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  1. I am excited for procedural wings
  2. Every issue I’ve seen in Piolets has been swiftly and professionally dealt with. We have a strict policy against direct NSFW and toxic behaviour is usually taken care of very quickly. So, might I ask, what in the world are you going on about?
  3. First adoption release, starting to get things back on the road https://github.com/staticalliam7/Atomic-tech-junkyards/releases/
  4. hold on a second I might have the repo on a thumb drive the verdict: unfortunately no even though I remember saving it
  5. so i've been thinking about it lately and I think i'm gonna make a mod for nova concepts and such during summer break. So is astronautix.com a reliable source?
  6. EXACTLY (*overdramatic huff*) why can't a man get a completely unrelated rocket in a mod that has no intentions of adding it ?! 0/10 wouldn't recommend !! (jk this mod is awesome) it was basically a satire post lmao I knew what the answer would have been
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