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  1. Local Science I seemed to work fine. Nothing exploded, for sure.
  2. You are looking at the wrong page of the MM documentation. Here in
  3. 1. Yes it works. I tested UKS both with and without MH. :FOR is read by MM no matter what... which is why would be the absolute worst thing to do. The :FOR[AirplanePlus] would activate any patches that used :NEEDS, :BEFORE, :AFTER, or :LAST[AirplanePlus], causing who knows what kind of chaos. Especially in UKS, because a lot of things are moved around depending on whether or not APP is installed. :FOR is not dependent on :NEEDS, but it is the other way around. :FOR should only ever be used for it's own mod, never for any mod that patches or is dependent on it. So I could put :FOR[UnKerballedStart] or :FOR[zzzUnKerballedStart], but I had better not put :FOR[AnythingElseEver] in a config shipped with UKS. :BEFORE[zzzUnKerballedStart] is for the initial positioning of parts in the tech tree, as if it was the only mod the user had installed. :AFTER[zzzUnKerballedStart] will move the parts to places dependent on whether other mods are installed. For example, if NESD's mod OpenCockpits is installed, all other Mk1 inline cockpits, both stock and modded, are moved further up the tree. If I had been writing the mod in the first place, I wouldn't have had the zzz's, but now that they are there and might be used by other mods or personal configs, I won't change it until 2.0. That's interesting. I've never seen ModuleManager used in that way. I'll have to look into it. Thanks, I'll look into it for the next version.
  4. @Snark or another mod, can I ask you to close the thread since I've taken it over in the other thread?
  5. Gotcha. It's also in the Making History config. Would be great if we could move all conversations to the new thread.
  6. This is a perfectly fine place to ask. I still use Career Evolution Contract Pack. When you load KSP, press CTRL+ALT+F10 and it will show you which contracts are broken in red. I always disable the base and space stations contracts from CE and replace them with Bases and Stations Reborn. Field Research also works great, even though it hasn't been updated in over three years. Giving Aircraft A Purpose is also still really good, but I would only recommend it if you intend to spend a while doing planes before you get to manned orbit. Unfortunately, I haven't noticed much development in the realm of contracts in the past couple of years. Not many people seem to play career mode, and I think the walling off of the really neat Making History mission creation tools behind paid DLC took the wind out of the sails of contract creators.
  7. Yep, I've decided to leave it on by default now that it's only increasing partcount for the Tier 1 SPH and VAB, which is less disruptive to gameplay than switching the upgrade costs. If you want to disable it, just delete or rename the config in the UnKerballedStart directory.
  8. @JPLRepo Update: while clicking around, I found the unity editor log file with the errors: Updating Assets/PartTools/Shaders/EmissiveBumpedSpecularMapped.shader - GUID: 24569b00aa9bf9d4facac5609e1eb942... ----- Compute hash for Assets/PartTools/Shaders/EmissiveBumpedSpecularMapped.shader. done. [Time: 52.321300 ms] Shader error in 'KSP/Emissive/Bumped Specular (Mapped)': failed to open source file: 'HLSLSupport.cginc' at line 2 Shader error in 'KSP/Emissive/Bumped Specular (Mapped)': failed to open source file: 'UnityShaderVariables.cginc' at line 6 Shader error in 'KSP/Emissive/Bumped Specular (Mapped)': failed to open source file: 'UnityShaderUtilities.cginc' at line 7 Shader error in 'KSP/Emissive/Bumped Specular (Mapped)': failed to open source file: 'Lighting.cginc' at line 8 Shader error in 'KSP/Emissive/Bumped Specular (Mapped)': failed to open source file: 'UnityPBSLighting.cginc' at line 9 Shader error in 'KSP/Emissive/Bumped Specular (Mapped)': failed to open source file: 'UnityCG.cginc' at line 10 Shader error in 'KSP/Emissive/Bumped Specular (Mapped)': failed to open source file: 'Lighting.cginc' at line 11 Shader error in 'KSP/Emissive/Bumped Specular (Mapped)': failed to open source file: 'UnityPBSLighting.cginc' at line 12 Shader error in 'KSP/Emissive/Bumped Specular (Mapped)': failed to open source file: '../LightingKSP.cginc' at line 35 Shader error in 'KSP/Emissive/Specular': failed to open source file: 'HLSLSupport.cginc' at line 2 Shader error in 'KSP/Emissive/Specular': failed to open source file: 'UnityShaderVariables.cginc' at line 6 Shader error in 'KSP/Emissive/Specular': failed to open source file: 'UnityShaderUtilities.cginc' at line 7 Shader error in 'KSP/Emissive/Specular': failed to open source file: 'Lighting.cginc' at line 8 Shader error in 'KSP/Emissive/Specular': failed to open source file: 'UnityCG.cginc' at line 9 Shader error in 'KSP/Emissive/Specular': failed to open source file: 'Lighting.cginc' at line 10 Shader error in 'KSP/Emissive/Specular': failed to open source file: '../LightingKSP.cginc' at line 33 Shader error in 'KSP/Alpha/CutoffBackground': failed to open source file: '../CustomUnityShadowLibrary.cginc' at Assets/PartTools/Shaders/AutoLight.cginc(6) (on d3d11)
