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  1. From a lore perspective, there is almost no blood relation between the canon poodle, and this model, other than being vacuum optimised rocket engines. Frankly, it looks like a monochrome Cheetah with a boattail. From a game design perspective, I can understand the argument for making it a variant, but I think it was not the correct decision. Especially if it gets the compact variant I would expect it to have. The community was not happy with the lack of variants on the mainsail and skipper as originally shown, requiring them to go back to the drawing board and perform surgery on the models to create those variants. If it gets a compact variant (which it should!!), it should absolutely be its own engine, in a tech tree node above the poodle, because it'll be clusterable in a way the Poodle, Skiff, Wolfhound... and really, no other high power vacuum engine is. Has anyone created a feedback item for this purpose on the bugtracker? If so, please link it. I have one in the subset of the tracker i'm in, but that's not a public section.
  2. I believe Portal 2 actually did this! I haven't had the time to mess with the mod yet, but i saw this comment and wanted to insert that fact. The Portal 2 soundtrack in game is modified somewhat procedurally, tracks layering in and out, advancing as you go through a chamber, if i recall correctly.
  3. Oh yeah, that was the biggest thing that allowed this to work. That lil spaceplane on the runway in the last pic, Raptor, it launches in the fairing like you saw there. I even made sure to have the crew arm line up with its top hatch (the inline docking port) on the pad even though you cant see that.
  4. While i appreciate the recommendations, I would suggest everyone read the words that IMMEDIATELY followed "starliner" in that post of mine.
  5. The elevator extension pieces, whatever they're properly called, were the biggest part of making this work. They're apparently coming soon, I'm on a dev version because I was the one who kept requesting them so I could do this. The rest is a bunch of kitbashing, like i used the small crew elevator pieces to create the sorta "roof" for the arm in the retracted position, the medium uh... i forget what that is, i think it's one of the tall sections of just service tower, to complement the elevator tower and make it thicker, et cetera. it took inspiration from the sheer wonkiness of the starliner tower but I wouldn't begin to know how to recreate the thing proper, as I don't have a starliner. My save is spaceplane based, there's a little lifting body vehicle in the fairing.
  6. Exactly. You generally don't go out and make a thread of your own for this, it's best practice to contribute in the thread of the mod(s) in question. I think that's what people do for forks of KER and such.
  7. That seems right, i had a bunch of rescue kerbals i sent to that base who said they were 1-star, but it required me to train them to 1-star anyway, and then it let me start training towards 2-star.
  8. If you wanna spitball more, i think we're in a discord together! So the 'extra experience' means it can only start from a kerbal's base level, and won't take into account any points they've already earned, right?
  9. Yeah don't worry, i don't really have any expectation, i'm throwing ideas out mostly! I'm happy as is, and knowing that it's about experience points (i didn't before) helps solve a lot of those problems, now that i can sorta do the math myself!
  10. Oh, so that's just a stock system! I didn't realize! Does the over-time component have the ability to display "how long until they level up?" for example, if i wanted to be able to plug that into kerbal alarm clock or anything? I've just been quicksaving, timewarping, writing down the date, and quickloading back. Or wait, is it just [given time value in the config to fully train]/64 to determine time per point, and then i can do the math from there? (so, 9201600/64 = 143775, then multiply that by the difference in points between xp levels, so 2-3 would be 862650) Would it make sense in the mod setup to allow people to adjust it as "time per point" instead of "time to get all 64 points," on that note
  11. I'd like to remind everyone what happened the last time (that i remember) that folk started treating modders like garbo, ignoring their wishes, and putting themselves first. CKAN used to be brats about indexing mods as long as they had a license that allowed it. They hid behind this "well technically it's legal to do this, and The Users Come First" attitude, never pausing to have even an ounce of respect for the creators of the content they were peddling. A lot of mods went ARR. Like, a lot of them. Which, as i remember at the time, they also pointed out legally also might not have stopped them. It took Sarbian getting the ear of one of CKAN's more sympathetic maintainers at the time, and getting them to de-list modulemanager, y'know, the backbone of so many mods, to make them listen. Because i forget but like doesn't CKAN only show mods it has the dependencies for? And modulemanager was (and is) a dependency for everything. it basically made CKAN all but useless and forced them to actually look past themselves for a second. I was a purestock player back then, and even I remember how bad it was for the community. Wheaton's law, my dudes. Y'all waited several months for a game studio backed by a major publisher to put out 1.8, you can wait a little longer for the freelance individual to put out the addon you like. The alternative is that addon possibly ceasing to exist, and ceasing to exist in a way that means NOBODY can pick it up again.
  12. Looks like a good mockup! Is that how much it'll cost to entirely level a kerbal to full, or how much it'd take to get them from 0 to 1?
  13. I don't think I am! I think I'm using a slightly older build of FTF (which so far seems to actually be working in 1.8, i threw it in to see if i needed to hold off on updating) but i don't believe i saw anything pertaining to SimpleLogistics anywhere. that's just all one craft file put together in the SPH, and then offset in the SPH so when I spawned it on the desert runway, it was 1km to the west of the spawnpoint.
  14. Question: would it be possible to define it to use other resources to level up a kerbal, like rep or money? Also, is there a way to set up the labs so they only 'train one level' or such with the time based stuff? That stuff aside, I built a fun little training base at the MH Dessert Airfield, and flew some kerbals out to train them! The radio mast is built using parts from ModularLaunchPads!
  15. I mean, nobody thinks kerbal looks like this: and especially not like this: A few screenshots, tastefully labeled like Dok_377 said, should be fine! Plus yeha, it was an -art- contest so i'm glad a lot a few paintings and highly processed stuff got in, even if that means clouds added in w/photo editing