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  1. Kerbart

    2mm hole in ISS

    The crew can deny it... but their story obviously has a hole in it.
  2. Kerbart

    Resonant Orbit Calculator v1.4

    I don't have the time to make a video, but the concept is very straightforward. Suppose, for argument's sake, that you want to deploy 4 satellites in a one-hour orbit. To spread them out evenly, they need to be 1/4 orbit or 15 minutes apart. So you build a launch vehicle that carries all four satellites, and deploy it in an orbit that is chosen in such a way that it shares it apoapsis with the target one-hour (circular) orbit, but it has a periapsis much lower, so that the orbital period is not one hour, but rather 45 minutes. Every time you're at the apoapsis, you release a satellite and have it circularize its orbit. The next time your "deployer" comes around it's "15 minutes in front" of the previous deployed satellite (after all our deployer is on a 45m orbit) and it releases the next satellite. So you're releasing the satellites, in their circular orbit, 15m away from each other - 4 satellites evenly spaced on a 1 hour orbit. This calculator helps you to figure out the orbit specifics. In this case, for Kerbin, you'd need a circular orbit of 450.525 km for a 1hr orbital period, and a 450.525×83.854km orbit to deploy (at 45m intervals) or an 787.528×450.525km orbit to deploy (at 75m intervals). Releasing from the "higher" orbit has the advantage that your satellites need less dV (about 122 m/s) to circularize their orbits.
  3. Kerbart

    Career mode suggestions

    KSP craft have the benefit of living inside a simulation, so the altimeter simply shows height above sealevel. Unlike xPlane or Prepar3d it doesn’t need to simulate RL instruments.
  4. Kerbart

    Career mode suggestions

    Actually air pressure us not constant at all, which is a problem when using it to measure altitude. This is why altimeters have an adjustment knob that allows calibrating the altitude based on sealevel pressures, and airports broadcast these altimeter settings (even if an airport is at an altitude at 4000’ it will broadcast what their air pressure would be if it were at sea level, because that’s what the alimeter setting is based on). That way you can be sure that the altimeter is indicating the right altitude. Flight level is an indicated altitude based on 1 atmosphere pressure (1013 mBar) regardless of what the true pressure at sea level is. Everyone is using the same setting (collision avoidance is more important than 3rd decimal accuracy). Flight level 360 might not really be 36,000’ ASL, but it’s the same altitude for everyone who’s on FL360. It’s just practical to work with flight levels at higher speeds and altitudes, if you can’t crash into the ground the true altitude is less important, it’s more important that two planes that are supposed to be 2,000’ apart are truly 2,000’ apart.
  5. Kerbart

    [1.4] Astrogator v0.8.1

    Greatly appreciate this mod! Would it be possible to follow the "Display Earth Time (24h days, 365d years)" setting in the main settings menu, when turned on?
  6. Kerbart

    Logical tech tree

    "Because it's more realistic" Trust me, I'm on your side. Yes, there are some illogical things in the tech tree, but it's designed to create an urge for technical progression. And we do need those ladders! For the argument that it improves the game because it's more realistic, I invite all of those in favor of that to complete a career without using time acceleration, and let me know how this better (because, "more realistic") implementation of KSP works out for you. Of course realism adds charm to the game. At the same time, it's a game. Let's not sacrifice game play by blindly making choices "that make it more real."
  7. Kerbart

    No more rover flipping

    Wait. Wut. You call flipping a rover a bug? Read the point above. As I mentioned... the problem is the fact that we're used to hitting F9. NASA doesn't flip their rovers. As you said... because they can't. What flips your rover is the laws of physics. Do 50mph and hit a bump, or try to make a sharp turn, and things go whaazoooeey!!! While I'm not a fan of adding realism just for the sake of realism... This is a game about space exploration, and this is how it works when you move a rover over rough terrain. What you really want is the ability for rovers to move autonomously; I will agree on that. But turning the game into Gran Tourismo because your inability to pinpoint landings or deal with the realities of space exploration... no. Just no.
  8. Kerbart

    Bad science in fiction Hall of Shame

    The revival is more likely to be hipster BS in general. While I'm happy to believe that a high end vinyl setup will yield a better sound to a qualified listener than a high end CD setup, the realtiy is that 99% of the market are made of semi-deaf untrained listeners (semi-deaf because of visiting clubs and concerts) using equipment that can best be described as "the cheapest the supermarket around the corner has to offer." Add a smaller form factor, hi fidelity sound because the element hasn't worn out (surely one could replace that, but again... 99% of the market...) and impervious to mishandling (a CD can take a lot more abuse than vinyl before the damage on the medium becomes audible) and the fact is that, again for the majority of the consumers, CD offered by far better quality than vinyl. That high-pitched noise! I remember that.
  9. Kerbart

    2mm hole in ISS

    To be pedantic, temperature never transfers. When my grandma shrinks over the years as my little brother grows I don't say that they're transferring length either. Heat transfers and that can result in temperature change. And that can still transfer in a vacuum (through radiation); otherwise the Parker Solar Probe wouldn't need a heat shield.
  10. Kerbart

    Logical tech tree

    I don't think it's should here; I'm pretty sure Squad knows this. Which is why they don't waste resources on the tech tree. What's the point? It will just make the other half of the players disgruntled.
  11. Kerbart

    Logical tech tree

    Will is one thing. I have the will to fly. But I just can't flap my arms fast enough to actually do it. It's the same for Squad. Where would the resources come from? Aside from the fact that most of the staff does things like interface design, 3D part design and phycical mechanics instead of playtesting game logic, it would still mean diverting development from other things towards this project. Knowing this community, there will be considerable swats of players who: Don't play career and don't care at all. Do play career and think there's nothing wrong with it. Do play career, do think the tech tree is worth important but not as important that it's worth a 1.6 version that delivers bug fixes, a new tech tree, and nothing else. And then, suppose that they do revise the tech tree... how much do you want to bet that everyone thinks it's an improvement? Let alone one worth an upgrade (over the cost of nothing else being upgraded)? We all know that for every KSP player out there who likes something, there are two who really, really hate it. It's just hard to envision this as a project that would be worth pursuing for Squad.
  12. Kerbart

    No more rover flipping

    One can argue that your problem is quicksave. Without something to bail you out when things go wrong, the lesson would sink in much deeper and you’d replace the convenience of speed by the virtues of taking it slow. Right now there’s no pay-off for carefulness; you simply hit F9when things go wrong. There’s a reason the real Mars rovers move at snail’s speed.
  13. Kerbart

    [1.4.x] KSP Resonant Orbit Calculator

    I could point out the utterly failure this represents in your attempts to manage less projects. Or I could just thank you for this wonderful mod. I think I'll stick with that one. Thank you!
  14. Kerbart

    The chemical name for titin and other real long words

    Take a look at down load, mean time, foot ball, black board, wall paper, cran berry, and house wife. Nobody spells them like that. So merged words do exist in English and are actively used, not just because people incorrectly decide to use them like that.
  15. Kerbart

    The chemical name for titin and other real long words

    It's not that bizar. In German (and Dutch), when you couple two words, you couple them together into one word. English is the weird one. It's "to log in" but also "do download". It's "We have nothing so far" but also "We have nothing in the meantime." It's pretty confusing for foreigners to figure out when two words should be combined into one, and when they should be separated. Germans don't like confusion