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  1. Well since you guys have been mentioning me a couple of times now, here I am: the user who is clueless about game development in general, or the inner workings of game development. I still don't understand the benefits of 240 FPS when my monitor has a 30Hz refresh rate,that's how much of a noob I am when it comes to this. But: If I'm going to put down serious money for KSP2, I expect the graphics t o be spectacular. That's pretty much the point, innit? Better written software will surely offset some of the penalty of more detailed graphics, but I doubt it will compensate everything. So, I'm counting on needing a new PC. But I doubtthat, just like KSP 1, it's going to require an $800 graphics card. Remember, we KSP players don't want the devs to know what kind of hardware we're running the game on. The price we pay for that? They'll have to make assumptions on what the average machine is/can handle. That's our choice, not theirs. Subsequently, we'll find out how it performs when it comes out. Until then I'm not going to fret over it.
  2. I apologize for choosing the wrong words. What my intention was, is measuring the rolling friction. From there, as said, it's a matter of math to figure out the rest. Probably something along the lines of friction × distance = energy required, and then some voodoo math with burn time, thrust and an extra factor for air resistance. Again, nothing too hard to figure out.
  3. Has it been mentioned what an exceptional bad idea this is? You can use one of those pocket pull spring scales to have someone drag you along at a constant speed to see what kind of force is needed to propel you forwards. The rest is then just math that, as a KSP player, you should have no issues with.
  4. Attach to the center of the booster, not the top or bottom. Then use the move tool to position it correctly.
  5. Career mode adds challenges to the game. If those challenges are unwanted and/or not needed, then there's sandbox mode. To make career mode even more challenging, multiple constraints are offered. It's not just gathering research, it's gathering research while managing a budget. A single currency would take that challenge away. Now you can go full out maximizing revenue, without worrying about science. Or the other way around. If anything, I'd like to see more interaction between them. Reputation influencing hiring costs, for instance. different types of research points required for different parts of the tech tree (materials, construction, performance, and so on)
  6. So an engineer can retrofit it on a ship that you want to have a thermometer (for reasons) but doesn't have one at the moment.
  7. As stated before, extended tweakables that allow single parts to be tweaked meeting a limited set of options would be great. Fuel tanks with a discrete range of diameters and heights (as well as fuel storage types) Nose cones with a discrete range of diameters Beams and girders The construction tubes and exhaust plates already show this is possible and it would greatly reduce the number of parts in the designer,
  8. There are, but contracts suggest you are playing in career mode, so you don’t have wheels yet unlocked in the science tree. Wait until you unlock wheels build a tiny rocket that goes up 20 m, hovers, and lands next to the launch pad using two mk1’s on either end and a piece of 1.25m fuselage, build “The Rolling Pin of Science” and roll the contraption over to where you need it to be using its SAS controls.
  9. The flag could be given a unique ID, and then perhaps be loaded from a special screen in the VAB onto the vessel. That would also be more in line with the spirit of the contract - not just any flag, but the specific flag the sponsor (undoubtely loaded with signatures) has provided for this contract. Now, if this ID tracking could somehow be done with resources it would address the "harvest x units of ore on the surface of y and bring it to z" tomfoolery by harvesting ore and bringing another load to the desired destination. but it's easy to see the practical challenges with that.
  10. Richard Branson, one of the richest people in the world as a passenger. While no longer CEO, I'm sure it would look silly for any of the Virgin brands to lose their founder/majority shareholder/former CEO in an accident where there could be a chance of survival with a chute. And once you go down that route, you can't say to the other crew "you're not worthy enough, we'd rather save the weight." The lack of oxygen masks surprised me, but I guess the reasoning is that any incident with a hull breach will be nearly always lethal.
  11. My first thought was the same — it would reduce “flag abuse” in contracts. But… you’d just plant a flag, cash in on the contract, and take the flag back. Which wouls solve nothing from a contract perspective. So in the end it would just add hassles, and not solve the contract issue. Aside from that I think it would still make sense to add them as an inventory item though. Just for those Kerbalesque “you didn’t bring a flag!” moments.
  12. The HW requirements of 2 will still be significantly more than 1 (which, with the 1.12 update, is now making my PC struggle as well). When you’re not really into gaming there’s not a lot else to worry about. The way I see it, is that I’ll likely need new hardware to run 2, and until it hits the street it’ll be relatively unclear what is needed. So I’ll wait for it to hit the streets, wait for feedback from forum and youtube, then decide on the hardware and after that get 2. Until then, just like now, 1 will do just fine.
  13. The density of the moon is a factor too. So they could exist inside the rings, but they're likely small but fairly heavy.
  14. 1) As a company, the deeper your pockets, the greater the chances are that you're getting a lawsuit from a Greedy Lawyer 2) Explain the Vis Viva equation to me in plain English. Don't use math terms because your audience doesn't like them. But make sure we're getting the same results. 'Legalize" is exactly the same — it's formula's for court rooms. It's consice, unambiguous and if you're trained for reading it, very clear. 3) I doubt they want to start their survey with, but... see point 1. I am not a lawyer but the T&C basically state that: If you say "KSP is a great game," in the survey, T2 will not get sued for copyright infringement when quoting "users stated 'KSP is a great gane' in a recent survey" Suing T2 for false advertising as they quote survey results, and you know that your entire classroom full of kids was forced by you to enter the survey, so you have proof of the survey's invalidity You entered the comment "I play KSP at home when my employer thinks I'm working from home" and now you got fired over it. Clearly T2 informed your boss. Well, instead of having to proof they didn't (it's always hard to proof you did not do something) they can just point to that section in the T&A. Yes, each of these things sound absolutely outrageous but if you can get a $50,000 settlement instead of continuing litigation and basically earn money by doing nothing... there's a lot of greedy lawyers out there. That's why they do this.
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