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  1. I'll let you know once I have occasion to get my hands on JNSQ, @JadeOfMaar.
  2. I don't have Launch Numbering, but the same thing with the instant completion of construction and science did happen to me with version 1.1 of Bureaucracy.
  3. I will check and see if my in-progress constructions complete as soon as I install the new version of Bureaucracy. Congratulations on the release, @severedsolo! I really appreciate you being attentive to players' concerns. Thank you for all your hard work. The bit with kerbalism and it's science trickle makes me wonder how Kerbal Konstructs laboratories will be interpreted by Bureaucracy. In KK, you can set down a lab, higher kerbals to run it, and then it gives you a certain amount of science every so often. I will let you know what it seems like it's doing once I get one set up.
  4. @severedsolo Oh, that explains some things. :-) I don't have access to the spacedock page, so Spink will have to do the update there.
  5. BDB is so huge that I am not going to ever make a full config for it. I have worked on configs for SXT Continued and some for MOLE, but they are not complete. Angel-125 is one of the few modders who actually leverages the part upgrade system in stock, and MOLE is excellently placed as it is, so I remember that there wasn't much to do there. Unless I'm getting confused with back when I used to do UnmannedBeforeManned. I don't use USI mods anymore, so I haven't done anything with those, and probably won't. I did use Exploration, and I think Sounding Rockets is compatible, but I'm not sure. @SpinkAkron could probably speak with more authority on that.
  6. The other possible interaction with KCT has to do with the science unlocks. Remember, KCT can make nodes take time to unlock, and when you add the processing / Research time from Bureaucracy, you can have a very long lag time between completing a mission and getting science points and having useful new parts. @severedsolo, were there any specific KSP difficulty settings you designed Bureaucracy to work with? Especially regarding funds and repuatation rewards and penalties / costs.
  7. If you don't have much RAM left over, Omega's Stockalike Utility Vehicles (no textures required) is a very good choice to add this.
  8. Reinstalled KSP for 1.8.1 finally! Fired up UKS, only to be confused why the Basic Rocketry node appeared empty, and now I see it's because the default download on spacedock downloads version 1.08 instead of 1.1. Going to get back to playing here with the updated version in about an hour! I hope you're doing well, @SpinkAkron, and having a good new year!
  9. Neat. What do you use to place the buildings? Are they scatter, or KerbalKonstructs statics, or something else?
  10. @Beetlecat In the previous version of KSC Extended, I made a version with multiple zips - each zip added a few of the statics, from Stage 00 - trees only to Stage 07 - full KSC Extended. It basically did what you were talking about, although when you wanted to move up to the next configuration, you'd have to exit KSP, install the next zip, then load KSP again. I'd like to do the same thing with v2 for my next playthrough. But that might be a while.
  11. This is a really cool concept. Any images of what it looks like on the ground?
  12. Fabulous! I really need to get a new computer up and running so I can get back into Kerbal.
  13. Fantastic job, Dylan! Between this and AirplanePlus, my next install will finally say goodbye to Taerobee.