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  1. I think John Clark used to describe the rocket scientists playing with those kind of fuels as “considered insane, even by rocket scientists”
  2. Kerbart

    B-17 crash in CT

    Important to realize that it’s not the FAA that’s choking the Collings Foundation into bankruptcy.
  3. For the scenario of Squad producing DLC after KSP2 comes out: I've said this a thousand times before and I'll repeat it for as long as I want: why would people pay for DLC if they can get it in a mod for free is not a valid argument. The existing two DLC's have proven that; the value is not just in the parts but in the guarantee that those parts are supported (for as long as there are KSP 1 upgrades). Every KSP 1 updates comes with its share of mods that break in one way or another but you can be pretty assured that the DLC parts will continue to work (also: if they don't, Squad will be out of business really, really fast). Now, assuming KSP2 is a success (as a game, I'm not talking about the commercial success), and assuming it's highly moddable (as Private Division claims, and they'd be insane not to make the game like that as it's part of the popularity), it wouldn't be a far stretch to state that most of the (successful) modders will move over to the KSP2 landscape. It's new, it's exciting, and every mod will find a thirsty audience as those first mods will be like water in the desert. Why would anyone pay for DLC parts that are available for free as mods? Well, if those mods have been abandoned because the modders moved to KSP2, those that stick with KSP1 will certainly be happy to see that certain mods (by -proven- popular demand) will be, in a way, continued by Squad. Would you be willing to pay $15 for DLC that offers optical enhancements like clouds and atmospheric scattering? At the moment probably not, but if KSP2 is on the market and the makers of mods have moved on to "Two," such DLC might suddenly become a lot more attractive. Becomes? They are. And if the game is good enough, you can milk it for an amazing amount of time, provided you continue to deliver quality (look at Supercell which manages to keep Clash of Clans a top-10 earning game year after year with only one spin-off that really stuck). When KSP2 takes off the KSP1 modding landscape will become a lot sparser and that's where Squad's DLC future lies, together with keeping KSP1 attractive. How? For instance because, unlike KSP2, you don't need a high end gaming rig to play it (assuming KSP2 does).
  4. Just because you were caught by Mun "at the right time" doesn't negate the fact that Mun is in a counterclockwise (for argument's sake "prograde") orbit. You're deep enough and long enough inside its SOI to make a semi-orbit there. From a Mun perspective you changed your velocity vector with 180°, but from a Kerbin perspective you also picked up that nearly 550 m/s orbital velocity that Mun has. Unless you are going to counteract that, leaving Mun's SOI is going to put you in that counterclockwise ("prograde") orbit around Kerbin. So, unless your exit vector has a tangential component of at least 550 m/s you will have that prograde orbit, and from what you sketched, your exit vector is almost entirely radial towards Kerbin with virtually no tangential component. What you should be aiming for is not a 180° trajectory around Mun, but rather a 90° retrograde trajectory, with the exit vector leaving the SOI parallel to the Mun's course, but in the opposite direction, and doing at least 550 m/s when exiting Mun SOI. At that point your return trajectory will be retrograde. Kerbart, you don't know what you're talking about. It's impossible to return to Kerbin from a Mun flyby in a retrograde orbit. IMPOSSIBLE, I tell you. And that's why the game is broken! There ya go.
  5. One of my friends just left the hospital after being nearly dead for two weeks, and my brother in law was not regarded sick enough to occupy a hospital bed and has been quarantining himself in his own house. Based on what his wife is telling us, it's a very rough ride. A coworker of my sister had it, and he was scared as hell; as a single person and at home, he was at one point literally not able to get out of bed to get something to drink, and really thought he was going to die at that point (as he wasn't able to get up and feed himself and there was no one around to help him). None of these were smokers or 60+ In most cases it might feel like nothing more than a mild flu. But in those cases where it doesn't it can really wreck you, and apparently the damage it can do to your lungs can be lasting.
  6. Come and see is a "great" movie if you want to be exposed to the horrors of war (for civilians). Warning: graphic, and a bit hard to stomach.
  7. I don't completely disagree with you... I also feel that part of the charm of KSP is the challenge of making things work within the limitations of the game. Not everyone feels that way though. I doubt it will be implemented but some kind of "available tech" selection when creating a new game would be nice (existing|designed with existing technology|sci fi). There's a distinct difference between engines like the NERVA (although if a prototype was built, it might even count as "existing") and SABRE on one side, and pure SF technology (using metallic hydrogen) like the Epstein drive and Bussard ramjets on the other.
  8. Ooh, it's the other way around. I wasn't aware of that, sorry. I still wouldn't call the game broken - maybe helicopter aero dynamics. And those that use helicopters to retrieve landed vessels, or to build flying aircraft carriers (marvel style) might be less pleased with realistic lift ratios. Perhaps, either by mod or as a plea to @SQUAD, the solution would be a tweakable to scale the lift produced for rotor blades between 0-100% ?
  9. With Epstein drives and Orion drives I wouldn't worry about that too much. Or do you mean the way the graphics are rendered?
  10. Ah, the selective "realism is good but only when I like it" approach. The 500 RPM limit the game offers is pretty close to what helicopter rotors in real life operate at. Yes, the rotors of model helicopters run much faster, but is that what we are after?
  11. If they became 5 times stronger I would not. And that appears to be the current problem.
  12. And break every single helicopter? That will go over well. I'm pretty sure the number of players using the helicopter blades as... well, helicopter blades will by far outnumber the players who use them as aircraft wings and consider them OP. The current aero model is trying to make things that look like airplanes fly like airplanes, and make things that look like helicopters fly like helicopters. Anything beyond that is wishful thinking and I don't think subject to a hyperbole like "broken." Do aircraft no longer fly? Can you fly a helicopter to Minmus? No? Then it's not broken.
  13. Sadly I don't have a link, but I saw an analysis that listed some interesting numbers. If we treated the virus like the seasonal flu, about 80% of the US would get infected. Casualties would be much higher than they are right now, as hospitals would run out of equipment like ventilators, resulting in people dying that would survive right now. The total body count would be around 4 million. I'm not an expert, but the analysis seemed legit, taking demographics into account, etc. While the lock down is incredibly destructive, the big question is: can we afford not to? And is it worth risking to do that?
  14. Are there any add-ons required like a toolbar mod? It shows up under ACV for the version check but no KSTS button in the toolbar. I checked on the first page but didn't notice any requirements, but my eyes are old... EDIT: Nevermind, I figured it out with the logs. Tool bar controller and Clickthrough Blocker are required, it works fine now!
  15. Because τ is a much better representation for the circumference of a circle. A lot of trigonometry becomes much simpler when using τ instead of π, and from a math point of view, the radius as the defining element of a circle is much more sensible (even though in engineering the diameter makes more sense).