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  1. The part description for the Deinonychus was the highlight of my Saturday.
  2. Does MAS currently have any way to access the basic trigonometric functions from within a prop config file? I know that they're available in Lua scripts as part of the math library, but I'd like to be able to do something like divide the force of gravity by the cosine of the angle off vertical in order to determine the engine thrust required to cancel out gravity, and I'd like to be able to call it from a TRIGGER_EVENT with autoRepeat, so using a Lua script would eat a lot of processor time.
  3. Issue's raised (#331). On an unrelated note, do you prefer for bug reports about the converted ASET props to be raised as separate Issues, or as comments against one of the existing Issues for prop conversions? I've got a few that I noticed when converting my IVA projects.
  4. Hi
    I saw your post on MAS, about Probe Control Room.
    I've been working on a PCB IVA, also with MAS props. I was wondering if you would care toshare your .dll with me.
    I promise not to distribute it.
    I've been in contact quite a bit with MOARdV in the past, about both RPM and MAS.

    If not, no worries. :)
    Stone Blue

  5. Add me to the list of people interested in making ProbeControlRoom and MAS compatible. I found tonight that the issue is on the MAS side of the fence - MAS is coded to only run its update cycle on crewed vessels, which is why uncrewed vessels only update when the scene is reloaded. See my post in the MAS thread for more details.
  6. I have also run into this issue today while trying to convert a personal version of the ProbeControlRoom internal to MAS. I confirmed that crewed pods are working with MAS on my setup, so it's an issue isolated to ProbeControlRoom. The issue, as I experienced it, is that the MAS props make noises when clicked, but the props only update when you leave and re-enter the Flight scene (e.g. return to the Space Center scene and then go back to the vessel). @MOARdV, I tried to take a look at the source for MAS and I have a (possibly overconfident) suspicion that I know why ProbeControlRoom
  7. Is it possible to use ModuleManager to modify the definitions of RPM Custom/Math/Select Variables that are created by another mod? I'm trying to patch the ASET props to understand LqdHydrogen (from Cryogenic Rockets) as a fuel. I've figured out how to make new custom variables that add the amounts of LF and LH, but I can't figure out how to patch the variables that are already defined as part of the ASET props. For example, ASET has a Custom Variable to determine whether total fuel is below 10%, which various ASET props then reference (Low Fuel warning lamps, and parts of fuel indicator g
  8. Agreed; if this mod had such a feature, I wouldn't need Fusebox anymore for working out whether my SCANSat probes have enough battery life to make it through their time in eclipse.
  9. Is that this bug perhaps? Are you playing KSP 1.11?
  10. I tried the workaround ModuleManager patch that you posted, but it didn't seem to have an effect in-game for me. Directly modifying Physics.cfg did the job though.
  11. It's not working for me on 1.11 - could be incompatibility with other mods, but I'd be really surprised that a 1.7 graphics mod would work on later versions given the Unity upgrade that happened in 1.8.
  12. I'm having trouble getting the "send the first probe to another planet" contract to be offered. All of the requirements say "Met", but it stays grayed out in the menu. Any idea what could be preventing it from coming up? I haven't visited any other planets in this career, but I have already accepted an "Explore Duna" contract. Could this be the cause?
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