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  1. That definitely doesn't sound like a problem with UKS. Try eliminating mods from your gamedata folder a little at a time until the problem goes away. You can also use a search engine like the Windows search function to search inside the .cfg files in your Gamedata folder to find what cfg might be changing the APP engines.
  2. Hello everyone. I'm glad so many people are enjoying this mod! I planned to work on this when KSP 1.11 came out, but I caught COVID, so I didn't feel like it. I'm feeling better now, so I'll see what I can do soon(TM). What contract packs have you been using? This hasn't been updated in a long time, but as long as Contract Configurator is up-to-date, they generally work. It has a couple of sounding rocket contracts. Field research gives contracts to pick up survey data from various areas, which can sometimes be done with sounding rockets. This is a good pack for soun
  3. Yeah, unfortunately KSP saves parts in unlocked nodes in the save file, so if you're going to try a new tech tree, I 100% recommend starting a brand new save file. You can get around this by manually deleting the nodes and parts in the save file, but if you have part unlock costs, you'll have to pay for the unlocks over again. If you try that, make sure you back up your save first!
  4. Fantastic! I loved the old Kerbinside-GAP and the original GAP. Really excited to see this. Now someone just has to make one for JNSQ.
  5. I love all the new wing and airplane pieces! Really excited to see this mod updated!
  6. @SiCaRiO31 The poor aerodynamics of the Stayputnik and the inability to stack parts on top of it is intentional, but I'll see if I can make a basic "nosecone probe" part that would do essentially the same thing. Might even try to make a texture by myself (don't expect anything very good, though!). @Sirata Sure! You can either put it in an issue on the github at https://github.com/theonegalen/UnKerballedStart/, or make a pull request there, or post a link to a file hosted online here.
  7. This looks really cool! I like the concept of using upgrades, but I was always too lazy to put in the effort necessary for it to work. I'll have to throw it into a new install and play with it a bit!
  8. Gotcha, thanks. I'll look into it for the next update. Thanks! I'll take a look at these. I've tested it with just ReStock, but not with that specific combination. The KW Rocketry config comes from the previous owner of the mod, SpinkAkron. As long as nothing's changed with KW (and I'm pretty sure nothing has in about seven years), it should work fine.
  9. I'm really impressed how you made these designs fit with the stock Kerbal / porkjet aesthetic. Great job!
  10. Local Science I seemed to work fine. Nothing exploded, for sure.
  11. You are looking at the wrong page of the MM documentation. Here in https://github.com/sarbian/ModuleManager/wiki/Module-Manager-Syntax:
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