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  1. Not to nitpick here but the forum software is set up (unlike most implementations) to support superscript and things look just so much better with it: The Jool volume is 904 607 999 999 999 900 000 m3 then we get 1.34016×1022 and that means 13 401 600 000 000 000 000 000 Note that I also prefer using the unicode multiplication sign × over an ordinary "x" But more importantly you taught us that there's 13 sextillion (and a bit, if "401 quintillion" can be considered "a bit") that fit inside Jool. Thank you for that!
  2. I agree that it's easy to read too much into multiple launch pad locations and such. Aesthetics are a big part of KSP2, and it allows for interesting gameplay if you do wan to build your own crawlers, showcase static models, create diarama's, etc. What I'm hoping for is that they somehow offer some interactivity, like the ability to refuel craft or spawn crew, and that it's not just "dead" scenery.
  3. Thank you, @Just Jim. A lot of the more experienced forum member surely know who you were and we knew little more after you were beamed aboard the mother ship than that you were "writing," which surely left a lot to our imagination. Would there be convoluted story lines? Passion? Lust? Intrigue? Would career mode turn into a fierce cut-throat competition with Zaltronics, and the loser would be delegated to working in the zalt mines? Reality, even in Kerbal Space Program, turns out to be a bit less prosaic, regarding the writing job. It's literally* writing. Alas! But your post is appreciated not less of it. Not just because it's great to hear from you (well, that too), but also because it emphasizes what a tremendous project this undertakings is, and why it's taking such a long time. I hope at least that there's a mission where you have to build a ship loaded with 25 lawyers to escape the solar system. I'm sure everyone at Private Division will get a good laugh at that. Well, after reading your post, I'd say almost everyone... * See what I did there?
  4. The occasional botched reentry. Realizing that your chutes never opened for whatever reason, simply not having them on the ship being one (but not exclusively) of them. When you're at 2000m AGL and 4s before impact it's surely nice to have the "EVA and pee" option. To paraphrase the great Arthur Clarke: "You will rarely ever need it. But when you do, you really need it"
  5. Do you intend on going back to Kerbin? Parachutes are useless for 99.99% of the trip but they do come in handy when you need them on that last 1000m.
  6. Red: putting all your eggs in one species-basket. A species that doesn't have a good track record of thinking about the long term future. Green: basically a reset. Statistically, chances are something better comes out. It's hard to imagine that something worse will come out of it. It's like a non-zero sum game.
  7. Well according to some books it can be done in less tha 7 days.
  8. Well taken! That's the same reason I always claim that using time acceleration is heresy (My way of playing the game might not be your way and we should respect that)
  9. My experience is that European (ok, Dutch speaking...) weather forecasters will use the unit "hecto pascal" which is equal to the ("obsolete") often used milli bar. They're talking in the same quantities but the units are now named correctly. Also, at least in the Netherlands, the terms "pound" and "ounce" are still used, but meaning "500g" and "100g" Those are not legally valid terms but everyone knows what they mean. Not to mention expressing measures as units, referring to current as "amperage" and power as "wattage". No one will refer to voltage as "potential" so I'll forgive that, but we have solid names for the rest. The worst is that it spills over in other fields, distance in American Football is referred to as "yardage" and in other fields I see "acreage" for area. Again I'll forgive "mileage" as it's a shorthand for the rather cumbersome "miles per gallon," I don't want to be an unreasonable purist. Finally. sideways related to the well made points you made, I see a lot of my imperial friends being completely stuck in thinking that size references can't change. "How impractical it is to call a 2×4 a 5.08x10.16" well yes, and even if those beams were actually 2"×4" (I'm not a carpenter but I know that's not the actual size), you'd still call them "5×10" in metric. The same when you see translations in books or subtitles. "It's about ten miles (16.52km) away." Aside from widely accepted rules on using precision when applying factors, no one would ever give an estimate like that and while numerically incorrect, the word about suggests that a metric speaker would refer to it as "fifteen km."
  10. I'd lean towards imperial. A banana is subdivided in a dozen slices, 7 bananas make up a "bunch" and there's probably 9¾ bunches in a bushel. When scaling units gets you arbitrary numbers, preferably primes or fractions instead of factors of ten you're definitely in Imperial territory. (*dons flame-resistant suit*)
  11. Just kudos for you to taking a flexibe viewpoint. Discussions get so much more fruitful without entrenched positions. I hope the devs are taking note of this discussion as well, not just for a "should we/should we not" discussion but also because it exposes some good insights in how people experience the game in different ways.
  12. Everyone plays the game in their own way, and what we cannot possibly imagine as fun, is for someone else the one, and obviously only one way the game can be played. Rumor has it that some players rush through the game using time acceleration for instance. Why you'd do that is beyond my imagination but to each their own. My point is, making certain game features available through "special options," being cheat codes, buttons or even a menu, might be a big enough turn-off for some purists to utilize it. Given the wildly different way of playing it I would say there are at least two modes, the aforementioned "Adventure Mode," and an everytrhing-unlocked-pick-your-planet "Creative Mode." I think there are enough players who will absolutely not care about "adventure mode" and to force them to "cheat" their way to playing the way they want to is just unfair to them, and might even restrict the purists who'd otherwise fully enjoy playing the game.
  13. That is actually remarkably easy to answer: "Like KSP1 but more awesome." How that awesomeness manifests itself, we'll have to find out...
  14. Finally somebody asking the real questions!
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