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  1. I can try to generate some names or basic visuals for the planets and moons if you want
  2. @linuxgurugamer How do i take pc's wih the cameras?
  3. I haven't seen many new mods on here, just requests, In fact kottabos couldn't upload a ksp vid this week because of that. Looks like there's a dry spell Modders, promote your mods here! lest make this subforum wet again! also i have checked the add on development subforum, but i can only see either updated mods or continued mods, i used to see loads of new mods popping up
  4. This should be moved to suggestions and development
  5. And russian parts, maybe more launchsites in the making history DLC
  6. OH YES DEFO MORE ROVER PARTS!!!! But maybe ALSO some more engines! "KSP 1.11, lets light this candle" SRB's are unblanced, they need more thrust as most IRL srb's i've read on wikipedia have much more thrust than regular LFO engines, and we need low thrust small engines for things like (k)orion or probes, Rover parts and general tweaks ti make the game better, definetly more 3.5 meter parts as alot of ingame (Stock) things are medium, not large or small y'know? there's defo mods to fix all these but for stock players i think it would be nice Oh yeah, colony updates, and more station parts. BUT i propose another idea: THE AISAN UPDATE! most ksp parts are based off of the NASA parts. But i want to make the KSRO and KAXA, japanese/chinese/indian parts and stuff like that. If yall want ideas i got plenty of them
  7. Man, i never got old screenshots but i think my first flight was some sort of probe back in 1.7, Got ksp fo mah birthday and was so excited for 1.8
  8. I've been playtesting and i haven't noticed anything different @Clamp-o-Tron Does it add in anything to display how much your panel has degraded