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  1. Use autostruts and also add some regular struts.
  2. How am I supposed to make jokes about something that only exists on paper?
  3. Why are there no moons in the poll? (Of course I understand that you can‘t add every single moon that exists in our solar system due to their number, but I‘m talking about the big ones)
  4. Maybe they could use the gas giants for flybys to slow down.
  5. I don‘t really have a specific spaceship in mind. It could be anything. But if it would emit a radio signal that we could detect with SETI we‘ll probably find it anyway, so let‘s assume it does not emit any signal.
  6. Let‘s imagine that an alien spaceship or probe is coming in our solar system from interstellar space - How close would it have to be that we would be able to detect it and which methods could be used? Is there even a chance that we discover it until it has almost reached earth?
  7. On the other hand, „planet“ is just a word that we humans have invented, and whenever we call something „planet“ or not doesn‘t really affect it. But a clear definition that doesn‘t allow different interpretations that lead to different conclusions would be useful.
  8. As far as I know, some astronomers made a democratic decision if Pluto is a planet or not and the result was no. And that‘s supposed to be science.
  9. I think what might happen is that the decide to take it out of service (returning the crew to the surface and deorbiting the station)
  10. Hello everyone, here's my submission to this challenge. It was a single launch using an reusable launch vehicle. I made 4 imgur albums instead of one because I didn't upload all the pictures on the same day. https://imgur.com/a/Ct9UjMe https://imgur.com/a/mMslCr3 https://imgur.com/a/8VzOpru https://imgur.com/a/maIXma1 It's a 3rd level mission. I had five crew members. Here's who landed on which moon: Laythe: Kerfrey Kerman and Jeb Tylo: Bob and Jeb Vall: Val and Jeb Bop: Laing Kerman and Jeb Pol: The entire crew Mods used: Kerbal Engineer Redux Transfer Window Planner Kerbal Alarm Clock ManeuverNodeSplitter RCS Build Aid Editor Extensions Redux Trajectories I also used both Making History and Breaking Ground.
  11. That's a good point, maybe you and @A Fistful Of Double Downs are right and the water is simulated as some kind of a layer of the atmosphere, but there would be some more differences between it and the other layers of the atmosphere than just the density, like the visible water surface. And maybe the "water" is also the only layer of the atmosphere that does simulate buoyancy. The game might simulate buoyancy only when you are below the "water surface".
  12. They probably add some kind of „bouyancy“ for some of the parts they add. Why do you think so?
  13. I wanted to test my lander which has command seats. So I teleported it to orbit using Hyperedit - but I forgot that the Kerbals should put up their helmets (of course I reverted the flight) I never let Kerbals really die, I always load a quicksave or revert the flight.
  14. In real life, it is indeed resulting from gravity and pressure (which is resulting from gravity). But in KSP, there‘s most likely no buoyancy because in KSP‘s physical simulation, the atmospheric pressure isn‘t what it is in real life. For KSP, the pressure is probably just a number that is used to calculate the drag. So my conclusion is that there‘s no buoyancy.
  15. You can test this on the launchpad, I always do that when I‘m not sure if I have enought. Just „launch“, run your experiments, transmit them back and revert the „flight“
  16. Every engine has a maximal possible dV, adding more fuel doesn‘t help any more once this limit is reached. 9km/s should be possible with the LV-N. Reduce the payload mass
  17. So @Space Nerd created the save and passed it on to @eee, right? I'm not sure if I remember it correctly
  18. Thanks for your answer. I'll think about rebuilding it.
  19. Here's what happened: I was in the VAB and loaded a .craft-File, then I renamed it and made some changes to it. When I tried to launch it, an error message appeared. Then I left the VAB. When I tried to open the .craft-File again, the same error message appeared and the game couldn't load the file. I rebooted KSP and it happened again. Here's a screenshot showing how it looks like when I try to load the file. Mods installed: Better Time Warp Continued Click Through Blocker Editor Extensions Redux Kerbal Alarm Clock (Made for KSP 1.9.99, but works in 1.10.1) Kerbal Engineer Redux Module Manager RCS Build Aid Toolbar Controller Trajectories Transfer Window Planner (Made for KSP 1.7.99, but works in 1.10.1) TriggerAu Flags Zero MiniAVC KSP Version: 1.10.1 Both DLC's are installed.
  20. Is it only not working when you try to activate it with "T" or also when you hold "F"?
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