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  1. Oh, so like some Mutated Titan IV with three SSSRBs instead of SRMUs, and six Delta II cores (and presumably a central fuel/oxidizer tank). What upper stage did it use? I can’t imagine using such a dinky upper stage with this like the Delta-K, maybe something more like a Centaur.
  2. That looks just... wrong. Wouldn’t the exhaust from the liquid engines burn away the SRB casings?
  3. Will landing legs, a fuel tank, and engine parts be added for the light lander?
  4. It seems like 2019 will be "The Year of The Moon". The first lunar far-side landing (Chang'e 4), the first lunar sample-return mission since 1976 (Chang'e 5), India's second lunar mission and first lander and rover (Chandryaan 2), and the first private lunar landers (SpaceIL's Beresheet and Moon Express' Lunar Scout). Next year will be pretty exciting too in terms of lunar exploration (assuming EM-1 actually launches and doesn't get delayed again). EM-1 will include 13 CubeSats, 4 of which will orbit the Moon (Lunar Flashlight, LunaH-Map, Lunar IceCube, Cislunar Explorers), 1 will land on the moon (OMOTENASHI), 6 will perform lunar flybys (SkyFire, CuSP, NEA Scout, BioSentinel, EQUULEUS, ArgoMoon) and 2 will orbit the Sun (Earth Escape Explorer and Team Miles). OMOTENASHI and EQUULEUS are both Japanese, and should OMOTENASHI successfully land on the surface of the moon, it would make Japan the fifth country to land a spacecraft on the Moon (assuming that Chandryaan 2 is successful, otherwise Japan would be the fourth country) and the smallest lunar lander at only 7kg for the entire landing segment (including the deorbit solid rocket motor, which weighs 6kg and has a ∆v of 2500m/s). OMOTENASHI also includes an orbiting section, which separates from the landing section (OMOTENASHI weighs 14kg at launch). OMOTENASHI uses a cold gas thruster to enter a lunar-impact orbit, and a solid rocket motor for the landing phase. The solid rocket will be ignited with a laser. After the deorbit burn that will last 15-20 seconds, OMOTENASHI's lander will eject the retrorocket, experiencing a free-fall of about 100 m. Just before impact, the lander will deploy a single airbag about 50 cm in diameter to minimize the impact, estimated to be at 20 - 30 m/s.The lander has a payload of a radiation monitor and an accelerometer.
  5. The Chang'e 3 images had this same reddish tint, so I'm assuming it's because China is full of damn Red Commies probably the filters they have on the cameras. Picture above is of the Chang'e 3 lander taken by the Yutu rover. Note the reddish tint on the lunar regolith. It is especially noticeable at the top right of the image. Chang'e 3 and 4 are nearly identical, so expect the lander of Chang'e 4 to look similar, if not identical to this image. I wish that CNSA would post more detailed information and more pictures. Xinhua (China's state run media) isn't very good at providing detailed information on Chinese space missions. Plus their State-run nature may make them a bit biased, similar to how Soviet media was with their space program.
  6. hieywiey

    TMasterson5 Mod Family

    Some pics would be nice...
  7. Are solar panels going to be revamped? The stock ones are hideous.
  8. hieywiey

    PURE Electric Engines

    Nice violation of Newton's Third Law.
  9. Does BDB currently have the parts needed to make the Conestoga 1620? Info about this thing is really hard to come by.
  10. hieywiey

    Docking Controls

    Has anyone ever used these? Let alone even figured out how to use them? I have played KSP since 0.22, and I can't figure out how to use this if my life depended on it.
  11. hieywiey

    KSP Community Rewind 2018

    My list is divided into two sections: Most Improved, and Best Newcomers. Most Improved of 2018: 1. Bluedog Design Bureau ( @CobaltWolf 's masterpiece has undergone significant improvements this year, from fresh art passes to new parts) 2. Near Future ( @Nertea 's pack of mods has improved a lot this year, and still remains a must-have collection of mods for any install) 3. Coatl Aerospace ( @akron 's probe parts pack has improved a lot this year, from Textures Unlimited integration, to the addition of Mariner, Juno, and IUE spacecraft) Best Newcomers of 2018: 1. Space Station Parts Expansion Redux ( @Nertea has revitalized his old parts pack into something new and exciting, and EVERYTHING HAS GORGEOUS IVAs, there may also be fish too) 2. Universal Storage II ( @Paul Kingtiger , @Daishi and @DMagic rejuvenated Universal Storage into a new, sexy parts pack) 3. Rocket Sound Enhancement ( @ensou04 's sound enhancement gives rocket engines that crackle sound, and makes your rockets sound heavenly)
  12. hieywiey

    The Truman Kerman Craftyard

    I thought this would somehow be related to The Truman Show, evidently it is not.
  13. I noticed that there is no 6-engine mount for the MS-IC, is this planned? Because several Saturn MLV concepts cannot be built as the TWR is below 1 with only 5 F-1s. Also, could we get lighter Saturn V tanks without insulation (orange)? Sending large spacecraft to Laythe via gravity assists (Galileo/Cassini-like trajectory) in my 2.5x career is just barely possible with even a Saturn V with a MS-IC with 5 F-1s, 4 Titan IVB SRMU strapons, a MS-II with 7 HG-3s, and a S-IVC with 2 HG-3s.
  14. Is there a patch for 1.5.1? I am unable to find one on any of the previous pages.