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  2. Mods, you can go ahead and delete our little chain there now.
  3. He has performed the mighty poke... he is braver than the rest of us combined.
  4. It is... Apparently I was racking them up during my break this summer!
  5. @The Doodling Astronaut I mean, all of the best threads have some kind of a rabbit trail somewhere within them... just remember the great pun-line that was on one of the announcements. However, on topic, congrats to the winners. Now go get a billboard laser printer and point your badge at the sky you filthy, incredibly lucky animals.
  6. Wow. Nice save on that Phoenix! Edit: WHEN DID I GET 1000 PLUS?!? UHHHH...
  7. Nice! It's awesome to finally see multiple lines drawn out over the orbits, nice colors too!
  8. I cannot get over the fact that your launcher is completely reusable! It's like SpaceX, but on steroids!
  9. Oh dang, that sounds like me... I'D BE A GREAT MODERATOR! (I'm kidding, I'm kidding. Unless... )
  10. I'm roaring XD I feel so bad for the rest of the mods that you enlisted asked to help...
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