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  1. its not torture if we are testing pressure limits for suits in the most kerbally way...
  2. dude. boosters are loveing lame. what could be better than using a ballistic missile to hit a building that is only a couple hundred yards away? HAH! Did it just auto-censor me?
  3. it would be pretty rad if you, as a newb, land on the center of the light side of the planet, and the second your kerbal steps outside, he explodes into a bloody mess.
  4. if ksp is going to be a package content game like ksp 1 is, one could easily go into save game files and change how much currency they have. hell, it could even be an option in the cheat/debug menu.
  5. Since Twitter is where the majority of our community follow us for news and updates about KSP2, we will continue to use the platform. also, twitter is funny as hell right now
  6. I seem to have noticed a pattern of daily posters in this thread: @JoeSchmuckatelli, @The Aziz, @Rutabaga22, etc.It's interesting to notice how much the hype has died.
  7. yes, but i dont just want to hide them, i want to benefit from them
  8. well, i am interested in completely filling out the ctt (eg. the heavy command pods section, or ion reactors) so i can get full use out of it
  9. im probably a little late, but what you could have done is bought one copy of the downloadable version of the game, and then hed the entire class use the same account.
  10. actually tho, who tf is jimmy? @Billy
  11. If the engine overheats, does epstein kill himself? oh yeah kool mod
  12. ye it is set to default in the settings, all crews will respawn and be able to be hired back from the astronaut complex in two gameplay hours
  13. wrong. imagine this: you have a fricking massive base on a planet that you no longer have any use for, but you want your kerbals back from it. as long as you have crew recovery still on, you can nuke the base and get all your little kerbal clones back.
  14. Fletch4


    hmm. maybe one with rectangular edges, but with a HMS Elizabeth style ski-jump on the end? i mainly want this to slap on top of a heisenberg airship to lower part counts(it also helps out my crappy little macbook a ton) i didnt even read this before i posted. maybe kerbal players really do think alike...
  15. my brother was playing *eugh* fortnite when i saw this, and i got flashbacks...
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