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  1. you should probably ask for some help from other planet pack creators the "low light levels" guy could help with the stars, gameslinx could help with the textures (far fetched) and I? I have no usefull skills
  2. a planet with 20+ moons, a thin atmosphere on 7 of em, a thick atmospheric water world at the center, and repeat that like 20 times and add like 20 stars.
  3. I once tried to go to fury. considering I cant go to moho, things went south. I ended up crashing into the atmosphere at 12000 meters a sec. not even ignore max temperature could overpower this beast. so umm. dont do that.
  4. dust clouds as far as I know are impossible I might be wrong, but with my limited understanding of kop I don't think that is possible. tell me if im wrong tho.
  5. hey Gameslinx can you provide a link too Kopernicus Expansion? it would be useful in my opinion.
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