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  1. Couldn’t you just make Fatlas by just overinflating the ballon tanks? How long till they pop?
  2. Would you have any interest making an official C-5N/Saturn VN? That would add some interesting capabilities.
  3. Could someone please help me with this issue? It’s effectively holding my career save hostage.
  4. I seem to have some sort of mod conflict with Kopernicus in 1.7.3. I am using Breaking Ground and Making History. This is on macOS High Sierra. Something seems to be interfering with the loading of Kerbol. Link to the log file is in the spoiler.
  5. I guess you could put a fairing around it to keep the sunlight away, but that isn’t ZBO. I think the way that @Nertea implements cryogenic fuels allows boiloff management.
  6. IIRC SCORE was a one off flight. It was essentially a tape recorder, a battery, and an omnidirectional antenna. The active payload only weighed 68kg, though the total on orbit mass, including the empty Atlas, was 3969kg. Eisenhower recorded a Christmas message for the satellite.
  7. I think the old shader fits better, as the metallic cover on the IRL F-1 wasn’t smooth enough to be that reflective. It also wasn’t really that polished, it didn’t need to be. The reflectiveness was more akin to stainless steel, it reflected light, but now without distortion.
  8. Just download it from GitHub or SpaceDock, CKAN in my opinion is only worth using for RP-0 installs. Additionally, this is a problem for the CKAN thread, not this one.
  9. Voyage, along with Titan (also by Stephen Baxter) are such amazing books, they’re also criminally under-appreciated. Titan singlehandedly made me fall in love with the eponymous moon, and Voyage is a great alt-history look at an alternate post-Apollo NASA that focuses all of its energy on sending humans to Mars, cancelling most unmanned probes, i.e. Voyager, and possibly Viking. If any of you have the time, I highly recommend these, along with two other of Baxter’s books, Flood and Ark.