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  1. Wow, so many improvments to the mod. Thank you DocNappers!
  2. Woah, I'm just updating all my mods. And this was the last one I checked, on the original thread. Thank you so much linux! Having multiple crafts suspended in air is just aweseome! Big battles are incoming
  3. Hah, that's great. Who would have guessed you will bring the mod back to live some day.
  4. Ah the Venator is still on my to-do list. Probably the last big replica I will make in KSP.
  5. I finally updated and uploaded all my Star Wars ships, speeders, stations, etc. I tried to be as part efficient as possible, so you can have huge battles. Also, I used only stock parts if possible. Almost all crafts need the TweakSacle Mod. Many of the smaller fighters need the KerbolBattles Parts Pack, and the Star Destroyer needs Quantum Struts. That's it. If something's not working, just ask me here. Have fun! Picture album here: https://imgur.com/gallery/0HYKx2s YouTube Video here: Download Links: https://kerbalx.com/hangars/107888 https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198002994289/myworkshopfiles/?appid=220200 Mod Links:
  6. Hey tetryds, first thanks for updating this mod, I really like and use it a lot. Could you create an option to disable the roll with mouse control? I would like to have a mode with only yaw/pitch control and roll with keyboard input.
  7. Came here after the new update video. We all need to support this man!!!!

  8. Wow, you really did it. Thank you! I really missed this mod, and am grateful you adopted it.
  9. Would anyone pick this up? A new update would be really nice.
  10. Did you mod the Wind Turbines or where can I find them? Anyways its nice work. I need them for my next "project". And I see you guys found my Space Elevator. Would someone be so nice and create a static for it? Just one long stick in its simplest version. Better would be, if you could add the lift itself on it with an proper animation. That would be so spic.
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