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  1. Y E S Y E S Y E S Y E S Y E S Also will you be able to radially attach parts if you have multiple of them
  2. https://www.nytimes.com/video/science/earth/100000007471987/monolith-utah-desert-discovery.html A metal monolith was found in the utah desert, seems like a good place to post it. Looks like the ones on KSP or 2001: a space odyssey
  3. I mean, thats kinda what it is Oh hey new page
  4. I can sense and argument brewing right now, lets just respect each others opinions and take them elsewhere
  5. Yeah, people die in auto accidents every year. or from the flu and colds. but covid is not like that, we have research the flu and have a cure for it. we do not for covid. we might have research it a whole lot but we dont have a cure, but since im young im not in the risk for it, in fact i could have it but be asymptomatic But there's one other thing: Covid spreads My mom is in her 50's and my dads a retard doesnt think covid is real and never wears a mask, never social distances, basically tries to break covid laws to "Not follow the sheep" or something He might infect jer
  6. Stay sfae, wear a mask, try your best not to die And if you think its fake you're stupid as hell
  7. The god of the forums came to the thread See its in my thing im god/mascot of the forums
  8. Woah its like interstellar extended but not as many parts!!! interstellar... retracted? Also are there supposed to me tanks for the fuels in the new engines? and some of the textures are broke. The gamma ray spectrometer, the particle scoop and the nova seem to be broke but thats expected with beta releases Good work nertea!
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