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  1. [WIP] KA-330 Inflatable Space Habitat

    Love those panels! Are they standalone parts, or built-in? Because I'd really love to use them on probes and stuff.
  2. Are the grapple fixtures functional? If not, I'm sure @cxg2827 would be happy to help you with compatibility with the ones in CxAerospace. I really like your texturing BTW, it has a stockalike look to it, similar to the aforementioned mod. Is it meant for cargo (KIS storage space), crew, science (experiments investigating the validity of inflatable spacecraft, much like the ones going on in BEAM IRL), or a bit of all?
  3. KSP Acquired by Take-Two Interactive

    My greatest fear with this is not the death of the modding scene, but rather of KSP having references to other TT games and vice versa. KSP already has a solid charm to it, it doesn't need to lose it. I don't want BioShock or GTA references in KSP.
  4. Could you at least still provide a download?
  5. Try Soundtrack Editor, it's awesome! Plus there are some unused sounds hidden in the game that it can play, they're mainly things like decouplers and some other stuff. There's also editorLoop01 (GameData/Squad/Sounds) which I assume is an unused track for the VAB/SPH, it does kinda sound like old Club Penguin (R.I.P.) music I'm considering doing a sound pack of my own, including stuff for Chatterer (that stuff is pretty easy, just reverse the audio and make it high-pitch). And apparently you can change the part select sound in the VAB too! I'm currently working on explosion sounds.
  6. The drill would HAVE to be able to sing Happy Birthday.
  7. [WIP] GoingUnderground - Subterranean Habitats Mod

    I want to be able to EVA in this. That would be epic.
  8. Does the Cryo Shelter work with DeepFreeze yet?
  9. [1.3] - Modular Kolonization System (MKS)

    I still am not really sure what the new kerbal classes do, KSPedia isn't much help.
  10. Konstellation HLV

    Is USILS support planned?
  11. It is fully compatible with macOS Sierra, as that is what I am using right now. Very few mods are incompatible with certain OSes, and the ones that are usually require an external application, require certain hardware and/or graphics capabilities, like Scatterer, or make significant changes to how the game runs, like Principia, which completely replaces KSP's physics. So, yes, you likely installed it incorrectly. Double click on "CollisionFXv4.0.zip", and open the extracted folder. Open the GameData folder inside and select the "CollisionFX" folder, and copy it (press ⌘C). Then go to your KSP folder, open the GameData folder inside, and paste (press ⌘V). Now boot up KSP!
  12. Konstellation HLV

    Handles like a dream, although I do think the engines are a bit overpowered. I recommend using MechJeb's differential throttle option in tandem with it's landing autopilot.
  13. I'd recommend using BDB in tandem with Tantares, their similar art styles really go well together (although BDB is significantly more fleshed out).
  14. I stumbled upon some photos showing Skylab's airlock (it's actually a Gemini door), and made an album to help.
  15. Does anyone know where/if anyone has these models from PorkJet's planned revamp of the Habitat Pack?