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  1. There's a subforum for challenges, and your thread now occupies it. Got a submission of your own to share?
  2. Modding question moved to the modding subforum.
  3. What will draw so much power that we'll need generators this big to run it? How much emphasis is KSP2 putting on settling the planets as opposed to flying to them?
  4. Try all the subs and see which ones you like. I enjoy seeing what other people build in the Spacecraft Exchange, though I almost never look at the modding subs because I play stock. General Discussions is usually interesting, and the off-topic Lounge is often entertaining.
  5. A number of off-topic posts have been removed. This thread is not about mod updating or PC vs console player rivalries.
  6. Since this is turning out to be a technical issue, the thread has been moved to modded support.
  7. There is liquid on Eve and Laythe, but not necessarily water. And Jool is much larger than Laythe, so their mutual barycenter is much closer to Jool. Okay, actually the game simplifies things so that their barycenter is the center of Jool, but still, you get the idea, @The Blazer.
  8. Sounds like a question for the General Discussions sub, but you can also ask here, if you're bashful.
  9. Some posts have been removed. If you're unhappy with the way a mod is being maintained, don't use it. There's no benefit to berating the person who works on it. And if you see a post which you feel is rude, just hit the report button. There's no positive side to berating the person who berated the mod maker, but there is a negative side in that it derails the thread with off-topic posts.
  10. Okay, and thread moved to Support since it is looking like a bug.
  11. I have not seen that happen. Might be a bug.
  12. How about a screenshot of the contract terms display after the antenna is attached?
  13. Are you sure the ship is still there? Is it listed on the menu on the left of the tracking station? Do you have the corresponding tab turned on?
  14. I launched a cubic station to serve as a ship repair facility. Then I docked a delivery ship to it. That brought my new repair sled, which yes, can perform the new construction stuff in space. Also, this self-deploying yellow caution light. https://i.imgur.com/IcTE0XM.mp4
  15. Well, I just tried it and I don't know what's supposed to happen. On my run the docking ring was so far inside the other ship's shroud that I couldn't click on it to undock. The Agena blew up while I was still connected but did not harm my ship. I was able to click on the ring after the parts around it were blown up, de-orbited and landed safely. I didn't get a success message or a fail message. So what happens if you just go ahead and land?
  16. You must be getting really tired! I've been playing for 8 years and I'm still only so-so. Anyway, hello.
  17. Not enough speed. Uncontrollably rolls to the left. Not enough fuel. Too much fuel. Unstable on ascent. Too much speed. Too heavy to get off runway. Insists on falling backwards during descent. You know. All the usual spaceplane stuff.
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