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  1. I don’t think this is a hard-and-fast rule that non-UWP apps must use the registry, though? Off the top of my head, the Total War games save their preference data into AppData (with other data still kept in the registry) and they’re definitely not UWP apps.
  2. No messing around with fairings was necessary; KSP had a specific part for these tanks.
  3. For me, it’ll be more about the extent to which Science improves upon or diverges from how it worked in the first game. Because the closer it is to the previous system, the harder it becomes to understand why it wasn’t in at release.
  4. Hard disagree on this; blackrack’s clouds look a lot better on my PC than the KSP2 ones do, and the mod’s other features (rain and lightning/thunder) aren’t even present in KSP2.
  5. It turns out the flickering was caused by having Temporal Anti-Aliasing turned on in Scatterer; switching to SMAA has fixed the flickering text. I can't imagine what's causing that interaction for TEXT_LABELs and nothing else.
  6. Alright, I have a pull request created now. I had to cut out the AtmosphereAutopilot work because it would have created a hard dependency on that mod.
  7. I have RPM installed but I disabled PropBatching.cfg because it was causing some other errors with MAS props. That said, it was a few specific props that were giving me errors (mostly using the switchRotary model) so I may try editing PropBatching.cfg to skip those ones and see if it works better. On another note, is anyone still accepting pull requests into the MAS GitHub in MOARdV's absence? I have a few things that I've been working on that I could put into pull requests: a list of fixes to MAS_ASET props, including implementing the audio warnings and altitude callouts for the MAS_Tablo_Alarm parts; new props, including sets to allow editing maneuver nodes and creating KAC alarms from the IVA; a new module to enable controlling AtmosphereAutopilot with IVA props (not fully implemented, but it works for the cruise mode), based on @Flibble's module that provides AA support in kOS; and compatibility with ProbeControlRoom by resolving issues with uncrewed vessels.
  8. Is there any sort of known issue with this mod where having a large number of props onscreen in an IVA may cause text on a TEXT_LABEL to flicker? I have an IVA that's up to almost 400 props and noticed that the text renders fine on my few-mods test installation but flickers heavily on my 100+ mods career installation. If I zoom in really far so that only a few props with text are on the screen, then they stop flickering. Nothing else flickers either, it's purely TEXT_LABEL things. Just wondering if it's as simple as me adding too many props on an installation that's already loaded down with mods or if I should bother with trying to triage a possible mod conflict.
  9. I'm getting INITIALIZATION ERROR when trying to switch to MAS IVAs using this mod. This is on 1.12.5 on a test installation of KSP that only has RPM, MAS, Reviva, DE_IVAExtension, the three ASET MAS IVAs for stock pods, and dependencies for those mods. MAS works correctly on its own, and RPM IVAs work correctly with Reviva. Looking at the logs, there are a bunch of errors configuring various props, mostly related to not being able to find certain transforms. Link to zipped log file.
  10. Aircraft have already flown on Mars (the Ingenuity helicopter) and NASA has proposed fixed-wing designs too (Mini-Sniffer, ARES). The thinner atmosphere is a significant constraint but not a showstopper for Martian aviation.
  11. It was Ghostii, on the Discord in late April. yes it does! Nate is actually a huge fan of HOTAS, so it is something we talk about occasionally. I think it be after 1.0 though so that the majority of the issues are ironed out
  12. I found the quote that @Turbo Ben was referencing on the Discord, from 24 April in the ksp2_general channel: yes it does! Nate is actually a huge fan of HOTAS, so it is something we talk about occasionally. I think it be after 1.0 though so that the majority of the issues are ironed out AFAIK while there have been other statements that full controller support is on the roadmap, this is the only one that has tied it to a specific point.
  13. What happened to the joystick control? It was already pretty barebones to begin with.
  14. Yeah, concurrent player numbers are not a good proxy for the number of copies purchased. Dwarf Fortress sold 160,000 copies on its first day (confirmed by the publisher) but has never broken 30,000 concurrent players.
