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  1. Sorry, but I'm fairly certain this actually has nothing to do with the render queue. It's actually a direct consequence of how the PQS terrain engine works. Terrain in KSP is composed of a planetwide sphere made out of individual squares called quads. The quads subdivide into more quads the closer the vessel is to the ground, with them being at their maximum subdivision amount when the vessel is landed on the surface. Likewise, the further a vessel is from the ground, the quads desubdivide (combine?) into larger squares. When a vessel is very far from the surface, like in orbit, the quads are at the lowest subdivision count, which means each individual quad is huge, on the order of a kilometer or so. Viewed from orbit, the coastline appears pixilated because it actually is pixelated, a fact that isn't noticeable when at a lower altitude because of the higher subdivision count.
  2. Oh, ok. I still don't think it's right, but I guess that's just how the rules are.
  3. Hello, I believe that a user recently had their own thread locked because of fair criticism that they were receiving, rather than for typical reasons. Specifically, this thread: [snip] I'm not sure if this is against the rules or not, but I think it needs to be looked at regardless.
  4. Steam community forums are basically a 4chan board. It's unreasonable to expect any sort of civilized discussion out of them, ever.
  5. I like to think that they are macroscopic single-celled organisms, like minions from despicable me. All of their organelles are housed in their heads, their "bodies" are actually just an modification of the flagellum.
  6. Dakota is pretty much constantly replying to questions in the discord. 1050 messages since the discord was made, with no sign of slowing down since the game was launched. Also, there's this: Doesn't look like the game is going to be cancelled, the dev team gutted, etc.
  7. Normally on a game launch you expect the developers to be active on social media during the time after the game's release, constantly responding to users, helping out, talking about features, etc. For KSP2 there was a large amount of posts by developers right before release, but now .....nothing. Where is everybody?
  8. The Red Robin is a light, maneuverable biplane that makes up for its low speed by being stable and safe to fly. To install, go to C:\Users\[Username]\AppData\LocalLow\Intercept Games\Kerbal Space Program 2\Saves\SinglePlayer\[Save Name]\Workspaces and drop the file inside. https://www.dropbox.com/s/xlxhp9udz07ryd0/Flyer.json?dl=0
  9. In previous developer previews of KSP2, we were shown beautiful atmospheric scattering on Kerbin and other planets: But in recent gameplay footage, the scattering appears to be gone: Could someone like @Nate Simpson confirm that it remains in the game?
  10. I think it will be a super earth, either with an atmosphere or without. Another gas giant would be treading too much familiar ground with Jool, as well as being another planet you can't land on. It would also be a way to ease players into the world of high-gravity planets like Ovin.
  11. Can you share a link directly to that tweet instead of embeding it? The embed doesn't appear to work.
  12. Hmm. This easter egg appears to be a map of some kind. 3 Mun arches, 3 already confirmed solar systems in KSP2?
  13. Utterly amazing! I can't wait to fly a plane between the different layers. On a side note, is there anyway Eve could be made less green? I understand that the green results from Mie scattering and is realistic, but Eve has always been known as a purple planet and having the atmosphere be perpetually green makes it a bit too similar to Jool.
  14. I like how they made the grass darker, looks a lot better now. More KSP1 and less Alpha Minecraft, if you know what I mean.
  15. He returns! We were getting really worried about you.
  16. After performing a second moon landing in my KSRSS Science Mode playthrough, I decided to make a fully reusable moon lander instead of doing a third disposable moon landing. The new lander will reside at a lunar space station when not in use, which will be placed in a low equatorial orbit around the moon. I decided to use cryogenic propellants for the lander due to their greater efficiency, creating a design with around 5000m/s of ΔV, enough to land anywhere on the moon and return to the station without disposing of any hardware. The lander is launched first, on a new derivative of the Amazon II launch vehicle dubbed the Amazon III. The difference from the Amazon II is the removal of the second stage, in addition to the first stage boosters being fused to the core stage instead of separating. These unusual design decisions are done to make the rocket as short and fat as possible, to prevent flipping due to the very large fairing containing the lander. Next, the station itself is launched, being much smaller than the lander due to the lander's massive fuel tanks. Now that the station and lander are docked in low lunar orbit, the next few days will involve a refueling mission being sent to the station, followed by a crewed mission to the station. Then, the landings can finally begin.
  17. Mars' scatter density is set waaaaaay too high, I was able to get it to run much better by reducing the scatter density in Mars' parallax config file: https://www.dropbox.com/s/b6syncnpx1cg6xw/05_Mars.cfg?dl=0
  18. For those who want to play with the stockalike orbital inclinations setting but don't want to have to perform a dogleg maneuver for every launch due to the KSC's high latitude, I made a version of the Earth config that relocates the KSC to right on the equator, allowing for launches to be done exactly like in the stock system. https://www.dropbox.com/s/8lj0q0br6gitfi4/03_Earth.cfg?dl=0 Simply replace 03_Earth.cfg in GameData/KSRSS/Configs/03_Earth to install Licensed CC-BY-NC-SA 4.0 as it is a derivative of a KSRSS config file.
  19. You have to delete the "configs" folder in parallax stock textures for it to load.
  20. That's awesome! I was going to make a patch myself, but I see someone has already done it.
  21. Performed my first Moon landing in 2.5x KSRSS, after a few IRL days of tedious docking to assemble the spacecraft in low earth orbit. The design is a hybrid Earth Orbit Rendezvous-Direct Ascent configuration, with both the transfer stages and direct ascent lander assembled in a total of 6 launches. The 3 transfer stages were each launched via the Congo I heavy-lift rocket, while the lander stages were delivered via 3 launches of the medium-lift Yangtze IIA. Even with autostrut, the vehicle is very unstable and wobbly due to a bug in KJR that disables the mod if any of the docking ports are rotated. I needed to rotate the ports to keep the center of thrust aligned with the center of mass, as the vehicle would otherwise spin out of control. The transfer burn to the Moon is painful, as I constantly needed to steer the vessel due to the phantom forces created by the unstable joints. After the transfer burn to the Moon, the two side stages of the transfer stage are jettisoned, leaving the core stage to enter lunar orbit. After being used to deorbit the lander, the core transfer stage is jettisoned, and the descent to the moon begins. The descent goes without a hitch, with the 12 engines performing admirably. Jeb Kerman becomes the first Kerbal to walk on the surface of the Moon, as he has in many, many other games of KSP. As I'm playing with the Skyhawk Science System, the EVA jetpack hasn't been unlocked yet, meaning that getting the science into the capsule was a very long and frustrating game of climbing and jumps. The ascent stage of the lander blasts off towards home, leaving the 4 descent stages and flag to forever rest on the surface of the Moon. The return to Earth occurs 9 days later, and Jeb and Bob are excited to see their home once again. The habitation module and remaining tank of the spacecraft is jettisoned, forcing the crew to return to the cramped Gemini capsule for reentry. After a fiery reentry, the crew is recovered safe and sound off the cost of Somalia. The recovery ships better watch out for pirates! The 315 science gained from the mission allows for unlocking of the powerful Cordele engine and 2.5m tanks, enabling the construction of the new Amazon I super heavy lift rocket. With more thrust than a Sarnus V, the Amazon will allow for the simplification of the 6 launch setup into a 2 launch setup for the next Moon mission.
  22. @CessnaSkyhawkA small but very annoying bug I've found: with SSS installed, you are unable to use AutoStruts in Career and Science mode, as the node required to unlock them in stock (General Construction) is removed in SSS. This makes assembling anything more mobile then a space station in orbit impossible, as the lack of autostruts means the vessel will wobble itself apart upon even the slightest engine thrust.
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