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  1. On ‎9‎/‎19‎/‎2015 at 2:47 PM, Tangle said:

    Someone write a hurt/comfort gay kerbal story, I won't pay you... :P

    I'll get back to you on that...

  2. All right, I was waiting for something like this! A suggestion: Force fuel to be consolidated into hydrogen pellets, extractable from the ground and seas of low-temperature (kerbin or less) worlds. Each engine has two modes- Epstein and non-epstein. As in canon, non-epsteins are remarkably inefficient; while epsteins are remarkably efficient.
  3. Wait, what does that first post say? Mainly use only the mods in red? Okay! Stay tuned...
  4. They could, but the other stock parts don't have the right shape to look like they should have a built-in heat shield.
  5. I dunno, it looks pretty nice to me! Are you planning on 2-chamber and 1-chamber lower TWR versions for more efficiency but lower speed?
  6. If you view the AB Launchers mod created by Beale and some others I think, it gives you the tools to build an Energia launcher. Then, all you need to do is build a Buran. Sputnik's already been covered by others, but for Sputnik 2 I like to use mystery goo containers. ...Well, wouldn't it be Threeji?
  7. I agree. As someone who knows exactly four letters of Cyrillic, I reacted with disgust. The actual story's fine, though!
  8. Spacedock link appears to be nonfunctional? No idea why.
  9. Refer to the post above yours, and hope that the RO dev team has time to respond to that while getting it to work with 1.1...
  10. Can the github be given a release? Sorry to be annoying, but having to download the whole branch thingy increases the amount of time by a lot...
  11. Can it be placed near that wonderful southmost three-islands there? Could it even have multiple sites?
  12. Wonderfully, it seems KK and even its 1.0.5 older mods are functional in 1.1.
  13. In regards to fitting lots of crew in small spaces: My headcanon is that kerbal helmets deflate and fold up into the collars. That's how they fit in the mk 1, and that's how a tweakscaled hitchiker can still carry 4.