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  1. This is a known issue with AMD cards, integrated or dedicated. It happens in stock as well, but is currently being worked on by SQUAD. My guess is that it'll be fixed for 1.8.2, but no promises.
  2. I treat getting out and pushing as cheating, since it gives you essentially infinite dV (though I'm fine with other people doing it). What I usually do is revert to a quicksave where I have a little bit of fuel left, and use KIS or USI to detach/destroy parts not absolutely neccisary. This greatly increases my dV, and has saved me on several occasions. If that fails, I'll send a rescue mission (no Kerbals left behind!).
  3. There aren't any in this mod, but Near Future Launch Vehicles (another mod developed by Nertea) has engines based off them. They run on LFO by default, but there's an optional patch in the download that makes them run on Methane.
  4. The Screethraw (from Orion's Arm) are super unique in that they are essentially sentient aircraft created by subsentient alien animals, known as the Thrawites. The Thrawites inhabit a long abandoned alien megastructure, with an earthlike habitat (though with no gravity) inside. Inside the megastructure are floating orbs of water, which the Thrawites inhabit. Once the nutrient in an orb runs out, the Thrawites build a Screethraw to move between them, with the Screethraw being much more intelligent then the Thrawites that created it. Once the Screethraw arrives at a new water orb, it dissolves to let the Thrawites inside. Due to their entire purpose being to transport animals and then die, the Screethraw see life as a journey, because for them it literally is. The Screethraw weren't naturally intelligent, but modification of the Thrawites by humanity's descendants resulted in the Screethraw they create achieving humanlike intelligence.
  5. I'm glad to see that the 1.875 tanks are getting metal variants, they're the perfect size for a Mercury-Atlas replica.
  6. So what are the chances of Artemis actually doing missions and not being cancelled?
  7. Let's throw physics out the window for a second and say that a fifth force is magically added to physics, with properties that are consistent and useful to humanity. What would you make its properties be and how would it affect day-to-day life?
  8. I've had a similer issue with probes (and only probes), where they won't respond to the "A" key on my keyboard. Every other key works fine, but not that one for some reason. I don't have the issue with crew-controlled craft, which makes this super weird. Still, it isn't that bad, as I can roll the craft around and use "D" to face the correct direction instead.
  9. Those prop engines are from Airplane Plus, and are pretty underpowered in my opinion. Since you plane seems to be using fully fueled MKIV fuselages, even 26 prop engines won't cut it. Try using multiple Goliaths instead.
  10. Galaxies Unbound is probably the best one, but it only adds one system. SLIPPIST-1 is another great pack, but it requires Interstellar Consortium in order to not replace the stock system. Other_Worlds is kind of good, but the planets suffer the problem of being super samey and boring. Do be aware that adding any sort of interstellar pack pushes KSP's engine/codebase to its limit, so expect a lot of FPS drops and general weirdness after installing.
  11. It would be nice if we got super long range comms for intersteller distances, but that might be FFT's domain.
  12. I think half-scale is more logical then the 66% that a lot of others use, so I'd go with 1.875m. Squad seems to be going with 66% scale/2.5m to fit with the twin-boar, but that makes the boosters almost as big as the 3.75 SLS parts they're intended to be attached to.
  13. A habitable, two-leveled world, with tall, continent-sized plateus sticking out above a sea of clouds. Below the cloud-sea, humid and dark lowlands exist around a water sea. Pressure at the top of the plateaus is 0.5atm, while pressure in the lowlands is 2atm. This is actually doable in KSP1 if you have kopernicus and EVE, but so far I've seen nobody do anything like it.
  14. Rust Spear, now renamed to Red-Rusted Reign, is nearing completion, but the mission is going to miss the Duna transfer window by a few days. The delta-v losses will be low, but still notable. Instead of taking 5 launches (transfer, science+tug, life support, hab, crew shuttle) as I expected, RRR will end up taking 15 (5 + 5 refueling, 4 solar repairs, and 1 maintenence), many more then I had hoped for. I was able to find out the cause of the solar panels freaking out, and it was due to the truss they were mounted on not being sturdy enough. Replacing the truss with a long, empty 1.25 fuel tank seemed to ward off the kraken, but I had to send a crewed mission to attach new ports, along with the panel array itself. This totals 4 panel-related missions, as these two were a repeat of my last attempt to fix them, which didn't work. After that, I have to send up 5 fueling missions. I originally intended to send up the transfer stage fully fueled, but that ended up way too massive to launch, so I decided to do 4 missions to fuel it in orbit. After I docked the first one onto RRR, I discovered that the upper stage of its laucher drained out much of the fueling craft's oxidiser (thankfully not the LH2, as the upper stage used LFO). So now I have to send yet another mission to bring a small amount of oxidiser to RRR.