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  1. Granted, there were aliens and they abduct you. I wish for Chandler's proposal to Monica be better than anything else
  2. Floor 2953: That fountain on the intro of Friends.
  3. Sir, this is a first-come first-serve basis, you just arrived here! You'll be waiting for... an hour or two. For now, here's a free sample of shrimp crackers. Waiter! My soup is jumping everywhere!
  4. Yep... lel TUBM is going to vacation sometime
  5. Wha- TUBM had a haircut this week
  6. Banned for being so close to irrealism
  7. Floor 2911: A person knowing everything at 18 but nothing at 22
  8. Here's Joey, he doesn't share food. I would like a cake for the handyman!
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