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  1. You’ve been here on the forum for years talking about KSP, a game you say you don’t even enjoy.
  2. Those parts are not on the current roadmap. Personally I think they should have been included from day one.
  3. Seems odd that they wouldn’t include all the parts and features from the older game.. I guess they want to hold them back so we can buy them again as DLC..
  4. At what point will KSP2 deliver on its promise of better high part count performance than KSP1?
  5. What performance changes did they make? Seems it was only to lower settings and to multiple engine firing. Where exactly are you seeing FPS gains? When exactly are you getting 2 times the performance?
  6. Serious question: why are you even here? It sounds like you don’t like KSP…
  7. “Optimized kerbal hair compression scripts” is this one a joke? and thanks for the long list of fixes!
  8. It deserves it. KSP2 does not. EDIT: yet…
  9. I’m sure he’ll use it. I know how he feels, as a fan, kicked in the teeth.
  10. The video was glorious, what an awesome creation! Do the powered joints just move up and down or do they twist slightly too?
  11. What an awesome way to play! Building up the program from sounding rockets. I approve and keep up the good work!
  12. Part clipping in KSP was basically merging two objects to make new shapes ect. This did include attaching more than one part to a single node (unlocked in the cheat menu) and also by the use of mods, no offset limits, allow surface attach ect.
  13. This will definitely be modded into the game but the way things are going I highly doubt it will be added by the developers.
  14. Why does it look bad at 1080p? Because of the lack of AA?
  15. Do OG KSP type bearings work? Like RCS or thermometer bearings.
  16. This forum, for some reason, has always been the forgotten child of KSP socials..
  17. On sale after four days? Bit of a kick in the teeth for those who bought day one….
  18. No they fully understood why we wanted it and they said as much. They also made the decision at first that they preferred us to have to make the calculations ourselves. Did they actually say this? Did they actually say we are fully aware of this issue with the game?
  19. Agreed, just venting. Something I feel the need to do more than ever recently.. I expect people who do something for a job to actually be good at it. Especially if said job is the creation of a paid product.
  20. So, you’re describing KSP1 then..
  21. A fine example of unpaid interns fixing the game for the developers…
  22. Do you not find the game lighting horrible..? Everything is far too shiny and the sun washes out all colours and looks so artificial. The fact that this is a CPU heavy game and looks pretty meh and doesn’t run properly on anything other than other than monster hardware isn’t funny.
  23. I still wish that the game had a mechanism for discovering the different planets. Using a telescope or some such device. The fact you can see all the planets in the tracking station is such a spoiler let down..
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