  15. I have, sort of, but it's dependent on software that converts the axis inputs for yaw and throttle to keystrokes. My specific solution is for CH Products controllers only but the general idea will work with other utilities. More details here.
  16. I made a Reddit post with a summary of how I got my joystick and throttle to mostly work OK. My approach is entirely dependent on using CH Control Manager so using other brands of controller would require finding a compatible utility. Joystick Gremlin looks like it might do the job. The TL;DR is that you get to map the stick to any two of pitch/yaw/roll, your choice. Any additional controller axes need to be converted to keyboard input, hence the need for a utility to do that.
  17. You may be able to set it in your GPU control panel (NVIDIA Control Panel or whatever the AMD equivalent is).
  18. Someone on the Steam forums posted a thread saying that they had a huge performance improvement after they moved the game off of C: and onto a different drive. It might just be a coincidence that you're also having unexpectedly good performance and just happen to have the game on a secondary drive, but this may be worth investigating further. Edit: here's the thread I meant.
  19. Thanks for posting the links; after watching I'm also not understanding why the voice is controversial enough for five pages of posts. The earlier description of "overly chipper squeaky kid voice" made me think it was going to be Mickey Mouse incarnate.
  20. The part description for the Deinonychus was the highlight of my Saturday.
  21. Does MAS currently have any way to access the basic trigonometric functions from within a prop config file? I know that they're available in Lua scripts as part of the math library, but I'd like to be able to do something like divide the force of gravity by the cosine of the angle off vertical in order to determine the engine thrust required to cancel out gravity, and I'd like to be able to call it from a TRIGGER_EVENT with autoRepeat, so using a Lua script would eat a lot of processor time.
  22. Issue's raised (#331). On an unrelated note, do you prefer for bug reports about the converted ASET props to be raised as separate Issues, or as comments against one of the existing Issues for prop conversions? I've got a few that I noticed when converting my IVA projects.
  23. Add me to the list of people interested in making ProbeControlRoom and MAS compatible. I found tonight that the issue is on the MAS side of the fence - MAS is coded to only run its update cycle on crewed vessels, which is why uncrewed vessels only update when the scene is reloaded. See my post in the MAS thread for more details.
  24. I have also run into this issue today while trying to convert a personal version of the ProbeControlRoom internal to MAS. I confirmed that crewed pods are working with MAS on my setup, so it's an issue isolated to ProbeControlRoom. The issue, as I experienced it, is that the MAS props make noises when clicked, but the props only update when you leave and re-enter the Flight scene (e.g. return to the Space Center scene and then go back to the vessel). @MOARdV, I tried to take a look at the source for MAS and I have a (possibly overconfident) suspicion that I know why ProbeControlRoom isn't working with MAS props. In MASFlightComputer.cs, FixedUpdate() is responsible for collecting all the inputs to MAS that have happened since the last update and making the appropriate changes to the Flight Computer state, right? I noticed that almost all of the code in FixedUpdate() is inside an if-statement: if (initialized && vc.vesselCrewed && vc.vesselActive) So this would mean that an uncrewed probe would not have any of the code in that block execute, right? I assume that the "is the vessel crewed?" condition is to avoid wasting CPU time on MAS for active vessels that don't have an IVA, but ProbeControlRoom results in uncrewed vessels that do have an IVA and so should still be subject to MAS's code. I don't have any experience compiling plugins for KSP, so I'm not sure how I would go about trying to test my hypothesis, but I'd be interested to know whether I'm on to something, or if I've just completely misinterpreted the code. Edit: turns out that I could figure out how to compile plugins. I replaced all the "vessel.GetCrewCount() > 0" expressions in MASVesselComputer.cs with "true", and made FindCurrentKerbal() return null if crew-count is zero, rather than throwing a NRE. Probe Control Room works with the resulting .dll. I'm going to keep playing with my hacked-up dll to see if there are any additional issues with enabling MAS for uncrewed ships - e.g. any other functions that assume there are kerbals on board. I can raise an issue on Github if adding support for uncrewed vessels is in-scope for the MAS project.
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