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  1. I've seen your other art, and loved it- this, too, is fantastic. Nicely done- you've gotten me to consider playing KSP again...
  2. Well, I'd point out that a lot of PJ2 is extremely high quality for KSP planetmods. While there are some things I'd consider weak points, many of PJ2's planets have consideration and scenery work put into practically every landform. Of the other mods I mentioned, I'd say that Whirligig World has the highest quality currently- WWPJ has a similar variable quality to PJ2 (and several of the people who worked on both improved greatly in the process of building the two!), and EoE is still being worked on in the visuals department.
  3. Togetherness is, from left to right: Sudric, by Luna; Mesbin, by Luna; Aldrin, by Wolf; Avalon, by Tholin and Techo; Desken, by Electricpants; Kerbmun, by Luna; Selenia, by Triston; Carrier, by Techo; (Tylo, by Squad; Eve, by Squad); Asite Par, by Wolf; (Duna, by Squad); Alternis Kerbin, by Luna; (Kerbin, by Squad); Sidoh, by The Orios; (Laythe, by Squad); Alternis Laythe, by Luna; Vash and Artillerie, by Marshall/Myth; Haven, by Sabine; Eurydice, by SnailsAttack; Echo, by Luna; Sani and Ori, by Cloverdove; Limnus, by Wolf; and Ocan, by Caps Lock. Many of these are unreleased. Apologies if anything here is inaccurate. If you want a change of pace from Planet Jam 2, I'd certainly suggest the released mods showcased in that image- Whirligig World (Mesbin and Kerbmun; including an interesting infastructure-focused system and the interplay of remarkably low orbit delta-v cost with the deep gravity well of Mesbin), Edge of Eternity (thick-atmosphere cold Haven and a vibrant system of deep-time oddities), or Week World Planet Jam (low delta-v to orbit, but the homeworld has no moons so all your destinations are interplanetary).
  4. Most recent Github update has increased Ollo's mass 10x, taking it to 17 Earth masses. I think it was intended as a small gas giant, but someone missed a zero.
  5. I've been using ballutes, which frankly are a little OP for Armstrong. My "Duck Season" lander uses a ballute to slow down a heatshielded fairing-pod, which deploys to reveal an encased 3-kerbal pod with a buncha parachutes and separatrons to kill the final few dozen m/s of speed.
  6. Exactly. Armstrong's atmosphere is about as thick as Duna's, but the gravity is considerably higher. I've had success with a mix of ballutes, parachutes, and landing thrusters- I suggest taking inspiration from designs intended for landing on Mars.
  7. Lu and Garner are probably not good places for refueling bases- it'll be simpler to just start from Armstrong, and the shove that gets you out of Armstrong's SOI will be stronger cuz it's heavier. I would recommend using Morhomlo or Rider as refueling bases; but the easiest asteroid to reach is probably Naharosmank.
  8. It's definitely fairly expensive. In my experience, depending on the body your required delta-v to reach orbit from Armstrong can range from 2.5 km/s for Naharosmank to 4-5 km/s for places like Dord, Garner, and Rider to more than 7 km/s for the more difficult asteroids. Budget high, though for the bodies you probably want to set up infrastructure on 5 km/s should be sufficient. You're effectively climbing out of the lower reaches of a gas giant's moon system, so everything orbits fast.
  9. Are you absolutely sure all dependencies have been installed? Kopernicus, ModularFlightIntegrator, 000_Harmony, 000_NiakoUtils, KopernicusExpansion, Scatterer, EVE, SciRev...?
  10. Yeah, as a red dwarf system it's a little hard to get around. I lament the loss of my LFO-only interplanetary transfer stages, but AIUI the asteroid belt really helps out.
  11. What additions does this mod have for someone switching from a pared-down Stock Waterfall Effects install? I have Restock and its waterfall effects already- does this just repackage those same plumes I already have?
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