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  1. ]1.3.1]Mk1 Prototype Cockpit UPDATE: Working window light!

    I actually have the last version he released on my hard drive. As a matter of fact, I think it was losing all the work he did on the previous versions for the SXT and Kerbonov cockpits that got me to start backing up all the mods I download. And now I have no HDD space. AKI was the biggest influence on me making my own ASET cockpits too.
  2. [1.x.x] Kerbal Hacks: Wearable KIS Props

    Those hats look great! By the way, did you ever release the old timey flight cap and goggles?
  3. ]1.3.1]Mk1 Prototype Cockpit UPDATE: Working window light!

    Have you considered at all integrating the old ASET IVA by @MasseFlieger? If it needs updating, I can update it for you, or I could release it under the next version of Warbird Cockpits. It shouldn't take much work on my end.
  4. And I'll be using some of your props for Warbird Cockpits to come. Bunks, sleeping bags, coffee machines, all great things!
  5. [WIP][1.2.2] Warbird Cockpits! - Vintage KN2 ASET IVA

    Just updated my KSP install and got inspired by the newest release of Airplane Plus! I'm hoping to release the X-1 and 1.3.1 update soon. IMGUR ALBUM Sorry I never got back to you, I was away from KSP and the internet for a while sorting out some things. I am not sure what may be going on here. What version of KSP are you using, and does the issue persist?
  6. Oh YES YES YES YES YES! I made an ASET cockpit for the X-1, btw. My classes were iced out, so I had some unexpected time this week. I made it in 1.3 with old props, but I'm downloading 1.3.1 and updates for everything to test it before I upload sometime this weekend or next week. Also, is that a new X1 rocket engine?!?! Beautiful.
  7. [1.3.1] OpenTree - v2.4 (31/12/2017)

    I like the idea for the new tech / upgrade mod! No one has made good use of that feature since it was implemented. I wanted to use it and something like B9 Part Switch to upgrade RPM IVA functionality through the tech tree. However, I was told that that was impossible, and as I am no programmer that ended that. The major problems with getting mods on my phone is that most updated mods are for 1.3.1 and my phone doesn't have enough free space to download 1.3.1. I might be able to free some space temporarily on my portable HDD though, and take it to uni. I need to update my development environment for warbird cockpits, but seeing as 1.4 is on the horizon and I probably won't have much time until May, I'm not in any great hurry. I always really enjoyed the way you thought about the tech tree, however, so I definitely be willing to give your new ideas a shot in the meantime.
  8. Aviation Cockpits (New prop cockpits)

    It also takes a long time to make good functional cockpits. My college classes were cancelled due to weather this week so I spent about 24 hours total building an ASET coxkpit. That's probably about as quick as I've ever done one, and it only went that fast because I was essentially making a replica of the Bell X-1 cockpit so I didn't have to think too awful hard about where to put everything. (Coming soon, etc.)
  9. [1.3.1] OpenTree - v2.4 (31/12/2017)

    Unfortunately, my internet connection is down. The WiFi doesn't work on my PC, and I don't have a long enough cable to connect to the router in my house. I browse the web with my phone. So I'm stuck with 1.3 and using the mods I already had. As soon as its possible, I want to switch over to OpenTree (or whatever equivalent you're maintaining in six months).
  10. [1.3.1] OpenTree - v2.4 (31/12/2017)

    Oh my goodness, you're back! I was so excited to see this pop up on Spacedock!
  11. KSP Weekly: Deep Inside a Comet

    I saw that too! Launch Sites, PLURAL?!?! KK may still be useful for adding things though.
  12. The OweeBooBoo Run *mods req'd*

    It all certainly looks very interesting. I'm still concentrating on getting all the way out to Plock in OPM, and my computer is currently inaccessible. I'd certainly like to try your modpack at some point, though.
  13. Does this work with OPM and SVT as well?
  14. [WIP] Mk2 Spaceplane Cockpit IVA

    Fantastic work. Are you putting the radio / NAV instruments in the cockpit as well? EDIT: Oh wait, I see them now!