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  1. All those krazy kerbals making a huge run on "space tape"
  2. That's no moon...... And it's a pretty cruddy looking battle station too... But it's my first attempt at building "outside the box" as well as my first time fiddling around with structural plates. Maybe I'll just try simpler things like a Tylo or Eve return vehicle.
  3. Problem: Runway covered in snow Solution: Clear it with a mainsail.
  4. Waiting for a men's hockey pic to surface....
  5. Great job boys (and girls too), we're extremely proud of you. You played like a bunch of women and didn't let the Swedes have a hope! GO CANADA GO!
  6. As the title says, how much extra science have you accrued after maxing the tech tree? I've returned kerbals from every body except Eve, Bop and Pol, as well as stranding one kude on Tylo. Got most of the science available on the way, leaving me with over 18k science points and nothing to spend it on. I could always do more biome hopping on Kerbin and the Mun, pretty much done Minmus.
  7. Returned my scientists from Jool, Leaving Dillan stuck on the surface of Tylo. Also finally returned Jeb and his science crew from his 5 year mission to Eeloo. Both labs were ditched in the ocean. Currently Only one kerbal remains offplanet, a raw recruit in LKO manning a lifeboat for any future rescue mission.
  8. "Ooops... so that's what that button does....."
  9. Train? What train? I see a pile of twisted metal....
  10. That carnival ride is just.... hilarious!
  11. Faster than a speeding bullet! More Powerful than a locomotive! Able to leap tall buildings in a single bound! Look! Up in the sky! It's a bird! It's a plane! It's.... It's.... Superman?
  12. What !?! Nobody mentioned the original StarCraft yet? Many good times, I used to just watch my friend play an episode of "StarCraft Troopers" (online free-for-all battles). I also enjoyed Star Wars Galaxies quite a bit, until the devs wrecked it.
  13. Wow. I had no idea Kinder eggs were illegal in the Excited States. Or else I totally forgot. Good call Vexx. Did I get an assist on that or did you have it figured already? I'll go hide and wait for Vexx' riddle now.
  14. I suppose a parent could fear the Kinder Surprise.....
  15. 3rd and final Tylo landing attempt. Made it down in one piece this time, but even less gas than last time. Oh well, He's a colonist now. Maybe I'll send a rescue rover later. The scientists will board the lifeboat and burn for home.
  16. KSP, obviously.... Have them land on the Mun!
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