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  1. @Nertea, I've downloaded the dev repo as usual, but the new parts don't appear to be there once I've loaded the game. Is that intended?
  2. @Nate Simpson, Is mod support still on the menu for KSP2? I haven't seen it mentioned recently.
  3. @NerteaWill the new reactors have a cylindrical hitbox for attaching radiators to? One of the most frustrating parts of the old reactors was that their hitbox in the truss variant was slightly slanted, making attaching radiators a nightmare.
  4. Amazing work Jade! These new parts are Nertea-levels of quality!
  5. Thrust =/= trip times. It doesn't matter how low an engine's thrust is, trip times almost solely depend on how much ΔV you have. Hence why VASIMR-type engines are talked about as making a trip to Mars much shorter, despite having less that a thousandth the thrust of chemical rockets. Take a transfer to Duna. You can do a year-long transfer to it for 1000m/s, or you can do a transfer that takes 3 months for 4000m/s. The latter choice requires NTRs to do, as chemical rockets don't have enough ISP for it. Despite the NTRs having a quarter the thrust of chemical rockets, it doesn't matter, because the burn time itself is only an extremely small percentage of the trip time. The only time high thrust actually matters is for landers and launch stages.
  6. @NerteaA few more bugs I've noticed: -The footpads of the base frames are permanently sideways. -The IVA on the 1.25m airlock is upside down. -The 1.25m hub's blanket texture is the same as the white plating one. -The observation and agriculture domes have no bottom colliders. -The USI-LS and MKS patches throw errors upon load, but still function, strangely enough. -When activating the IVA overlay, the props (and in certain cases the windows) of some of the new parts are offset massively away from the vessel:
  7. @NerteaSome bugs I've noticed: -The doors on the PPD-TRUSS and PPD-TRUSS-S modules are permanently open and cannot be closed -This might be intentional, but the 5m observation dome has no command ability. Feels kind of strange for the 1.25, 1.875, 2.5 and 3.75 cupolas to have command ability but not the 5m one, especially considering the IVA has full piloting instruments. -The PPD-24 Panorama Observation Module lights do not correctly turn from blue to yellow when enabled, being a weird combination of the two -Most of the 3.75m parts' hatches do not turn from white to grey when selecting a metal exterior. -The 1.25m airlock is missing its IVA
  8. @ensou04, can we see compatibility with Soundtrack Editor Forked in the future? (and by extension, the KSP original score project?). Currently, music from that mod has its volume lowered in space like other sounds, forcing me to turn it up to really high levels to hear it (and making the KSC birdsong loop extremely loud in the process).
  9. Here's an idea for the habitation dome, kerbals would only inhabit the seats in the bunk rooms. Sorry for the awful sketch lol.
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