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  1. I like this Venera lander cause it's more modular than the Coatl one, but I still use both. Well, Lunokhod has some pretty unique wheels, I hear those are really easy to make in KSP and always work flawlessly. On a more serious note, I'm looking forward to more early Soviet probe parts, of any kind, to be honest. The early landers and probes are really overlooked in the West
  2. I really want that little ball part that goes on top of the Luna probes, Rocket Emporium has one but it doesn't fit on the Contares Luna parts without tweakscale, and it's just nice to have things already fit together.
  3. Is there an image gallery with all the parts in it?
  4. I can't seem to locate the cfgs for those missions in the download, are they somewhere on the github?
  5. What's the tapered piece being used on the top of the dresovik and venerka from? Is the naked cone antenna from coatl?
  6. Why does my Vega size 2 to size 1.5 inline adapter have no texture? It had one before I updated to the 1.10 version (I'm using 1.10.1) Oh man do I want some proper Luna parts that I can put together myself. Rocket Emporium kind of has the eggs for the Luna missions, Coatl has a full set of Venera 9 parts but the only other mod I've found is the soviet probes pack, and I don't think they match the stock aesthetic at all. I would LOVE some lunokhod rover bits holy crap. Nobody's really made the wheels or really any of the other stuff like the flip up solar panel lid and body, which
  7. Oh, nice ! I had been trying forever to remember which mod had those in it. I definitely don't know what I'm doing but I'll try and troubleshoot them. I'll copy everything over to its own folder and mess with it there
  8. Was this the contract pack that had you drop weather buoys around Kerbin? I'm trying to figure out which one it was because those missions were really fun. If they've been removed could I get the configs for them to remake/update them myself?
  9. Everything seems to load in 1.10, I'll report back if I find anything that's actually broken. Disregard that, I'm loading the wrong instance again... OK, so the only part causing a loading issue is ca.explorer_solar. The drag cube is messed up according to the log, which seems to be a consistent thing with mods in 1.10. The only other issue I can see is the textures unlimited fancy shaders aren't there. I also don't play with all the possible compatible mods so ymmv The engines that I put on the surveyor lander body attach nodes also seem to be changing orientation when t
  10. The ports, at the very least, are working in 1.10 so far, but I havent' tested out any of the other parts
  11. A whole bunch of the craft files that are downloadable from the OP of this thread are made out of now deprecated parts. Is there an updated download somewhere? I don't know how to make any of them unless @Friznit wants to add all the Mir modules to the excellent build guide.
  12. One of the older contract packs, I can't remember which, had contracts for you to visit shipwrecks it would place underwater, and to deploy weather buoys in the ocean. It might have been two different ones? Does anybody remember which packs these were, and if they've been maintained by anyone since?
  13. I've been checking stuff out in 1.10, and it seems the only things that aren't working are the fairings, which was expected. I haven't tried every single part yet, but everything loads.
  14. I love how well those mesh with the style, but also wonder why nobody had a gieger counter till now
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