  9. Version 1.2.0 is out on Spacedock and Github! New forum thread is here:
  10. Unkerballed Start - Under New Management! original by SpinkAkron and theonegalen, now under development by theonegalen This is an unmanned start mod inspired by Yemo’s SETI, Unmanned Before Manned. It is structured around early probes and aircraft. Manned capsules become available as later tech. Download link is at bottom of this post. Overview Starting with the Stayputnik probe core, lack of control is the first challenge to overcome. The QBE is available at Stability (T3) and the OKTO at Flight Control (T4). RCS has been moved to earlier in the tech tree. Only .625m engines are available at start. More powerful engines have been moved up the tech tree. Multi-engine stages are essential. Making History's engine plates are made available earlier to facilitate this. Revamped tech tree - The tech tree has been de-squished, de-tangled, and rationalized. Orphan lines such as Nuclear Power and Colonization have been fully integrated. Additional nodes have been added to flesh out the early tree and where needed at various other points. The Precision Rocketry line has been expanded to cover additional tiers, splitting Rocketry into a Power/Boosters line and a Specialty line. This further slows rocketry advancement. NOTE: All inputs to a node are now required to unlock, not just one like stock. Links that didn't make sense have been removed. The only exception to this is that Just like the Community Tech Tree, on which this is based, most of the later nodes will have no parts in them unless mods using them are also installed. See the CTT thread for a mod list. To balance the delayed availability of powerful engines, many other parts such as docking clamps and station hubs have been moved up allowing for earlier station development. The intent is that the player spend more time developing the Kerbin SOI before heading out to the planets. Special thanks to @Pand5461 for the concept of later engine availability. That was the key that made the whole project come together. Early aviation with extensive mod support. The Soviet-style Reentry Pods now have their own tech line. They are simple and cheap, but ultimately a dead end. In a low-income playthrough they become a real option. Only the tech tree node placement of parts is effected. No parts or resources are changed, reducing compatibility issues. Two new .625m engines have been added. The LV-T05 and LV-T10 are re-scaled versions of the LV-30 and LV-45. The RT1 SRB is no longer necessary thanks to the stock Mite and Shrimp SRBs. Added .625m Fairing generously provided by @PocketBrotector from his Extended Antenna Progression Mod. Thanks! ON BY DEFAULT - Small parts means more parts so the VAB and SPH can now build craft with 40 parts at Tier 1, enabled by Custom Barn Kit. Screenshot of tech tree branches (click for full size) Compatibility The only mods that are incompatible are other tech tree mods. All parts added by mods will work as designed but their position in the tech tree may not be consistent with the changes made by this mod. If you’d like a mod adapted, I’d be happy to make a config for it, or accept one on Github. Custom configs are provided for the following mods so far: Recommended Mods Making History - Official Expansion Missing History - Adds the parts that Making History missed Restock Plus - You're already using this, right? No? Go get it! Contracts - Having a good set of contracts that compliment the tech tree is crucial. The stock contracts assume the stock tech tree. I use Career Evolution Contract Pack, usually paired with Giving Aircraft a Purpose, Bases and Stations Reborn, and Field Research. Strategia - replaces stock strategy system @SpinkAkron uses SETI Contract Pack made by @Yemo, UKS's spiritual godfather. As an alternative, Exploration Plus is very good for those who prefer a less guided career. He also uses Clever Sats Kerbal Academy Bases and Stations Reborn Remote Tech Contracts - currently not working. Unofficial fix HERE Rover Missions