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  1. Excuse me, pardon me, coming through, beep beep... @OrdinaryKerman
  2. Granted, but after using Pells t(t+1)/2=s^2 to find them you realize there is no practical use for it in rocketry and your head pops from nerd overload. I wish for a candy bar.
  3. Just ate TWO! TUBM enjoys cold tea
  4. Banned for not following the rules and banning the person above you, for having an ambiguous name, and for being on another space forum.
  5. So use the VARIANT label for each instance then. Good info
  6. Yes! It was the first "nerdy" thing I was into that I can remember back when I was in First Grade! TUBM enjoys grilling meat outside or BBQing
  7. Granted. But through an unknown bug, the .mu resulted is only compatible with KSP 0.25 and instead of glazing over, your hair falls out from info overload. I wish for a better pillow that will fit my head.
  8. Calling 911 because your McMuffin is cold.
  9. @ColdJ Granted but due tothe relativistic speeds of orbit ans rotation, you get pulled off the earth and into an orbit of your own. @Ben J. Kerman Granted this time, but as ColdJ is being pulled along, the moon pulls him through the Lego Liebherr utterly destroying it and scattering any salvageable pieces across 2 continents. I wish for a better pillow.
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