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  1. Entitlement to unlimited upgrades and DLC, and the moral right to complain about it when DLC is only available after paying for it. I'm going to assume Star Helix Theory learned from Squad's mistakes and will not follow that ill-fated path. Rushing through beta (to make certain -I guess- financial deadlines) was proven to be a very bad idea, given the bugfest the early 1.0 releases were.
  2. When watching the Dres re-texture announcement for 1.9 on Facebook, for the first time I thought about checking the play settings. For some reason the KSP videos are defaulting to play at 480 lines. No wonder I never saw a difference between the 'before" and "after" videos. Doh!
  3. Five or six years ago I would have been so psyched that I'd rush out to get a VR headset. Now? I'll wait until the non-VR version is released. If that never happens? Meh.
  4. Cmdr Taco... how long ago did he retire? 10 years ago?
  5. And now it’s on Slashdot — pretty much as mainstream as it gets in tech. It’s not the first time and won’t be the last time. I remembered that Sony blocked Blender’s yearly movie that they sponsored. I think the sponsoring was actually part of the problem, as the bot likely saw the word “Sony” and assumed it was Sony owned content. As @5thHorseman pointed out; you’re creating content on a platform you don’t own distributed through a platform you don’t own. There’s very little expectations you’re entitled to at that point, sadly.
  6. The Poodle seems to have no sound. Other engines do, so it’s not “you can’t hear sounds in vacuum.” Is it a known issue, or is it me? Or both, and interference with another mod? How can I find out?
  7. Not for NASA. You’re aware that this how they plan their interplanetary missions?
  8. What, a software project being delayed? *Feigns surprise* Good thing Squad continues to work on KSP 1!
  9. That's a lot of work for something that can be achieved much easier by pressing Alt+F12, select "cheats" and give yourself all the science you want. In the end, the game is a sandbox game and most of the limitations are, in the end, self-imposed.I don't use lander cans for atmospheric re-entry. The description of them clearly states they're not made for that, and I consider it a bug that they do survive it. Is that considered cheating? I don't think so; I just don't play the game that way. It's a clever way to bypass some of the game-imposed limitations. If you feel that it shouldn't be exploited; don't. If you see it as a way to cash in on some clever experimenting, do!
  10. What kind of ship dropped the rover off? Is is still on the surface? Perhaps it functions as a relay?
  11. So is life support. Yet the game puts an emphasis on Kerballed flight.
  12. That's like asking who has better food, McDonalds or Burger King.
  13. The rocket equation, how it’s derived and how it marches up to what you do. Combine it with the vis-viva equations and you can show how much propellant is needed to go from one circular orbit to another.
  14. The secret to easy docking is scribbled on the walls of the bathrooms in Carnegie Hall. If you don’t know how to get to Carnegie Hall, just ask.