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  1. Guitarist who also plays bass, keyboards, and various percussion instruments. A song: A song from my old band:
  2. Thanks for the update. I intend for the next version of WC to dispense with all the custom variables and work in SI through MAS, if I'm able to get to it this summer.
  3. Ooglak, have you considered writing your own thread in the MIssion Reports forum? Your story is interesting! https://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/index.php?/forum/51-mission-reports/
  4. :O Awesome! That's a giant leap forward for IVAs! Yes, and I got it originally from @Electrocutor, so all credit to them! And thanks for the shout out!
  5. I made a thing ... I think you'll like.


    1. theonegalen


      You sure did!

  6. Cogswell is created by UKS, so it's my fault. Thought I fixed that one, though. Now updated in v1.3.1 on github and spacedock.
  7. Hmmm. I honestly don't remember moving that part, although I had planned to move it in the planned 2.0 update, which will move a lot of stuff around. To fix it, go to your KSP/saves/[your save name]/persistant.sfs file and find this text: Tech { id = commandModules state = Available cost = (whatever) part = xxx Then add the text "part = mk2LanderCabin_v2" right under the cost and before the other parts. That should fix it, unless something has changed since the last time I had to fix that problem.
  8. I like these ideas. Don't know anything about the trouble you're having, though.
  9. Looking good! Glad to see more IVAs under construction.
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