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  1. I work in an office mainly “doing computer stuff” no one else in the office can. That used to be a lot of Excel, then Photoshop and Illustrator (I still recommend developing Illustrator skills to anyone), and nowadays it involves writing lots of Python code.
  2. The gyroscopic action of the wheels result in steering action towards the direction the bike is falling—it's a beautiful feedback mechanism.
  3. Part of the problem is that wheels in KSP don't have proper angular momentum and the gyroscopic reactions that come with it and that are very helpful in keeping a bike upright when it is in motion.
  4. Well, I build my rovers horizontally in the VAB. Then I test them on the launch pad. Can I drive it around? Can I deploy the solar panels and antenna's? Basically will there not be any surprises after I finally manage to land it? Then revert to lab, and if it needs to be oriented vertically (not all rovers require this), I grab it by it's root part (most likely the rovemate) and use the WASD keys to flip it around so it's vertically oriented (the WASD keys, together with the Q and E keys, allow you to re-orient parts in the VAB. Use them in combination with Shift to turn in 5° increments)
  5. Well, there are four Kerbals in the picture. Three have name tags, so we assume the fourth one is Bob. But maybe it’s Dilbart? Or Snarkbot? Or Fribos?
  6. Around when 1.0 was released, Squad used usage metrics (the ones we think mean they want to rule the world) to rebalance the game, if my memory serves me right. Since then, many parts were added. The parts are priced for the game’s sake, not to be realistic Newer parts follow another logic I suspect that the only thing that really matters is how interchangeable parts compare. It’s not like you’re going to add a Mk I lander can because its a better deal than a Mk 16 chute, if you need a parachute.
  7. No, the picture says no fuel is flowing There can be many reasons for that the engine is not activated throttle is set to 0 Non, l'image indique qu'aucun carburant ne coule Il peut y avoir plusieurs raisons à cela le moteur n'est pas activé l'accélérateur est réglé sur 0
  8. Simple solution: get rid of the counter-rotating arms. You really don't need them.
  9. When I was much younger and working in a warehouse for minimum wage I got an offer for a 16 megabyte ram module for only $200. It meant eating macaroni with ketchup for the next two weeks but the deal was simply too good to pass on. Yes memory is cheap these days. Even relatively speaking; maxing out the memory of your average desktop or laptop is much cheaper now than it was in the past.
  10. “We have both kinds of music—country and western!” — The Blues Brothers
  11. First of all, I don't think 90 is a particularly low number. Second, it's not the number of mods that matter—it's how much memory they use. If you have mods with many parts and high quality textures it will not take a lot of them to use up significant amounts of memory Third, the spec recommendation is for stock. Once you start loading up mods (especially 90) you're likely going to need more than just 8 GB.
  12. Not what I expected. Very impressive!
  13. They don't have to be morons but it's not unreasonable for them not to be geniuses either; those are the ones that design and build the ships and stay home. I expect Kerbal crew to be over enthusiastic and perhaps a bit over confident in their abilities, pushing buttons they shouldn't be pushing and getting into situations they should not have gotten into. More like Doc Emmet Brown from "Back to the Future" than Albert Einstein, so to say.
  14. High level tourists would offer contracts that take them further. You'll only get contracts to take tourists to mun once you've built up a pool of one-star tourists, and so on. Killing tourists (or perhaps giving them a bad experience) will diminish that pool.
  15. If you want a taste of that, try out VGA Planets (revived and ported over to the interwebs as Planets Nu) When I played it in the mid-90s in it's original form, you'd get a data file every turn that would feed into the client software. Pretty much everyone reverse engineered the data file to feed it into their own software so you'd have automated projections of how many resources each planet would have, based on production and inbound freight vessels. If there's one wargame that teaches that war is logistics, it's this.
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