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  1. Got it. However... in CKAN, none of the mods are showing up. Do I need to move them there manually? (Also, I'm so sorry if I'm asking for help in the wrong place!)
  2. Well... there can be no community if there is no game to begin with! I know we've said it enough, but just as many thanks that go to us deserve to go to both you guys at Intercept for making the Hype Train lethal again and the folks @SQUAD who kept it alive and thriving for so many years. Cheers, devs! -KS
  3. Does anyone have a download where I can grab KCT and all of its dependencies at once? Something keeps going wrong when I try to install the mod and its dependencies, although it's a possible bug--I began a new save, and found myself: a) unable to enter the VAB. Weird, but okay, maybe I just need to do something else. b) tried entering both R&D and Mission Control, got stuck there, and was unable to exit--it brought up the toolbar and the exit window, but I can't even quit to the main screen, forcing me to completely quit the game. No idea which mod the bug could be tied to (or whether it's a strange conflict with one of my other mods, of which there aren't many--SCANSat, MechJeb, Final Frontiers, Trajectories, and I.D. Flags/Decals) so... I know that it's not much help!
  4. This is it, huh? Well, thanks for everything for KSP1, @SQUAD. We look forward to KSP 2 now more than ever, so lets go out with a bang! Of fireworks, of course, not expensive rocket parts. But maybe some of those too, just for old times' sake.
  5. oooh, can I make 1k? Edit: I am the one thousandth reply, feels good! Also, technically, @RealKerbal3x, you had the 1000th post, since the reply counter doesn't count the very first post, so congrats!
  6. YYYYYYYESSSSSSSS okay this isn't as funny as Stalin's Fluffy Slippers but this is still excellent.
  7. Scrub today, #wenhopSN9 continues. But hey, at least it's on a shirt now! https://www.nasaspaceflight.com/product/wenhop-t-shirt/
  8. I'd wager he'd be proud of the community that still surrounds this game.
  9. ...I was not expecting something so philosophical on the KSP forums and I am pleasantly surprised.
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