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  1. Jesus christ, leave him alone. He does all this stuff and you people never stop heckling him for more.
  2. Could we see a single bed and a double bunk bed prop in the future? I'm trying to spruce up the habitation module IVAs, but the lack of bed props aside from the triple bunk really limits what I can do.
  3. I don't think Nertea likes screenshots of his mods before initial testing release...
  4. They look more like fabric now, as opposed to some sort of shiny white rubber.
  5. @linuxgurugamer, could we see the implementation of pressure and engine mode controllers in the future? Right now, engines can only have one configuration per engine, which causes problems with newer versions of RealPlume as well as Waterfall, where most engine's plume color varies with atmospheric pressure. As well, many engines have different plume colors for different fuel modes, such as the VASIMR engines from Near Future Propulsion.
  6. A "Wet Venus": A rocky planet with more then 30atm of pressure and a temperature of more then 200 degrees celcius, but oceans of water as well, kept in liquid form by the immense pressure.
  7. Hello, I'm trying to add a Sabatier reaction to the stock ISRU, but I don't know how to find the proper ratio. KSP's density system is extremely difficult to wrap my head around. Here's the setup I have now: https://pastebin.com/TMwdkZ0H Obviously this is completely incorrect, I was wondering how I could find the proper values.
  8. @Nertea, I made EngineLight configs for the new methalox engines: https://pastebin.com/ADQjGKye
  9. You'll also have to download the dev version of waterfall for the engine exhaust to work, same process as with cryoengines.
  10. For most aircraft that might be a problem, but rockets are a different story
  11. The chart isn't entirely accurate, as the bottom row is comparing two boosters with a sustainer. It's a shame there aren't any mods with hydrolox booster engines, they're pretty rare in real life but that hasn't stopped people from putting other rare engine types into KSP.
  12. Oh, wow, awesome! Last time I checked the mod just did engine effects. Thank you!
  13. @Nertea, is there any particular reason you're including the control wire mount on the Raptor, when you don't usually include them in your engine models? Also, what's the naming scheme like for these engines? We have aquatic mammals for the kerolox engines and volcanos for the hydrolox ones, I can't think of a middle ground between the two. Maybe dinosaurs to fit in with the raptor, or just birds like the old methalox engines in NFLV?
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