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  1. Though shall Remove the MonoPropellant of thou MK1 command pod
  2. Thanks for the Feedback, You should probably fix the oceans being blue on fracture. ALSO IT WAS TENSION NOT FRACTURE I AM AN IDIOT, also why do Icebound , Vista, Scar and Tension have underground ocean?
  3. Night Is quite literately pitch black, its colour value is 0 for everything, its kinda just some lumps.
  4. I have noticed that neither Maar or Fracture have ocean scatterer configs and are both blue. The heightmaps also could use some work as it feels kinda blocky on and the poles on planets are not very good and it feels like this mod is half done, and considering you left the SCATTERER CONFIGTOOL in I think that might be the case. overall this mod has a lot of potential and just needs some polish 7/10 will change review if updates change anything significantly. Just to clarify I am NOT hating on your mod, Im just expressing some problems I noticed, I couldn't have done better myself. Ps Why does Fracture have an underground ocean that is nowhere on the surface?
  5. I would like to submit a bug report, It does not load with the scatterer installed, it just hangs on "loading part upgrades" and the loading screens cycle
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