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  1. Yeah, but you're potentially undoing changes made by other mods for their own requirements by including the entire definition file. Adding one item to the MM list of patches when you already have 10k+ other patches queued causes no appreciable delay
  2. Can I ask the reasoning behind having a full declaration of all the pre-existing resource types included in this mod? If the EC rules need changing to make these work effectively then an MM patch that works just on the EC definition would be a much simpler and safer answer.
  3. 0.12 would be an update over 0.2 though, and 1.8.06 - or rather 1.8.6 (because the 0 is implied) - would be an update over, so that shows that CKAN is working as intended. It also shows that it should cope just fine with 1.10 coming after 1.9.
  4. Still does, but it won't be created all the time there's errors; I believe it will be created if you only have warnings (as well as if there's no problems, of course)?
  5. Just so you know, the new update cycle is intended to run every 3 months... If you wait for everything to get updated, the next patch will have been released before then
  6. Probably not, as there's no other changes I believe? Of course they will have a little less fuel than you, and the balance will be slightly different due to the relocation of weight, but it's such an unimportant amount of fuel they probably won't notice unless it's a very small vehicle.
  7. I can't see anything in that screenshot that suggests it needs Oxygen. The fuel availability next to the staging shows that it runs off of EC and IntakeAtm, which is the "any atmosphere" resource. You probably need more intakes to balance the rarified air.
  8. Stock removal of helmets in atmospheres is coming in 1.6. Possibly also out of atmospheres, but the announcement did make sure to emphasise that Kerbals need air to sustain life.
  9. I would think the first and best place to report this would be whichever mod is giving you the Hover button, because it's not stock nor is it part of AP+. The mod listed in the OP as being helpful for hovering is outdated and has been adopted/updated by LinuxGuruGamer here: If that is what you've already installed, then that's where you need to report the issue.
  10. Are you using the most current version of M3X? This bug was squashed almost as soon as it first appeared, although it did make a comeback as can be seen in the posts above yours, which also explain how to fix it. As for posting the log, you don't cut & paste it onto the forum because yes, it'll kill everything. Use something like pastebin or dropbox or whatever to host it, then post a link - but hopefully in this case that won't be required.
  11. Try @neistridlar's NeistAir parts: There's some pretty big fuselage pieces there, including all kinds of luggage spaces and passenger layouts, as well as some great discussion in the thread about sensible limits on the number of Kerbals that should be loaded onto a craft.
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