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  1. ha ... was watching star trek:enterprise again, since quarantine ... this one alien guy claims his ship can haul 1 million metric tons of freight at warp 4.5, which i believe is roughly 83c per the star trek memory alpha pages... guess there's a challenge for us KSPIE users it'd have to be built in orbit, though, anything over 30,000 metric tons will explode on the runway/launchpad from the gravity stresses. I'm not even sure if KSP can handle a ship of a million metric tons, but.. maybe? turning it around might be a problem... Which reminds me, @FreeThinker of an idea I had - add something to allow normal engines like the thermal turbojets, plasma nozzles, etc, to function as RCS as well as regular engines? the resistojet RCS blocks aren't powerful enough for some of the larger designs I've made. I've gone as far to modify the part config to allow tweakscale to push them to a 2.5m size which helps, but...
  2. unfortunately it's on ckan marked as compatible with 'any' version of KSP - since it's not 100% a parts mod (it has functional components), this.. shouldn't be true. I think this mod definitely needs an update to work properly in 1.9.1. I've also noticed that with IRNext installed, the stock robotics parts don't work properly either, at least not the telescoping pistons (they only move in the vab/sph, not in flight). Uninstalling IRNext also fixes this problem. in 1.9.1. this all worked fine in 1.8.x
  3. the version you've provided works better than the latest official though, which doesn't work on 1.9.1 really at all, so I'm going to keep using your builds until the official one drops thanks for providing them!
  4. Thanks for the suggestions; especially the fact that OPM would coexist with other Kopernicus mods; I did not know that. Of course I will have to wait until I build my new machine with more RAM to do more than one Kopernicus mod... 16gb and a spinning disk is ... insufficient for that level of mod ambition 1.9.1 is better about RAM usage at least. Couple of versions ago I was able to run a 16gb box hard out of memory with nothing else running. Miss my 32gb rig
  5. I installed the pre-release scatterer and EVE last night. Here's my report: 1. works great on Kerbin, zero issues. 2. went to laythe. took a VTOL spaceplane down to around 1200m ASL along the equator looking for a nice spot to put a base. Terrain textures all ran together. set down in the ocean because it was indistinguishable from the land... fixed that, planted a flag, quicksaved with F5. Took off and forgot that Laythe and Kerbin have similar gravity, so crashed. F9 to reload the save. Departed successfully, and noticed that after the F5/F9 load, Laythe's terrain looked correct, which is kind of the important piece of information here. I haven't looked at the other atmosphered planets yet since installing the pre-release, but.. you should be able to replicate my experiment by simply running a mission from Kerbin to Laythe and having a look in the same way I did. KSPIE or Hyperedit will be required to duplicate it unless you have a lot of time
  6. I don't want to replace the stock planets, I want a mod that adds more planets/stars far away from Kerbol... there are a few and I've tried the ones that I know about, but not sure which is the most mature/well maintained/etc at this point.
  7. so I've used Kopernicus a lot over the years with various different planet packs and such... which 'extra planets' mod do you guys feel is the best? I've had problems with some of them having incomplete biome maps and other problems.. ie they look different from orbit than on the surface, the surface behaves differently in physics range and out (like, put a base on a planet, leave, get 2.3km away and BOOM the base falls into a hole, or the ocean, it was really odd). So, once Kopernicus is updated, which planet pack do y'all recommend? I've got a fleet of KSPIE-built 1000c warpships standing by for interstellar departure
  8. since I am working from home and no longer am wasting 2+ hours a day commuting, I'm going to dig into it in visual studio and see if I can find a way to fix it. If I can, I will document the solution and post it here; it might not be a full fix or completely elegant, but hopefully it might give @allista a starting point and save him some time in making a proper update, when he has time. As it stands right now, it is.. basically functional, but there's certain things it's not doing correctly and certain functions which are dependent on the other UI windows which obviously are not working at all. One thing that helps is using Diazo's vertical velocity controller to replace the TCA vertical controls; Diazo's mod works fine with 1.9.1 and plays nice with TCA - the only thing that is.. weird, is that when using open-cycle (air-breathing) engines, you have to manually adjust the desired vertical speed; ie, a set-point of 0 in diazo's mod may effect a -4.00 m/s vertical rate, but setting the mod to +4.00 will be effectively zero.. it's odd and it's been like this for several releases, and I'm not sure what's causing it, but... it's a workaround for one of the things that TCA is currently not able to do. update: I can't even get AT_Utils to build, period, in visual studio - I know Allista has a linux-based build system for this, which ordinarily I could adapt to but it seems it's a custom build environment and not all the pieces are in the AT_Utils github project (nor the TCA project). I've built prior versions in VS before but this time it's eluding me with unresolved references that.. look like they're being clearly resolved. so I'm a bit stuck on this. Granted my VS/C# isn't that great, I mostly develop in python and C++ using gcc/g++ and standard Makefiles/cmake ... I feel like I'm at the limit of my understanding of VS in terms of resolving the build dependencies... so I suppose I will just wait for an official rebuild or if someone knows how to get it to build in visual studio, I'm all ears
  9. i took a look at the configs, it seems like it might be a problem with loading the emissive textures... but I'm not sure, last time I dealt with this was XP10 doing paint jobs for a virtual airline and this seems... similar but different, and i can't figure out where it's being told which files to even use for which textures update: CKAN definitely thinks the 2 mods conflict. I'm attempting to just copy the part folders in and see what happens. update: it actively conflicts. warnings and at least one fatal error from, surprisingly, B9PartSwitch, which the IXS module seems to rely on for many of its part configs.
  10. @FreeThinker I have some... questions, regarding the IXS cockpit: 1. Is it possible to fix the lights? there's a button to toggle lights, but there are no lights 2. I notice this seems to be pulled from the general IXS warpship mod - at least the files in that mod seem to line up with these. I notice further that you've only pulled in the cockpit; If I install that other IXS mod, will it conflict or coexist with KSPIE? Or should I just pull the part folders from that other mod and drop it into KSPIE's parts folder, to get them without installing conflicting DLLs?
  11. is there any chance that a simple TCA recompile against 1.9.1's DLLs would fix the issues, or is it deeper than that and requires a code change? Or do we know yet?
  12. I am unclear on whether or not this mod is officially supported in 1.9.1 - from page 1, and from ckan, it seems like 'yes', but my actual game seems to say 'no': 1. the IR servo window does not appear on either toolbar, cannot access this 2. the extendatrons don't work at all 3. tweakscale I don't think is working with these parts - just saw the post above, will check the tweakscale forums 4. the hinge parts seem really weak.. i put a payload of a couple tons at the end of a chain of them (ie, extend-o-snake? ) and i launch the craft and it just flops onto the ground, through the fuselage.. can't hold shape at all any ideas? #1 and #2 are the most pressing, for me.
  13. I'm not sure if this mod is supposed to not work in 1.9.1 fully or not, but... the X and C hotkeys are nonfunctional (have to use the mouse), and in the SPH I can only choose between 15 degrees and no angle snap. Is this expected // I should wait for an update to support 1.9.1 directly, or is this something that needs fixing?