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  1. There is definite overlap to a degree between VSR and R+- off the top of my head, both add: - small 1.25m engine with integrated tanks - old 1.25m engine - high-thrust 0.625m engine Statswise I'm unsure how they compare, but there's definitely some overlap. Adding VSR to 1.10.1 right now, will edit with results. EDIT: So, here are the parts that overlap specifically with Restock+, not other mods. First is VSR, second is R+. - Oscar-A/C/D line: The VSR A is smaller than their R+ counterparts, while the C and D tanks are larger. All VSR Oscar tanks can hold considerably more fuel than even the next tank in the series in the Restock line. - CryoX Fuel Tank Butt is equivalent to R+'s Rockomax X-200-4R hemispherical liquid fuel tank, but has almost twice the volume. - The LV-900 Beagle and the LV-303 Pug have similar form factors and integrated fuel tanks, but are rather different in statistics- the LV-900 has a lower vacuum ISP but a rather higher atmosphere ISP, an extremely high thrust in comparison, and a smaller integrated tank. - The LV-15 Dachshund and the LV-15 Valiant have similar names and origin stories, but operate differently- the Dachshund has double the thrust and a somewhat higher ISP, but requires an inbuilt ablator supply to function. - The Rockomax 105-7P Thunder and the Mk-1H Torch have similar purposes as 0.625m lifter engines, but the Thunder has a wider gimbal range, a somewhat lower thrust, and a slightly higher ISP. - The RT-1/2 and FM1/FM3S0 solid rocket motors are near-identical in size, but beyond that I'm unsure- I have a mod that messes with such things. - The RE-N4 Nova and LV-N410 Cherenkov atomic rockets overlap as 2.5 metre atomic rockets, but the Nova has a lower thrust and ISP while also having an in-built fuel supply. The Nova also cannot gimbal, but has a much stronger alternator. - There are three types of radial reaction wheel in my parts list. One is definitely added by VSR and is identical to another in all but model and the fact that its electrical consumption is double the other; but the third has a strength of 2.5 rather than 1. I believe that all parts function as intended at the moment.
  2. Or they come to Kerbin on their own! I bet they have the resource base in the Kaywell system for it.
  3. Apologies. It seems I always miss a dependency- this time it was clickthroughblocker.
  4. Similar issue, except I have toolbarcontroller installed. KSP: 1.9.1 Windows 64bit w/ Making History and Breaking Ground Issue: No ability to exit building screen when entered Mods Installed: Kerbal Construction Time Dependencies: Magicore 1.8.0-, ToolbarController 1.8.0- ModuleManager 4.1.3 Reproduction Steps: Once the game loads, enter the Astronaut Complex. Try to leave it, it won't work. Log: https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/604420170324115468/716109950027563008/Player.log
  5. Apologies, because this isn't quite on topic, but this reminds me of this ancient mod that had these full-on giant walkable interiors. Bridge sections and everything. Does anyone else remember that, or what it was? I seem to recall it looked kinda indigo-colored...
  6. To me those look somewhat similar to the APUS mod, if you're looking for something similar....
  7. Oh my G-d, if I wasn't already planning to downgrade my game just to download this the Trans Kerbmun flag sure cemented that decision! (The Lyr-alike helped too :D)
  8. Perhaps a restructuring of the preview album to show that not everything in JNSQ is a drab gray or beige or deeply desaturated rock? I was mostly just remarking on it. Yeah, just like you had the freedom to ignore my comment
  9. Yeah, that's fair- though I feel that perhaps the album should at least showcase the colorful ones first But you see my point, yeah? A lot of them use similarly drab coloration. I'm sorry for being rude there, I was just kinda, yknow, baffled. And sleep-deprived....
  10. I mean, I'm pretty sure the balance of planemos that aren't gray to planemos that are in Solsys is what, 10:16? This mod looks more like 3:12...
  11. Is it just me, or are all the planets just... oh so very gray? Why was this design decision taken, given how colorful stock is? Even taking that, realism doesn't have to mean "gray and dim but for maybe three places"....
  12. On ‎9‎/‎19‎/‎2015 at 2:47 PM, Tangle said:

    Someone write a hurt/comfort gay kerbal story, I won't pay you... :P

    I'll get back to you on that...

  13. All right, I was waiting for something like this! A suggestion: Force fuel to be consolidated into hydrogen pellets, extractable from the ground and seas of low-temperature (kerbin or less) worlds. Each engine has two modes- Epstein and non-epstein. As in canon, non-epsteins are remarkably inefficient; while epsteins are remarkably efficient.
  14. Wait, what does that first post say? Mainly use only the mods in red? Okay! Stay tuned...