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  1. I also don;t have the rotate and counterrotate buttons appearing. I can't make this mod work. I tried installing the community bug fixes but that didnt help. What are teh alternatives to thsi mod ?
  2. Yeah, its a really hard choice between making your game be interesting and making your game look interesting....
  3. How do you properly use hover engines? I found that the hover at 5 m altitude is sketchy. The hovercraft keeps gettign catapulted above that then it drops down fast and engine reengage. Also, how do i manually set the engine to have alieka 30 degrees inclination forward ?
  4. This mod is brilliant! It saved me a lot of headaches from building bases on slopes!
  5. Who's ass do i have to kiss to make this mod work with tweakscale? Would a crowdfunding campaign help? I'm willign to throw 200$ for this....... Anybody else? I find the game sooo boring once you unlock the tech tree..... I have no reason to go places anv visit stuff.....
  6. I have already sent the rover back to my base, and of course it has spawned right on top of my solar panels. As soon as i switch to that scene im greeted by a bunch of explosions. Is there a way i can move it remotely liek 100 meters in any direction, THEN switch to my scene?
  7. I happen to get teh "No sites found" problem a lot lately as well. There are survey stakes nearby. I once managed to fix it by staking a new survey stake , saving and reloading. Later edit: i found that placing a pilot in the base's main building extends the search range for survey stakes to up to 100 m.
  8. I want to use a ground pylon, adn on top of it i want to build a solar farm network close to my base. How do o do that usign kas? I placed the pylon in the ground, i kis-attached an extrapalanetary launchapads base builder pad on top of the pylon, where i want my solars built, now i have to connect the pylon to the base so that i can access the base's workforce adn build the stuff with el. How do i connect the pylon to the base?
  9. @hmoram This issue is set to pop up again; I will send you the save as soon as i see it again and the ksl log, but be aware i am running a million mods....
  10. The extra habitation will always revert them back, but my guys were far gone and the ship didn't have as much hab as the starbase they were on. A note: on the usi panel I can see the home timer increasing for the tourists in the medbay, so i know that the med bay is not using up colony supplies for nothing, but they still don't get "healed". Thank you for looking into it!
  11. I have a medical ship. I have a 3.75 medical bay, 800 colony supplies, a medic, 2 scientists, and some kerbals turned tourists in the med bay. I started the med bay, waited for a few hundred days, but the tourists do not revert to their original jobs. What could be wrong. How can i make this kind of ship work ?
  12. I have a problem. Whenever my ship is in an eclipse of any kind, everything goes black. I have lights on the ship, but it still pure black. What could be the problem ?
  13. I have no idea what happened, but now it works normal. The station somehow lost its kraken rotation and it's now stable when sas is turned off. Everything I build now no longer has issues. As far as getting on rails and then off rails to stop the rotation, that was the first thing I tried, with no success. On one of the tests there were auto-struts (landing gears autostrut to heavy), but in other simple tests there were no autostruts anywhere. I do use a lot of Rigid Attachment in my builds. That might be a factor. My solution so far is to build shipyards taking special care of parts that are radially attached. I started to make more use of the radial docking node rather using radial attachments of most components.
  14. 2nd Update: I think i figured it out. My shipyard has some clipping parts, that trigger the kraken. So it starts itself to rotate if you turn of the sas. This is however invisible, as it has a lot of mass. When i build a new ship, the kraken rotation is inherited by the new ship. So even if the ship i build ,after I release it has no clipping parts, it still rotates. I have tried buildinga new ship with just a probe core, battery and sas and it inherits the same kraken rotation..
  15. I think I found a bug (using the latest version): When I build certain vessels, as soon as I release it it starts to spin. If i turn sas back on, the rotation eventually gets countered, but as soon as sas is off, it will start to rotate again. The same vessel, if launched from the launchpad and cheated into orbit, it works just fine. No rotation. Also: playing around for too much time with the defective ship caused the game to eventually crash (stack overflow). If i have to guess, some components are not initialized properly upon build. Full Log: https://easyupload.io/odzqbt Screenshot: https://im.ge/i/F7gM0Y
  16. I get the same bug myself. with configurable containers installed, no matter how much you tweakscale a tank, it end up having the same original volume.
  17. I accidentaly pressed a hotkey that enabled displaying of the trajectories but i can't fint it any more. Has this functionality been implemented ? (I know a few years ago iwasn't in)
  18. I'm not exactly sure this is a bug or not, but it does seem like odd behaviour so i'll report it anyway. I'm using a heat shield 1.25 scaled up to 2.65 m (slightly bigger than a hitchichker), enough to cover everything . My craft keeps exploding on reentry. A partial solution is to manualy translate-move the heat shield a few centimeters further down but that still fails to protect the craft at high speeds.
  19. The rocks on both ceti and iota are floating in the air. I assume it's because of rescale 2.5x . Also, the fps on ceti's surface is really low compared to gael or iota. https://imgur.com/a/9dMsnPY
  20. I am trying to snap two ships together using Konstruction Ports (Jr). On the original ship i had no Konstruction port, so I sent up a couple in a second ship there with the plan of using the new ksp konstruction system to place one of the ports on teh original ship then docking and welding them. I have previously done this using KIS without much issues. However i find that using the stock eva construction system i cant move the konstruction ports. I can move solar panels adn other stuff around just fine, but the ports are untoucheable. Am I missing something ?
  21. There's a bug with reporting "suicide burn countdown". It reports just fine in normal time, but as soon as you time warp you get very different numbers.
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