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  1. theonegalen

    [1.4.1] SXT Continued

    If you're referring to the one with the ASET props IVA I made, that's not SXT. It comes from Unmanned Before Manned if you have that, but is included with Warbird Cockpits as well. The intention was indeed to give a starting cockpit for mk1 planes that wouldn't work at re-entry speeds.
  2. theonegalen

    [1.4.2] Kessler Syndrome (24/04/2018)

    Hey @severedsolo, did you ever consider tying this into Oh Scrap so that the simulated micrometeoriod causes part failures instead of part destruction? It would be nice if this was optional.
  3. Did anything ever come of this idea? Being able to actually store craft in the decorative KK hangars would be fantastic.
  4. theonegalen

    [1.4.1] BARIS - Building A Rocket Isn't Simple

    I've had tanks explode on me.
  5. I feel like Kerbonov has the AN-2 covered already. I'd prefer DC-3 parts myself.
  6. theonegalen

    [WIP] Neist Air - Airliner parts

    It's a great start! I like the overhead compartments. I'm not a huge fan of the textures, but I figure they'll improve over time. From a model standpoint, I think it would look better to extend the cockpit back another .5m and put the door there, rather than having it right below the pilot's seat. I'm sorry I didn't mention this before, but I didn't really see it clearly until the new screenshots. If you're going for an airliner vibe, I think that would feel more like an airliner to me.
  7. Hi! With the update of 1.4.x, KSP now has an ability to dynamically modify the crew capacity of a part through ModuleAnimateGeneric, which I see you are using on the KA330 and KEAM. Adding this to Kerbalow going forward will keep players from launching Kerbals in uninflated modules. Here's the example, from the InflatableAirlock part from Making History expansion. The CrewCapacity in the .cfg is set to 0, but it accomplishes dynamic crew capacity through ModuleAnimateGeneric.CrewCapacity MODULE { name = ModuleAnimateGeneric CrewCapacity = 1 animationName = AirlockDeploy actionGUIName = Toggle Airlock startEventGUIName = Open Airlock endEventGUIName = Close Airlock allowAnimationWhileShielded = False }
  8. Near Future Launchers, IIRC.
  9. theonegalen

    [WIP] Neist Air - Airliner parts

    There's a persistent error with the seat props included in the game, which is one reason it is so much easier to bake them into the model using Blender. They show up properly in game if you edit the internal .cfg to add them manually, but I've never gotten them to work properly in Unity post KSP v.1.1. Forgot to tell you that, sorry. Blender will allow you to import your,, and You can place the seats into your internal model that way, and export it with them included as long as the export includes the seat as a child of the interior.
  10. theonegalen

    [WIP] Neist Air - Airliner parts

    I am in my last few weeks of classes at university while working nearly full time right now and won't be able to place any props until I graduate in three weeks.If anything changes about my availability before then, I will let you know. Lots of papers and finals right now. I can help you with any questions about Unity setup, however. For the cockpit, don't integrate your seats with the model; this will allow us to put in moving seats. This is necessary because male and female Kerbals have different eye levels, and if the view is good for Jeb, Val will have trouble seeing over the dashboard. I don't know anything about the overlay masks. Try @blackheart612, his are pretty good IIRC.
  11. @Burning Kan, ah, I see. You mean @alexustas, who built all the props and placed them in these cockpits. IgorZ doesn't have anything to do with MAS or ASET, as far as I know.
  12. theonegalen

    [WIP] Neist Air - Airliner parts

    Wow, some of those larger mock-ups are insane. Anything with that many kerbals existing in an IVA at the same time will absolutely tank the frame rate, though. So I would keep to the 2-story 5m fuselage when it comes around, and make the lower half a cargo bay. A half-cargo variant of the 3.75 m fuselage would be awesome too. Even better if the cargo floor lines up with the SXT Osaul parts, but that's for the future.