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  1. The optimizations, the colonization and interstellar system.
  2. I consider hours, days, small months (munations,) great months, and years. It appears that the kerbals would attach special significance to the number six: sixty seconds per minute, sixty minutes per hour, six hours per day, six days per munation, 71 munations per year. (71=2×6×6-1) Therefore, I suppose the kerbals for convenience would group 71 small months into 12 great months: 11 of 6 munations, and 1 of 5. I imagine that the great months would be named after figures from kerbal mythology, as our months are: in no particular order, Jool, Tylo, Laythe, Eve, Neidon, Bop, Moho, Dres, Eeloo, Vall, Duna, Minmus (which would be the short great month). The six phases of the Mun might be named thus: new Mun, waxing crescent, first third, full Mun, last third, waning crescent.
  3. I solved this problem by making a symlink called /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/libSDL2-2.14.so, pointing to one of the SDL2 files I had. Now my complaint is my window is too small to accommodate without difficulty the three controllers I have hooked up, and it's not resizeable.
  4. I have a similar problem on Ubuntu 22.10. Also, the window is immovable, and I see a complaint in KSP.log of "DllNotFoundException" regarding SDL. I have SDL2 installed, and I can set controls and axes from the stock Input menu. I couldn't before I installed AFBW Linux. I will edit this comment with a screenshot and a link to KSP.log. KSP.log: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1MGLzCjR5ZyqyH_eVC_A6t8vCq7G_oG22/view?usp=share_link Screenshot: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1M7Hx6GoWMM_fMmAPXRTN-mpidPTPzQk9/view?usp=share_link
  5. It's already in the works: https://github.com/pizzaoverhead/FreeIva/issues/56
  6. In rendezvous, when I point retrograde in target mode and timewarp on rails, my ship suddenly snaps to retrograde in orbit mode. When I leave timewarp, my ship has to turn to point target-retrograde again.
  7. Try subtracting 0.(9) from 1. 1.0000000000000.... 0.9999999999999.... 0.0000000000000.... Although subtraction is traditionally done from right to left, we can't do that here, because there is no right end. So we will start from the left. In doing this, we have to create all the borrows before doing any subtraction. 1 - 0.9 = 0.1. But there yet remains 0.0(9) to subtract. So 0.1 - 0.0(9) = ? We perform a similar step: 0.1 - 0.09 = 0.01. But there yet remains 0.00(9) to subtract. This process continues forever. If 0.(9) were finite, there would be a 1 in the least significant digit of the difference. But 0.(9) has no least significant digit. There is therefore no 1 in the least significant digit of the difference, and the difference is 0. So, 1 - 0.(9) = 0, which implies 1 = 0.(9), Q.E.D.
  8. The Kerbal month is 30 Kerbin days. So there are 426÷30=14.2 Kerbal months in a year.
  9. There aren't any front and back chassis pieces any more; there is only a piece for one end and a battery chassis. Put two of the piece on either end of the battery. Then you put your cargo racks on top of those, and the roll cage goes on top of that.
  10. Either use CKAN or unzip the zip file into the GameData folder.
  11. I understand the rationale (so they can't be knocked over) but it impairs my ability to use the stock inventory system. Here is an example: I take a Micro ISRU from the Pathfinder mod out of my lander and put it on the ground. I can't pick it up again, either in the stock construction mode or with KAS/KIS. I go to see why, and apparently it weighs 20 tons. I tried editing the save file to give it a reasonable mass, but it reverted to 20 tons again.
  12. Usually I either put three equally spaced relays in a high equatorial orbit or make a tetrahedral Draim constellation.
  13. When I have the 3-person capsule docked to the LK2 lander can, I cannot get from one to the other in IVA.
  14. Apparently I've found the problem. I installed dependencies of Sandcastle, and now I have WildBlueCore, WildBlueTools, and WildBlue-PlayMode-CRP. Now nothing is 100 grams.
  15. My Pathfinder boxes, like the Ponderosa or any of the larger box buildings, are said by KSP (in flight and in the VAB) to weigh only 100 grams. This would be only a curiosity, if it weren't that when I have one of my astronauts take one of these boxes onto their back and try to walk, they are flung at high speeds (over 10 m/s) across the planet or moon. Once, my astronaut was flung straight up at 100 m/s, to an altitude of 5 km, on the Mun. The save where this particular astronaut was is now unusable. What can I do about this? Is this a known bug? Is it a "feature"? Why does this happen? SOLVED: It's an error in the specifications of CKAN dependencies of Pathfinder. Required both WildBlueTools and WildBlueCore.
  16. What do you wish me to understand by this?
  17. I assume you mean the G on the altimeter. That's Gigameters, or millions of kilometers. You are probably in solar orbit. As for speed: Speed is relative. 70 km/s relative to the fixed stars is doable (sans Kraken) by getting quite a high aphelion and burning retrograde there until you have a suitably low perihelion. Be sure your craft is heat-resistant! But, even sitting on the launch pad, you are probably going 70 km/s relative to something out there.
  18. The proposal of the OP is utterly sensible. Ideally, cis binary norms re gender would have been lax or absent ab initio.
  19. "06" refers to the 62.5 cm size class. The size classes continue from there: 1.25 m, 2.5 m, 3.75 m. Making History adds 1.875 m and 5 m.
  20. Using some of the stock wheels, I find that the ground is very slippery. But the Packrat wheels from USI Exploration don't have this problem. Is there a mod to correct the slipperiness of the terrain? I have Kerbal Foundries installed, among 158 other mods.
  21. Ubuntu 21.10, FVWM, 159 mods, both DLCs, 2 TB spinning HD, 20 GB of RAM, 8-core i7: 5 min 48 s
  22. If there were a "good heavens no" option, I would have chosen it.
  23. What is "ground anchors jumping"? Is it where when an anchored vessel goes out and back into physics range, the ground anchor magically hovers a metre or two above the ground?
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