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  1. my mouth is salivating... laythe looks like a chocolate chip cookie. Will there be two versions of laythe like KSS?
  2. Any chance that Near future aeronautics will have recolours?
  3. Just by curiosity, do you have a very vague idea of when it'll release? I'm getting back into ksp again and wondering if I should wait and get the revamp or use the stock system
  4. Its not even that honestly, its just that scatterer wont work, with or without GU installed, worse thing is is that the game im trying to make it work on is another ''installation'' of ksp so i dont know where the player logs for that appear
  5. Anyone know when the solar panel revamp is gonna come out?
  6. communications satellite for eve, also has a camera on its back 2nd generation Duna lander, called rose. Arrived to Duna with a communications satellite One of three relays I have orbiting Kerbin, their main purpose is to give a stable connection with my IOL (international orbiting lab)
  7. Isn't there a mod that gives you a huge Scott Manley head orbiting around kerbin?
  8. what are you talking about?! a NERVA engine is totally able to provide enough thrust in the atmosphere and take the space shuttle to m-mars? HOW?!
  9. okay so, I have no idea why my planet wont load into the game, here's the cfg and logs
  10. I've always wanted to try out making a planet pack of this for OPM, but alas, i have no clue on how to mod. (should probably check the add on development) I installed gimp and notepad, time to try this out!
  11. Hi Angel! I love this mod and I wanna know: is it possible that this mod is compatible with the stock inventory system? For example making players able to place like, 50 snacks in a SEQ-3 storage unit and being able to take them out, then place them into the inventory of a kerbal, walk to a base then place the snacks in said base. Thanks!
  12. Will this include those new smaller truss parts? I hope I don't sound impatient, take your time!
  13. Congrats on the release! I thought it looks like 2 bags of flour stitched together
  14. https://archive.org/details/NASA_NTRS_Archive_19940020434/page/n75/mode/2up I just found this thing, a 6m tall and wide command pod! Edit: at page 105-106 and page 36 it talks about a... methane fueled RL10 wait its from... 1993 D:
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