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  1. Hello, I'm having an issue with KSP 1.12.5 and TUFX, namely the profiles apply in every scene except the tracking station view and the map view. Whenever I click on a profile I want to use in these views, nothing happens.
  2. I have the same issue on all of Jupiter's moons. If you ever manage to solve it do let me know.
  3. I bet the Principia devs could have helped out KSP2 devs when it comes to orbital simulations. Their handling of orbital mechanics is far better than stock KSP1, with the exception of thrust under warp. but like K^2 says, that's a very hard problem, likely even harder in true n-body simulations.
  4. Re: X-15 testing with FAR. So as promised I decided to test the X-15 model with KSP 1.12 and FAR "Marangoni". After several tests, I have come to the conclusion that BDB X-15 has severe yaw and roll instability. I'm not sure what exactly is causing this, but I'm pretty sure it has something to do with the wing configs. This is what happens when you try to fly the plane lol: https://imgur.com/a/m1sgqbM Checking out the numbers in the FAR analysis window, you can see that the BDB version has red values for both yaw stability and roll stability. An easy fix for this is to make replica wing surfaces like I did with b9 procedural wings and then comparing the configs. You can see that the 'procedural wings X-15' exhibits no such roll/yaw instability and actually flies really well (Almost too well, I don't think even the IRL X-15s were that easy to fly.) https://imgur.com/a/VgGvOLZ I also went to space with this version https://imgur.com/a/8RpBY8N So all in all, def patch this if you want FAR compatibility. Its not really a big hassle to make your own wings (cuz you can still enjoy the excellent lifted-body model; which you can't make procedurally). So you can also just put a warning that FAR players should make their own wings. (I certainly won't complain )
  5. OK that's great to know but the wings probably need custom FAR configs as those are the one thing FAR can't generate from meshes. I'll check it out and then report back.
  6. I forgot to reply, but if you're building planes like the X-15 you'd likely need a rudimentary config for FAR. That's why I was asking. Really love the mod btw
  7. Hello guys, I'm playing with KSRSS-reborn from gitlab and using Volumetric clouds-v4 along with AtmosphericBeats configs. The issue I'm having is that Lightning doesn't show up on Earth no matter what I do. If I remove the AtmosphericBeats configs, Lightning works fine.
  8. FAR really doesn't do anything to Jet Engines afaik. AJE is the mod that changes jet engine parameters. Although I very much doubt you could hit Mach 3 with stock Panthers (without AJE). If you look at the Kerbal wiki for Panther engines, you'll see that it drops off in thrust very quickly after ~Mach 2.7. So maybe try cruising higher but I doubt you could do better than 970 m/s
  9. Hello, I'm playing with KSRSS, and atmosphericbeats volumetric cfg for volumetric clouds version 4, and there's this issue I'm having that both volumetric clouds and 2D clouds show up when flying. Any way to only get the volumetrics?
  10. Thanks for the quick response. I apologize if my tone was rude or if I offended you. Its just been a while since I was into KSP. I have a i5-12450h laptop processor with around 8 cores. Also, another thing I wanted to ask is does Principia model tidal effects. For example, in Earth orbit, a satellite which is very long (mass concentration like a cylinder) will tend to orient itself in the radial direction due to tidal effects. So, if I were to make such a satellite in KSP, and then turn SAS off in Earth orbit, would it also do the same over a long enough time-period? If I understand correctly how Principia works, in that it models n-body gravitation on each of the parts making up a vessel; in theory it should be perfectly capable of modelling these tidal effects.
  11. Nvm I got it. This is a truly awesome mod, perhaps the best if I'm judging by the sheer technical/coding ability required to make one. I'm playing with this mod in KSRSS, with BetterTimeWarp, and Kerbalism. Few questions I wanted to ask the good people here: 1) I managed to send a probe to Earth-Moon L2; and the orbit seems to be unstable? It requires course corrections roughly every 14 days... I remember reading that orbits around the Lagrange points are very stable orbits, so I'm not sure what gives? Is this a problem because of the rescale of the real solar system or is it because of something else? 2) The game seems to hang when I warp. It does so for a second or two and then returns to normal. Is this because of the vast (I presume) number of calculations going on the backend? I do have a fairly modern processor (12th gen i5) so I thought it should run smoothly... or is this to be expected? 3) When making a new flightplan and adding maneuvers; the framerate drops for ~30 seconds or so before returning to normal. Not sure what is causing this. Again, not meant as a knock on the mod creators, I actually love this mod, but I just want to understand a few things. https://imgur.com/a/0gQPIGi https://imgur.com/a/cRtdGii https://imgur.com/a/mmM9HFZ
  12. It seems the configs haven't been updated since BDB 1.8. Are there large difference btw 1.8 and 1.13 that would crash my game?
  13. Hello guys, I've started playing KSP after a while now, and I was just wondering whether this mod still has support for BDB or not?
  14. Hello everybody, I restarted playing KSP after a long hiatus. Can anybody tell me whether the latest version of this mod is compatible with RealFuels-Stock? Or do I need to ask this question in the RF-Stock thread?
  15. Hey guys, I asked this a while ago, but now with all the updates, thought I'll ask this again: How is the RealFuels-Stock compatibility of this mod? (I'm talking about the latest version from github.)
  16. With Principia and the latest version of KSRSS(from gitlab) it should be fairly easy to replicate this in KSP. In RSS, people have already done this(see the "Reach" YT channel for some amazing examples). Principia models all the relevant n-body perturbations as well as axial tilt, so you can try it out and see if it works for you. It isn't easy though, there's quite a steep learning curve, as there are no assist planners in Principia; everything has to be done manually.
  17. So, I haven't bought the EA yet, but here's my question to the people who have already played it for a while: what changes do you see in the aero-model? I'm a huge plane/spaceplane guy, so naturally I would be interested in knowing the state of things. Do parts still have drag-cubes, or does KSP2 finally use a holistic voxel approach to calculating drag, like in FAR? How do airplanes stall? and is ground effect being modelled? Anything other that is remarkable in the new aero model, please do enlighten us all.
  18. How much dV do you need to reach orbit? Also, the current KSRSS is 2.7X stock scale, maybe that's messing with your ascent in some way? I personally have never followed any specific ascent profile(s), I just do what 'feels' ok to me. Mostly that involves pointing the ship vector at the lowest point of the prograde 'circle' , waiting for it to drop down, and then repeating the process.
  19. Damn that's actually reasonable performance. Means my 1650 laptop will probably run this at at least 30 fps, which is playable.
  20. Yes, I've installed B9partswitch and I'm playing on KSP 1.12
  21. I installed this mod, and none of the parts except curvy tail 18-06 show up.
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