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  1. jlcarneiro

    Why are probe cores so heavy?

    I've already asked myself the same question...
  2. jlcarneiro

    [1.6.x] TextureReplacer 3.7 (25.1.2019)

    Hey, @Drew Kerman! I don't know where I got them, but those heads look like the ones I use for Bob, Bill and Jeb (respectively)! But I don't have Val's head... Can I get those heads (and suits if possible)? Pleeease?
  3. Many times the "simplest" idea is the most useful one!
  4. Thanks, once again for the "mother of almost every mod"! With version 3.1.1, I've found out I have 3 errors and 4 warnings in my MM patches (7000+). How do I identify each error and warning? I assume they are in KSP log. But how do I find them? And the log entry shows the excerpt I have to fix (or at least the line)?
  5. jlcarneiro

    [1.5.*] RCS Build Aid Continued - New Dependencies

    Same here! Thank to all involved in development and maintenance...
  6. Thanks for the info! What's the "latest release", the one in Spacedock (OP)?
  7. jlcarneiro

    Which kind of Landers?

    Yes, yes, I know, thanks! I did that in the beginning (to keep the improved kerbanauts) but I had some kind of problem (don't really remember what) and stopped doing it...
  8. jlcarneiro

    New computer specs for KSP

    Thanks for the cooling pad advices, folks! I've already done that. Specially due to climate here in Terra Brasilis....
  9. jlcarneiro

    New computer specs for KSP

    Unfortunately, I don't see much reviews or comparisons dealing on heat management... What I have at this point is the reliability of the brands (my current notebook is a Dell and the new candidates are Samsung and Acer)...
  10. jlcarneiro

    How Much Time Have You Spent Playing KSP?

    On Steam I have almost 1000 hours logged. But, since I start directly from the executableto save resources on my quasi-potato, I have no idea of the real time spent... Although I have so many hours, I've never gone very far from KSOI (only a fly-by of Eve and Duna), due to littlw free time and the habit of restarting career with every new version...
  11. jlcarneiro

    Which kind of Landers?

    I don't have much time to play and, due to restarting every new version, never got much away from Kerbin SOI. But everytime I can, I design a lander with a lighter ascending vehicle...
  12. jlcarneiro

    New computer specs for KSP

    Thanks, @Harry Rhodan (I see what you did on the username!)! Since the clock is so important and my current CPU (i5 3337U) has 2.7GHz, is it possible that a new CPU, albeit more advanced, would be only marginally better?
  13. jlcarneiro

    New computer specs for KSP

    Thats the problem: the i5 8250U has only 1.67GHz, it should NOT be chosen, then? About getting a desktop, unfortunately, I don't see that happening in the near future...
  14. jlcarneiro

    New computer specs for KSP

    @Geonovast, thanks for your input! The i5-7200U is dual core, right? At what clock? The only "but" is (are?) the mods... What do you call light modded? Currently, I use 72 of them. Do you want the list? Of the visual ones, I use: EVE (SciFi lite configs), TextureReplacer, DistantObject, reentry effects, PlanetShine, Enginelightning, BAM and some sound ones (like wheelsounds and chatterer)... Edit: My current notebook has an i5 3337U (2.7GHz) with 6GB of RAM and GeForce 740M (1GB). What do you think?