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  1. try F5 + F9 ... also make sure your reactors aren't deactivated and that they have reactor fuel.. some engines also won't activate if they are overheated or if the craft in general has too much wasteheat on board
  2. @FreeThinker at some point *relatively recently*, something broke. I'm using the KSPIE science labs on a couple of craft; they've got a bunch of science points in them, according to the right-click menu. If I click 'transmit science', it picks an antenna, and it counts up from 0% to 100% and says "successful" (in green) - however the orange message of "3543.27 science added!" never shows up, and the science never enters my balance or leaves the lab. This worked not long ago. The logs have quite a few opinions this time: [LOG 17:54:46.105] [RemoteTech] [Transmitter]: Uploading D
  3. I'm trying to use this with 1.11 .. in combination with MKS, if that matters; I have a station with the normal pad on it and the automated constructor.. tried to build a very simple ship in orbit.. everything worked fine until it came time to launch it after completion - instantly destroys the built craft, all but one part of the station, and after pushing F9 to reload the last save, a 'return to space center' caused the entire game to crash (i haven 't had a CTD in a long time, and I've managed to reproduce this twice with two different craft builds) ... wish the logs had something useful to
  4. looks like according to the OPT folks, this is a known issue with a few specific OPT parts only.
  5. after... the most recent, or the 2nd most recent patch, the climatology doesn't seem to work; if I open the window in flight and click WIND and X-WIND, I see valid values for X-WIND, but WIND shows 0 knots at 180 deg, *always*. It worked before, not sure exactly when it stopped... if I change it from climatology to the static wind model, the wind speed and direction once again shows up.
  6. thanks! I'll try your suggestions and I will see if I can find better info/reproducible steps for issue #3.
  7. So I've been using the B9 modules (latest ones on CKAN, with CKAN set to allow KSP versions back a few versions) - everything seems to work except for some of the part animations; like the surface-attached landing lights, the little doors don't open anymore.. lights still function but the animations, no. Not sure if this is a known issue or not. Obviously this mod isn't "1.11 official" but thought I'd mention it since I don't see it mentioned going back to late 2019, in this thread.
  8. I have OPT spaceplane continued, OPT spaceplane reconfig, and OPT legacy, all at 3.0, with KSP at 1.11 ... I'm having some very serious problems here: 1. Sometimes, OPT-using parts will cause the entire plane to disintegrate immediately upon launch 2. Sometimes, the CoL stays at the front and never moves when I add wings/other parts, when using any OPT parts on the plane, and this persists until I exit and re-enter the VAB 3. Control surfaces deflect at ridiculous angles despite limits set in the VAB/SPH (I'm talking like 80%+ deflection in some cases) and I suppose 4.
  9. I'm not having this problem; Are there any parts in common amongst your vessels? Perhaps there's a FAR incompatibility with one or more of them, if you tell me what parts you're using I can compare it against my list and see if we can find the culprit? I have noticed that OPT wings, and maybe other OPT parts, seem to be fully broken with FAR at this time; in fact trying to spawn such a craft shoots it through the ground and it immediately explodes, sometimes with the debris ending up several kilometers beneath Kerbin's surface, but I don't think that's a FAR issue (yet).. you're just get
  10. OK, I found the problem.. the new Vulture planet pack (very good btw) references a texture in one of its configs *that only exists in Eve's stock planets configuration* which is distributed separately (on CKAN) from the main EVE - AVP conflicts with this, so CKAN does not install the EVE stock config package, thus making a texture unavailable to Vulture; one unavailable texture causes the EVE engine to not load any clouds at all for any planet. The solution is to extract the BoulderCo/Atmospheres/Textures/ folder from the EVE distribution and copy that into GameData, then restart KSP. This
  11. yes, AVP requires EVE and scatterer as dependencies. It was all working properly before the kopernicus install. I'd do more exhaustive empirical testing myself if it didn't take KSP 15 minutes per load on this 7200rpm disk...
  12. now that I've got kopernicus installed on 1.11.1, I'm noticing something interesting - AVP's clouds no longer render on any planet. Is this a known issue? Is there a workaround? or do I just uninstall AVP and go back to plain-vanilla EVE? Or will that also have the same problem? Or am I barking up the wrong tree entirely?
  13. does this pack *replace* the stock system or add a new solar system that you can fly to (ie with KSPIE and such) ?
  14. glad to see this still works; I remember long ago having trouble with the planets' biome maps though, has that been addressed? are there resources to harvest and biomes and.. land masses that look the same on the ground as from orbit? weird question I know, but that's apparently a problem that can be created with kopernicus planet packs...
  15. so now that this is all happy with 1.11.1 .... what is the best planet pack, in your opinion *that does not replace the stock system but instead adds a distant star/planets* - I'm using KSP Interstellar, and I want a good reason to use the alcubierre drives
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