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  1. I have an idea, the tempus system but in beta, destiny and fate orbiting slightly closer with a large ring system, maybe with tiny protoplanets
  2. umm OPM isn't a system replacer, it just adds new planets.
  3. easy thoroughbred booster mk1 pod decoup ya use the kerbal
  4. either every inspired astronaut dies a horrible death, or safety prevails, I wish it wasn't ALLAYS *redacted* CLOUDY
  5. Yeah I have no ideas, I just experienced lag on parallax on my old GPU when I upgraded it fixed it so I thought that might be a issue, I know nothing about tech
  6. what GPU do you use? that might be a contributing factor but I dont know
  7. what. https://spacedock.info/mod/2696/Kerbin1's Super Cool Mod its forum thread links to this, it has the airship map from among us when I downloaded it, it gave me NASA eyes on the solar system when I downloaded it, overall weird.
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