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  1. Hey, is the radiation dose my Kerbals are getting from Near Future reactors dependent on distance? I've had a ship with two reactors, and Kerbals were getting unacceptable doses on it. I've split it in the middle, inserted another 80m long truss, but the dose did not change. It also has 4 active shields btw. In the process of splitting:
  2. Anyone managed to make v-22 engine work after robotics dlc update? All I can make it do is to flip uncontrollably. I play with FAR. I remember the engines worked perfectly well a year or so ago. I know well how real v-22 is controlled but it would be nice to have some explanation what various sliders do.
  3. Thanks. I'd post that link under a spolier into OP. Lots of people use FAR. Sorry, I'm a bit out of loop when it comes to KSP modding as of late.
  4. Thanks a lot! I did quite a lot of MM configs couple years ago. As of now I detect if the part is FAR compatible by the presence (or lack thereof) of stoch lifting surface part module. Another issue. May be FAR related. KSP 1.7.3. Helicopter engines dont work. Helis either won't takeoff at all despite being light enough or spin in one place as if the tail rotor failed. VTOL made using those osprey-style engines has right engine thrusting in reverse be default despite being set to "normal". If I manually reverse it it works but there's no working controls and if I try to takeoff (vertically) it again spins around yaw axis and is virtually uncontrollable. Plz halp! I need to recover Bob from where he's swimming 50km out in the ocean.
  5. Anyone made a FAR config? Those spoilers look awesome but they don't work on my install because I use FAR...
  6. Hey, is there a torpedo tube deck mount out there somewhere, in any mod? Using Patriot launcher for torps looks kinda weird.
  7. A while ago I've quickly thrown together a firing sound for Oto Melara, based on real sound found on YouTube. If you want it I can send it over and you'll include it in the mod. Better than stock one.
  8. Hey, I have a part request/suggestion. An inline airlock that can be used to make Kerbals able to egress directly into cargo bay or onto flatbed. Maybe make it as a alternative mesh for rear airlock?
  9. The most game-breaking bug in DMP for me was orbital velocity suddenly becoming zero. Is it fixed here?
  10. Those ship parts are amazing. I've been thinking of doing something like that, even started it. Never had time to finish tho. If you could, could you add some corridors, structural beams and such to them instead of leaving just thin hollow shells? It was so much fun to walk around tho corridors of a ship I've made out of procedural wings. It would also make it look more realistic, and allow more realistic placement of internal parts. Here's what real destroyers look like inside:
  11. Awesome. Really awesome. Especially for larger vehicles. So, another question. I see you are now aiming FLIR ball basing on target coordinates in world-fixed coordinate system. This leads to significant jerking and lagging when the target is moving, and to it being unable to track airplanes and helis. I propose to make it track moving targets in a similar way as tracking radar geometry part does. Make it able to track aircraft. To do it, maybe use system of coordinates that is fixed to the parent vehicle but isn't rotating? This way it should be able to track targets that have low relative angular velocity with parent craft. Oh, also, ability to "track" sky would be good. If the target is outlined by sky and your craft is moving it is completely impossible to track it even when it's stationary. Also, another request. I will also post it on Github. We need ability to target the targeting pod based on scanning radar data, not only tracking one. That's approximately how Su-27 optical tracker works, for example.
  12. Very impressive accuracy, although that's not how ballistic missiles fly. I was thinking more about space-to-space missile. Would also probably work for anti-ballistic missile kill vehicle, provided that something else brings it onto initial intercept trajectory.
  13. I mean it's basic in terms of what's required to make orbital combat work. I know maths is rather involved. I'm now starting to work on guidance for missiles in orbit using Python. I think I'll deal with reference frame by selecting an inertial one that moves with parent body but doesn't rotate. If that's too far/makes numbers too large I'll put it closer but move in jumps once in a while.
  14. Yeah, I know, space combat is very different. I just hoped for some minor fixes first, such as guns targeting. It's a very basic feature after all. I can make rockets and guide them using Python and krpc, but guns are a different issue alltogether. You can get it why am I interested after viewing my signature.
  15. Just to clarify, are there plans to make certain turrets have their own guard mode AI? Just to make separate CIWS turrets engage different missiles automatically, even when Im shooting at land targets for example. I know Baha wants to do that eventually - he told it in YouTube comments I think.
  16. A question regarding new ballistic system - would targeting in space and at large velocities work better? Current targeting can't hit relatively stationary orange fuel tank at 500 meters with a 5000m/s projectile gun.
  17. I have a pretty important suggestion - make top part of cargo ramp open 2 times faster than bottom one in animation - this will make it stay fully open despite deploy limit being used.
  18. Latest doesn't work in 1.3.0. "Incompatible" message and either CTD or nothing happening when trying to enable server. I don't remember exactly.
  19. Would that 1.2.2 version also work on 1.3? I am sticking with 1.3 because a bunch of mods are still not updated. Latest release doesn't work. Pops up an "incompatible" message. And those changes like ray cast are really important for me. Also, is there some way to interface with mods like Trajectories? I need to predict my landing (or crash?) location but code like that isn't easy to implement myself.
  20. Would remove helmet functionality conflict with same one in KIS?
  21. Hello, I absolutely love this mod! I have a suggestion. I want to make a land train with front part that can detach and drive on its own. I need a flexible joint that can decouple. I've been thinking about something like this but well, you see it won't work like that. Another suggestion is an inline cockpit. So that the rest of the train can drive on its own.
  22. Is there a way to export FAR graphs and numbers into anything readable externally? I want to calculate optimal ascent trajectory using some numerical optimization but I need aerodynamics data for that.
  23. I'd like one. There are C-130 landing gears and ramp after all. Also, what about FAR support? Anyone made some?
  24. Ah, thanks. I have a couple more questions. What does exactly available_torque return? It looks like this: ((5662.55247592926, 2019.308090209961, 1881.891991943121), (5946.8719363212585, 2019.308090209961, 1908.4728211164474)). Those small tuples are torques around y/p/r axes respectively, but in which units? Also, as far as I understand, first 3 values are max torques in negative directions, second ones are in positive? Also, I suppose available_control_surface_torque doesn't work with FAR. Thus, we get back to that simulation I've mentioned, except that it would need to work with pitch/roll/yaw control surface setting parameter. Like in FAR coefficients window but with all 3 axes. Thing is, I'm designing a controller that would always be able to steer a rocket in stable way, and to do that I want to know a vehicle's dynamics.
  25. Can you add aerodynamic moment simulation? I need to check AoAs I'll be able to fly at when calculating ascent trajectory. Would be best if it worked with FAR. I must admit this mod is so amazing it made me install KSP again after 2 years without it. FInally I can unleash true power of engineering and write off that old mk2 eyeball.
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