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  1. Put in another eight hours tonight. First two SXT cockpits and SI integration for all cockpits coming soon!
  2. Hopefully I will have more free time soon; I mean to play with these toys and make some of my own!
  3. Yes. Been very busy at work, and my band is playing a major show in a few weeks, so that's where all my free time has gone the past couple of weeks.
  4. I appreciate that, but I kind of liked the deafeningly loud sounds - they really sold the feeling of sitting in a warbird cockpit with the whole thing rattling around you from the piston engine. Although I can just turn up the volume in settings. I really should just load up and play with the mod next time I have free time, but that'll delay the cockpits even more!
  5. Excellent. I will do so. Oh, fantastic! That means I can do a patch that detects if I'm using a mod that moves the KSC to a higher latitude and automatically change it's location! Brilliant!
  6. Any plans to integrate with the stock upgradable parts feature to allow upgrading parts to versions with a lower base failure chance?
  7. Fantastic! Is the AnalogHSI prop still included with this version? EDIT: Also, how do I use modulemanager to add the KerbinSide runways?
  8. Thank you, @Ser. Thank you, @kujuman, for everything you've done on this mod! It was absolutely essential for my Kerbal Space experience since it was introduced until now.
  9. Everything looks great @blackheart612! That is a really lovely cockpit IVA!
  10. It's fine with me! I actually got it from someone else a few years ago but don't remember who that was. I did add the conditionals at the top, but that's about it.
  11. Fantastic! Looks amazing!
  12. If I hate CKAN and want to install manually, what all do I need?
  13. @Crown01, copy this to a addNavUtilsToASET.cfg file anywhere in GameData, and NavUtilities will show up in the ASET props. It will be accessible through the leftmost button on the top. A .cfg file is just a .txt file renamed to .cfg. @PROP[ALCORMFD40x20]:NEEDS[ASETPropsIdentifier&RasterPropMonitor]:AFTER[RasterPropMonitor] { @MODULE[RasterPropMonitor] { PAGE { button = button_A name = KSF_NAV_HSI disableSwitchingTo = btn1, btn2, btn3, btn4, btn5, btn6, btn7, btn8, btn9, btn10, up, down, enter, escape, home BACKGROUNDHANDLER { name = KSF_MLS method = DrawMLS buttonClickMethod = ButtonProcessor btnPrevRwy = 6 btnNextRwy = 5 btnDefaultRwyGS = 3 } CONTEXTREDIRECT { redirect = home, menuDefault } } PAGE { button = button_A name = KSF_NAV_AI disableSwitchingTo = btn1, btn2, btn3, btn4, btn5, btn6, btn7, btn8, btn9, btn10, up, down, enter, escape, home BACKGROUNDHANDLER { name = KSF_AI method = DrawAI //buttonClickMethod = ButtonProcessor //btnPrevRwy = 6 //btnNextRwy = 5 ///btnDefaultRwyGS = 3 } CONTEXTREDIRECT { redirect = home, menuDefault } } } }
  14. I installed as per those instructions and have had no issues, but I'm also more often using the KK or ASET nav features.
  15. Awesome idea! I'll have to try it out, if I ever actually get time to really play KSP enough to get this deep in the tech tree.