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  1. I think I installed the mod maybe wrong as its in my gamedata but I cant see or use it ingame
  2. Is this compatible with realism overhaul. I love this mod so much btw
  3. Anybody know some good shader mods as I like astromer visuals pack but it just runs horrible on my laptop
  4. This seems good, Also I feel like I know your steve from a person named sparkys discord
  5. I never though of using those parts with this. The laser camera thing would be great for curiosity
  6. Welcome to the fourms. I don't think you need and mods maybe try and reinstall it also what version are you on?
  7. @DMagichow can I do this is 1.4 as I am trying to make a pedia for @Katten do I need ksp tools thing?
  8. Does this work with OPM or is there a mod which makes this works with OPM cause jool and the other textures look so good
  9. Ok cool I can make one and send it to you
  10. Isn't there a special thing to make kspedias And I know that little rover:)
  11. Hey spark you know me right? Elon musk jr v2.0

  12. @KattenI like it but the rover body with the green looks a bit weird but the airbags are good. Also do you want someone to write a kspedia on how to use all the stuff especially the hinges ?
  13. This mod is amazing. I have been using this with 1.4.4 and it works great and all the bundled mods I love it
  14. Is that the small robot arm in picture 1 cuase I like it
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