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  1. What does it mean :"Uncaught exception (ArgumentOutOfRangeException):index was out of range. Must be non-negative and less than the size of the collection. Parameter name: index" It appear when I use the Primer Vector Guidance, and Mechjeb doesn't take control of my vessel
  2. I was wondering if the newest version of Tantares (V21.1) and TantaresLV (V12.1) work on 1.7.3?I don't want to upgrade my KSP vision
  3. My satellites all disapear after install the vision 1.4 of CommNet Constellation;and lots of bugs appearly stop I lunch from VAB and build; Any suggestion?
  4. I had matching the ROkerbalism's context to the deafult one no problem have find now
  5. I have a question.The ROKerbalism on github is design for Kerblism Version3.1,whitch mean no chiness support. What can i do to find a KerbalismConfig for RO and support Kerbalism3.7?
  6. I instaled the RSSVE and the RSS,but it doesn't display auroras or citylight Any solution?
  7. Thanks.And you make a really good job on KSRSS
  8. 还有一件事。这是关于[ RSS ]和[RSSVE]的。 我安装了几次,但是RSSVE的显示无法正常工作 https://imgur.com/YAhHKSh https://imgur.com/Mhi5mod https://imgur.com/T47pV2r 如您所见,它没有极光或城市之光 而且看起来很糟糕 我已经安装了我发现的所有图形包。想知道如何使视觉外观漂亮(封面)
  9. Can KSRSSVE work on the RSS too?I can't find the completed EVE configs on RSSVE that recently released.
  10. Here is the problem: https://imgur.com/z6bUaQD https://imgur.com/FJuZLMu The First Picture was took on 2019_9_14 and the second one was tooken recently I want my visual look like before,but i don't know how did i do that and i have those add-ons about visual:eve scatterer rssve planeshine distantobject Here's my modlist: TexturesUnlimited CTTP DistantObject EnviromentalVisualEnchancements Kopernicus KopernicusExpansion KS3P KSCSwitcher ModularFlightIntegrator PlanetShine RealSolarSystem RSSDateTime RSS_Textures RSSVE-Textures RSSVE scatterer I instal the RO/RSS And there is a whitesun problem too Sorry about my english,not a native speaker Any skybox will be fine too
  11. Does it affect the performance of my computer?It sounds complex and will cost a lot of my memories
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