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  1. @sevenperforce, new rule idea: If you get a kerbal named Frank Kerman (Frank Wolff) you get a couple extra points.
  2. Oh, ill try to fo this in the next couple of days...
  3. i would hope it would be some kind of trail, that disappears after you leave a certain distance from an origin.
  4. Oh my god. I have been a long time lego fan, and would love to see this mod implemented in-game. I have no past modding skills, but I might learn just to put this in.
  5. i feel like if they want the game to appeal to more people, they should at least get it translated. J'ai l'impression que s'ils veulent que le jeu plaise à plus de gens, ils devraient au moins le faire traduire.
  6. it would then be a parachute. the only thing the\at would happen would be the heat shield disappearing. donut shaped chute.
  7. well, thank you. i feel like i should've noticed this.
  8. ohmygodsomeonepleaseupdatethisitissobeautifulandiloveit
  9. how do i delete something that i accidentally placed? and how do i leave the kk menu?
  10. I wish there was a function where you could "pop", or open some type of valves on the ballute. it would give you. a little extra room to slow down, but it takes repair kits, or a special type of unit to refill.
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