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  1. Kerbalized SpaceX (command pod edition)WIP

    I've played Kerbal since 1.2.1 came out. @harrisjosh2711 Nice IVA for the V2, especially like how you made that honeycomb pattern on the walls!
  2. The US-Soviet Technological Collaboration Challenge (WIP)

    @eloquentJane Soviet - 11,154 American - 265,139 Also, preparing for my manned Munar missions
  3. Kerbobulus, Inc. - A shuttle-based space program

    Prologue: Part II: Prosperity : Part I The sound of birds invitingly chirping at the KSC was cancelled out by the roar of "Mainsail" rocket engines pushing a large module, for KSS Prosperity, a key part of Wernher von Kerman's plan to land a kerbal on the Mun, skyward, into Kerbin Orbit. Getting hot up here... Stage SEP! Away we go! Circularizing using the Briz-M/Dual Engine Centaur hybrid upper stage. We're in orbit! NOTE: The habitation module is not a replica of neither Soviet nor American spacecraft, but is inspired in design by the American MOL spacecraft.
  4. @Z3R0_0NL1N3 Kerbalism's config for what? I've used this before with Kerbalism and had no problems.
  5. @michal.don Yes, I know, but that was my first shuttle that didn't blow up. I thought that it would barely get to LKO.
  6. I just found out that my shuttle can do a direct transfer to Duna if the window and timing is right.
  7. @scottadges I know, I was trying to use a hex-booster version of Kerbal Space Command's boosters, but autostrut didn't work, I just wanted to know how to I can reinforce them. @michal.don, Nice to see that you are expanding on the challenge.
  8. @Ozelui I actually figured out that using LRBs would work much better in stock than SRBs. Also, @michal.don I have a mission suggestion, maybe we could have missions to expand the space station we build in STS 5-8
  9. Can someone please tell me how to cluster SRBs so that they don't RUD?
  10. The US-Soviet Technological Collaboration Challenge (WIP)

    Mun Exploration Missions 1a and 1b.
  11. Kerbobulus, Inc. - A shuttle-based space program

    PROLOGUE: Mun Exploration Program (MEP), year 1-xxx Mun Exploration Suite, launched by Blok D upper stage and Titan II first stage with SRBs. Imgur album
  12. Hello, and I'm starting a shuttle-based mission report series with shuttles and LVs derived from the shuttle if needed.
  13. SpaceX Challenge!

    @sevenperforce What do you mean? just paste it in without using the link tool?
  14. SpaceX Challenge!

    @sevenperforce How do you make those boxie-linkie-thingies?
  15. Cassini-Huygens Probe Memorial Challenge

    @invision What mod's Huygens in you replica