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  1. hieywiey

    [WIP] KewtSAT Development Thread

    The font on the models. Futura is a font.
  2. That's another thing I'd be glad to help with.
  3. If you need any help with RealPlume configs, PM me.
  4. Does this just use the regular RL-10's from BDB? If not, I'd be glad to do the RealPlume configs for them.
  5. Don't you mean Manuel? Jokes aside, the last time it was updated was in 2016. This is because Kronal Vessel Viewer was not updated for a while, and I assume @CobaltWolf also just was more occupied with other things. @DiscoSlelge made most of it however, so reach out to him to find out.
  6. Why doesn't Meridiani have the node to attach the instrument pallet?
  7. For me using the app here on macOS High Sierra, I always get redirected to the wiki page, but only see instructions for manually installing it with the Windows .exe file. Which should I follow?
  8. Realistic trojan orbits by nature require N-Body physics, as they are gravitationally affected by multiple bodies (parent star and planet). It does now occur to me that you could just have it in the same orbit with a different true anomaly (position along the orbit). The thing at the end reminds me of this.
  9. How is the LDC coming along? Versions of the Titan engines that don't have that base would be nice (kind of like how the J-2 and F-1 are).
  10. What do you mean by a 'Greek' orbit, I'm pretty sure there is no such thing. As for a Trojans, IIRC that they reside in or near a Lagrange point, which is something that cannot be replicated in KSP without mods like Principia. Even so, Principia is very buggy and severely alters how KSP is played, as standard transfers don't work the way you'd think as in real life, all bodies gravitationally affect not only your craft, but all of the other bodies as well (see this GitHub page for what I'm talking about). Also, Vesta is not spherical like Ike, it is actually potato-shaped, so Ike would have to be modified to make it more like Vesta. As Ceres is the only asteroid within the orbit of Neptune that is in hydrostatic equilibrium (it is rounded by it's own gravity), there really is no good place to relocate Ike in it's current state. Moving it into the outer solar system would conflict with other mods like Outer Planets. I'm not entirely sure if it is possible to delete a stock body from the game, but one could certainly transform Ike into Hosbop to get rid of the extra moon. Or you could take the nuclear option and move Ike into the center of Kerbol (or at least within the surface), but that is likely to cause problems, especially if you try to land on it (although Danny2462 would love to try).
  11. Could we get updated RealPlume configs for Mothra and the BFR?
  12. hieywiey

    [WIP] KA-330 Inflatable Space Habitat

    Love those panels! Are they standalone parts, or built-in? Because I'd really love to use them on probes and stuff.