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  1. This does NOT occur when Reviva is not installed. I removed Reviva in CKAN, built a new test rig and launched it, saw the Action Group button labels, made a save, loaded that save, and still see the labels. I'm willing to proceed without Reviva. In what I'm building right now I want the DE+MAS IVA, but in this case with no Reviva, I think I was given the DE version by default. How do I get the DE+MAS by default? OR, should I wait on a Reviva fix? Thanks for your help!
  2. I use, and recommend, CKAN. Very easy to use. CKAN does all the heavy lifting as far as keeping track of what dependencies are needed, and in loading up the proper folders. As the user, I don't have to deal with any of that. CKAN also keeps track of my various instances, including a mix of KSP1 and KSP2. For example, I have 2 KSP1 and 2 KSP2 instances right now. Using CKAN, I just pick the one I want and CKAN loads the correct game (with the mods specific to that instance). I don't know anything about Curseforge.
  3. @JonnyOThan, @Stone Blue, Could you please look at this? I don't know how to determine if this is a part or prop issue, or an issue with the IVA, or even something else. I didn't know which mod topic stream to drop this in. I would appreciate your guidance on how to proceed. Thank you!
  4. I'm setting up a save to play some IVA-only. When I define custom Action Group labels, they appear correctly at first (after launch), but they disappear after loading a save. Can someone identify a fix or workaround for this? If not, can someone identify which mod is causing this issue? Screenshots and logs:
  5. Thank you for this mod! I'm seeing a discrepancy between TWR calculated in the VAB, and TWR on the surface of Eve. In the VAB my vehicle shows TWR of 1.44 for Eve, but on the surface of Eve I see a TWR of 0.80. I think the 0.80 is more accurate, because this thing will not lift off. I landed this on Eve. TWR for liftoff stage shows 1.44 This is what I actually attempt to liftoff from Eve. TWR still shows 1.44 On the surface of Eve, however, TWR now shows 0.80
  6. Here's how I do it. (Windows) With KSP not loaded at all, or, if loaded, no further than the main menu: Make a copy of the entire game instance (I have several game instances active at once, managed by CKAN) For example, I might copy from: KSP Instances > KSP1 Career Game And paste to: KSP Backup Saves Rename the copied save folder. For example, rename KSP Backup Saves > KSP1 Career Game To: KSP Backup Saves > KSP1 Career Game 20230502 Go to the location of your game saves Using the example above, my game saves would be at KSP Instances > KSP1 Career Game > saves > My Career Game Delete all saves you wish to delete, which involves deleting two files for each save: A LOADMETA File An SFS File If you start the game after this (or progress the game beyond the main menu), you'll see that the saves you deleted are gone.
  7. I really like this for planetary transfer planning: https://alexmoon.github.io/ksp/ It was built for KSP1, but also works for KSP2. However, keep in mind that this tool assumes the first year is Year 1, while KSP2 assumes the first year is Year 0.
  8. The showers in the Ramstein AB gym (1996 - 1999) had only one control: a push button. Pushing the button gave you about 30 seconds of shower (preset temperature and pressure). After 30 seconds the shower flow stopped. Take however long you want to lather up. Press the button again for another 30 seconds at a time to rinse off.
  9. Nope, sorry. It doesn't work fine. In the "solution" I showed above, it worked because the decoupler and fairing blew up and were destroyed when they hit the runway behind the vehicle. If I look at the Tracking Station after they've blown up, I see 3 objects: Test Rig-1, Default Name-2 (the second ship), and Default Name-3 (the decoupler facing Test Rig-1. In orbit, the fairing and decoupler continued flying behind the second ship (Default Name-2). Since they never blew up, I don't get a Default Name-3 for the first decoupler which is sitting there. I also have no control over the second ship. So, back to square one. I don't know how to work around this.
  10. I want a different type of multi-player experience than has been discussed so far. I want to be able to put 2 people into 2 different seats in the same command pod in IVA. We'll cooperate that way. With VR would be even better.
  11. This same scenario has been reported for returning to Kerbin from Duna. I don't know if there are other planets with the same issue.
  12. @FreeSpaceIndustry, would you please configure this mod for CKAN, which now supports KSP2? Thank you!
  13. @bbepis, would you please configure this mod for CKAN, which now supports KSP2? Thank you!
  14. @Halban, would you please configure this mod for CKAN, which now supports KSP2? Thank you!
  15. I posted a response to the same thread you linked to. I think this should work for you.
  16. I think I have the workaround for this. Bottom Line: Use two decouplers - one at the bottom of the fairing facing the Engine Mount, and one below that facing away from the Engine Mount. I tried separators here, no luck. It only worked for me with two decouplers. We have situations where a single decoupler below, and facing, the Engine Mount works fine. The stock K2 rocket, for example, uses this configuration to get to the stage 3 engines. My guess is that we introduce the problem when we have control nodes on both sides of the decoupler. Do you have a probe core under your decoupler? I reproduced the problem with a test rig on the runway. This test rig is to demonstrate that my exact scenario could be reproduced, and fixed. I needed the exact parts you see here, in this order, and I needed to start with 2 kerbals on the right side and move 1 to the left side before decoupling. I didn't know what was breaking, so I reproduced the sequence of events. Even so, I think this is the same problem as you are having, and I think the solution demonstrated below should work for you. Here's a demonstration of the solution, using the same test rig on the runway Finally, I put a ship in orbit and tested the same solution there. It worked fine. I wanted to make sure that it would work for the In Orbit state just as it did in the Landed state. No screenshots of that, but it worked.
  17. Success! Using the Parallel Lines Method as it should be done (sorry that I misunderstood), I actually had an encounter upon leaving the Duna SOI, without the need for a correction! However, 31 m/s applied at the An or Dn (I don't remember which, but it was not too far along the orbit after leaving Duna), I got a very nice, zero degree inclination, 84km Pe with Kerbin. Some screenshots:
  18. I used the “Parallel Lines Method” demonstrated by @Starhawk earlier, and I am satisfied that: This is the most efficient method This method is repeatable Thanks again, Starhawk. This is the method I will use until the game is fixed. I learned a whole lot from the entire exercise. More details of the tests I ran, for those who are interested:
  19. @Starhawk, this is great! I will check it out later today. What external launch window planner did you use? This one, or something different? https://alexmoon.github.io/ksp/
  20. I would like to be able to put labels on some (or all, if I want) of my parts on a specific vehicle in the VAB. I might have labels like: "lander decoupler", "Booster tank 2", "Transfer stage cockpit", etc. This would be useful when trying to find the right part if it was displayed in the VAB Parts Manager and Kerbal Manager. It would also be very helpful if these labels were displayed on the Crash Report.
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