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  1. Hi @linuxgurugamer. I know you are not adding new features but could you look for a feature regression from Crzyrndm's Pilot Assistant? I mean the WASD keys used to work in Crzyrndm's Pilot Assistant as a quick way to fine tune the autopilot. Somehow Kramax does not do this. Could you please look into it? Maybe the code is still there just commented out or disabled somehow. Thank you for maintaining so many great mods like this. Thanks, ZeroA4
  2. The logo for the 2nd season:
  3. Could this mod add alarms to the Kerbal Alarm Clock of when a Kerbal will return? Like as KCT does for when a craft will be ready? It would be of great help early in a career when we are short on moneys. Would it be too dificult? Again thanks for keeping so many great mods alive!
  4. But how come other mods with wheels have updated? Mean no pressure. I am not asking this to try to speed up the update. Please don't get me wrong. But out of curiosity. I know that Karibou, Ratpack and the new Malemute are from Roverdude and even Firespiter is maintained by Roverdude and Roverdude is Squad now. But there is still Angel-125's Pathfinder, keptin's KAX... all updated to 1.1.2. How they managed? Are Adjustable Landing Gear wheels much different ? Is there other problems ? Can't people from those other mods help? Again. I mean no pressure to anyone to update faster. Please don't ban me. But I read some pages back. Find a lot of "1.1 changed wheels behaviour and that is why ALG is not working/updated yet" but that don't explain why other managed. One would assume no mods with wheels would be able to update. Lastly but perhaps mostly important. Thank the mod. Those are the best wheels in KSP IMO.
  5. Wow! Thanks for the fast update! I was afraid of having been too confusing with my broken english! I have already tested and it is working perfectly! Thanks again!
  6. Hi Angel-125, I love your mods. But I was finding it very difficult to use with USILS. Turns out that in my install the STORAGE_TEMPLATE for the USILS resources (Suplies, Mulch...) is being ignored somehow. I can't get a Buckboard (nor any other storage part) to have the Life Suport option on the GUI (and the resources). The Fertilizer one appears somehow... and the inflatable parts have the USILS converters... Like the only way to get any part of you mod to have "supplies" is to have a Greenhouse! I thought i could edit some files to force it to work... like removing the ":NEEDS[USILifeSupport]" from MM_USILS.cfg, but I still can't . I did a full new install. Manual install from the updated zips... I have this problem for some time now... I saw that you and Roverdude where talking about updates... Did another new manual install of just KSP, KAS, KIS, USILS and Pathfinder... nothing... no Life Suport storage parts... Please help! I am using KSP 32bits on a Windows 7 64bits Here is the content of D:\Games\KSP 1.05 SM1\KSP_Data\output_log.txt (I Alt-F4 just after loading a Buckboard on the VAB) And here is the screenshot of the Gamedata folder of my test install and the Zips I used to test
  7. By reaching orbit the Gremlin program had achieved its original goal. It has expected to be substituted with something bigger with greater goals. But the budget didn't allow for bigger engines nor bigger capsules. Only some new science experiments. So the program carried on with a new not so great objective of doing sub-orbital flights to gather science. Gremlin VIII No original screenshot. Has craft file. Has Flag. The new objective looks easy. Land on the Nurf Pole. It should be a big enough target. Can't be missed right? "Here landed the mission that aimed to land on the Nurf Pole." Lenemone Kerman Gremlin IX No original screenshot. Has craft file. No flag. 2nd try. Landed on water. Farther away from the ice caps than the last try. Gremlin X No original screenshot. Has craft file. Has flag. 3rd try. Landed on grasslands! Even farther away than the last try. "Landing at the Nurf Pole is harder than we thought." Huding Kerman Gremlin XI Has original screenshot. No craft file. Has Flag. 4th try. Landed on grasslands. Somewhat closer to the ice caps than the last try. How hard can sub-orbital flight be? "Landing on the Nurf Pole still elude us." Kelrick Kerman Gremlin XII Has original screenshot. Has craft file. Has flag. Finally the Ice Caps! "Finally we managed to land on the Ice Caps! The number 12 might be lucky after all!" Huding Kerman Gremlin XIII Desert Has original screenshot. Has craft file. Has flag. Hitting the desert was easier! "13 is not such a bad luck number after all. Perfect mission... err nevermind the landing." Joerod Kerman Gremlin XIV No original screenshot. No craft file. No flag. No record of this mission being launched or what was its objectives. Simply no one remembers it having ever occurred. Gremlin XV No original screenshot. Has craft file. No flag. No record of this mission being launched or what was its objectives. The craft has more boosters but no landing legs. Maybe it was just an unfinished prototype. Six rockets launches to reach mere two objectives. Two big, visible from space objectives! The Gremlin Program is shut down again before trying to the badlands. Not our brightest moment. On the plus side we now have the science and the technology to finally make some proper satellites!
