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  1. Work-in-Progress [WIP] Design Thread

    My guess is yes it will ride a rail but it wont be going anywhere at any decent speed. Also, good luck making a rail that goes anywhere with KSP physics in the state they are in.. LOL
  2. Hi all, I am really happy to be able to share a new build with you after an extended craft posting lull. This is a complete rebuild of a craft I uploaded in December 2014. As I had to replace every part I thought it was fair to start another post for it! I had the perfect launch vehicle for the X-37B in the form of the Atlas V 541 I made for my rebuild of the curiosity rover. So I just removed the boosters and I had myself an Atlas V 501! My Ares V rockets have no clipped engines in engines or hidden aero surfaces at all. Just good old fashioned engineering! (read: test it till you cant stand the sight of it) The rocket is an absolute joy to fly, rock solid and holds her course excellently. If she flips you have turned too soon or too hard, butter fingers! Treat her with respect. The second stage (Centaur) has an abundance of dv even with some fuel removed. Enough to shoot the X-37B to most places in the system. But you don't want to do that! You want to land it back at the KSC like a badass! Having shown your docking skills in orbit by reattaching the cargo bay door with the satellite payload! This really is a very satisfying and challenging way to put a satellite in orbit. The original X-37B I made used a large number of cubic struts to hold the 'skin'. This gave the orbiter alone a part count of over 500.. I have used the wonderful no offset limit mod to remove all but one cubic strut from this build, the orbiter now has around 300 parts and the whole thing is only 430. I took advantage of the rebuild and corrected a few things in the design. I made it slightly longer at the rear and removed the old adapter playing as the rear of the orbiter so I could more closely recreate the shape of the craft. It is a much close approximation now and quite the looker. So on to the pics! HOW TO FLY Start you turn when you are around 250m/s Turn slowly following a ballistic arc use the centaur second stage to circularize, it can de-orbit under its own power TO LAND THE X-37B SPACE PLANE after de-orbiting (Some of the 'heat tiles' will be glowing red!) and assuming you burned correctly and are coming down nearly two thirds of the way between the mountains and the KSC, make sure you are diving towards the runway to keep up your speed. You will not be able to land any lower than 50 m/s. Dive towards the runway and flair at the last moment to bring you safely down on the runway. This video will show you how: PILOT NOTES Action group 3 engages the orbiter SAS. Activate this when firing the second stage. This is important. There we have it. Thank you very much for looking and if you have questions please feel free to ask away. I hope you enjoy flying it as much as I enjoyed building it. You wont find a better X-37B anywhere! Cheers! MJ Download from KerbalX:
  3. Boeing X-37b and Atlas V replica

    Thank you for saying so mate. The origional was 800 parts total, 500 in the orbiter alone! That was due to the 'skin' of the orbiter being made from backwards solar panels held with cubic struts. If I remember correctly FPS was managable. My CPU has very fast single core performance 4.4GHZ. For the remake I replaced every single panel one at a time removing all but one cubic strut so the orbiter went from 500 to 300 parts and the entire build has 430 parts! Less then the first orbiter alone! I have no idea if it still works though.
  4. Hi all, I am very happy to be able to show you my new replica. The Boeing X-37b with Atlas V launch vehicle. The first time I tried to make this I used the new parts and it looked good but also exactly the same as all the other SP+ X-37 I could see.. So I decided to really push the limits and try for a very close approximation of the shape. I also wanted this to be fully functional in the same sense that the real one is. So that meant I need a cargo bay and some sort of payload. The real function of the real one is a secret so we can but guess. I came up against a real problem as I wanted the cargo bay to close for landing. This seemed an impossibility.. To get around the issue I have turned the satellite cargo into a cargo door re-attacher too! Its fun to chase it down and a nice little challenge to re-attach. You can see this in the video. Here are a few more pics: There we have it. The launcher needs to settle a little before lift off and gentle taps to keep on course, Its the same launcher as my Curiosity Atlas V so same rules apply. The X-37b itself glides quite well, it took a while to stabilize it! There is enough fuel in it to deorbit and enough RCS in the satellite payload to change orbit multiple times to, you know... Do secret stuff that definitely doesn't involve the satellites of other nations.. A quick word of warning, it is part heavy. The X-37b itself is 500 parts and the total with launcher is over 800. This is ok for me but might not be for everyone. Here is a video showing a full mission, including cargo door re-attach: Thank you for looking. I hope you enjoy flying it as much as I enjoyed making it. DOWNLOAD MJ
  5. Boeing X-37b and Atlas V replica

