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  1. Absolute genius thank you so much... For all these years, I used to duplicate parts and rename them, like "mk1 comand pod_modern", and then tweak all the cfg paths to then have multiple parts in game, with different ivas, and now it's finally over, yepeeeeee !!
  2. Hi, Does the 1.12 version can run on older versions such as 1.11.2 ? Thanks ! EDit : NVM, just saw that it indeed could
  3. @alberro+Could you share those configs you made ? That'd be very helpful ! Thanks :) Kurg
  4. So could I do test bench, ie. keeping the vessel to a launch clamp and then recover it, or does it need to be in flight state ? Thanks again ! EDIT : tested, yes you can make test bench
  5. Hi, thanks for this mod ! I'm not sure to understand, do I need to recover an engine to actually gain data on it, or jsut flying is good ? Thanks !
  6. Hi, I search on this topic but didn't find the answer... Can this mod run on a 1.10.1 install ? Thanks !
  7. Hi, is there a way to enable KCT sims back, as RO version does ? Being able to save during sims is so handy.... Thanks !
  8. @Cavscout74 and @theJesuit thanks both for your answers, that's exactly what I needed ! And yes, TheJesuit, SimplexRessources would be good by even increasing the fuel mass the a more IRL-like model (RP1/lox is something like 1/2.5 IIRC). For the ISRU stuff I uses Kerbalism anyway, but I take note of it. Thanks again
  9. Hi, as the title suggests, I'd like to keep stock system as is, but patching all engines to decrease their performance, and thus allow more IRL-like rockets stages (ei. with more than 1 stage to orbit...). On what should I focus for that, increasing all engines masses for instance? If you have some idea about it, and also know some hint about how to achieve that with MM patches, help would be grealty apreciated ! Thanks ! Kurg
  10. Found it finally ! It's Pay to play, with integration with KCT : https://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/index.php?/topic/193467-18x-19x-110x-111x-paytoplay-maintenance-costs-money/ Found it finally ! It's Pay to play, with integration with KCT :
  11. Hi, I'm pretty sure I recently a kinda new -ish mod, IIRC, that was about engine limited ignitions... This wasn't of course engine ignitor, nor kerbalism or real fuels... From what I remember it was compatible for 1.9... Any one got an idea ? Thanks a lot !
  12. Hi @MOARdV , I'm playing in JNSQ planet pack, and I tried to do a small patch similar to the one for GPP provided by MAS to apply to correct map of the home planet (in JNSQ it's still Kerbin, but the actual terrain/map is changed) to the MAS monitors. I tried to follow striclty the "template" from your GPP patch, made the map with the same file extension, size, and depth resolution as GPP and stock kerbin_map_sat but it doesn't work,as you can see below (IVA is from ulitmate shuttle IVA mod) : So here's the patch : @PROP[MAS_ASET_IMP]:NEEDS[JNSQ] { @MODEL { @texture = IMP_diffuse,ASET/ASET_Props/Instruments/ASET_IMP/IMP_diffuse @texture = map_Kerbin_sat,MOARdV/Patches/JNSQ/map_JNSQ_sat } } I must be missing something ! I could really appreciate your help, and in the end I first intented to propose you to include it in MAS release so users can enjoy it too. (but I'm dumb at github) So below you can find a link with the JNSQ folder I made, with the .cfg and the .png inside so you can poke around to see what I did wrong, and maybe add it to MAS ? https://drive.google.com/file/d/1wO_Q-qMJcCNcK1j5Mw9hMpuJb6U5Y4Zs/view?usp=sharing That would be awesome ! Thanks again for all your work ! Kurg
  13. Hi, I would like to reduce a bit the ship effect that sounds like the hull and the fuselage/structure is crackling. I find it happen a bit too much to my liking, also I would to lower the sound volume a bit. I'm not sure, but I think it happens when applying high g forces to the vessel. I looked through the config but I'm not confident in which settings to change.. Thank you !
  14. Hi, Is there a way to find a specific biome location on a planet ? Like I have done the biome scan, but there's a ton a little biomes which are hard to distinct from each other, and I would like to find xbiome. Can I filter the biome map in some way to find it? Thanks ! Edit and workaround: I found that by right clicking on the large map and thus bringing the zoomed map of the region you clicked at, scansat is telling you which biomes are present in the current view. And as the zoom map is x10 by default, few clicks are enough to scout the map and the desired biome.
  15. thanks, yeah I tried : dataProcessingMultiplier 0.1 and research time to 10, and a material study from kerbin would take 2000 years to research, just hoave to fiddle with those value indeed to match what I want.
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