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  1. So, this might've already been answered, but since there's fifty pages of stuff in here I think it'd be foolish to look for one - but, as far as modding goes, do we know anything at all about the nature of how planet modding, specifically, will look in KSP2?; and if so, please direct me to the relevant information. Thanks
  2. Hello I was wondering if I could have access to the Imperial Planet Pack download. I know the mod is dead and development has ceased but I still want to play with it since it looks very pretty. The download was removed from spacedock and I want to download it somewhere. Thanks in advance!

  3. What about it being an 'open-ended creative game' makes sequels unfeasible? That basically describes half the open world/simulation games out there, and maaany of which have had updates that improved significantly on the original. It... does have core flaws that can't be fixed with an update. Countless of them. You can't address these flaws unless you recognise them to begin with, and that seems to be exactly what Star Theory have done (at least from my interpretation of things). That doesn't mean KSP 2 is a bad idea. They're not identical games, obviously, and just because Minecraft didn't doesn't mean that KSP shouldn't. Many of the features shown in the trailer - such as colonisation - seem like they would be unable to be incorporated into the game without a complete reworking of the game's code. Mods have struggled with this limitation and tried to find workarounds for almost everything, but they're obviously still not perfect - and, not to mention, actually updating the game in such a fashion would likely be more time-consuming, expensive, etc than just starting from scratch would be. Now, I'm largely unfamiliar with KSP's code, so if I'm wrong here please do correct me - this is just how it seems from the little modding and observation of the modding process I've done. Do you mean like, the technology present in the sequel seems too advanced? And one last statement regarding the title - how could it possibly ruin the original? Even if the game stopped receiving updates and new content, it would never lose its title of 'a very good game,' and that's obviously in a worst-case scenario. The original is what it is, regardless of KSP 2's existence. I, for one, haven't updated my game since 1.3.1, and have no intent to do so anytime soon.
  4. Holy crap, this is beautiful. And I thought Scatterer could only be so pretty... Same...and my install is just about as unstable as possible, so that's saying something for me
  5. If there's still anyone following this mostly-dead thread for whatever reason, take note: I am discontinuing IPP, since first of all it's been a long, long time since I last worked on it. Second of all, the unfinished 0.7 version was...a bit screwed up. Massive, for one thing. If I were to finish it, it would certainly be the most significant update I'd have ever released. Except for one issue: it simply did not work as intended, primarily as a result of atmospheric issues, terrain loading, etc. And third of all, the scope of IPP was simply too expansive. I had plans to make the mod far larger than it already was, and the unfinished v0.7 pushed 825 Mb. That's a lot more than most equivalently sized planet packs. I simply have neither the skill nor the time to complete such a project. Which brings me to my fourth point: time. Rather than spend a massive amount of time working on this mod, I'll start work on something smaller. (it'll be a bit before I can post anything more about it on the forums ) Note: While this mod is no longer on Spacedock and is no longer being worked on, I would like this thread to not be deleted or closed. It's possible that someone will want to pick it up later, so I want them to be able to easily contact me through this thread if this should happen. For any prospective adopters: tell me if you're interested, and then I'll fill you in on relevant data. Until next time, cheers.
  6. does this actually do anything other than edit a few orbits
  7. before asking about a collab, figure out how to make planets