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  1. I really love this! Very imaginative! And I mean for both the entire ore to fuel process as well as the presentation! Makes me want to create similar videos!
  2. Why do I see a modern rendition of "Who's on first" coming? I wonder if they will use smoke plumes into the stratosphere for volcanic worlds.
  3. A nerd waiting for the newest intel chipset drop?
  4. The Cox-Zucker Machine used for curves has to be on that list somewhere. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cox–Zucker_machine
  5. Understood. Still, such great work thus far!
  6. I'm not sure what is even in KSP 2... as far as I know no one does (besides whats been shown visually like orion drive) But if I have to guess, and assuming they are all in there. Antimatter hands down.
  7. I remember reading somewhere of the possibility that you have to "discover" them first. Don't remember the post and at work. I don't remember devs defining what that meant.
  8. Well, do you think an icosphere would increase the need for processing power by much? It is using the Unity engine. I don't KNOW this but I would guess the icosphere would give more maps to render in the same given area where using the cube would be less overall. I do understand the maps in cubic would use more memory, but it would be a one load and done, where triangular maps could potentially load and unload far more often leading to lag. Just thinking aloud really, never attempted to use triangular maps beyond simple 3D movie applications and you know that is no benchmark for ga
  9. Too awesome. Love the way you explain it. I am only a hobbyist, but I understood perfectly. Keep up the great work and believe me when I say that there are definitely people out here who appreciate your, and the others, attention to detail! VERY glad you included that Now to see how many ask this very question..
  10. Yes! Keeping these up and coming is really appreciated! It helps to explain some the things going on inside the development of KSP2.
  11. This. It takes literally years to work GIMP, even then you haven't mastered it. This. Or if you feel you have to try a paint style program, give PINTA a shot.
  12. Speaking of which.... Its almost FRIDAY!!!
  13. When you said this, I realized you had a point. The amount of fuel feeding 2 RAPIERS leaving Eve? Quick math of what I remembered deltaV being on Kerbin didn't add up... So as soon as I could (RL happens), I set everything correct in the game, loaded, and ONLY cheated that craft to the surface of Eve, full tanks. While it was impressive for what it is, it ran out of fuel before reaching orbit, so my last posted results were incorrect. My apologies guys. I will correct that. For the record, thats why the orbiter is fat with a lot of delta-v, to refuel the Peryton. Just p
  14. No pictures to show yet, but I couldn't wait any longer. Between finishing other space projects and missions, waiting on the proper window, and RL job... I cheated the Peryton into low orbit around Eve just to see how it performed. Mixed results. I mean it was actually a success on the one hand, but using strictly the closed cycle it drained too much fuel and basically was a one shot lander. I could glide in all the way shuttle style, no power, land, take science, then lift off and fly to orbit, but by the time it exited the atmosphere, no fuel. I wasn't planning on refueling on EV
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