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  1. To the images themselves, really useful to build replicas (especially planes with RO/FAR). (I used external app to do so before). And pretty sure other people could enjoy this feature as well.
  2. Hi, could transparency be easely added?
  3. Hi @MOARdV, is there a way that RPM could use and access the MAS camera modules so that they can be used in IVA (the JSIcam doesn't seem to work in 1.8.1), and yes, I play mostly play with rpm designed ivas (alcor, de iva extension, etc), so the question comes from here... thanks!
  4. Hi @linuxgurugamer, I have enabled flat rate model and cranked it up to 100%, however, the funds given keep being determined by distance.. I'm running 1.8.1 with last release (tho, it was happening to me in 1.7.3 too). The workaround I found is disabling flate rate model, then re enabling in the settings menu, each time I launch a vessel. Is this known around? thanks! edit: added pics
  5. I've done a mission using a low energy transfer to the Moon with a ballisitc capture (free Δv)! it uses this kind of trajectory : ejects further out, passed the Moon orbit, and take advantage of the Sun-Earth Lagrange1 point, then come back at a low relative speed to the Moon to have a free capture. Lift off! Atlas V LV: and Centaur stage finishing the job: after reaching orbit, I plan my ejection burn: this trajectory uses 2 moons flybys on the way back, mostly because I screwed up my launch window a bit (seen in Earth-Sun rotating frame)
  6. I've done some tutorial video to how to reach L4 and L5 points in the Kerbin-Mun system for the Principia mod hope my english isn't too terrible..
  7. Just did a VEEGA mission to Jupiter with principia! (green line is spacecraft history) predicted orbits after injection. pretty polar, the overhaul mission was enough accurate, except the planning of my relative inclination to Jupiter while planning the 2 earth flybys, which resulted in a ~400m/s DSM on the way to Jup. as this high inclination here in mid mission, in earth-sun reference frame, where you can see the 2 earth flybys. detail of the 2 predicted flybys: the plane error is obvious here, correcting it at AN on the way to Jup.
  8. Hi, how can I enable KS3P on the map view? Sometimes it's there, sometimes not. maybe some hidden hotkey underground/config related? thanks
  9. Hi @linuxgurugamer, what setting do I need to change if wan't to have 100% fund recovery value wherever I land on Kerbin? (I kinda mess up the settings in my head) thanks:)
  10. Hi @Arrowstar ,one quick question: does departure/encounter dates calculated by TOT assume to match with KSP SOI leave/enter ? For departure, I always wonder if it's not the burn date instead of SOI escape; but so far I matched with SOI solution, and it was fine, asking just to be sure:) thanks!
  11. Some early probes I'm happy with their design, in my current RP-1 playthrough: Mariner-1, for the first early-low-tech Venus flyby, I like how it looks like a chap Venus flyby occured in May 1961, shot taken after closest pass, this spacecraft will also encounter Venus in 3 orbit later (for science!) Here, it's Mariner-2, for the second Venus Flyby, better antenna, solars, and science stuff, and the probe should have juuuust enough Dv to capture in high eccentric orbit around Venus: pic during ejection burn: Spacecraft sep! See ya
  12. Hi @Angel-125, I was trying to add tweakscale to the snacks containers, but I didn't manage. Could you advice me on how to do it, and maybe if it works, it could be merged? Last thing I did, pretty sure it's fault of my bad modulemanager langage skills^ I added this (doesn't work) : Thanks!
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