  8. I had the bug of the cockpit interior appearing outside. It even survives a reinstall. I track it down to the Karbonite Plus 0.1.1. It has a DLL with same name and smaller size. Overwriting it with the ExpPack 0.1.1 one solved it.
  9. I found out that the cargo bays of neither KSO nor the KSO EWBCL in version 3.11hf has shielding when using Ferram Aerospace Research (FAR). I searched the forums. I saw Raptor831 talk about it here. But found no solution posted. If this has been posted before please forgive me. From what I found. FAR looks for parts that have some words in the title like "Cargo Bay" to consider that this part shields parts inside it from the atmosphere. The problem is that KSO Cargo Bay identify itself as a winglet and is ignored by the FAR as a cargo bay. // --- general parameters --- name = cgholdkso module = Winglet And the KSO EWBCL Fuselage does not have "Cargo Bay" in the title. title = KSO EWBCL Fuselage So the solution is: Edit the D:\Games\KSP 0.24.2\GameData\KSO\Parts\cgholdkso.cfg change: module = Winglet to: module = Part Edit the D:\Games\KSP 0.24.2\GameData\KSO\Parts\super25commandkso.cfg change: title = KSO EWBCL Fuselage to: title = KSO EWBCL Fuselage Cargo Bay I try to make a ModuleManager config but it didn't work for the normal KSO. Does the KSO Cargo Bay needs to be a winglet for some reason? Chaging to Module=Part affects something? []'s ZeroA4
  10. With the conclusion of the Gizmo program the Kerbals were left without a goal. Both Gremlin and Gizmo programs ended with success but without gathering much science. The new technologies and equipments developed were not sufficient to a build a manned rocket to the Mun or a useful satellite. What they had were some new science experiments and all those new aerodynamic parts. Several planes prototypes were developed. None had landing gears as that was not researched yet. VAB Volan Proba One of the first. Proposed to be build in the VAB. A superficial analysis found several problems and limitations. The project is unbalanced and It would have a limited range. No records exists of it ever being launched. No photos. No debris. Only the project blueprint remain. SPH Volan Proba The people on KSC should be spying each other. This very similar project was proposed on the SPH. Has the same problems and limitations and even the same name! No records exists of it ever being launched. No photos. No debris. Only the project blueprint remain. Volan The first manned plane proposal. As if the worst problem of the Volan Probas were that they only have energy when the engine is running. No records exists of it ever being launched. No photos. No debris. Only the project blueprint remain. Proba Volan It appears that they got tired of trying to balance a minimal plane. Or have realised that to be useful the plane would have to carry scientific equipment. Although no records exists of it ever being launched, It was build and on the runway was discovered that the jet engine do not work that way. No photos. No debris. Only the project blueprint remain. Volans I An improved version of the Proba Volan. And by "improved" we mean "more rockets". If the jet engine need some headroom to start. Let's give it that with solid rocket boosters! What could possibly go wrong? The last manned plane proposal of the early volan era. No records exists of it ever being launched. No photos. No debris. Only the project blueprint remain. Gizmo Volan Proba a re-purposed unmanned version of the Volans I with a launch tower. Although there is no records of being launched, the next project resolved some of the problems with this design. No photos. No debris. Only the project blueprint remain. Gizmo Volans A refinement of the Gizmo Volan Proba. With adjusted solid boosters in a more balanced position and a better staging sequence. The last project of this era. Debris points to at least two launches but there are no official records and no original photos. Only the debris and the project blueprint remain. The first Volans are not considered a program. None has been officially launched (notwithstanding those debris of Gizmo Volans) nor there is any original photo. With the Gizmo program not generating any science and all this volans not much either the KSC needs a new program badly.