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  1. I prefer the first layout, the vertical column. The other layout looks more cluttered to me.
  2. I could seriously see myself playing that.
  3. Wow, super exciting. Will it be available on platforms other than Steam? I don't do Steam.
  4. So I've been keeping an eye on this - I'm wanting to try some colonization for some time and despite having installed MKS a number of times, I've never actually USED MKS - and I like how this sounds. Could you add a list of mods required, and supported, to the OP? I see EPL is supported, but you also mention other parts from other mods and I'm not sure which are where? Also, big thanks on the HowTo; it does a good job.
  5. Very interesting. How long are the engines out of commision for after a burst burn?
  6. Here's my Duna SCIENCE-copter on a test-flight. Makes a good clip, pretty maneuverable, and can fly forever in the sun. I haven't tested its full capabilities yet, but I'm pretty pleased with it. I didn't notice any difference between 400 and 460 RPM, but hey, it saves me some power.
  7. She's a pretty one! Ditto on the sensitivity to modification. And very interesting on the lift increase from decreased RPM. I wonder what is going on there... shouldn't be any sort of mach effects with a thinner atmosphere, but this is KSP after all. It will require more research.
  8. Oh, this IS the modified copter. It uses four of the mid-sized props and is capable of slow flight, but couldn't seem to get any lift during fast decent. It benefits greatly from four props per blade. Still can't save itself from a fast decent in that thin Duna air.
  9. I made a little quad-copter drone that flies very well on Kerbin, but fails to produce any lift on Duna. Used the smallest propellers also; maybe they're too small to produce lift on Duna? Modified the rotors to a coaxial setup using Propeller B, it can get into the air but doesn't have much speed.
  10. I've found a similar issue. Turning on the BG ROC cheats doesn't show any possible scan points either.
  11. If you feel like editing your quicksave file, this is what you can do. 1. Rebuild the station properly, exactly as it should be in orbit. Give it a unique name. 2. At the original station, evacuate any personnel you want to stay at the station and undock anything that you want to keep in orbit. 3. Launch the replacement station from the VAB. (Or the hangar. I don't mean launch it into orbit.) 4. Make sure you don''t have any stowaways and quicksave. 5. In your ksp directory, go into saves/[whateveryoursaveisnamed]/ and open quicksave.sfs with your texteditor of choice. 5.5. Backup your persistant file. 6. Search for the name of your station. You're looking for it after 'name =' 7. Two lines down, there should be a line reading 'sit = ORBITING' . Copy everything from there down to the } just before a line reading 'PART'. I also like to replace this entire section with an xxx for easy finding later. 8. Repeat 6 for your replacement station, and paste everything copied in 7 right before 'sit = PRELAUNCH' . Cut all the new stations location data ('sit = PRELAUNCH to that } before PART) and go back to the original station. (I search for that xxx I put there earlier. Makes it very easy to find.) 9. Paste over that stuff you keep copying and save. (In my case, paste over xxx) 10. Reload your quicksave, profit.
  12. I have to agree, these rotors are an absolute joy to play with.
  13. The practically named Space Factory has grown over its lifetime. Here it is as a pre-launch baby. And a swiftly growing teen. And I suspect this is its full grown form. The program is outgrowing the need for a ground-supplied station, and will soon begin a Mun-based mining and production base.
  14. "Wise" use of autostruts includes never using them on or through robotic parts. Autostruts break robotic parts.
  15. I was goofing around today using the circular grip pads as wheels for a rover here. A bit bumpy but they're very durable.
  16. I... yeah. They work, and might even work well with more engineering. Grip pads aren't perfectly round, so there's a fair amount of bump going on.
  17. You're doing a great thing for us all. No need to apologize, you deserve whatever time you need.
  18. It's almost as if... stock parts were made by a hodge-podge different people, all with different artistic visions and using different palettes! That's another reason I love Restock.
  19. Wow you guys, you just keep pumping out awesome stuff!