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  1. Ive tried Beyond Home, Precursors, Whirligig World, and even home switched on GU! Im looking for a new KSP home switch experience. (Also im currently playing Este Serrian but koperiniucs does not like it)
  2. There seems to be a glitch with the scatter and ground on new planets. The ground keeps flashing black? I did some testing and it also seems on vacuum words. To be specific Icebin.
  3. How do I extract the .RAR file with out 3 party services?
  4. Cool! Will installing the mod be more simple in the future? Also what are those lakes made of?
  5. So how do I install the ES.rar? I put ES.rar in my gamedata folder and it does nothing
  6. So can I download with spacedock or is it broken? How do I download from Github
  7. Cool! Will planetary descriptions come soon?
  8. Cant wait for this mod to be done! Will this have scatters/ and or sampleable scatters? Eve support maybe? You should make a discord!
  9. Whirligig World seems to be broken. Every time I make a maneuver node, the game breaks. The maneuver turns black and when I select a part no box shows up. Also every time I quick save and reload more side boxes show up? Mabey is because a homeswaped to Kerbmun? Link to problem https://imgur.com/Wwk4dka Gamedata https://imgur.com/0EJAUzp It also does not stop, not even flying. https://imgur.com/undefined
  10. The Far Beyond is my first ever planet pack. Climate change had turned Kerbin into a frozen wasteland. Kerbal kind is almost extent with 20% of there population dead. All Kerbals have lost hope and go underground to just to die. Until a brown dwarf was detected its path was on course to sweep through the Kerboler system. Kerbals got even sadder, for the system will be completely desolated so the dwarf was named Desolation. The Kerbal Space Program, found out about its ginormous gravity well. because it was very dense. The Kerbals got an idea! To use the star to fling colony ships, into other gravity wells of nearby stars. The program succeeded but the gravity from a rouge gas giant interrupted there orbit and they all where separated in the darkness of interplanetary space. The Kerbals where heading to a solar system 30 light years away called Letvea Unsimi (or Alpha Centuri for humans). The Kerbals, lost track and landed on an unknome planet in the star, Gliese 581. The planet has Oxygen and good old H20! The Kerbals are saved! Only 13 Light-Years from Letvea Usimi, will you reunite Kerbal Kind or fail trying? Planets! "Getoo" Is the Gliese 581 analog. Getoo is a small red dwarf with 5 planets and a debris disk (Shown with a giant ring!) "Esel" Is the Gliese 581e analog. It is a hot planet a bit bigger than Kerbin. It has a thick atmosphere with stormy turbulent clouds It has no moons but giant craters, along the equator insisting one broke up and fell to Esel. "Beso" Is the Gliese 581b analog. It is a warm fast spinning blue gas giant. It has very calm clouds with 2 moons. Its rotation period is 4 hours. "Ula" is Beso's closest moon and biggest. It is almost a circle, and has a giant crater on its south pole. It is a tan-white color. "Hash" Is Beso's second moon. Only one kilometer bigger than Gilly, it is roasting from, core heat and has lava spots in its craters. It is in a highly elliptical orbit, suggesting its a captured asteroid. "Cedo'Lea" is the first habitable planet in this system. It is 1.2 bigger then Kerbin, and has a native people on it called the Kla'Ki. It is much warmer then the place Kerbals landed on. It is tidally locked and has less water on the surface. It has really short trees, only about as tall as a small Mun lander. It has tones of Youcantgetium (Its really just ore). It also has oxygen. The planet has no moons. Zarmina's World. Is the Gliese 581g analog. Named after Zarmina Kerman, it is the new home for Kerbals. It has three moons. It has oxygen, water and, life! It is a tropical wonderland of a home! Only 4% larger then Kerbin it is the best habitable planet we have discover! (By accident). The moons help stabilize the environment and create enough force to rotate the planet breaking it from the tidally lock! Yet-Corse913-Carbo Trinary System. The YCC system is a system of asteroids just above Zarmina's Roche Limit. The moons are basically all twins. They formed out of a gigantic ring, and they all orbit and a stable orbit with each other. The barycenter is almost completely inside Corse913. "Decoi" Is the Gliese 581d analog. It is a small gas dwarf with only one moon. It is a pink gas giant with tones of oxygen in the atmosphere to thick to breath "Srawbeit" Is the only moon of Decoi. It is the only circular moon in the system. It is a moon complete made of emerald with lakes of liquid Co2. It has a pink atmosphere that smells sickly sweet. It has oxygen but the smell makes Kerbals not want to take their helmet off. We think the moon got its atmosphere from Decoi. Life is not confermed. System map! There will be other real star systems in the future! The first will be probably the decimated Kerbol system, or Kapteyn's Star. You tell what you want first! I Just Started this mod, so don't expect it to come out soon! DOWNLOAD: COMING! See you on in the stars!
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