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  1. Any particular reason why, or?
  2. having the dev version installed, it does seem that the littlest guys can be surface-attached. unsure for the big ones
  3. Neither of these work. Is this just a boilerplate post in the hopes of eventually actually having something to show?
  4. Yeah, backwards-compatibility sounds very unlikely. Forwards-compatibility even less so.
  5. The mod you are looking for is called Bluedog Design Bureau. If you want even more stockalike, try Restock. Either way, note that the last previous post here was over two years ago.
  6. Unfortunately, tweakscale is a mod that is classified in the category of "evil witchcraft" and cannot be used by KSP players with a good standing in the eyes of G-d.
  7. He doesn't seem to be doing anything other than occasionally fixing bugs, but who knows maybe that'll change
  8. They might be referenced by restock instead, since they apply to a stock part? Not sure.
  9. Surreal to think that we're approaching the point that I'll look at the "august 26" in the title and think "whoa, an update?!" before remembering it was last year.
  10. You appear to have multiple versions of the same mod installed, and I'm not sure where Whirligig World itself is installed.
  11. I've made a patch to add additional LFO-only versions for installs that want to use both types of engines. If not, just delete the CryoEnginesRestock etc patch.
  12. Have you gotten a response on this at all? These would be useful for a few projects of mine....
  13. I don't see why. It appears to only be a tool for size comparison.
  14. Oh no yeah, none of the commercial crew landers look either like a moon lander or aesthetically good except maybe for the Dynetics one.
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