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  1. That sounds unnecessarily complex. When I mentioned a manual override, I didn't mean the reactor would have an instant response, I meant that the reactor would slowly warm up to the chosen setting (like a manual version of what it does automatically).
  2. A manual override for the automatic power scaling would be a good solution, imo.
  3. Some thoughts on balance: The Ouroboros just sucks, it only has 500 more ISP then its fission counterpart, the Deliverance, while being twice as expensive, producing less thrust, and being unlocked at the very end of the tech tree. I'm less certain about the following thoughts, but I figured I'd mention them: Fresnel is outclassed by the Hammertong (which is unlocked earlier), though its thrust in LH2 mode is better then the Hammertong so it does have one advantage Verne is unlocked in the same node as the Liberator and Emancipator, yet is just so much better than them. It
  4. You can always copy the hard removed parts from the old versions to the new ones, you just aren't allowed to share it with other people.
  5. @Gameslinx I hope you get well soon! When I had coronavirus, I had shortness of breath for a day, then nothing for a few days, then awful vomiting and nausea for the next week. I hope you aren't affected as bad as I was.
  6. I really wish KSP had sound effects for things touching, so I could hear the ice crack as the Kerbal walked across it.
  7. @Nertea If Eve's oceans are mode of rocket fuel, I can't see why the atmosphere might not have some. Also, having antimatter around Kerbin would be overpowered no matter how rare it is, giving it to Moho or low solar orbit might be a good idea. You could also replace LqdMethane with Carbon Dioxide as an extractable resource to Duna, which can then be broken into Oxidizer and/or combined with an onboard supply of LqdHydrogen to make LqdMethane. This would make a "Mars Direct"-style mission possible as well as add realism.
  8. I agree with what everyone else is saying about metallic hydrogen. Such a blatantly unrealistic fuel shouldn't be in a game that claims to possess "hard science". @Nate Simpson. I would recommend advanced Nuclear-Thermal designs as a replacement, as they seem to fit the performance envelope that the MH engines seem to be targeting (1000-4000isp, high thrust).
  9. I mean, I'd still be mortal, biologically immortality only means I don't age. I don't really think my worldview would change, I'm only 18 and have so much ahead of me. Receiving immortality wouldn't change how I'd think about my life that much, people my age already feel like they have plenty of time after all. Getting to see how humanity progresses would be nice, but I'll have to see my friends and younger brother age and die. Overall It'd be a mixed bag.
  10. Let's say you're a mad scientist and decide to teleport yourself to your friend's house. Unfortunately, you mistype the coordinates and teleport yourself 500 feet under into the rock below. Obviously you die, but what else happens? The atoms now overlap each other with a degree of offset, do they push each other away and slightly deform the rock around the overlap, does it result in a nuclear reaction, or something else entirely?
  11. In stock KSP, as physics warp works by speeding everything up, propellers go crazy as they are already spinning at the unity rotation limit. Making a plugin that would fix this would require the propeller parts to have special exceptions during warp, which would be very tricky to implement. I'm sure it can be done though, is any modder willing to take up the challenge? An easy way might be to give the propellers a mode to create force while stationary, simulating their action when rotating, while allowing use in warp.
  12. There's only an extremely small difference between stock and ReStock, I bet that the physics inaccuracies caused by differing performance between machines causes more of a difference. Your loss I guess.
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