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  1. Can I see any photos, anything that shows the situation? I really don't know what you are talking about...
  2. For starters, start a rocket, not a plane. Planes are more complicated than rockets, in terms of building and perfecting. So, rockets then planes.
  3. So that means it is temporarily removed and will be updated soon?
  4. It already is turned on, there are rocks that I can't collide with that comes with the Terrain Scatters. Installed form CKAN, btw
  5. @Gameslinxso I have been using your mod for a week now but little did I know: my Mun doesn't have those rocks thingy that can be collided. EXPECTATION (pic not mine) MY GAME How do I fix this?
  6. With the mod of @Maple KermanI bring you this: It will have a lot of exciting stuff in the main film, including scientific theories that will boggle your mind!
  7. Mines are just casual things. The first stage has the most fuel, second (and above) stages have less fuel, depending on the weight of the payload. But for Jool missions, you need a lot of fuel, BUT if your stage has only less than 20 tons in weight, a few ion engines should do A rocket with a payload, for instance, only has 2.1 tons and will go to Jool, less fuel is required. The heavier = the more fuel
  8. He's so pog that his creations are even better than Mett Loon (sorry sorry)
  9. Granted, yet that star went supernova within a blink of an eye. I wish for Bob to be the third wheel when Jeb and Val are on a relationship.
  10. You can get the coolest soundtracks of Melodysheep instead It's so cool :)
  11. This is very exciting, and if you didn't find it entertaining if you watch it, your fate will be judged Get some popcorn or chips with coke or iced tea
  12. So Beyond Eeloo is a topic that I haven't been talking about in the forums and my Discord as well. And I will give you a spoiler now. Here's the video I am sorry if I have killed your anticipation. I am also sorry for these voice actors: @minerbatand @maddog59 They are one of the voice actors. I'm sorry.
  13. Granted, but upon the trans-munar injection (or trans-lunar injection), space debris hit the engine. I wish that I can tell Jeb to go rescue you.
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