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  1. Wow! I like it, a lot. Super marked improvement over the original, and it puts the variant system to good use! I can think of all sorts of uses for the bare version, and I'm sure that if this is a direct replacement, it'll still look great on stuff I've already got out there! This is great! I really dig it.
  2. If coding timers for file loading/file transfer was easy, microsoft would've figured it out ages ago. Kerbal has to load the entire game into memory at the beginning as a result of how the game and the engine are designed. Also, concur - make sure the model is updated so the narrow end is 2.5m exactly (it wasn't before, because the other tanks had lips and it was made with that in mind) - hollow variant and/or fueled variant would be cool. i mean i've always clipped fuel tanks into it but y'know, if we're revamping it anyway - MAYBE make a variant that has a service bay with doors? That would be a cool use of the internal volume. - i will always advocate for a plain white/plane white version of each part that gets new skins. -if we can't use mesh switching to make it hollow or fueled or a service bay since it's already using the variant system for paintjobs, maybe just permanently make it hollow, or a fuel tank, or whatever you choose. - also the inside textures seem excessively dark. - solid orange foam version so we can make the current version of SLS? These parts were all added in 0.23.5 as part of the Asteroid Redirect Mission partnership with NASA, based on SLS as proposed then, with the saturn-like paint scheme used to sell it to Congress. Now SLS is showing its true orange color.
  3. Man, that crackle gives the engines so much life! Brings back those memories of seeing some in person!
  4. oooh! this is a nice little thing! makes those launch site icons super useful!
  5. This to a tee. Strong, strong agreement here. Civil suggestion and constructive talk did a lot more to get those tanks and SRBs changed in 1.5 than yelling did.
  6. The rovemate revamp didn't really, and the TKR couplers seemed fairly well received. The problem some people are having with the windows stems from an understanding of how aircraft and spacecraft that have to maintain cabin pressure work. Straight up corners in the windows are a weakness that will often lead to catastrophic faults (look at airliner windows ,and how they're always rounded). This problem was discovered by the british at the beginning of the jet age, when the Comet kept explosively decompressing in flight. Speaking of the LEM... Rounded corners! Its windows were rounded too! The second problem people are having is a bit more of a subjective one, where they feel like the window frames seem flimsy at that width. While it's not solid, it certainly looks like the cabin took inspiration from the SEV, which had beefy window frames. With that in mind, I sorta tried to mock this up earlier today, really only meant to put it in a few discord servers for a lark, but I might as well share it here. I basically just doubled the thickness of all the frame pieces, except the center. I widened that one out symmetrically. Even without rounding the corners, and despite the crudity of my photoshop, i think it's a noted improvement. The third problem is basically what Snark just said, fears that the lower windows aren't angled enough to have decent downward visibility. But, like he also said, we don't know that yet. We haven't seen an IVA yet, so it's all guessing. Perhaps the kerbals will be very close to the window, or sitting up above it a bit so they can look down into them better. Anyway that's a ramble and a half. It was probably unnecessary given Snark just said basically same thing, but shorter. But i already had this typed up, so I dunno.
  7. if that were the case, the de havilland comet wouldn't have had so many window blowouts, though?
  8. It's a lander pod with no downward visibility. Not a very good lander, in that case. Other than that, it looks alright? the new hatch is weird. Also... you guys said "it has service bays." Are these doors, then? Do they open/close like on the other service bays? Do they occlude their contents?
  9. Sweet! I'm happy to see these parts finally getting some love! Yeah, a sort-of consequence of the game being cobbled together from 5 years' worth of artists with different visions coming and going, and sometimes mods like KSPX being folded in is that the game's "art style" was "jumbled mess" for a while. But now, with the revamp, we're getting stuff that's a lot more cohesive, and will be a lot nicer to put together! I won't have to do nearly as much kludging with my builds!
  10. They look pretty nice! Will the 1.25m bicoupler, and the 2.5m versions of all these couplers be getting the same treatment? I don't see why they wouldn't, I'm just asking so someone else doesn't.
  11. RE: playing other installs through steam: Rightclick the game on steam, hit "properties" and then click the Launch Options button. then, type the following: "<path of ksp_x64.exe>" %command% where the path of ksp_x64 sends it to your non-steamapps/common install for example: "C:\Users\Lupi\Documents\KSP version backups\KSP 1.4.5\KSP_x64.exe" %command% would tell steam to launch the executable in my 1.4.5 backup folder, as opposed to the one in steamapps/common/kerbal space program Steam can't write to this folder, so if any updates come through, they will only be applied to the steam install. This way, you still get overlay and steam services, without launching the steam copy of the game. Also, yeah, what this guy said. We can't say for certain if that could be the case.
  12. I still mourn the loss of 3d pinball space cadet, and all the old CD-ROM games i played as a kid that don't work (or don't work well) on modern windows because they were 16-bit.
  13. KER is very terrible for garbage collection, it dumps a lot of memory into garbage to keep all those bits of display info fed and updated. You might wanna try basic deltav or basic orbit instead and see if that improves things.
  14. Yeah, that's the real reason this is great. Don't have to hunt down the tanks you want to use as much.
  15. Before 1.5, if you clicked on the resources tab up top, hit the checkbox to pin a resource, it would show what tanks had (or could have) that resource, but you couldn't do anything with it, even if you pinned the tanks' info dispalys. Now you can pin those displays and transfer fuel while using them, rather than manually having to pan your camera to be able to rightclick on every tank you want to transfer fuel around.