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  1. No worry, I just spent some time figuring this out. So much so that I ended up learning how to use blender and got way ahead of myself over the last couple months. So I didn't consider making a model such a hard No for you as you seem quite capable. JadeOfMaar does nice work and I am glad he was able to help you. This is what I was doing playing around with the stock FX, as you mentioned some do not rescale. I did change around some of the FX's on the Mammoth when experimenting, not sure if better just different. I really need to look into make my own FX, not tried it yet. This is what I ended up making if you were curious, like my fourth iteration. As you can see the stock RCS not scaling for me on the end. Still trying to differentiate the icons in VAB/MAB since they all look alike and can clutter up the tab. Only the head and pipe are different textures for different resources. The missing history pack looks nice, I have a rather modded version of vens restock on mine, this may complement it nicely.
  2. From the patch notes. Added localScale param and behaviour to EffectDefinitions: PREFAB_PARTICLE, PREFAB_MULTI_PARTICLE , MODEL_MULTI_PARTICLE and MODEL_PARTICLE. Playing around with this I found the following: ModuleEnginesFX localScale Works on. PREFAB_PARTICLE, MODEL_PARTICLE localScale Doesn't work. Tried many different FX from other mods, hoping it was just the KSP FX's but no success yet. PREFAB_MULTI_PARTICLE ,MODEL_MULTI_PARTICLE ModuleRCSFX localScale works on MODEL_MULTI_PARTICLE , but not on stock particle FX Monoprop_small, Monoprop_medium, Monoprop_large. I haven't tried the others, but I had no problem getting the NearFuture FX's I have tried to scale. (listed the ones I have tried below). Have not tested PREFAB_PARTICLE, MODEL_PARTICLE, PREFAB_MULTI_PARTICLE. The annoying part about PREFAB_PARTICLE and MODEL_PARTICLE is that each FX needs a unique name and transformName to work. So if your engine has seven FX's, you will need each FX to have a unique name. I copied one of my Effects configs(see spoiler below) for a mod on the Mammoth engine below. I created a model with just transforms, labelled the new transforms and oriented them properly. It is nice though, since you can get creative with your FX. You can put multiple different flames, adjust them bases on throttle, and change the scale. Not tested MultiModeEngine for localScale yet. Hope this helps.
  3. Yes, they have a cost and mass modifier already added in. See spoiler. If you want to know more, check out this thread.
  4. This mod has a heat shield that opens on the bottom, if need you can rescale it.
  5. Barar

    OPM Planets Not Appearing

    Kopernicus is version locked. You need version 1.4.2-1. Your log shows Folders and files in GameData: Stock folder: Squad It looks like you are not installing it into Kerbal Space Program/GameData. You need to find your installation folder and install them. It will look something like below.
  6. Barar

    Moving very heavy parts in-flight?

    well you are using this mod from what I can tell in the screenshot. That mod had items that give bonuses to individual Kerbals lifting capacity using KIS. Here is each items Distance and Mass ratings from the KIS.cfg file in Konstruction folder. Load it up in creative and check it out.
  7. Are you sure its truckfin? I know KerbalReusabilityExpansion has a TrunkFin.
  8. From Kerbalism From configs hiding ScienceBox Before you go about killing your whole modded install, I would suggest making a backup copy to desktop. Then butcher the duplicate install, this way you always have version that's playable. I do this when I upgrade KSP or any mods. I can only speak to the log you provided. Mine shows up on stock, so unless you can provide a stock log to look over, I cant help much.
  9. @Gordon Dry The do have KerbinOcean, but I am unsure of how it relates to Kerbin config wise. PLANET { name = KerbinOcean minDistance = 6 minSubdivision = 1 maxSubdivision = 7 } Would FustOcean work, but since it does not give an error -> Cannot find preset 'Default' for pqs 'FustOcean' I would assume it would not since nothing is linking to it. It might be that the chosen setting is applied to the whole planet including ocean. As I have not seen it it referenced anywhere. I was more curious if someone set the Terrain detail to Low or High. Would OPM and Extrasolar just default to a basic setting that never changes, or is there a default setting for Low/Default/High. Terrain Detail: This affects the detail level of the planet meshes and the oceans. Lower setting is faster, but will look more jagged and rough, less "real", so to speak.
  10. @Gordon Dry Not in any way trying to say how to play, just relaying my own experiences. The only reference to the settings preset is this thread I found. Might be other ones out there, but I wonder what the default is if this is not found. The corresponding button is Terrain Detail in Setting/Graphics from main menu.
  11. @Gordon Dry [WRN 05:05:29.075] Cannot find preset 'Default' for pqs 'EVE PQS' [LOG 05:05:29.148] [EVE CloudsManager]: Cannot find Jool to apply to main Menu! [LOG 05:05:29.149] [EVE CloudsManager]: No PQS! Instanciating one. [LOG 05:05:29.149] [EVE CloudsManager]: PQS Applied if you don't like these warnings, you can add them in. They are stored in the setting.cfg at the same level as KSP_x64.exe. The have a Low, Default, High. I simply did a copy/paste of best guess config and put in the name of the planets packs I added. Not sure how much of an effect it will make as it does default to a config. Space Center has always been fine for me. VAB/MAB is really dependent on how many part on a vessels I have, and if I have turned on the Aerodynamic, COM, COL options. But never really experienced FPS drop here. Tracking station can be tough, it loads the planets, ships, asteroids, comm-network, X.Science, ScanSat and others. I even have Kerbal Alarm Clock, Slingshotter, USI, SEP, and some others loaded. Not pointing to a particular one, it just adds up in my experience.
  12. Barar

    A bigger problem...

    Glad I could help.
  13. Barar

    A bigger problem...

    I don't have a googledrive account to login too. Not sure what your trying to do. Is the planet Laythe suppose to orbit that Sun or that green planet? It looks to me to be in the same orbit as the green planet. So it could be your referenceBody = is set to that green planet, or you set your obit(2,357,201km) way to high to orbit that green planet and left its SOI.
  14. I use Universal Storage and Dmagic Obital Science all the time. It is a great must have mod for me. I didn't know in which forum to ask. Is there any plans to include the M4435 Narrow-Band Scanner, M700 Survey Scanner, or Surface Scanning Module into the Universal Storage style? I do use Vens stock overhaul, OctoSat and some custom MM patches to get a few compact scanners. But they do not fit the same form factor style.
  15. When you say low FPS, do you mean going from 300FPS to 5FPS, How much of an effect are you looking at? I did find Extrasolar was dragging my FPS down to 15FPS, when I updated it to use OnDemandLoad. Went up too 55FPS. Currently have OPM, Extrasolar, and SVT installed. Do not use EVE or Scatterer, so not sure if they affect it. I have about 140'ish mods installed atm and this was in a new early game. No comms networks, only a few vessels, and 17 unknown objects.