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  1. Is there a patch for 1.5.1? I am unable to find one on any of the previous pages.
  2. This sounds interesting, but your descriptions make it very unclear exactly what this mod is. Also, some pictures would be nice.
  3. hieywiey

    [WIP]Duna Direct - Formerly Mars Direct

    It could probably be an animation that gives the illusion of there being a real tether and just have the player spin up the spacecraft. Alternatively, KAS' winches could be used, but I don't think that plays well with time warp.
  4. hieywiey

    [WIP]Duna Direct - Formerly Mars Direct

    Are you going to do the artificial gravity tether?
  5. hieywiey

    KSP Weekly: Lunar Water

    Are more launch sites planned? More runways for use during spaceplane missions would be nice! Also, a contract for ferrying passengers between launch sites would be nice (i.e. KSC to Dessert Airfield, etc.).
  6. hieywiey

    Higher Part Cost

    You can copy paste the following into a text editor (Notepad on Windows, TextEdit on macOS, etc.) and save it as a .cfg file. @PART[*] { @cost *= 6.0 } @RESOURCE_DEFINITION[*] { @unitCost *= 6.0 }
  7. hieywiey

    KSP Weekly: The Orbiters!

    The new suit looks nice! I do think that the helmet needs some more work though, as it looks kinda...sooty. Would it be possible to add stock support for additional suit textures? I think the same would be good for the new launch sites, as we would no longer have to depend on mods like KerbalKonstructs (sorry, @Ger_space!).
  8. hieywiey

    KSP Weekly: The Solar Visit

    This is kind of what I meant, I am frustrated with the inconsistent style, with the "True Porkjet" Spaceplane Plus parts, and the nicer Porkalike Mk1 & Mk3 plane parts, but it starts to fall apart with the Making History parts, which are all over the place. I am not saying that these parts are ugly, far from it, just that the styling is inconsistent. This isn't necessarily a bad thing however, as parts from different in-game manufacturers could have their own unique design language, to differentiate them. Ultimately, I really just would like a refresh on some of the parts that have had the same models for quite a while (all of the electrical parts, reaction wheels, some of the rocket engines, some fuel tanks, and science equipment), so the styling is more consistent across all parts.
  9. hieywiey

    KSP Weekly: The Solar Visit

    Would it just be more effective to just abandon Porkalike and do a new style, this way it will be more consistent?
  10. Could the controller support from the enhanced edition be ported to the desktop versions for use with controllers like the Steam Controller? This would make playing KSP on the couch easier for those of us who like PC couch gaming.
  11. hieywiey

    [WIP] KewtSAT Development Thread

    The font on the models. Futura is a font.
  12. That's another thing I'd be glad to help with.
  13. If you need any help with RealPlume configs, PM me.
  14. Does this just use the regular RL-10's from BDB? If not, I'd be glad to do the RealPlume configs for them.