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  1. @FruitGoosethe Kerbals have their verdict! It works! They're not wasting their time and their snacks finding a good name anymore! They want to repay you!
  2. ohhhh, I didn't put the FruitKocktail mod but the question is, the whole ORANGE on the FruitKocktail? and it should only be ONE text file? not two? thanks in advance
  3. Hey @FruitGoose, I have the ORANGE mod, but it doesn't seem to work. I have the Change Name thing, but there's no new name in the vessel box above Can you please help me? Nice collection of mods anyway!
  4. VAL - DAY 3.5 Same mission, same stuff like Day 3, but instead, it's the center core. BOOSTER STATUS: FAILED TO LAND OVERALL MISSION: SUCCESS! (landed on the Mun) (Booster landing) (Payload landing)
  5. @Curveball Andersand @Minmus Tasteryou both sent me your replies at the same minute
  6. VAL - DAY 3 Mission: Phoebe Command Pod Mun Landing Testing Agency: Experimental Engineering Launch Vehicle: Falcon Heavy Payload: Phoebe Command Pod (and some more stuff) Destination: Mun Mission: SIDE BOOSTERS LANDED, INCOMPLETE
  7. Congrats! Not nominated yet tho But it's fine lol, it's normal for me...
  8. meh, i landed 2 times (yes, only 2, most of my droneship landings failed) but FMRS says it landed but all in all, good mod!
  9. maybe you got something wrong i think you should make the landing burn steer to 30 degrees
  10. install ReStock lol, i like stock parts, but they'll be 101% better with Restock
  11. VAL - DAY 2 Mission: HERONS-1 Agency: Kethane Propulsion Laboratory Launch Vehicle: Falcon 9 Payload: HERONS-1 Destination: 4 Herons (a class E asteroid just past Duna) Mission Status: SUCCESS!
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