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  1. Today, second unmanned mission arrived to moho. It's currently relaeasing a small lander, packed inside its hull to protect it from the journey, thanks to deployable robotic panels. The lander tried to accomplish its purpose, and did manage ! Side panel deploying to reveal the scanning equipment, to see what moho has to offer ! Also, an old probe did a Deep Space Maneuver to try get an encounter with Jot (inner solar system, QuackPack mod) Also I continued regularly servicing Starlbab station with our new SSTO, while taking some rich space tourists on the ride as well !
  2. Sure ! in what sense ? Basically : Jet sounds Updated edits stock engines %EFFECTS, and add its own sounds to it/etc. But restock waterfall expansion just deletes all effects, and create its own sound effects without particles. (maybe stock waterfall effects too, you'd have to check, but I guess YES). So, to my understanging JSU patches gets simply scrapped by RWE/SWE, thus leading to have their sounds ingame instead. I have no idea ! But imho, jet sounds updated is anyway superior to anything out there The jet sounds of restock waterfall expansion/SWE are awfull that's for sure (compared to JSU), way too loud, lesser quality, compressed, much more basic sound patterns, etc
  3. Hi, thanks for your work on this mod ! It seems like your mod is overwriting Jet Sounds mod, since you delete the EFFECTS node for waterfall's, while jet sounds is editing stock engine effects... Do you think a compatibility patch could be considered ? I also asked in jet sounds thread, since I'm not sure on which side it would be easier to do... Peace
  4. I'm sorry to bother you again.... but It popped again ^^ [WRN 02:06:05.823] [Toolbar] [WARN] [! MISSING FILE !]: "C:\Games\KSP\KSP_kpsie\GameData/" [ERR 02:06:05.824] [Toolbar] [ERROR] button texture not found: notes/Textures/icon_on_24 and the Notes toolbar icon turns into a purple square. At least I can access the mod, which is nice, it's a few log spam tho each time I click on the icon... (of course the texture IS there, I double checked again) Cheers
  5. Hi, it seems like Waterfall (stock waterfall effect / restock waterfall expansion) is overwriting this mod with its own configs, which is kinda sad since their sounds are horrible (I guess they use stock sounds), Could a compatibility patch be considered ? Peace
  6. Glorious Looking forward to see how it all began ! And for you other Kerbals out there, and without wanting to spoil you, I can guarantee that there is a high degree of awesomeness to come ! Cheers
  7. Ok it's a weird one : moved KSP instance to C/games/KSP/ launched directly from exectuable. First time : same errors, toolbar is complaining, and also the texture of Notes is pink, like above. After relaunching the game later, now the "Notes" mod icon is simply gone from both blizzy's and stock toolbar (fiddling with toolbar control does nothing), so I can't even access the mod and use it.... Is there a chance that I'd need to delete some cache files/configs files created by some mods ? since I moved the instance location, I'd guess It could have messed them up.... KSP log just in case : https://www.dropbox.com/s/ftic9lit09rsy3r/KSP.log?dl=0 thanks
  8. First supply run to Starlab with our new and first SSTO. It's very low tech, uses 2 panthers and 4 early methalox engines. So it's quite uncomfortable to fly, since the Dv margins are SO small ^^ Made also a version with only a passanger crew cabin instead of the docking adapter, to carry around those rich space tourists kerbals, that have an urge to empty their pockets in our space program. Amusingly, when I was testing a new launch vehicle, well, it kaboomed, and one of its engines landed, and really didn't want to stop burning..... some.. void ? Also without moving. So at least it's not cheating, he keeps physics reasonable. and lastly, my jool exploration mission is almost ready to launch ! Do you see how rich I am, and how much this thing costs ? Do you start to see the link between this and me desperately trying to make a very low tech reusable space plane to save every last bit of cash? haha
  9. @JadeOfMaar hi again, sorry last question I promise haha What is the default value for those ? Just so I know by how much I'm actually influencing ressources chance compared to default. I'm also confused on why it needs to be run "BEFORE[RationalResources]", If I had something, I'd have surely tried to run it AFTER, but again I'm new to your mod structuration so... Thanks
  10. Hi, do you know if wings welded together keep accurate drag/lift ? Thanks !
  11. That's a neat challenge idea ! well done And, I just tought about something... I actually think Bradley might have just accidentally and retroactively beated you and all others possible challengers, without knowing about the challenge... His crafts are very, very cheap... compared to what they do, since he goes very, very far...... Am I'm pretty sure the first 2 launches are within the 100k funds range.. Cheers
  12. Thanks for your reply, perfect ! Ok, so you actually didn't choose in which biomes certain ressources are spawning/is it done randomly ? Because fort instance you often have water assigned to poles, which makes sense, but If I apply the first patch, do I have the risk, for instance, to not have water anymore at the poles ? Also I assume the 0.4 value is linear, correct ? I'm trying to unrderstand it a bit more all this since I'm not familiar with it : ) thank you edit : looked through your configs and indeed I think it doesn't, since you seem to define ressource distribution tags, and apply them to planets. But I still don't get how is the biome ressource repartition handled within those tags...
  13. Hi, I'm having this bug rn, which weirdly only seem to happen in the Jool system (tho I haven't tested all planets). As you can see in the video below, the vessel seems to be teleported instantly when I timewarp... Bad thing is that it retains this changed position, which is very bad for gameplay.. ksp.log : https://www.dropbox.com/s/ftic9lit09rsy3r/KSP.log?dl=0 Video of the Bug : Thanks a lot for your help ! Peace
  14. Hi ! I'm currently running a career with a very high focus on ISRU chains, I'm using KSPIE, and added "self imposed" rules, to not be able to launch "complicated" ressources from KSC, but rather having to ISRU them in the first place, and use them in Situ, or ship them back to Kerbin, where they're stored in a "warehouse" (my notepad lol) and thus can be used in craft newly construced from the VAB/SPH... I started a few testing things already, but I'd like the ressources to be even rarer in 2 ways : - most importantly : I'd like each ressources to be less available in a given amount of biomes : eg. for the Mun, make urananite very rare and restricted to very few biomes only, same for other stuff. I like the idea of needing to have mutliple mining facilites at the sweet spots , to actually require me to go more all around the planet, and thus increase the need for surface logistics, to attain bases self- sufficiency for instance/manufacturing certain ressources, and open/expand interesting gameplay loops. - global availabilty : also I'd simply just like all ressources to be even in lesser quantity than they are currently. Can those 2 goals be achieved for an ongoing save, via some patching maybe ? If so, could you provide some little guidance to orient me in the right direction, that'd be much apreciated ! Thanks for your help ! Peace
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