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  1. Bottle Rocketeer 500

    [WIP] Neist Airliner parts

    @neistridlar Can you please fix the animation on the 25PD?
  2. Bottle Rocketeer 500

    Cyclone Aeronautics Aircraft Showcase

    @JPmAn Also, don't forget to use the Airplane Plus CF-34 engines. Maybe you can try to make the wings bigger than they need to be. I already made an E170 with larger wings than IRL and it worked well.
  3. Bottle Rocketeer 500

    Cyclone Aeronautics Aircraft Showcase

    @JPmAn Can you please try to make something along the lines of the E190 using those beautiful new-ish CRJ/ERJ parts in Airplane Plus?
  4. @inigma Ok, just if you seriously run out of destinations, you can look there. Also, maybe you can try KSC- Island Airfield - Dessert Airfield - KSC - Island Airfield with a limited fuel budget in total or something like that. Also, the Dessert Airfield - KSC - Island Airfield route sounds good. Looking forward to the next release.
  5. @inigma Or you can add Kerbin Side Remastered and possibly KSR Airports and have about 30 more options for places to go to.
  6. Bottle Rocketeer 500

    Compare and Share!

    The Phoenix 1a, a plane that I built pretty long ago, but it is extremely efficient, cool looking, and easy-ish to fly. Also, here is an SSTO I built a long time ago in December of 2016 Finally, here is a small stock airplane I made about half a year ago. Also, I just noticed that the topic is now 2.5m rockets, so here is a sub assembly for an upper stage I built. Full imgur album
  7. @vossiewulf Did you remember to click on the "Publish Mod" button?
  8. Bottle Rocketeer 500

    Need help modding stock airbrakes!

    @everydayastronaut Here: Also, welcome to the forums
  9. Bottle Rocketeer 500

    KSP Weekly: The Moon Race

    Really nice work, just maybe you can change the color of the Stayputnik to something more what it was previously. Now it looks a bit too metallic. Otherwise, really nice work, I am excited for the next update.
  10. Bottle Rocketeer 500

    SSTO and plane or rocket giveway 1.4 required

    @Trekkie148 All Airplane Plus does with stock parts is changes the jet engine sounds to something that sounds better.
  11. Bottle Rocketeer 500

    SSTO and plane or rocket giveway 1.4 required

    @Trekkie148 One recommendation: try the Airplane Plus mod and @blackheart612's crafts. Also, check out my crafts on KerbalX
  12. Bottle Rocketeer 500

    Kerbin Side Remastered [1.4.x]

    @Eskandare Latitude and longitude? Also, is it really close or in the same place as an airport in KSR Airports? Also, can you please include a section with tarmac and maybe at least 1 terminal in the ariport like done in KSR Airports?
  13. Bottle Rocketeer 500

    Kerbin Side Remastered [1.4.x]

    @Eskandare look at this:
  14. Yes, but Neist air has a more realistic style than this, so it would be nice to have that in Airplane Plus.
  15. @blackheart612 Maybe you should try making a large plane like the 787 Dreamliner/ a350 or something like the 747/a380 in 3.75m diameter.