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  1. Three! - Loved using those harpoons for virus shaped mining craft:
  2. Thanks for all this super high quality work Nertea, your mods are the best.
  3. Absolutely fantastic. Thank you for all your brilliant work Kopernicus guys.
  4. FAR doesn't account for parts being in construction mode yet, so you get a nullref when you've detached a part and FAR tries to interpret it. When you reattach or drop the part FAR can process it again and the nullref stops. So with FAR installed construction mode will lag while you're holding a part.
  6. Hey Nertea thanks for the awesome update, I was wondering if there was a quick way to get ModuleRestockLinkedMesh to not rescale compound parts like this if rescaleFactor is changed. It seems like the model rescales correctly but the stretched mesh part is either shortened or lengthened by the new rescaleFactor value.
  7. You're going to have to rename this SEXYsat because these new scanner parts are super fine.
  8. This is my favorite part of every Kerbal update.
  9. I'm having the same issue, it's something to do with electric engines having electricity as a propellant. Maybe because the electricity resource gets refilled while also being drained by the engines? If you use the Infinite Electricity option then everything behaves normally.
  10. Now they have time to support Linux.
  11. Awesome, I was hoping I could find a 7.5m size config in here, these fairings are so slick. The flared out base after the fairings deploy looks way cooler than stock fairings.
  12. If anyone is using Kerbalism and wants to use BonVoyage now, I've been switching to the rover I want to set on a route, then if you turn on "Infinite Electricity" in the Shift+F12 menu you'll be able to set the route. After that I switch back to the tracking station and turn off "Infinite Electricity," the rover will travel normally during time warp and other scenes as long as you don't switch back to the rover.
  13. Is anyone else seeing the shroud for the inflatable heat shield as skewed slightly?
  14. OOOOoooo look at those snazzy fuel ducts. What a nice little upgrOMFG INSULATED BEAMS AND GIRDERS
  15. I've had this happening for a while but I can never figure out if it's a mod or just my computer being slow, it stops the lag as soon as the camera is below the ground. I can still see terrain, just not the piece I'm on without serious lag. Edit: I think it's just my laptop's intel graphics
  16. This has been the case since FAR was first created, plane shapes that fly in FAR are more likely to fly in the real world but less likely to fly in stock and plane shapes that fly in stock are more likely to not fly in the real world or FAR. It's just due to the stock aerodynamics being unrealistic.
  17. 4x scale, around the mun at like 25km. I haven't looked at the new stuff in the dll for the DLC's at all, I'm gonna take a look at them and see if I can find what holds the loading values for those ROCs.
  18. Setting the ROCSeed to -1 definitely fixed the lag for me, maybe it's what some other people have suggested and it's loading them at higher speeds and altitudes than <2000m <500m/s?
  19. I wonder if you could argue legally that posting a version in the thread made by the original creator doesn't count as redistributing, where as making a new thread to post the updated version would count as redistributing. Like, if you keep the abstract object that is the mod inside the abstract space created by the author, then licensed object doesn't leave the space owned by the creator of the thread since anyone accessing either version of the mod has to enter the space that belongs to the original author. Licensing seems like a really complex subject.
  20. Typically when this happens it has to do with RealPlume and SmokeScreen, do you have those installed?
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