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  1. What fairing bug?
  2. @Neil Kerman The Karman line in KSP is at 70 KM above sea level. If you install Kerbalism, it adds magnetic fields, which IIRC ends at 150 KM above sea level on Kerbin.
  3. Definitely lower kerbal requirements for planes because kerbal crew cabins fit less kerbals that IRL ones fit people.
  4. @Tristonwilson12 Looks nice!
  5. Wow, looks amazing! Can you please make the fuel a mixture of tea and oxidizer? Also, can you make the tops of fuel tanks less flat?
  6. @sevenperforce Just extra stuff.
  7. @Superpenguin160 The problem with the self-inflating heat shield noticed by @Kottabos is because the "play automatically" box in Unity for the animation is selected.
  8. Actually, the issue is now solved. The blue square, not the blue arrow was pointing up.
  9. Thanks for confirming.
  10. @Phineas Freak Now that you added BD's data, my work is obsolete.
  11. But, all along, NASA knew that they would not paint the SLS. @Drakenex I'll try making an orange tank when I have time
  12. Oh, OK got it.
  13. Oh, got it.
  14. What ISRU software?
  15. @Casualnaut All of these are just examples while disscussing how the contract system could be improved.