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  1. Even with the latest version ( If it helps, I have old versions of OhScrap! and Scrapyard running fine with KSP 1.12.3 (without the improvements introduced recently, of course!): OhScrap! ScrapYard
  2. How does Oh Scrap compare to EVA Repairs? I mean, from two different points of view: 1. Reproduction of failures occurrence in real life (adapted to gaming experience, of course!); 2. Complexity and resource consuming
  3. This mod seems FANTASTIC! And taking Snacks! by example it really is! Thanks! I intend to replace another failures mod with Eva Repairs but I have a few questions: 1.What classes should I use to include probe cores, batteries, tanks, antennas and such via MM patches? 2. Is 600hrs too little MTBF? What starting MTBF should I use if I intend to adopt it to so many items? 3. Do I also need to use SandCastle? Nevertheless, SHOULD I use it or tweaking the settings can save me even another mod?
  4. Thanks for your kind (and prompt) answers! But for one of those mysteries only cell phone forum navigation can answer, I meant to post my question in RLA Reborn topic! Sorry!
  5. This is a very fine collection of alternative parts! Thanks once again to all who contributed make it possible and to LGG for mantaining it! One question, though, does anyone know a waterfall config that works with engines added by this mod? Or how I could make configs for other engines work with those from RLA Reborn?
  6. This mod is amazing! Thanks! I use Restock, Restock+ and RLA Reborn. I'm using Waterfall Restock config but it doesn't t work with RLA Reborn engines. How do I fix that? Should I download another config pack? If not, how do I use existing configs with MM patches? Is there a tutorial on the GUI editor?
  7. Oh, yeah! Sorry I didn't update it here! BTW, his quick reaction surprised me as well!
  8. Hello, folks! I have a little doubt: I've noticed the Micro Dawn's (IX-631) mass is the same as the stock one (IX-6315) even if its mass is one quarter smaller. Is that intended? If so, why?
  9. Actually, I CAN'T remember when I updated US2 for the last time (sorry!)... Maybe it had that absence for a while but the update to Part Volumes "found it" (I searched older versions of Part Volume and the line MM reported didn't exist, so I suppose you started to use packedVolumeLimit just now. IDK... )
  10. I posted an "warning" on UniversalStorage2's post. Hope this helps... Now, HOW did you find that error in those logs (there are many lines!), I mean, what did you use as seach term?
  11. Hello, guys! Recently, due to an update to KSP Part Volume, I got an error message from ModuleManager: [ERR 18:52:27.887] Error - Cannot parse variable search when inserting new key packedVolumeLimit = #$/MODULE[ModuleInventoryPart]/packedVolumeLimit$ [ERR 18:52:27.887] Error - Cannot parse variable search when inserting new key packedVolumeLimit = #$/MODULE[ModuleInventoryPart]/packedVolumeLimit$ Then, linuxgurugamer (thank you, mister!), analysed the logs and gave me a workaround: MAYBE linuxgurugamer will implement some code that deals with this since there are so many mod parts out there. Anyway, I thought I should tell you here... Anyway, thank you all for your great work!
  12. Firstly, thanks for your attention, you must have little time! Secondly, here is the link to the logs on file.io: https://file.io/CmG8f0Ymdb8L Unfortunately, they say the file will be deleted after download. So guys, PLEASE DON'T CLICK on this link, let @linuxgurugamer download it...
  13. Hello, folks! Can anyone help me fix this line, please?
  14. Thanks! I'm kind of embarrassed for not knowing that... Anyway, looks like the patch tries to access a variable that doesn't exist yet... [ERR 18:52:27.887] Error - Cannot parse variable search when inserting new key packedVolumeLimit = #$/MODULE[ModuleInventoryPart]/packedVolumeLimit$ I think the problem is in the 26th line of the AddToAllParts.cfg file: packedVolumeLimit = #$/MODULE[ModuleInventoryPart]/packedVolumeLimit$ I've browsed the source code for "packedVolumeLimit" and didn't get a match. The only match I've found for "Limit" was "sizeLimit". Since I don't know the mod very well, I don't know what else I can do... @Rodger, can you enlighten me, please?
  15. Hello! After installing version and I'm getting a Module Manager error message on KSP Loading Screen. I'm trying to find it with no luck so far. Although MM can't create its cache files, everything seems to work just fine. Is there some kind of "error log" to Module Manager? Has anybody dealt with this "error message"? Can you help me pinpoint it? At least to report it correctly to linuxgurugamer... This is the content of my AddToAllParts.cfg file:
  16. Man, I didn't know @linuxgurugamer had adopted this mod (I still install mods manually, silly me!), it is INCREDIBLE! There are even microsats?! I haven't found them yet (I play career) but I'm looking forward to! THANKS! But... I think I may have found a glitch: since mod's version 1.9.1 (yeah, I was that behind) I had a ship with a Tapered Fairing (0.625m to 1.25m) set to "Wedge bracket" and with internal solar panels. The panels now are gone! They appear fine in the VAB but, when I reload the craft (even a simple one with only that part) the panels are gone and it doesn't matter if I toggle Solar Panels again, they only show up when I delete that part and select a new tapered fairing. Am I doing something wrong?
  17. Didn't answer the poll yet. Would APPRECIATE A LOT if a Linux version was announced. Even an Windows version that would run on Linux would suffice...
