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  1. Third largest that has anything to do with space or KSP or otherwise has anything to do with this community. Also fixed it for you.
  2. It has long been true but it's worth reiterating for those who haven't realized it yet. This is the third largest thread on the KSP forums. Only the spacex fanboy thread and the what did you do in KSP today tread are longer. This mod, this community and it's authors and architects might just be the single biggest contribution to KSP as a whole after the original devs. Congratulations on 1200 pages of history and development and discussion and here's to 1200 more!
  3. That's not true, it uses exactly the same screws! Well at least the same shape of screw, just a different size and material is all
  4. Do your self a favor and look at some of the models on the first page, not the OP, look at the early cameras and antenna. Cobalt can't even look at them because he would literally, physically cringe. We are all, always our own worst critics. Make the attempt, show it around, seek advice, make a second pass, repeat, get frustrated and make it again from scratch with what you have learned. All of a sudden, bam, you have a new skill. It will be worth the attempt.
  5. *everyone's In all seriousness though I'm not sure why you are bothering me about an in-joke from three years ago that you have no context for. Just as a hint, you can look to the left and take note of the section just below my profile pic.
  6. Super happy to see this @Nertea! This might be the push I need to start playing ksp again. Congratz on release and happy festivities!
  7. Uhh... the real one. Well, except for the artists impression. Not sure which flights those pics are from if that is what you are asking.
  8. I think the implication is that the mod is considered complete and won't be added to anymore, although it does look like Well is continuing to keep it up to date, which is nice.
  9. @Virtualgenius my last comment was made before I had coffee. It was meant to be more on the constructive side and I don't think it came across that way. Keep up the good work!
  10. I think that might be too bright(opaque?). The plume on the Gamma 8 engine was very faint, to the point that in some recordings the plume is not visible at all. In others, all you can see is the mach diamonds.
  11. It makes me unreasonably happy to see this mod getting some dev time put into it again! Thank you for coming back to it.
  12. I'm not an expert but I have seen this come up a dozen times now for various mods and my understanding is that it is a limitation of KSP and unavoidable. The best solution I have seen so far is the one BDB uses for the Apollo parachutes, have a chute mounting part with attachment nodes that work with the symmetry mode so you can place all three at once and as such, if you edit the tweakables on one it will also edit the other two the same way.
  13. IIRC you can use old dlls to get it to work but it will still break a bunch of stuff if you use and old KSP version.
  14. For too long we have gone without Hype! (I don't think Juno II is next in the pipeline but it is what I could find good pics of )
  15. It is a recently added early tech androgynous station docking port from Bluedog Design Bureau.
  16. Welcome to the forums and great first post! MJ is great for a lot of things but for ascent I highly recommend GravityTurn Mod. Just use the default settings to start but set the target altitude to the value you want an tweak as needed to get more efficient launches. Edit: Just checked and it is confirmed working in 1.8
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