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  1. @Beale,is this mod gonna get updated soon? Neptune camera breaks with scatterer's new atmospheres..
  2. I'm excited for all the new cool colors/paint schemes we'll be able to add to our spacecrafts!
  3. Howdy, is thatmo supossed to be this... dim? i remember playing this mod and seeing thatmo a white color, not this charcoal one
  4. Oh my goodness... this is jawdropping! ive been trying to find if someone has been developing something like this for a while, i am definitely gonna keep a close eye on this
  5. heya i have a question, what does this do to the breaking ground scatters? like the ones that are scannable? i cant seem to find them on duna..
  6. Howdy, i got a question about this, will there eventually be EVE configs/EVE clouds for this? thanks!
  7. Good evening, has anyone had this... glitch when using neptune camera in atmospheres? for more detail im using scatterer 0.0722 and Beyond home. (incase one of those can break it)
  8. hmm.. i did add it recently, ill try cutting some stuff out of TURD and see what happens
  9. howdy, has anyone else had a glitch with the mk2 docking port? Im pretty sure its restock since when i removed it from gamedata, the textures came back to normal.
  10. Howdy, id like to know, is there any near future plans for a graphics overhaul on this mod? thanks!
  11. Howdy, im curious, will the heisenberg airpack/bison gondola system work with this? thanks!
  12. i just got back from finishing the finale.. why? whyd they have to kill them? WHYY? yeah i said that to my mom while we watched ''the heck this is like ksp''
  13. my mouth is salivating... laythe looks like a chocolate chip cookie. Will there be two versions of laythe like KSS?
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