Redux Tourism Plus Giving Aircraft a Purpose Field Research I also use Kerbal Construction Time, Snacks!, Bureaucracy and highly recommend BARIS if you promise not to whine about your rockets blowing up. Above all, use what gives you the greatest enjoyment. Make the game your own. There is no wrong way to play! mod list for Spink's Let's Play Using UKS (YouTube playlist) Changelog: 1.2.0 Update for KSP 1.10 Fix LVT05 and LVT10 Engines not showing up with ReStock, also gave them worse specific impulse Add NEEDS to CustomBarnKit to prevent problems with Bureaucracy Moved heatshields out of Life Support and Hydroponics nodes - thanks to Rocketology for pointing it out Removed :FINAL from MM patches added version file for KSP-AVC users Added config for CNAR - Completely Non-Aggressive Rocketry by DylanSemrau Added config for Hide Empty Tech Tree Nodes by ev0 Old changelog: Required mods: Community Tech Tree Module Manager Custom Barn Kit - OPTIONAL for VAB SPH allowing 40-part craft at Tier 1. Installation Instructions: 1. Uninstall any previous version of the mod when upgrading to the latest version. 2. Copy the UnKerballedStart folder into GameData. Download: UnKerballed Start on SPACEDOCK UnKerballed Start on GITHUB This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.
  11. Sounds great. I wanted the Capella science parts to be alongside the stock versions of the same parts, so that's why Capella went in start for me. EDIT: Getting into Github Desktop and realizing how incredibly useful it is. Like, organization, making sure you don't forget stuff, having an easily switchable master and development branch... I think I'm in love.
  12. haha, CNAR was the first thing I did yesterday. Capella parts in Start, Titov parts spread throughout Tier 2.
  13. Alright, going through the thread to see what needs to be changed. Current plan is to change all "FINAL" to "LAST" - these patches were written before "LAST" was a thing, IIRC. (Or maybe before I knew LAST was a thing ) Spink originally used :FOR[zzzUnkerballedStart] in order to make sure that the UKS patches ran after whatever part mods someone might have. I asked him to use :BEFORE[zzzUnkerballedStart] so that I could make the tree adaptive - using :AFTER[zzzUnkerballedStart] to move parts around depending on which mods someone had installed. The CustomBarnKit config has :FOR[zzzUnkerballedStart], which tells ModuleManager that it exists. Not sure where the zzz came from. I might try without it, but not in my first update. Thanks. Now that I have a computer with 32gb RAM and @JadeOfMaar has released a lovely update of OPT, this will be coming in the future. Noted. I like the version where you get a couple of extra parts. It just doesn't make sense for it to be more expensive to enlarge a runway vs building a new VAB/SPH. I can put the old version with a .bak file if you want to update it. P.S. @severedsolo, the next version has a :NEEDS[!Bureaucracy] in the CustomBarnKit.cfg. Fixed in next version. Fixed in next version. Pollux isn't currently included in the Making History config - I'll make sure it gets placed into a proper spot. (Fixed in next version) As I've taken it over, here it is: Please do. Feel free recommend them here or open an issue on the Github. Thanks for the suggestions. The CBK patch is to give players a little more wiggle room as the early progression is intended to prompt the player to cluster engines and unlock smaller fuel tanks, especially when playing with unlock costs and reduced funding. I've put your code into various issues on github so I don't forget it. Thank you! Restock will work on the next version. I don't use Ven's or AIES personally, do you have suggestions? If so, please make them here or on github: Thanks. I've taken over the mod, and I'll consider this for my 2.0 version. I think I actually agree with you. Now that I'm taking over UKS completely, I think I might do this for 2.0. Something to consider for 2.0. Thanks. I don't use SAF, so I'll include this in the version after today's.
  14. I just discovered that the version of UKS I've been working from is not actually the newest version. When you click the "download" button on SpaceDock like I did last week, it doesn't download v1.1.0 but v1.0.8. Do not use anything I've done, I'm redoing it. Fixed it. Stock (including MH and BG) and restock/+ are go. github here:
  15. Well, the hurricane ended up going to the east of me, so I'm fine. I know other people are suffering, but that's also the continued human experience. So I have a couple of days off of work and I'm going to try to update the stock and ReStock/Restock+ configs today.