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  1. Maybe something would be helpful in this situation, for the mod devs. Can you guess what it is?
  2. I don't think it's the dev's fault for not including backups, Sony and Microsoft don't typically allow games to have a backup system for fear of exploits.
  3. More like the version of Tylo in the Alternis Kerbol mod:
  4. I've always wondered what Godzilla's atomic breath could actually be composed of. It's depicted as glowing bright blue, is extremely hot, and highly radioactive. However, the plume from a nuclear salt-water rocket from Nertea's upcoming Far Future Tech mod for KSP is an exact match for it, including in temperature and radioactivity: Given that Godzilla comes from the ocean, and his body probably contains the uranium isotopes that gave him his powers and made him grow so large, I think it's highly likely that his breath is the result of a NSW reaction.
  5. Not sure if it works in recent versions though.
  6. None, unfortunately. You'll have to stick with the English version.
  7. Haha, no. You need a lot more dV to get back from Duna's surface then what a Mun lander would provide.
  8. Made a comet base: Comets are huge, the base is only barely visible in a shot of the entire comet: Also noticed an interesting thing with comets and vessels attached to them: They don't seem to have a load range of 2.3km, instead a much larger range, in order to prevent pop-in given their massive size.
  9. I highly doubt I'll be that. This isn't EA or Microsoft we're talking about, the worst we'll get is a few cosmetic reskins for multiplayer.
  10. Breaking Ground's art is pretty good, I don't think the devs of ReStock are willing to put in a lot of work for a minor upgrade.
  11. She has to work from home due to Koronavirus
  12. I definitely think more fuels should be added, as long as they are distinct and not over complicated. Nertea's mods are a good example of this, all of the fuels that he adds (argon, lithium, hydrogen, etc) have different use cases so they don't feel pointlessly similar. For example, Argon has less efficiency then Xenon, but is much cheaper and its engines have higher thrust then their Xenon equivalents. Lithium is extremely expensive, is unlocked at the end of the tech tree, and its engines require a ton of electricity to use, but its thrust and efficiency are unmatched. Hydrogen has extremely low density and forces you to place double the tanks then LiquidFuel for the same mass, but the engines that use it have much higher ISP. I'm very much in favor of life support, in addition to habitation limits (so you can't stuff a kerbal in a MK1 pod on a 10-year journey), as long as it's possible to make automated resupply missions. Life support shouldn't be that strict by default, you should be able to do missions without sacrificing a ton of your deltaV for life support hardware. In addition, it should be challenging (though not MKS-level hard), to create a self-sufficient base, especially one that produces more life support resources then it consumes.
  13. You're intended to use it with ReStock, which adds a black variant to the stock 3.75 shield
  14. You sure they didn't mean "footprint" as in memory footprint?