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  1. Interplanet Janet says no... for now... and there's only one planet that has an atmosphere so most of it just are V O I D. And Parallax configs? it's a no-no
  2. Also I'm watching youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu I'll kill your kerbals and mark them KIA soon fear me
  3. I'm the Kraken and I will cut your ship in half... or maybe 1/35th its size huehuehuehue
  4. @JB182I'm watching youuuuuuuuuuuuu
  5. Pic above shows that you'll enjoy this as how I enjoy the pic
  6. Welcome aboard the Kraken's Breath, I mean the Kerbal train, @TommyJand @Keyboard Basheras well!
  7. Just to let you guys know that 68P is so exotic that one orbit can take days or weeks and the gravity...
  8. Gravity lower than Gilly But 68P just might have the lowest gravity Just one jump and bonk, welcome to space
  9. Haven't tested the newest update yet, but I'll check it out by today or tomorrow
  10. aaaaaaaaaaaaaand here I am again, won't even getting a kilometer from the surface of those trojan asteroids
  11. Why didn't I receive a notif about this haha NOW I'm 4 days late of your announcement
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