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  1. I solved my Sun problems. Here the results:
  2. Hi guys. So I am experimenting with this mod and tried to place stuff on the sun/Kerbol. Didn't worked out for now. Is it even possible in the current version of the mod? And where can I find some people that would like to create a Space Elevator static model. Just one really long and thin tube. I already made one, but had to place ovcer 400 shorter tubes.
  3. Using it like every year before. Thanks again!
  4. Wow, that is awesome. Thanks for creating this mod!
  5. Hello dear sir, are you SWDennis?

    1. HunHarcos


      OMG! Its you! Im your #1 fan :D

  6. Space Scumbag

    [1.4] Kerbal Attachment System (KAS) v0.6.4

    Is it still possible to harpoon the Kerbals? I can't get the harpoon stucked on them. It was possible in the old versions.
  7. Oh my god. You are finally back! Your work is amazing!
  8. Space Scumbag

    [1.3] AirPark Continued

    Finally Action Groups! Thank you.
  9. Space Scumbag

    [1.4.1] Kerbal CCTV with WiFi camera

    It is finally back. Oh my god. Thank you so much. Where did you find the original files? I couldn't find a download link.
  10. Space Scumbag

    Jett Quasar's Star Wars Replicas

    Oh My God! This is so much awesome stuff. I can't believe I found this thread earlier. You really prefer the areo wing parts. I am more a structural panel guy. We should collaborate on something. This is just too good.
  11. I plan on making this!


  12. Hey Space Scumbag, I was wondering if you still have the mod for the Deathstar with the laser. I've asked SpannerMonkey(smce) if he could send me a copy of his mod however, it turns out that he deleted the mod itself. So, I'm wondering if you still have your copy and if you'll be willing to send it to me?

    1. Darth Jeb

      Darth Jeb

      I have it !

      If @SpannerMonkey(smce) allows then I can give it.

    2. SpannerMonkey(smce)


      I think he may have by now,  thanks chaps, but if he hasn't  feel free  to give him a copy , if it keeps him quiet :P


  13. Space Scumbag

    How Were You First Introduced to KSP?

    I was watching some of Robbaz's first KSP videos. Back in 2012/13. The game just looked so much like fun. Had to try the demo and shortly after got the full game. What happend after is mostly well documented on the internet.
  14. Oh yes! Thanks for the update. One of my favorite mods.
  15. Just found the thread after a longer break form KSP. Awesome news for me, Kerbal Foundries is back. I have waited for it. Thank you and all helpers for your work!