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  1. i done it again i won a totem Congrats to all the winners!
  2. Souptime


    The next prime would actually be 4729, but i can see the mix-up
  3. oh my god the megathread is a legend now "Have you heard the tale of dark megathreadus the wise?"
  4. I cant remember where i heard about it, but it was most likely youtube, i remember doing extensive research into it making sure i knew the controls werent so complicated Then on july 21st, 2019 i got the money for KSP and 1 DLC, and the rest is history
  5. Alright, i have no words. this chapter is AMAZING as always! (although i was a little late to viewing...) But i got confused a little through, not plot-wise just i dont remember the characters and what they did, i know sasha is the baby less go and dilgas was the *if i put my actual thoughts here i would get insta banned* who tried triple homicide, and other questionable things, and val is valentina. Can you give me a rundown of the current plot and characters? i get confuse easily Alright, that sounds like it could be an actual TheFatRat song, specifically sung my Laura Brehm, Anna Yvette, but specifically Stasia Estep from warrior song Sums it up PERFECTLY P.S. Dilgas, im gonna kick your *ss in the afterlife you ҜҤЯЏSЊҪҤԐVS ЙФSЭ ӉДЇЯ
  6. Those look good! You can embed stuff by uploading the pics to imgur.com and right clicking the upload, copy and pasting the URL into "Insert image from URL" other picture sharing sites work too. gifs, youtube, images, and a few other sites work
  7. 84 bottle of bear on the wall 84- WAIT WHY IS THERE A BEAR!? RUN FOR YOUR LIVES! 83 bottles of bear on the wall
  8. Whats an acocado's favorite game? Whack-a-mole but its like guacomole! it sounds better when you say it
  9. We have been able to click for a suspicously long time...
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