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  1. Hi Angel! I love this mod and I wanna know: is it possible that this mod is compatible with the stock inventory system? For example making players able to place like, 50 snacks in a SEQ-3 storage unit and being able to take them out, then place them into the inventory of a kerbal, walk to a base then place the snacks in said base. Thanks!
  2. Will this include those new smaller truss parts? I hope I don't sound impatient, take your time!
  3. Congrats on the release! I thought it looks like 2 bags of flour stitched together
  4. https://archive.org/details/NASA_NTRS_Archive_19940020434/page/n75/mode/2up I just found this thing, a 6m tall and wide command pod! Edit: at page 105-106 and page 36 it talks about a... methane fueled RL10 wait its from... 1993 D:
  5. OH. MY. JEB. YES oh wait, I just realized that this switches the stock system, is there any chance you'll make this another solar system near the kerbol system in the future?
  6. I should have put another image where it shows that the black and white image is part of the others, so 2.5?
  7. Question: are the experiments gonna have definitions for the entire stock system? or for kerbin and the mun only?
  8. Oh great ones! I have a question, since @Beale and @Nertea have retired from making ksp 1 mods, what are you gonna do? Will you finish the Saturn parts, and Skylab and that's it? or are you gonna make more content until you make Ingenuity? I just realized.
  9. so is a sub-moon of minmus out of the scope? Also, here's an idea: one or two trojan asteroids that share the orbit of jool, so we can recreate Lucy!
  10. Hi everyone! I have a question, does the galaxy setting make everything orbit around the ''galactic core''? or do the systems stay static? Thanks! Also... gorgeous, I love how its not green foliage
  11. Neato! do you have ideas to make it ''stand'' out?
  12. Don't forget, the launch tower is next to a nature reserve, if a superheavy blows up, it can have serious consequences for the environment and spaceX Also, finally someone who thinks starship wont carry crew! While starship isn't that taller than the n1, it has a lot more fuel, so much that the superheavy's fuel tanks can carry 3300 tons of methane and oxidizer, that weighs more than the N1 itself! (2750 tons) Not to mention that the N1 explosion that destroyed its launchpad was caused by only 15% of its fuel and that still caused an explosion about 1kt
  13. My question is, will some of you still develop parts for Ksp 1? For example bluedog design bureau, will you guys continue to make parts until you make stuff like perseverance? Will habtech 2 still get parts that were gonna be added to the ISS? even after Ksp 2 will be released?
  14. Is there an iva for this part? or is there a bug Wow, I'm shocked to be honest! but like @Leszek said, thank you for these mods
  15. Does anyone know if there's a mod compatible with this that has a camera without those ''dead pixels'' ? Thanks
  16. Hi everyone! I need help, where are the Skylab/spacelab and Apollo SIM bay science experiments? Thanks EDIT: and I've found them! right after posting this message..
  17. I've always wanted a sojourner mod for ksp 1 so I'm onboard with this!
  18. darn also didnt they show the exhaust of the orion drive before?
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