically. That's all.
  16. On the other hand we can get no game, or no updates... My $10 doesn't even cover 1 hour of a developer's time. Not to mention the $0 I spent on the update.
  17. I'm one of those. I don't agree with you. Work is work, and these folks earned it. Yes, it was frustrating to have a game that had tragic bugs, but I got Enhanced at no charge. Didn't you get the same? And while Enhanced is not perfect, I'm having a fine time with my playstyle. I have a save ritual that allows manual revert, all day. If paying $10 keeps them interested in keeping consoles in the game, I'll have a ramen for lunch instead of a burger and fries and call it a day.
  18. I now have a station with a large # of parts. First time I fly it I can select everything. Second time? Nada. But it has 200+parts so I'm not too upset. At least it stays in orbit and helps with contract completions without completely stopping the game. It does bite, having to restart the game to transmit science anytime after the first fly.
  19. Totally ridiculous. However, so far I've encountered no problems with warp. I've been able to land on Minimus without a glitch in warp. Still frustrating that there is no physical warp in orbit. I imagine this will limit any ion or nuclear use in later progress. Crazy, right? I don't think they wanted to admit it was (may still be) THAT bad (and it was THAT bad). It's bad enough that they admit to 90 bugs in a supposed finished/enhanced version on the marketplace. Could you imagine the possible legal consequences of admitting to THAT bug?! Lol, SQUAD! Try again on stock career without ever opening the cheat menu. That was my last attempt after the patch. So far, so good. Add a +1 anecdote to the maybe pile. Have hope. I'm with you. I've vented for sure, but this is obviously a show of good faith from the developers. An update in less than two months... I'll be that patient. A lot of folks don't understand this. I don't think they play on console. Or maybe they don't really play seriously. Same. +2. I read 2 things here: 1. It's likely you didn't read the whole thread. 2. Less than 2 months per update package, if any more at all. So far I'm hearing good reports overall. It's not perfect, and I can name a few that I am still experiencing, but so far I'm having no trouble after the update. My Crew Report from the Lowlands of Minimus on the STTO Blue Couch TM : I have been a big fan of KSP since the Flying Tiger port, a sad fan when my save file was corrupted (or whatever went wrong) late career, and an outspoken critic when I was gifted a lemon on January 16, 2018. I can report that after the update I have encountered no gamebreakers. Default career settings; no Konami access. I can also report that the "switch to" function now properly works in the map view. I no longer need to switch by relaying to the tracking station. There is no physical time warp in orbit; this is annoying and limits your engineering, but it's not a total gamebreak/ faiure. That stupid crew hatch: you need to align the camera so the hatch, maybe even a radius around the hatch, is not behind the object you want to select. I find that I can access all parts as long as I select it from it's side profile. Sometimes you need to click a part several times to open its window . Super frustrating. Not a failure. Overall I say have faith. This is a glimmer of hope that they really are turning around for console. To the mods, I understand your job; I do think that sometimes the execution of your duties is dismissive of the frustration posed by console members. I don't think you intend it; I do think you set yourselves up for it. Thank you for doing your best to facilitate these heated discussions, and Godspeed to you if this update fails to fix the basic and necessary core mechanics of the UI.
  20. I get that that's how adding a spoiler tag works. I still don't understand how it's a spoiler. Knowing that it exists changes nothing. Actually using it does.
  21. Explain to me why this needs a spoiler tag. Please.
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