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  1. Hey everyone. Sorry for being gone another two months (from the forums - five from the last time I posted in here). For all that time I've been busting my butt putting together the biggest and baddest show my band has ever played, getting into a new relationship, rewriting all the lesson plans I used last year to be better because the pressure is on at work this year - if we don't significantly uptick the school graduation and test passing rate, the school could be closed - and trying to settle into a new living space. And last Sunday, my appendix burst. So I do know that I love KSP, that I'm interested in continuing to work with @SpinkAkron on UKS and on Warbird Cockpits. I know I'll be back someday, but I'm not sure when. Thanks for all the support and enthusiasm for what I wanted to accomplish here.
  2. Thanks @Angel-125 and @garwel! I didn't think KH had anything like Air!, though.
  3. @garwel My only concern with the Stress module you're working on is whether it will work nicely with the Stress module @Angel-125 is working on for Snacks!, since I use the two mods together.
  4. Ok, if RealPlume renamed it's effects, I can see why the old patches don't work anymore. The reason I removed all of the RealPlume code and replaced it originally was because there wasn't a separate config node for the sounds; they are built-in with the RP config, so I just used MM to delete the RealPlume config nodes and replaced them with a copy that changed the audio to the ones included with JetSounds Continued. It's kind of an annoyingly hacky solution, but it worked at the time.
  5. Never use :FOR - it tells module manager that the mod is installed, whether or not it is. :FOR patches in other mods was the reason why a bunch of people were having problems when they installed this (and any other mods that had RealPlume integration) before. Now, of course RealPlume itself can use :FOR[RealPlume] patches, because you won't have those patches existing in your game data folder without RealPlume installed. I haven't had the opportunity to download and play with the new RP yet, and I will update my patch when I do.
  6. Oh yeah, ISRU controls would be sweet. I just never thought of it, because I hardly ever unlock those parts before a new version of KSP comes out and I restart my career.
  7. No, @ManeTI, I downloaded the full zip from the KSP store for 1.7.0. I always do for major releases.
  8. I just got my computer set up in my new apartment, after being in a temporary place for a few months. So, of course one of the first things I do is to download the new version of KSP. I already had KSP 1.7.0, so I downloaded the update patch executable. After running the update, I now have new settings in the Vessel tab of the Input options, but all I'm getting is a bunch of #autoLOC strings. Can anyone help?
  9. Glad to hear you haven't completely left modding. I think I stopped my patreon donations back in May, but I'll turn them back on now. How goes the autism communication board app? I saw a trending twitter thread recently that made me think of you.
  10. I'm alive! I have been very busy this past summer, moving twice, travelling all over, and living in a temporary situation, but now that I'm back to teaching, things are starting to settle in. Once I'm able to set up my computer in my new apartment, I'll be able to get back to making KSP things (I expect and hope). I haven't even had the chance to install and play Breaking Ground yet! I do regret being gone for as long as I have. I"m currently eyeing a new computer build too, with a lot more CPU, RAM, and GPU. It would be nice to be able to play KSP with all the mods I'd like to, and as soon as I start playing with more part mods, I'll be making UKS configs for them and sending them to @SpinkAkron for review and integration. So things are moving. Also, hey, KSP2 has been announced. That ought to be interesting.
  11. Hey @blackheart612, neither dead nor gone, just even busier in my summer off than I was while teaching in the school year. How does that happen? Not quite sure. Except I moved twice, traveled for an entire month, and began and ended the summer with extended travel for band performances. Whee.