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  1. It looks to me like Warbird Cockpits isn't installed quite correctly. I tried a couple of different things to see if I could reproduce the picture you posted, but I could not. Even with nothing but ASET Avionics, ASET Props, JSI, Warbird Cockpits, and the stock Squad folder, everything worked. What do you have installed besides those five? Make sure it's in [Your KSP Folder]/GameData/Galen/WarbirdCockpits, not just [Your KSP Folder]/GameData/WarbirdCockpits Make sure you have both ASET_Avionics and ASET_Props MAS shouldn't be necessary.
  2. Welcome. I usually do change the science slider, but I use mods with a lot of extra science parts. The problem with simply changing the science slider is that at 100%, initial science from first flight, height records, etc add up quickly and allow you to blow through multiple tech nodes in one mission, but at 50% or lower, getting beyond nodes that require 45 or more science can take a very long time. I usually go with 50% on my personal playthroughs, and I also use severedsolo's Bureaucracy mod to change the way funding works in KSP. I'm not using any reduction in my most recent playthrough
  3. What other mods do you have installed? Anything that changes cockpits? Try an install with nothing but this, RPM, ASET Avionics and ASET Props. See if that works.
  4. It was the old version before you took it over.
  5. DE's mod had a Mk1-3 config, but upon looking into it, I see that it doesn't actually have a new IVA for it. This does:
  6. New transport / small airliner! B O A T Now if I can just stop the boat from flipping into the air when it goes too fast and hits a wave just right...
  7. I accidentally deleted the texture work I did last night and today. Gah.
  8. I'm so glad you picked this up! My Warbird Cockpits mods autopilots are based on using this for the backend through it's interaction with RasterPropMonitor!
  9. Currently updating the AirplanePlus textures and configs to add WindowShine to all the cockpits and parts that need it that have been added since @miromed made his mod supports. @HafCoJoe, what do you use instead of WindowShine these days? Is there an easier way to get reflections added to windows?
  10. I'm really not sure. The buoyancy system seems pretty arcane to me. I think the problem might actually be with the CL dll not actually waiting until after inflation to change the effective buoyancy of the parts with built-in floats. I was able to get the behavior I expected from Mk1 pod + CL buoy, but not the Mk1-3 pod with built in floats.
  11. Just as a note, if you're leaving this config in your Gamedata but don't have the RSE mod installed, the :FOR[RocketSoundEnhancement] node will tell modulemanager that RSE is indeed installed, which can mess up other things.
  12. Went to visit family for spring break. Comfortable Landing's float parts doesn't seem to work 100 % right out of the box. I've used a custom config in my GameData to lower the bouyancy of certain capsules and increasing that of some of the CL parts, but ultimately, I think it doesn't matter that much.
  13. Associated Press of Kerbin, 3/12/21 The Kerbal Space Program regrets to announce the passing of one of it's pilots, Commander Valentina Kerman. Commander Valentina was an accomplished pilot with the Kerbal Science Scouts before joining the Kerbal Space Program as an astronaut candidate. Commander Valentina, or "Val," as she was known to her friends, was returning from a routine climate survey in her personal Type 0 Scout plane when something apparently went wrong on landing. (Image: Commander Valentina in Dilbronin II, her personal Type 0 Scout airplane. Photo by Bob Kerman, courte
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