    That made my day thanks mate! Yes I put huge effort and a lot of time and dedication into my craft. That is partly the reason I haven't played for so long. I don't have the time these days to dedicate to these complex craft.. I re-made this craft more recently here: I have not tested this craft in newer versions and as it is two years old now it has most likely been broken by game updates ect.. Give the new one a dl and see if it still works. Try the download for the newest version above matey, see if it still works.
  6. Diving Kerbals

    LOL that was awesome! I liked the use of the music from the terminator movie.
  7. Second SSTV signal at 10,000 petameters

    This has been covered already I think. It turned out to just be a game bug not a signal.
  8. Yukon's Stock Replicas

    finish the saturn V.
  9. Soviet N1-L3 Lunar Lander - STOCK -

    Sweet. It is for me one of the most important moments when flying a rocket replica. That satisfying clean fairing release.
  10. I'm BAAACK BABY!

    Welcome back, who ever you are!
  11. The Helium 1, a car series by Heinkel

    Nice build mate! Looks like it could fly too!
  12. Soviet N1-L3 Lunar Lander - STOCK -

    Great work mate! It's the nicest looking N1 I've seen so far! One criticism, and one that would stop me from releasing it if it where mine, the fairing release. Why is it confetti?
  13. My statement was correct good sir. Using the tools available to you IS engineering. The fact is, you make a craft for certain purpose and it is designed to take the stresses for that purpose. As I said, I have seen and made RCS, thermo, antenna hinges that do not fail under normal use. As any real machine does. Any fool can break something.
  14. I want to thank Squad for this "easter egg!"

    Thank you @SQUAD for making the mono RCS and thank you @sgt_flyer for figuring out you can make bearings with them.
  15. Development Update for Consoles!

    I will be amazed if its released this year. Play something else for a while, a game that works.
  16. Work-in-Progress [WIP] Design Thread

    Who was it that made a fully working mechanical clock about a year ago? It looked quite similar to this one.
  17. Hi matey, I don't have this issue on my yet to be shown constellation landers. I'm not sure what could be causing this but I have never had one fly away when loading in before. The only issue I had was the small rover wheels getting stuck on the ramp lip when driving back up into the rover bay on the lander. I fixed that with two solar panels. Having said that the docking port solution not only looks fine and dandy it also guantees no movement in the ramp. Even when the ramp has no issues guantees are nice. Good work mate!
  18. Pre-release 1.3.1 is live!

    OK thank you for the reply. I was pretty sure it would need to be coded, thank you for the confirmation. Any chance that code will be written in future?
  19. It's quite large though isn't it. Maybe impractically so. I have seen and made RCS bearings that do not fail under the stresses the craft was desinged to take. You just have to engineer them very precicely.
  20. KSP Weekly: The Galilean Telescope

    @SQUAD employ this man immediately. If he can do that on his own whilst not being paid, well, you get the idea.
  21. KSP Weekly: The Galilean Telescope

    WOW is that made by one person? Not being paid and doing it in their spare time?
  22. How combat dyscalculia?

    I feel your pain, I too have dyscalculia. I would search for local adult learning schemes. That or always have a calculator with you.
  23. Pre-release 1.3.1 is live!

    Hmm, yeah we have been asking for this for years. Anyone at @SQUAD care to enlighten us why this has not been added yet?
  24. Ideas on what to build

    So was I untill I made a few then they become supremely easy! Just push yourself and don't give up. Other than that how about trying to make a VTOL and taking cargo to the little island?
  25. True 'strong' AI will change the world overnight. It is known as the technological 'singularity'. All bets are off at that point but a good guess is that all our wildest technological dreams will come true. Some of our nightmares too.