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  1. calzone ated anything that abides by forum rules but remember to keep KSP stuff in place where it belongs, like spacex stuff in the spacex thread yknow dont wanna get the thread locked
  2. alrighty bois we gotta hit 400 on the day of the anniversary and we are going too fast my best art ever will come on page 400
  3. W E A K 2 and a hlaf hours, 180+ mods, lags everything else so if i wanna play ksp i can only watch laggy youtube entire KSP install info: Size: 18.8 GB (20,287,124,866 bytes) Files: 26,473 Files, 3,157 Folders Gamedata info: Size: 15.4 GB (16,625,602,560 bytes) Files: 23,613 Files, 3,014 Folders
  4. dear kraken, so many notifs @Kerminator K-100
  5. oof, i had a bit of an ai chi wawa moment on there so i cant really show my face there. cant really explain it tbh
  6. whenever i see a moderator comment on a post, or edit mine someone elses i always skip a heart beat
  7. alrighty guys the megathreads 1sdt birthday is coming up in 10 days. we must get to 400 pages!
  8. That is probably true i dont think so... rule 2.2 G: Use of vulgarity, profanity, parts thereof (S***) and any technique that bypasses the language filter to post vulgar or profane content; huh how do i get outta the list ok so basically any part of swearing is not alowed
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