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  1. One time my bar started going red from the left side. Even though I was not even close to completing my burn. I didn't understand why it did that
  2. I started building a Mun station, where I had a core module and a lander I had a two-stage ship ready to dock to the "MSS" Fuel (to my lander after landing on the Mun) Probe launcher (lander and orbiter) The original idea was to send my orbital probe in an escape trajectory of Kerbin, using the Mun to slingshot the probe and then slow down to match the orbit of the MSS, launch the lander probe (to land on the Mun) and then dock with the station to provide fuel in the future. I however had two issues: I chose XS docking port instead of a S port for my vessel My probe lander docking port decided to disappear, when I launched my orbiter probe I launched the orbital probe successfully, but at the cost of a docking port disappearing for my lander (which could now not be undocked) Then I realised my mistake of attaching the incorrect docking port, as I approached the Mun station Then after some issues with time warp, I decided to scrap this ship. So I separated the 2 probes to do some scouting instead The probe launcher part (with the stuck lander) was sent to Duna as I had plenty of fuel to land there The fuel part was sent to Minmus, where I landed at the north pole: Eventually I did a separate mission where I added more docking ports (both XS and S) to the Mun station and I think the final product looks very cool! The orbiter probe and Minmus landing are featured in two of my bug reports that include videos if you're interested to see them
  3. Same. I've done a few missions; landed on the Mun and Minmus, made a station, etc. But the bugs are not making it enjoyable and I can only take so much. I'll keep trying with the patches but won't play 'fully' until its at a better state I've got plenty of other games to play
  4. It wasn't this bad though. In KSP 1 it popped only a few meters difference, in KSP 2 I had one disappear 500m away and another time over 3km
  5. I found that this message isn't actually accurate. If you go to the tracking station, the vessels are still alive and controllable (or at least in my case)
  6. And its the opposite when you're flying a ship. The icons block the celestial bodies
  7. That works, however its really stupid
  8. The North pole of Mimnus has really buggy lighting and ground. Simply changing the angle of where you look also changes the shadows of the terrain Its also super dark, but you can glitch the lighting to show at a specific angle, see video below: Its also buggy where the terrain disappears (see altitude and the rock in the distance): It was really difficult to land when its black and had no detail:
  9. I've noticed that when you timewarp and then go back to normal x1 speed when near another vessel, to dock for instance, the other vessel 'pops' away in the distance, as if the position is actually incorrect? I've had this happen numerous of times and its made me waste fuel and time to correct this sudden change in position
  10. You can see the flare of Kerbol in the ground of Minus, usually in the hilly areas
  11. Two of my vessels have an unknown status/trajectory, even though its clear where they are/going
  12. That's it. My saves are 0.55GB and has 19,240,801 lines of code, which most is duplicated I reduced it down to 4.4MB with 103,316 lines of code (so I deleted 19,137,485 lines of code) This REALLY needs fixing
  13. You're right, my saves are 0.55GB and has 19240801 lines of code, which most is duplicated
  14. I think I'm having this issue I'll check my save data size later
  15. I get about an extra 10fps While it is better technically, its still subpar
  16. I had a similar issue with a probe Orbits are really unstable at the moment
  17. I've noticed my MSS now has an orbit of 46000 x 48000, when originally it was 55000 x 56000
  18. My idea to use my transfer stage as a probe failed as the Communotron 16-S doesn't even connect to the Commnet
  19. Update: I tried undocking and re-docking my Mun Station and it crashed I waited for it to load for several minutes but it never did...
  20. I'm noticing that the more I play, the worse the performance of the game becomes, especially when I save, both automatically and quick saving I only have 7 ships on the go currently and a limit of 100 debris I don't understand how its becoming worse and I don't know how to fix it. Deleting saves did nothing I have noticed Unity crash handler appears in my task manager when this freeze happens.
  21. Maybe, it happened to other ships too though. It'll need testing
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