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  1. This is an absolute must-have if you have any mods with nicer looking parts like Near Future, Probes Plus, or BDB.
  2. Has anybody made a USI -LS patch to add supplies capability to the station parts and service modules? My cursory search of the thread didn't turn any up
  3. I have been troubleshooting a very similar issue with a completely unmodded install, my PC was bluescreening whenever I would switch to a craft on the mun after about 20 seconds or so. It has something to do with the new terrain shaders, turning this down to medium on the unmodded install seems to have resolved the issue. I'm trying this on my modded install now and will report back if it's still crashing. I have a Radeon R9 390, is this issue happening with nvidia cards?
  4. I'm getting a serious issue where KSP is crashing the display driver when the new shaders are enabled in 1.8.1 on the surface of the mun. I can load the vessel, but the game will either crash in a few seconds, or the whole driver will die causing a bluescreen and forcing a restart. It seems to be caused by the new terrain shaders being set to High. Setting the terrain shader to Medium seems to have tentatively fixed the issue but I haven't played for very long after this. I'm not getting immediate crashes with it set to Medium so far like it was when set to High. I thought this was a video card overheating issue but the temps on the card never get past 65C which is well within operating range. Steps taken: Fresh unmodded KSP install Removed display drivers with DDU and reinstalled latest drivers KSP 1.8.1 AMD R9 390 16GB RAM Althlon II X4 2.8
  5. That would be amazing to be honest. A lot of the craft file seem to have invalid parts in them so I can't really study them that well and have to go off wiki images of the real thing edit: I am stupid and didn't check the CKAN version, which only has the payloads and vehicles and none of the launch vehicles.
  6. Are the really awesome looking metal shaders on the cryo tanks from Textures Unlimited or have they been done with the new stock shaders? It makes the stock donut tank look like crap.
  7. The Apollo subsatellite no longer fits in the service bay after this last update. It doesn't fit in the VAB either...
  8. I had two kerbals stay as tourists when recovered on Kerbin, is there a fix for this or will I have to go and edit the persistent file? I think it might have to do with me turning on Habitation setting while they were already on a station and it immediately setting them to tourist status due to being out of hab Totally different question: Has anyone made a compatibility patch for the Tantares station parts?
  9. Is there a BDB style build guide anywhere or do I need to go by the pictures in the OP only?
  10. thanks a bunch. I mostly just use it for resource transfer as well (mainly science data)
  11. Has anybody tried this in 1.8 yet? I'm sick of having to EVA to transfer science
  12. I think I have a module missing on the tb-75m part. I've also got probesplus installed and the Explorer scope is working correctly, but the TST one doesn' t have an option to open the camera window. What should I be looking at to correct this?