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  1. I thought it said will the KSC be edible.
  3. wow its those things from Human Space Program
  4. I checked that when I deleted all my mods but for some reason its still here.
  5. I cant find its file anywhere. Can some one help?
  6. Freddy Kerman was about to land the Moho Red stone on Moho, then he heard a ringing sound from his phone. It was a update notification for Call of Duty: Moho Warfare. So he updated the game and started playing. When he notesd he needed to start the landing burn. It was to late. He played the game to long and smashed into the mohole. Brian Kerman Sabotaged oxygen and crashed into Gilly.
  7. Wow! Will there be wind too? Me too! Cant wait to slam a falcon booster into the ground!
  8. really i thought this was for april fools
  9. How could you forget? NASA picked them for one of the moon landers
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