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  1. Howdy and welcome to the forum.
  2. Your name has been changed, and yes, the limit is so we don't get overwhelmed with requests, and so that people can't start trouble and then try to escape the consequences with name changes.
  3. Vanamonde


    Looks like this mod is no longer on offer.
  4. Whatever you may be feeling about how others view the idea of inclusiveness, please do not mock the viewpoints which differ from your own. Some comments have been removed.
  5. Some comments removed. Politics may be relevant, but political discussions also invariably turn into arguments, which is why this forum has ruled the entire subject off-limits. Please avoid that.
  6. Since nobody has any idea how a tractor beam might work, there is no way to guess what the power requirements might be. It could turn out to be less efficient to launch payloads that way.
  7. Hey guy. If you submit those to a sharing site like Imgur.com, they would display directly in your posts. Makes it easier for people to admire them. Welcome to the forum, and congrats on your mission.
  8. Make sure your joystick is zeroed, and hit alt-X to remove any trim settings you might have accidentally applied.
  9. This one's fine. So. What is the issue with regard to your bed?
  10. When I started KSP my PC wasn't very powerful and I couldn't afford to add non-functioning parts or it would ruin my frame rate. This got to be a habit and all my craft look very bland and utilitarian even now. I don't understand how people make pretty planes like this.
  11. If you wanted to make a thread about your bed, this off-topic lounge would be the place for it.
  12. A lengthy and only vaguely related argument has been moved from this thread and over here.
  13. This discussion has been split from an unrelated subject. And some personal remarks have been removed. Keep it polite, please.
  14. Thread moved to general add-ons, since it is not a mod release itself.
  15. This does not appear to be a KSP tutorial, and so it has been moved to its own thread.
  16. You'll find rockets much easier. Maybe build some non-space airplanes for practice.
  17. The blue star instead of the dot? Is a thread you have posted in.
  18. I will send you a PM through the forum here. Watch your inbox for a notification.
  19. Don't start KSP with SSTOs, willy. They're one of the hardest things.
  20. That seems slow for a plane of that size. Does it need to be that big?
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