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  1. I wonder if this is related to my issue wherein *upgrading* the computer core to full AI would destabilize the physics as soon as you moved out of range of the station... ie station has an 'upgraded' computer core.. undock, move away, try to land, but no, everything starts moving away from kerbin at a significant fraction of c (station and the ship, note that they're out of physics range of each other at this point), and have to reload from a save. If one does not upgrade the computer core, this doesn't happen. Had to scrap that entire station due to that, and a lot of F5/F9 to safely rescue
  2. 1. what "workshop" part are you using? 2. do the engineers have any stars? 0 star engineers don't work, at least by default, there may be a way to reconfigure this; better idea is to train the engineers 3. are you also using MKS? I think if you use MKS it changes the mechanics a bit. I also use MKS; I generally use a 3.5m Tundra workshop on my ship that constructs the base/whatever from the kit. General procedure for GC + MKS: 1. land the kit on some planet or moon. It's ok if it tips over when you land the kit, I found out. 2. Get a craft within 200m of the kit that has enoug
  3. If this mod is still being maintained(?) (I assume it is since it was updated to 1.10.x which wasn't that long ago?) I have a couple of .. well, I'll limit it to the nice-to-haves; I'm going to assume that the broken-ness I'm seeing is due to it not being compatible with the current version? Anyway, my main request is for a version of the "space dock" part that's twice as big. The current one, I can't fit anything useful into it, and it can't be tweakscaled. I found that the inline hangars CAN be tweakscaled, so I suppose that's a work-around, ... and then I ran into the bugs which I
  4. 1. selected speed is higher than max allowed throttle 2. current power for warp may be too low to maintain a steady warp field 3. beam core antimatter reactors [no longer] power a charged particle reactor, not sure why the CPEMD is showing that high of a theoretical supply there 4. how do you open that 'chargedparticles management display' window? I've not seen that before...?
  5. @FreeThinker sorry I'm.. complaining about stuff lately, but I found some issues, some may be old/not this mod's issue/I'm not sure but it's in the logs, and there's a couple things that are definitely "off", one of which seems to be new in the last version or two... Just updated to 1.27.4 today. Issue #1 - in SPH/VAB, using IXS parts, I get part bounds errors/voxelization errors - this is coming from FAR, but it indicates the part mesh may be off if the FAR voxelizer can't find it. Issue #2 - Communotron 99-99 is visual only and does nothing (minor issue; it looks cool, but just has
  6. it very well could be AVP. I'll grab some screenshots. I'm not sure if AVP changes the planetshine/scatterer config at all, either. oh, wait.. i'm not using planetshine. thought for a moment THAT might be the issue...
  7. that's why. I asked a similar question a few days ago... beam core antimatter reactors don't really power any generators anymore. Surprised you were using thermal, CP used to be the way to go; now that reactor won't effectively power *any* generator, so... you don't have power for your warp drive anymore
  8. I should have been more specific - the light is flat on my vessel, moreso than the planet itself; AVP/EVE may have something to do with things? not sure. On the dark side of palleo, my craft is lit up like Kerbin daytime, and Palleo daytime the sunlight is so intense I have trouble discerning some parts from each other... I'll see if I can get some screenshots of this. The focus thing, yeah, could be Kopernicus; I'm using the 'bleeding edge' version so ... perhaps I should just chalk it up to that thanks!
  9. I have a few questions: 1. Why is the system roughly 2/3 of a light year from Kerbin? why not an even 1LY (or close enough, gauging from Kerbol to Vulture)? it's about 6 TM as-is, whereas 9 TM ~= 1 LY. Just curious. 2. I'm using scatterer. Lighting still seems oddly flat in orbit, and near/on Palleo, the light is *super intense* from the star... known issue? that just the way it is? 3. Why is the sky always black on Palleo, even on the surface? Is that a thing that can happen given the atmospheric composition? Wasn't expecting that, tbh. 4. Why can I not focus view on any of t
  10. yeah, there was no power failure involved. And yet, I went to play again last night, and went from Kerbin to Palleo ("Vulture System" pack, pretty nice) and had zero issues going or coming. The night before, I had to reload the game about 50 times. Wish it would log something so I could figure out what's different between A and B ><
  11. @FreeThinker thank you for your previous replies... I still have one other issue that I've been fighting with for years, and that's the random explosions at warp speed that seem to be slightly worse in more recent versions? it's like, I enter warp, and one of three things happens: 1. Nothing, it works fine 2. Parts will glitch into each other and eventually destablize the craft. If I can drop out of warp, parts are at odd angles to each other, clipped into each other, or separated by as much as several meters, yet still "connected". F5/F9 fixes this satisfactorily, however. 3. The sh
  12. so couple more power-related questions... 1. still not sure why the antimatter warp core doesn't use any antimatter? 2. Was it intentional that the plasma beam core antimatter reactor can't power a charged particle generator anymore? I used to use that combo a lot, but if there's a reason why it shouldn't work, then I'm ok with it; if however it's a bug, then I'm reporting it
  13. the CKAN idea that flyguybc posted is a good one. Failing that, force close KSP at the point it hangs, go to the KSP folder, open KSP.log, and look at the end of it, you might get some helpful information there; if you're unsure, posting a segment of that log (not the whole thing, for the love of Jebediah, it's huge), may help.5552
  14. @FreeThinker couple things with the latest version, at least, the latest version before 1.11.2 dropped ... so I built a warpship capable of at least 1000c, and headed out to the Vulture system (great planet/system mod with Kopernicus, btw).. entering/leaving warp (usually leaving), will, about 1/3 to 1/2 of the time, cause the ship to just explode; however in my install, some other things also do that, so I don't think it's a KSPIE thing., but thought I'd mention it just in case. The real issue that is definitely a KSPIE issue: The craft in question had a large warp ring, powered by the...
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