  18. Hi, @zer0Kerbal! First of all, thanks for your (and all other mods') hard work! Unfortunately, my last career save got plagued by VERY SLOW saving processes (game froze for a few seconds after eache save). At that time, I had already started using MechJeb to get correct deltaV calculations because stock calculations were getting too small. When saving become virtualy impossible, I started a new career save and fortunately, I didn't get those freezing savegames. Maybe the old one got corrupted, I don't know. DeltaV calculation were still off, though. I don't know if it was an interaction with other mods, but when I removed SYD and OHS, deltaV ceased (freezings had already stopped, new save). I found those versions I listed above restored correct deltaV calculations. I tried newer versions (including SYD but deltaV diversions started again still in VAB/SPH. Same with OHS, newer versions were associated with diverging deltaV calculations. How may I help you more? I have quite a lot of mods, I'll get you a list: Thanks!
  19. Since I "can't" play without ScrapYard, KCT, KRASH and OhScrap!, now I'm playing with: KSP (Linux), with both DLCs ScrapYard KCT OhScrap! KRASH (some minor problems with DV during simulations)
  20. Hello, guys! I initiated a(nother) new career with Unkerballed Start and it works nice! Thanks! Unfortunatelly, although Cogswell and Spacely works fine, they have absolutely no sound. I noticed some of the patches mention "zzzUnKerballedStart". I didn't see any mention to this on installation notes. Do I have to rename the folder of the mod to "zzzUnKerballedStart"?
  21. Well, I THINK I've found a workaround... Looks like some localization strings are being referred with the wrong "tag". If we edit en-us.cfg file to this, the mod seems to work fine // Auto generated by KSPDev Localization tool at: 8/28/2021 4:44:32 PM // Total strings: 8 // Total words: 12 Localization { en-us { // ********** Type: OHS.BaseFailureModule, KSP Fields #OHS_BaseFailureModule_displayChance = BaseFailure // #OHS_BaseFailureModule_displayChance_Units = % #OHS_BaseFailureModule_safetyRating = Base Safety Rating #OHS_BaseFailureModule_Force Repair_DEBUG = Force Repair(DEBUG) // ********** Type: OHS.ModuleUPFMEvents, KSP Events #OHS_ModuleUPFMEvents_RepairChecks = Repair #OHS_ModuleUPFMEvents_ToggleHighlight = Toggle Failure Highlight #OHS_ModuleUPFMEvents_TrashPart = Trash Part // ********** Type: OHS.ModuleUPFMEvents, KSP Fields #OHS_ModuleUPFMEvents_generation = Generation #OHS_ModuleUPFMEvents_tested = Tested #OHS_ModuleUPFMEvents_saved = <<1>> cannot be saved #OHS_ModuleUPFMEvents_recovered = <<1>> will be recovered #OHS_ModuleUPFMEvents_RemoteRepair = Vessel must be connected to Homeworld before remote repair can be attempted #OHS_ModuleUPFMEvents_ = // ********** Global strings // ********** Game Settings #OHS-Title = Allowed Failures #OHS-Settings-Section = OhScrap! (OHS) Options #OHS-Settings-DisplaySection = Section #FND-Settings-log = Extra Logging? #FND-Settings-log-Tip = if set to yes (true) extra information will be logged. might affect game performance. #FND-Settings-warn = Display Safety Warnings? #FND-Settings-warn-Tip = Display Safety Warnings? #FND-Settings-highlight = Highlight Part Failures? #FND-Settings-highlight-Tip = Highlight Part Failures? #FND-Settings-snd = Highlight Part Failures? #FND-Settings-snd-Tip = Highlight Part Failures? #FND-Settings-warp = Stop Timewarp on Failure? #FND-Settings-warp-Tip = Stop Timewarp on Failure? #FND-Settings-recovery = Stage Recovery? #FND-Settings-recovery-Tip = Stage Recovery? #FND-Settings-alt = Alternators #FND-Settings-alt-Tip = Alternators Systems can fail. #FND-Settings-ant = Antenna #FND-Settings-ant-Tip = Antenna Systems can fail. #FND-Settings-bat = Battery #FND-Settings-bat-Tip = Battery Systems can fail. #FND-Settings-cnt = Control Surfaces #FND-Settings-cnt-Tip = Control Surfaces Systems can fail. #FND-Settings-eng = Engine #FND-Settings-eng-Tip = Engines Systems can fail. #FND-Settings-gea = Landing Gear #FND-Settings-gea-Tip = Landing Gear Systems can fail. #FND-Settings-par = Parachutes #FND-Settings-par-Tip = Parachutes Systems can fail. #FND-Settings-rcs = RCS #FND-Settings-rcs-Tip = Reaction Control Systems can fail. #FND-Settings-rws = Reaction Wheels #FND-Settings-rws-Tip = Reaction Wheels Systems can fail. #FND-Settings-tnk = Resource Tanks #FND-Settings-tnk-Tip = Resource Tanks Systems can fail. #FND-Settings-sol = Solar Panels #FND-Settings-sol-Tip = Solar Panels Systems can fail. #FND-Settings-srb = SRB #FND-Settings-srb-Tip = Solid Rocket Boosters Systems can fail. #FND-Settings-paw = PAW Color? #FND-Settings-paw-Tip = allow color coding in <b>OhScrap!</b> PAW (part action window) / part RMB (right menu button). #FND-Settings-qt = Not Implemented Yet - Silence screen messages? #FND-Settings-qt-Tip = Not Implemented Yet - Silence screen messages // MODULE[OhScrap] #OHS-GroupName = OhScrap! } } (at least the text is correctly displayed on Settings screen...)
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