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  1. @MOARdV Will you still be able to have different switches control different lights like before?
  2. I would love to see something like my KS-110 Series (Not yet submitted in this challenge) from you. If you decide to make something like it, good luck! Your PJ-1 seems like an amazing airplane from the review!
  3. @ensou04 I know this is called Rocket Sound Enhancements, but can you please make jet engine patches?
  4. Bottle Rocketeer 500

    Circumnavigate Kerbin with a rover

    @Triop What mod are you using for the bridge segment statics?
  5. Bottle Rocketeer 500

    [1.4.X and above] Kerbal Konstructs - - 09.Jan.2019

    Turn Cullblack off
  6. Bottle Rocketeer 500

    [1.4.X and above] Kerbal Konstructs - - 09.Jan.2019

    But then they converted it into a patch. There is also another patch for KC for 1.0.5, which still works.
  7. The mod for the taxiways was Kerbin Side Remastered, by @Eskandare for Kerbal Konstructs. I also recommend @AdmiralTigerclaw's KSR Airports mod, which adds in many airports for you to fly to. Also, thanks for the compliments.
  8. Bottle Rocketeer 500

    What did you do in KSP today?

    RELEASED MY KS-111LR, KS-110, KS-110P, AND KS-110E KS-111LR KS-110 KS-110E KS-110P DOWNLOAD FOR THESE AND THE KS-111 AND KS-111C DOWNLOAD FOR ALL MY PLANES Kerbobulus Aerospace Airliner Showcase Thread
  9. POSTED THE KS-111LR, KS-110, KS-110P, AND KS-110E, BASED ON THE 737 MAX 7 AND 8, RESPECTIVELY! KS-111LR KS-110 KS-110E KS-110P
  10. Bottle Rocketeer 500

    Electrocutor's Thread

    I am confused about how to find the normalization parameters, even after re-reading that part of the documentation.
  11. Bottle Rocketeer 500

    Electrocutor's Thread

    @Electrocutor I want to make TU configs for the wings, flaps/slats/spoilers, and S2 airliner parts in @blackheart612's Airplane Plus mod. I have read @Shadowmage's documentation on Github, but am still confused. Can you please explain how to do it?
  12. Bottle Rocketeer 500

    What did you do in KSP today?

    I finished the first test flight and construction of the KS-111LR! It has a range of about 2,400 km now, compared to the 1,850 km range of the regular KS-111, even though it uses more fuel and cruises at a speed 25 m/s lower than that of the regular KS-111.
  13. Bottle Rocketeer 500

    CommNet Dish Inspection Challenge

    This sounds like a very nice challenge! I will try it with my KS-111 and the upcoming KS-111LR. I might also use the KS-110/ 110P/ 110E.
  14. Bottle Rocketeer 500

    What did you do in KSP today?

    I added the KS-111 and KS-111C to the Kerbobulus Aerospace Airliner Showcase Thread! KS-111C KS-111 For the KS-110 Family For all of my airliners
  15. Posted the KS-111 and KS-111C, based on the Boeing 737 MAX 8/9/10!