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  1. Thanks for your effort! On another note, what are those two buttons near the communication button? Those with what seems to be a pulse sign...
  2. Great! Thanks! Is it possible to change the color of the (black) lines? I mean, apart from black and white (that is GREAT!) is it possible to have them in red and white, blue and white, green and white, yellow (or orange) and white? MAYBE due to a franchise of sci-fi series?
  3. Thanks for your prompt response! Any interaction would be great! But what I'm curious about is: "are there any issues"? Oh! And Merry Xmas to all!
  4. How does the last KSP update (1.11) affect this mod? Will repair kits be necessary to all fixes?
  5. In the last few days (one week or so), I've noticed lag in my games. I could not identify if that is caused by a mod (probably is), can someone help me identify what is causing it? What should I look for in the logs? List of current installed mods (according to AVC) KSP.log Player.log ModuleManager.log MMPatch.log KSP-AVC.log MiniAVC-V2.log
  6. Same here! Funny thing is I've had this version for quite some time but I haven't noticed any lag before...
  7. Thank you for this attitude! I confess I'm not having much progress, but I'll keep trying! And I thank any help from others...
  8. I think there is rotate AND offset (for position)... X, Y, Z would be the offset in each axis... But why wouldn't negative numbers be allowed? Can't I REDUCE the offset?
  9. Thanks! I must enter all three values, correct? I'll see what I can do... Thansk for the heads-up! ETA1: @theonegalen, I tried the values 0, -0.1, 0 and got an error about no negative values... any clues? ETA2: I found this post but it didn't help me much...
  10. First, thank you very much for your work, @Rocket In My Pocket! When I toggled internal view I noticed the space seems a little offset to the whole part. Can you notice Valentina's head appears a little too high? So is the cockpit's canopy... But there is quite some space available below her... Can I fix it using Module Manager? Or is it necessary to edit the part and space themselves? If so, can you fix it?
  11. I think I speak for all KSP players (KSPers?) that haven't seen this yet when I second each of these compliments and thanks. So long KerbalKomets! Thank you, @Angel-125!
  12. Works great! But, in the name of usability, could you be so kind to add a new tab with this vanilla delta-V map? The vanilla + Outer Worlds is sweet! It's really easier to access DeltaV map from KSP itself... THANKS! I do understand it has less details to reduce clutter... But to those who still fly vanilla, this one above seems more useful...
  13. Has anyone managed to include this Delta-V map in KSPedia like before? Ideally both versions (stock and OPM) but, at least for me, the stock version would suffice...
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