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  1. oooh, can I make 1k? Edit: I am the one thousandth reply, feels good! Also, technically, @RealKerbal3x, you had the 1000th post, since the reply counter doesn't count the very first post, so congrats!
  2. YYYYYYYESSSSSSSS okay this isn't as funny as Stalin's Fluffy Slippers but this is still excellent.
  3. Scrub today, #wenhopSN9 continues. But hey, at least it's on a shirt now! https://www.nasaspaceflight.com/product/wenhop-t-shirt/
  4. I'd wager he'd be proud of the community that still surrounds this game.
  5. ...I was not expecting something so philosophical on the KSP forums and I am pleasantly surprised.
  6. Hey, I might actually be able to catch a launch for once today! T-3.5 Hours and counting, here we go!
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