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  1. I'm glad you've taken up maintenance of this mod! I'm still using the old version but will change out to this one next time I play.
  2. Yeah that was the problem. I edited my post above, but I had to make sure EVE was completely deleted both from CKAN and from my KSP directory
  3. I'm getting an error in CKAN trying to install Astronomer's Visual Pack, It says it's not compatible with my game version, but I'm running 1.11.2 which it definitely works with, as I have it installed through CKAN on another instance just fine. What am I doing wrong? Is there a file somewhere that might be outdated causing this? I'm using the latest version of CKAN, and I'm on Windows using a standalone instance copied from my Steam version of KSP Edit: I have gotten this solved. EVE has to be completely and totally removed first before CKAN will let you install AVP.
  4. Which Konstruction parts, if any, can increase the weight limit of stock EVA construction? Do I just have to have them on a rover or on the base?
  5. I thought I was using the official release from ckan but I'll delete the folder and try redownloading it as I might have manually installed it at some point
  6. All the 4mv stuff is lableled with #LOC_tantares_4mv etc in my install, do I have the wrong version?
  7. So should I uninstall the stuff labeled "New Tantares" and "New TantaresLV" on CKAN and go look for the current version, or is it still called that? I don't see anything that's just labeled as plain "Tantares" or "tantaresLV"
  8. Now that the main version is 1.11 compatible should I switch to it over the bleeding edge version I've been using?
  9. I pretty much only play modded Career mode. More science is invaluable with an expanded tech tree.
  10. B9 is required by basically every other parts mod in existence, as far as I know. It's not like it's a big dependency like Kopernicus or something, and it helps reduce clutter in the VAB!
  11. Near future has the antenna (8), and Tantares already has a conical one. Coatl has a non truncated conical one too in silver and gold (9)
  12. I've been using the 1.10 version in 1.11 this whole time, I guess I just never used any of the non working parts
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