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  1. Will Astrogator work in a rescaled solar system?
  2. How did you build your Saturn V? Each stage should only consist of one tank (except the S-1C first stage). With the Mastodon, its price should be cut in half, cause it is WAY too expensive.
  3. I think it fits well with the rest of the plane.
  4. Hello, i am also standardizing my usernames. Could mine be changed to Wahgineer?
  5. @RoverDude have you considered cone shaped interstages?
  6. <implying that TTI will go full EA when 1.4 drops>
  7. Wanna try to use a rescaled solar system, but afraid to do so because of the lack of Delta V Maps for the size you want? Well fear no more, for I have a simple equation for finding the Delta V for any rescale! 1. Get a delta v map for the system you're using 2. Get the Delta V value you need (ex: it takes roughly 3200 m/s to get to LKO stock) 3. Get the rescale factor (rescale factor is how many times bigger the solar system will be. ex: 5) 4. Multiply the "stock" Delta V by the square root of the rescale factor to get your new Delta V! 3200√5 = 7,155 m/s
  8. @RealKerbal3xmost plugin mods aren't very resource intensive
  9. Just add a toggle for wether parachutes are tied to the level of (x) or not.
  10. @Angel-125 More (potentially pointless) feature ideas! Production Runs: In real life, NASA doesn't build its rockets onsite at the KSC. They're constructed by the contractor(s) hired to build the rocket at their own facilities. They are then shipped to the space center, where they are then assembled in the VAB, before being integrated with the payload and launched. A feature similar to this could be useful in BARIS. Ordering a production run: in the VAB, you would have the option to order a production run: you select a sub-assembly (assuming that you have taken the LV and made it into a sub-assembly) that you want to order, and then the number you want. BARIS then calculates the cost and time it would take to manufacture the rockets, and give you the option to either receive the entire batch on completion, or get each rocket as it is completed. Storage: outsourced rockets would be stored in Low bays. The number of Low bays you have is dependent on the current level of the VAB. One rocket takes up one slot Integration: this is where production runs show their advantage: Final integration takes far less time and far less funds than it would to build the rocket normally. Coupled with the fact that you already have a collection of rockets on site, this could allow you to launch several missions in a short period of time, which would be useful for rescue missions,or assembling an interplanetary vessel in time for the next launch window. Balancing: The number of production runs you can order at once is tied to the level of the administration building. The number of rockets you can store on site is tied to the level of the VAB. the level of the R&D building determines how long it will take for a production run to complete (more advanced R&D=more advanced tech=improved manufacturing techniques=rockets take less time to build).
  11. @Angel-125 Feature Concept: Reuse, Refurbish, Refund, Relaunch. Basically, a custom integration of the reusability mechanic in KCT. When a craft is recovered, you have the option to reuse it or toss it (This could be tied to facility levels). If you reuse it, you have to wait for the recovered vessel to go through Processing, which restores most of the MBTF and Quality of the parts. After the vehicle has been Processed, it can then be reintegrated at a much lower cost and in less time than a fresh rocket. Over time, the vessel will wear out, with each successive refurbishment restoring less and less MBTF/Quality. Eventually, the vessel will have to be replaced.
  12. From a practical standpoint, brown would be very difficult to see against pretty much every landscape in the Kerbol system
  13. Bring your naysaying and complaining elsewhere, this thread isn't for that.