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  1. I'm not exactly sure this is a bug or not, but it does seem like odd behaviour so i'll report it anyway. I'm using a heat shield 1.25 scaled up to 2.65 m (slightly bigger than a hitchichker), enough to cover everything . My craft keeps exploding on reentry. A partial solution is to manualy translate-move the heat shield a few centimeters further down but that still fails to protect the craft at high speeds.
  2. The rocks on both ceti and iota are floating in the air. I assume it's because of rescale 2.5x . Also, the fps on ceti's surface is really low compared to gael or iota. https://imgur.com/a/9dMsnPY
  3. I am trying to snap two ships together using Konstruction Ports (Jr). On the original ship i had no Konstruction port, so I sent up a couple in a second ship there with the plan of using the new ksp konstruction system to place one of the ports on teh original ship then docking and welding them. I have previously done this using KIS without much issues. However i find that using the stock eva construction system i cant move the konstruction ports. I can move solar panels adn other stuff around just fine, but the ports are untoucheable. Am I missing something ?
  4. There's a bug with reporting "suicide burn countdown". It reports just fine in normal time, but as soon as you time warp you get very different numbers.
  5. I think i found the culprit. Configurable Containers does not play well with tweakscale. I uninstalled both B9 and interstellar but that made no difference. Thanks you, Krazy1 for the help!
  6. An old bug(?) has resurfaced. I don't recall how i've dealt with it the last time. When I resize a fuel tank it works just fine. However, when I copy the alredy resized tank using Alt-click, it looks big, but the fuel contained in it is the original amount, not the resized amount. Log: https://files.fm/u/kzugqcx2m
  7. I'm confused about the 1.12 compatibility. I see that there are people that had problems but they made it work ? Is there a definitive installation guide ?
  8. GPP beeing finally updated for 1.12 is one of the best news i've had this year! Congratulations and thank you guys for all your effort !!!
  9. Will Before Kerbin and After Kerbin eventually get Parallax ? You know, after most of the bugs have been squashed .... I kinda want to do a playthrough trough all of them, in historical order.
  10. Is there a list somewhere of planet packs that already support parallax ?
  11. I don't know if you fixed this in the latest release but the OPT ACS part crashes the game like crazy. I am talking about the single port, not the one with 4 variants. It even crashed my game once when i clicked on it in the vab. I think it's sound related ??? I'm sorry, I can't provide a log. ksp 1.10.
  12. @martianrock Post the CFG file here for the faulty wheel, in code brakets. We maybe able to find some similarities. Here is the cfg for : SPL Heavy-Duty Landing Leg PART { name = M2X_RadialLeg module = Part author = SuicidalInsanity MODEL { model = Mk2Expansion/Parts/Utility/LandingLeg/Model texture = Wings, Squad/Parts/Aero/wings/Wings texture = landingLeg, Squad/Parts/Utility/landingLegLT-2/landingLeg texture = model000, Squad/Parts/Wheel/roverWheelS2/model000 } scale = 1 rescaleFactor = 1.25 node_attach = 0.0, 0.0, 0.0, 0.0, 1, 0 TechRequired = advLanding entryCost = 4900 cost = 1500 category = Ground subcategory = 0 title = #LOC_M2X_LandingLeg_title manufacturer = #LOC_M2X_manufacturer_IA_title description = #LOC_M2X_LandingLeg_description attachRules = 0,1,0,0,0 mass = 0.25 dragModelType = default maximum_drag = 0.3 minimum_drag = 0.2 angularDrag = 1 //crashTolerance = 7 maxTemp = 2000 // = 3600 crashTolerance = 35 breakingForce = 250 breakingTorque = 250 bulkheadProfiles = srf tags = #autoLOC_500881 //#autoLOC_500881 = ground land leg support EFFECTS { deploy { AUDIO { channel = Ship clip = Squad/Sounds/elev_start volume = 0 0 volume = 1 0.5 pitch = 0.9 } AUDIO_LOOP { channel = Ship clip = Squad/Sounds/elev_loop volume = 0 0 volume = 1 0.5 pitch = 0.65 } } deployed { AUDIO { channel = Ship clip = Squad/Sounds/elev_stop volume = 0 0 volume = 1 0.5 pitch = 0.8 } } retract { AUDIO { channel = Ship clip = Squad/Sounds/elev_stop volume = 0 0 volume = 1 0.5 pitch = 0.9 } AUDIO_LOOP { channel = Ship clip = Squad/Sounds/elev_loop volume = 0 0 volume = 1 0.5 pitch = 0.65 } } retracted { AUDIO { channel = Ship clip = Squad/Sounds/elev_start volume = 0 0 volume = 1 0.5 pitch = 0.9 } } } MODULE { name = ModuleWheelBase wheelColliderTransformName = WheelCollider wheelType = LEG adherentStart = 0.01 frictionAdherent = 3.9 peakStart = 0.02 frictionPeak = 4.0 limitStart = 7.0 frictionLimit = 4.0 // setting this to true will override the radius and center parameters FitWheelColliderToMesh = False radius = 0.285 center = 0,0,0 mass = 0.040 autoFrictionAvailable = False clipObject = Suspension_Collider TooltipTitle = #autoLOC_502076 //#autoLOC_502076 = Landing Leg TooltipPrimaryField = groundHeightOffset = 1.5 } MODULE { name = ModuleWheelSuspension baseModuleIndex = 0 suspensionTransformName = Suspension suspensionColliderName = Suspension_Collider suspensionDistance = 0.384//This needs to be whatever the anim distance for the piston is suspensionOffset = -0.384 maximumLoad = 75.0 targetPosition = 1.0 springRatio = 6 damperRatio = 1.5 boostRatio = 0.7 } MODULE { name = ModuleWheelDeployment baseModuleIndex = 0 animationTrfName = Mk2LandingLeg animationStateName = ShroudedLeg deployedPosition = 1 deployTargetTransformName = deployTgt retractTransformName = Suspension TsubSys = 0.83 fxDeploy = deploy fxRetract = retract fxDeployed = deployed fxRetracted = retracted } MODULE { name = ModuleWheelLock maxTorque = 500 } MODULE { name = ModuleWheelBogey baseModuleIndex = 0 bogeyTransformName = Foot deployModuleIndex = 2 maxPitch = 85 minPitch = -85 restPitch = 0 pitchResponse = 100 bogeyAxis = 0, 0, 1 bogeyUpAxis = 0, 0, 1 } MODULE { name = ModuleWheelDamage baseModuleIndex = 0 stressTolerance = 99999999 impactTolerance = 1200 deflectionMagnitude = 1 deflectionSharpness = 2.0 slipMagnitude = 0 slipSharpness = 2.0 explodeMultiplier = 1.0 } MODULE { name = ModuleTestSubject environments = 15 useStaging = False useEvent = True } }
  13. I believe i've found a incompatibility with the TCA mod with a part from this mod (the SPL heavy duty landing leg). Whenever I place this on a craft, the TCA can no longer be triggered. If i remove this part, TCA becomes operational again. I've made a full report on the TCA forum, but maybe can you also look at it? Thanks !
  14. I think i have a clue to this bug. Every time i use this part on my ship (SPL Heavy-Duty Landing Leg - Mk2 expansion mod) tca refuses to work any more. I've tested this like 10 times now. As you can see from the picture, the same ship, without said landing legs has tca working perfectly. With those legs attached tca cannot be enabled in any way. I have also tested this using a simple ship. (comand pod, fuel tank, engine). Same effect. I've tried looking at the config file of those legs, but nothing draws my attention. log: https://easyupload.io/wxxqak pics: https://imgur.com/a/aOL8hcZ Please note that this is not the first time i've encountered this bug; i've seen it in action a few years back but at that time I had no idea a part was triggering this.
  15. Somethign similar just happened to me as well. TCA worked fine for th elast 2 months, and now when i launch my ship the Y key does noting. Neither can i activate it by ricght clicking on a acommand component.
  16. I'll stay on the version 5 for a while, I have no plans to mine asteroids in the near future. In GPP , Gael is the fourth planet in the system. Niven is the third. Maybe asteroids are spawning near Niven? Dunno.... I get a lot of log spam saying "[kopernikus] no new objects this time. probability is x%". I'm goona guess that objects are spawning somwhere and the list is full, they just not spawning near enough so that I can detect them. Should I go bug the guys (guy, actually) maintaining GPP to update their config files ?
  17. Ever since I installed the latest (1.9.1-5) the asteroids have slowly disapeared from around. Right now, about a in game year has passed and i don't see any (I normally have around 5 floating around Gael). Also, the sentinel relays are bugged. I have 3 and they detect nothing, but that's not new. They have have detected nothing since I launched then, and that was 3 in game years ago and 3 kopernikus versions ago. Playing GPP, Ksp 1.9.1. log: https://easyupload.io/sytdna
  18. The performance is definitely better in this version (-3). I took some test pics compared to the -2 version if you're interested: https://imgur.com/a/wmN8AjF
  19. I get an error i've never seen before while trying to download teh latest Kopernikus mod: https://imgur.com/a/uRGAEAM
  20. You've lost a lot of performance with the latest ( 1.10.1-2 ) update. I'd say around 20%. I can give you screens or logs if you think i'd help, but i cant imagine how.
  21. Alright. So the game starts and works properly, but i have to say i'm not impressed with the visuals. I notice no clouds over ksp when i timelapsed a bit. So i'm gonna guess that the atmo effects aren't properly set up. Here are some pictures: https://imgur.com/a/Un6McNg
  22. I'll try it right now, but honestly i don't know what signs to look at to see if everything is as it shoudl be. At least i'll let you know if the game starts.
  23. 1.9, yes. My crash rebooted my computer twice => no crash report. Every other time ksp crashed i got a nice log out of it.
  24. I've been flirting with the idea of tryign the Spectra mod. Currently i'm playing Galileo's plaet pack , ksp 1.9 with EVE. I want to know if the two mods play well together. (gpp and spectra)
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