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  1. Wait... what? I barely recognise any of those parts.. have I been away that long? This looks incredible.
  2. What can I say...? I visit the forum after years away and see this beautiful monster! It’s stunning work mate. I can’t imagine your level of patience testing something with over 2000 parts.. The LEM is an absolute masterpiece. it’s gorgeous. I don’t recognise half the parts as I haven’t played for so long but I know how hard it is to make things like this so I am in awe of this. MJ
  3. I wont be entering as I haven't played for a while but I made a stock curiosity rover mission before the robotic parts and I hope this video will give some inspiration for thiers. Good luck Kerbonaughts!
  4. How many hours do you have in this game may I ask? (steam stats pls)
  5. I'm way too drunk to soak all this in but it looks awesome! I kinda wish there where no such thing as stock hinges.
  6. Dude, thank you. Not just for mentioning me but for sticking with the updates for so long and for making such awesome craft! I know how hard it is to keep track of changes and updates and bugs and given the size and complexity of your catalogue of craft I think its staggering that you kept it up for so long. That alone proves the depth and strength of your character. If only employers and customers would understand.. I too will be diving into KSP 2 but I know nothing will come close to the heady heights of KSP in its Heyday and the lengths that some went to make the kerbal system a smaller friendlier place. See you in KSP 2 mate. MJ
  7. This is the best looking N1 replica I have ever seen. Amazing work mate!
  8. My main concern is the part count restrictions. The game looks great but I think the part performance will be worse that KSP..
  9. These can be a pain in the ass to get working.. Keep at it though mate it looks great so far! Have you played with different autostrut settings. That usually fixes it for me.
  10. It's totally dependent on what you are replicating.
  11. It will be great to not have to use huge bundles of SRBs anymmore!
  12. I too would love to hear from a developer on this issue. It would be a real shame to lose all those hours spent building.
  13. I would love to see something offical about this. It seems folks are just guessing at this point.
  14. I did. It says this: Q: Will I be able to transfer my saves/account to KSP2? (backwards compatibility) A: Saves from Kerbal Space Program 1 will not be compatible with Kerbal Space Program 2. Saves are not craft. Anyone know FOR SURE if craft files will not be compatible?
  15. official? Link? If this releases with no clouds...
  16. Does anyone know if craft files will be cross compatible?
  17. I ask as the mod that increases surface textures has a quite noticeable performance hit. And if there is no real difference in performance why not make the new texture the default one?
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