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    "06" refers to the 62.5 cm size class. The size classes continue from there: 1.25 m, 2.5 m, 3.75 m. Making History adds 1.875 m and 5 m.
  2. Using some of the stock wheels, I find that the ground is very slippery. But the Packrat wheels from USI Exploration don't have this problem. Is there a mod to correct the slipperiness of the terrain? I have Kerbal Foundries installed, among 158 other mods.
  3. Ubuntu 21.10, FVWM, 159 mods, both DLCs, 2 TB spinning HD, 20 GB of RAM, 8-core i7: 5 min 48 s
  4. If there were a "good heavens no" option, I would have chosen it.
  5. What is "ground anchors jumping"? Is it where when an anchored vessel goes out and back into physics range, the ground anchor magically hovers a metre or two above the ground?
  6. I am using the latest version of KSP. Linux. I first noticed this problem on my main save with an immense number of mods, but it also occurs with no mods at all except DPAI and KJR. I couldn't give a figure in m/s², but I saw that my Kerbin orbit went from 71km circular to 71 by 41. My engineer was not on a ladder. ETA: I noticed a similar problem with building a rover on the Mun. Once my engineer leaves construction mode and boards it and tries to accelerate, it won't move. The only additional mod I have installed is Kerbal Planetary Base Systems.
  7. On the ground, stock engineer assembly works fine (I built a little beacon with the Stamp-O-Tron on the Mun with no problem). In orbit, I can attach parts just fine. But when I enter construction mode, do my work, and leave construction mode, I notice that my orbital parameters have changed. This is aggravated when I have my engineer try to return to the ship, causing premature deorbits. In addition, the engineer can't move much relative to the ship. Why does this happen? Are there workarounds or solutions? (KAS/KIS doesn't have this problem, but it doesn't allow adding struts in-flight.)
  8. I have two classes: Long Boi (which is a very long rocket) and Margaret Hamilton (for manned inter-body missions with separate landers).
  9. I can't seem to use the stock drills for mining asteroids. In the VAB there is a list of "harvesters" I might activate, but no such thing in flight. I send up engineers to try to configure the drill, but no such options are available either aboard the ship or when the engineers go on EVA near the drill.
  10. I usually give my ships personal names. At first, I gave them mythological names like Ajax, but then I switched to feminine mythological names, like Minerva and Hera; then historical names, like Hypatia and Semiramis and Margaret Hamilton; then just plain names, like Janet. [snip] Occasionally, I name them uncreatively and after their purpose, like Mun Survey Satellite.
  11. And now that the bugfix is out, I'll have to change it back.
  12. The above fix fixes everything except the scroll-bar problem. I suppose I'll have to hold out for the bugfix.
  13. Yes, I'm on Linux. It's whenever there's a window with a scroll-bar, including in Settings. Also, I have to scroll down to zoom in in the flight scene, and scroll up to go down the length of the rocket in the VAB.
  14. When I scroll up in a window with a scroll-bar, it moves down, and when I scroll down, it moves up. I assume this is the fashionable ~natural~ scroll direction, imitating mobile phones, but it annoys me. This problem does not exist for me outside KSP. How do I change it?
  15. I made a graph, at first for my own use, of all the possible processes which an OmniConverter (from the Pathfinder mod) can be set up to execute. Note that the Ponderosa permits only a subset of these processes to be used. I license it under CC-BY-SA 4.0. The graph is quite large, so I put it beneath a spoiler. Ovals represent resources. Red boxes are those processes which consume Electric Charge. Green boxes are those processes which generate it. An arrow from a resource to a process represents that that resource is a reactant in that process. An arrow from a process to a resource represents that that resource is a product of that process. The graph: (3520x1403 PNG, 736 kB) This graph could be improved by putting consumption and production rates on the edges, and also EC consumption or production rates on the process nodes. It could also be improved by tidying up the edges some and indicating which resources can be produced directly from a resource extractor. Here, beneath another spoiler, is the DOT source code:
  16. What is the intended relationship of KIFA to KIS? Are they meant to be together? Does one supersede the other? I ask because I have both KIFA and KIS installed, and I have two independent inventories for e.g., a KIS container: one from KIS, another in the stock style, from KIFA.
  17. I don't know if this has been said already, but what annoys me most of all about KSP is the awful, leaky memory management.
  18. You can probably use HyperEdit. I don't know for sure, because I hardly ever use it myself.
  19. Oh man, I have *a lot* of experience with Mun Landers tipping over. It's usually just as they touch the surface though. Usually the problem has been my centre of gravity being too high, my landing site being too hilly, or both. It sounds like your rescue vessel is beyond physics range of Jebediah, and it tips over once you enter that range. You seem to say that your landing is successful, but going out of physics range and then back in may cause problems, especially if you have one of the two problems I listed above. I suggest landing within 2200 m of Jeb and/or leaving SAS on while you're on the ground.
  20. I'm not new to KSP, having played since October, but I am new to the forums. I'd like to get into making IVAs.
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