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  1. I always wondered why modpacks never took off with KSP. It would be cool in CKAN if you could select someone's modpack and it downloaded all the mods and any extra patches the ModPack author has made for them to work together. I do hope this takes off. As it could bring in vastly different play styles. I always enjoy the Near Future parts and its hard not to recommend them.
  2. Looking at the parts, I can see where you want to go. This is setup to swap out the texture. The next issue will be that it swaps out all the textures for the one replacing it. This is from what I can tell is that the variant module can only handle one texture swap to the part, at a time. The only way I can see around it using the Variant system would be to create a texture file that would be a combination of in one texture file. With every variant being a combination of,, and so on. Combined into one file, also making sure the UV maps line up, so would need the same texture layout. The other way would be to skip swapping out the texture. You would rebuild the model, naming the gameobject unique names, and then flag them true or false. The GAMEOBJECTS in this case being the tanks that have a texture applied to it, but just made invisible till you make it visible. I'll mess with the sphere tanks and try to send you a model.
  3. So a few problems if you are running 1.9 KSP. You have some outdated mods. This is causing some issues. You have B9PartSwitch v2.6.0.0 Compiled against KSP 1.6.1 . See newer release below. You probably also need to update NearFutureAeronautics-1.0.4. Not sure what version you have. But this may give you the missing WildBlueIndustries dll's that are causing these errors on NearFutureAeronautics on several parts. For Example. [LOG 23:00:05.280] PartLoader: Compiling Part 'NearFutureAeronautics/Parts/Engine/LiftFans/nfa-liftfan-10-1/nfa-liftfan-10-1' [ERR 23:00:05.297] Cannot find a PartModule of typename 'WBIHoverController' [ERR 23:00:05.305] Cannot find a PartModule of typename 'WBIPropSpinner' [ERR 23:00:05.305] Cannot find a PartModule of typename 'WBIPropSpinner' Community Category Kit is release V4.0.0.0 made for KSP 1.5.0 Latest one is CCK for KSP 1.8.1 CommunityTraitIcons v1.0.0.0 is for KSP 1.4.x / 1.3.x Latest update only shows update to KSP 1.7.x but seems to work for me. In the AirplanePlus mod, you seem to be getting a bunch of DDS format errors and then parts not loading. Seems 18 or so parts wont load, only did a quick count. [LOG 22:57:21.572] Load(Texture): AirplanePlus/Parts/Utility/Skid/skidtex [ERR 22:57:21.573] DDS: DXT3(256x256, MipMap=True) - DXT3 format is NOT supported. Use DXT5 [WRN 22:57:21.573] Texture load error in 'C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Kerbal Space Program\GameData\AirplanePlus\Parts\Utility\Skid\' [ERR 22:58:34.250] Texture 'AirplanePlus/Parts/Command/airbuscockpit/AerojetKerbodyne' not found! [LOG 22:58:35.491] Load(Model): AirplanePlus/Parts/Utility/Skid/model [ERR 22:58:35.494] Texture 'AirplanePlus/Parts/Utility/Skid/skidtex' not found! You should also give this a read. You are getting a bunch of NullReferenceException from this issue. You are also getting these errors for StationPartsExpansion. I do not use this mod but it looks like the one for KSP 1.5.1. Should just mean missing parts. My last suggestion would be to copy the "Kerbal Space Program" folder from you steam folder onto your desktop or other location and launch from that location. So you wont get hit by updates and possibly ruin your save or stable setup.
  4. @zer0Kerbal I have played around with the variant system. Usually just followed the examples from some parts like the expansion fuel tanks. The mk2LanderCan_v2 can show some advanced options if you want to go beyond texture swapping. It can disable the gameobject meshes, colliders and even animations. You can also adjust nodes, costs and mass. You can find some more information here if you have not seen this thread.
  5. I use this mod and it works well for me. Not exactly what you are looking for but might be worth to take a look.
  6. @zer0Kerbal When you say it fails, does that mean it doesn't load, part is distorted, parts are all one color? Shadowmage is smart on all the other stuff. I hope this helps and correct me if I am wrong on any of it.
  7. Hi @Stone Blue, Which issue are you trying to resolve? Is it the export model orientation or making the fairing collider? If you could provide the model or blender file for download. I could take a look and orient it properly and you could review it.
  8. It does looks like you have a bunch of NullReferenceExceptions for texturesunlimited. And it looks like it is not updated to 1.8 yet. Also on page 383 of the SSTULabs forum it mentions the fairing colours and shadows not working properly and need to wait for an update.
  9. The size is determined by the model and I don't think can be changed. What you need to use is ModuleEnginesFX This is a patch I made for an engine. I did have to add in some thrusttransforms from a model and to note. When using multiple prefab particles in the same effect, each must have a unique name. As you can see there is a localRotation, localScale, and localOffset. But depending on the FX, some dont work being rescaled. It has to do with a version of unity it was made with not supporting local scale. Don't have a list of which. Also the smoke trails tend to go sideways and needs reorienting. Not sure if localRotation does actually work or not. Its been a while since I played with it.
  10. Hi NadenH, The animation is contained in the file. Do you mean you want to add the USI_Harvester module to the restock part so you can mine resources with that drill? I have not used Restock so I am unfamiliar how it is set up. Here is some info on the ModuleAnimationGroup since you are referencing MKS. Some information is not complete. This is for the KSP wiki which may help with some modules. To read up on what the @ symbol does and making patches here is the Module Manager handbook. I hope these links will help you make the changes you want.
  11. Well you have 52,450 System.NullReferenceException. It looks like a bunch are from the BonVoyage mod. You are currently running the version for KSP 1.3.1. BonVoyage v0.13.2.1 Version for Kerbal Space Program 1.3.1 Version for Kerbal Space Program 1.8.1 Looking at the other mods, it seems many of them are out of date also. Like Kopernicus, it is not out for 1.8 yet and is version locked. My suggestion would be to do fresh install and use CKAN to install 1.8 mods. If you want Planet Packs, you will need to revert to a 1.7 or earlier version compatible with Kopernicus.
  12. My favorite is probably moons in the rings around a large gas planet. Lots to see and explore. If there's a planet off by itself, that is hard to get to and doesn't have much for resources. I only hit it up to check it off a list. Even if it may be a wonderful planet. I do like the idea of it around Valentine, that way you don't need to worry about compatibility as much with other mods. It would be neat to have some small body or bodies between Kerbol and Valentine to act as a way station. Something in a really high orbit around Kerbol that is caught between the gravity of both stars. Just to build on your mod. I do look forward to your planet, are you going to wait for Kopernicus 1.8 Version release or release for 1.7?
  13. I think you need to add the resource definition. This will determine its weight, cost and various other properties. If you want it to be found on planets for mining. You will need to define planetary resources. See this example for Dirt from the mod Community resource pack. Then you would need to set up the scanners and drills to find and mine them. You may also need to use ModuleRCSFX to have the thrust show properly. One last thing is the name Artron Banks. I am not sure since I have not tested it. But you may need to put it in as ArtronBanks with no space for it to work. This would apply to the above configs.