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  1. if I make a sounding rocket, after I recover it bugs out the vab/sph so I cant build anymore.
  2. . hey I was looking at your spacedock page and saw this Darkness what the #!@$ is it??????
  3. Im still waiting for that update that adds the tail. #FOREVERWAITING
  4. "Please pardon the lack of recent updates. Had some sudden maintenance work I've had to do at home this week. Can't wait to get back to work on this hopefully Sunday-Monday" ITS BEEN A MONTH. thats not a SUNDAY MONDAY. ok I needed to get that out if my system. I miss this mod and wish you well.
  5. Describe a planet that you would like to see added. please only describe planets. NOTHING ELSE. you can quote people though.
  6. I think this mod is about as dead as a mod can be