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  1. a planet with 20+ moons, a thin atmosphere on 7 of em, a thick atmospheric water world at the center, and repeat that like 20 times and add like 20 stars.
  2. I once tried to go to fury. considering I cant go to moho, things went south. I ended up crashing into the atmosphere at 12000 meters a sec. not even ignore max temperature could overpower this beast. so umm. dont do that.
  3. dust clouds as far as I know are impossible I might be wrong, but with my limited understanding of kop I don't think that is possible. tell me if im wrong tho.
  4. hey Gameslinx can you provide a link too Kopernicus Expansion? it would be useful in my opinion.
  5. if I make a sounding rocket, after I recover it bugs out the vab/sph so I cant build anymore.
  6. . hey I was looking at your spacedock page and saw this Darkness what the #!@$ is it??????
  7. Im still waiting for that update that adds the tail. #FOREVERWAITING