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  1. Dr. Jet

    [1.3.1/1.4.5] Kerbalism v1.9.0

    Hm-m-m... According to this model of BIOS-3, I overesimated both the growth area and algae tank volume needed. See those bioreactors? They are not so big... Ans phytotrones does not take the whole sections either. And during experiment algae section was succesfully replaced with third phytotron, what I didn't know about. Living quarters Phytotrones. One - for wheat, one for veggies. Algae bioreactors (tanks with inner lighting). The whole installation is 14 x 9 x 2.5m. Each room is 7x 4.5 x 2.5m. Also found today a very nice document: http://bioscience.oxfordjournals.org/content/47/9/575.full.pdf It is the most full and comprehensive online document about BIOS-3 I've ever seen! Much better than even russian documents I read before. According to table 2, phytotrone with plants only (no algae tanks) can produce enough oxygen for 1 human if it's growth area is 13 m2. For 1 kerbal it should be 4 times smaller - 3.25 m2. Seems that Kerbalism Greenhouse model with it's 4.8 m2 growth area is OK for 1,47 kerbals than. SSPX 2.5 Greenhouse in that case is OK for 2.7 kerbals and SSPX 3.75 Greenhouse if OK for 2.7-3 kerbals. Though gameplaywise, I still see it as balanced for 1, 2 and 2 kerbals accordingly. There should be some surplus space for the case plants won't grow well.
  2. Dr. Jet

    [1.3.1/1.4.5] Kerbalism v1.9.0

    Yeah, yeah, I have read description in cfg files too... Those assumptions are plain wrong. Using VOLUME to assess crops is WRONG. Growing AREA is what matters. (Yeah, I forgot that word and used word "square"). Let's check this assumptions... I used Blender .mu import to calculate actual growing area of greenhouse parts. (Assuming model size ratio is 1.0) Kerbalism Greenhouse. Easy one, as growing area is simple flat surface, painted with microgreens texture. It has two sections of 2.4m2 each, so exactly 4.8 m2. ( It's not enough for single kerbal, btw. We need 5,2 m2 AND ALSO 6,56 m3 of algae tanks. And this model does not have space for algae tanks. SSPX 2.5m greenhouse. Harder to calculate... It uses actual plant models rather than painted surfaces... We have 18 sections and each of those has two of it's side walls as growing areas. Using the whole side walls area for calculation it's 0.44m2*2*18 = 15.84 m2... Impressive difference, isn't it? And it is not in favor of Kerbalism Greenhouse. Though using the area of small "hydroponic pots" only it's 0.0208m2*3*2*18 = 2.2464 m2. Concidering plant models are about twice as wide as pots they grow in, we have 8.9856 m2. Not so impressive, but still almost twice better than Kerbalism Greenhouse. No algae tanks in IVA though. Not even a place for them. SSPX 3.75m greenhouse. Two growing areas on "top" and "bottom" are 5.6m2 each, wich gives us 11.2m2. No "hydroponic pots" in model though. And plant models are distributed scarcely (to spare our GPUs). Concidering edges of area are hidden beneath "pipes", effective area should be a bit smaller - around 9-9.5m2 possibly. Also, IVA model has some closets, which can hide algae tanks inside. So... Kerbalism configuration was misquided by SSPX plant models being less visually dense than painted surface in KG model. Gameplaywize I recommend to skip minor differences and configure both SSPX greenhouses to effectively produce oxygen for TWO kerbals. Update: Patch is ready https://github.com/steamp0rt/Kerbalism/pull/193 SSPX 2.5m greenhouse is actually an interesting one. 18 independent small greenhouses allow for crop rotation, effectively harvesting 1 section every 11 days.
  3. Dr. Jet

    [1.3.1/1.4.5] Kerbalism v1.9.0

    Oh... I was referring to https://github.com/ShotgunNinja/Kerbalism
  4. Dr. Jet

    [1.3.1/1.4.5] Kerbalism v1.9.0

    Configurations for StationPartsExpansionRedux heavy greenhouse parts are ridiculously low (66% and 42% effciency of lightweight Kerbalism greenhouse respectively). Extra "living space" does not compensate for such tremendous efficiency reduction, rendering those parts obsolete. Also, quesstimating phytotrone efficiency by it's volume seems incorrect. Square is what plays a role, until we are speaking about algae tank. Here are some numbers I calculated on base of BIOS-3 CLSS experiment. BTW, in BIOS-3 experiment there was not any external supply of fertilizer. Only natural recycling. P.S. With new invention of Krasnoyarsk Biophysics Institute (2015), efficiency can be even higher. They invented a process to quickly decompose human waste into viable fertilizer using only hydrogen peroxide and electricity. P.P.S. Main github instance of Kerbalism seems dead. What fork is alive now?
  5. There is NO error. Spacedock archive has it exactly as it should be. Tested right now. To implement unrecommended modification (always active central rotator) you should change to // animationName = ssp1_rotator sunTracking = true It that more clear?
  6. Nope. Both in current archive and in my export folder it looks like this. animationName = ssp1_rotator // To make central pivot ALWAYS active and get rid of surplus AG-actions - comment this line // sunTracking = true // And uncomment THIS line. Though this tweak is possible it's still not recommended. You'll see why when trying to make extra-dense satellite packaging. There never were aerodynamic shrouds there. "Shroud" part in code is actually a workaround for automatically appearing 2.5m adapter. Yep. There could be 5m adapter, but we do not have 5m station parts - even in mods
  7. It is NOT supposed to host ENGINE. It is supposed to host a docking port. If you want to fit engine inside - change config. You need to change \GameData\ChopShop\Utility\HeatShield\heatshield_o.cfg->"fuelCrossFeed = False" to "fuelCrossFeed = True".
  8. Переводить "науку" - это довольно нудный процесс. Удачи. P.S. Приглашать помощников нужно КУДА-ТО. На Гитхаб, битбакет или ещё какой ресурс, позволяющий совместную работу.
  9. It's some extremely weird sh1t... File is exactly the same as in version where I have solved all VAB/SPH measurement issues with chutes in a batch. Drag cubes are exactly what they should be. And it were drag cubes which produced this error in version There are no rogue vertices. And there was not a single one either. Other chutes which have exactly the same model (except for canopy size) and exactly the same animation do not produce similar error... ... Though... Dumb re-building the part in newer PartTools under Unity 5.4 seem to solve the issue... at the expence of extra 12 kb (.mu bloated for some reason). I haven't touch anything! Same old model, same old animation file... Just pressed "Write" once again.
  10. Seems legit. PACKED cube shows the phisical size in VAB/SPH. And it's small. Will check...
  11. Hm-m-m... This legacy bug was not seen for a while... Open your PartDatabase.cfg and check if you have PART { url = ChopShop/Utility/Chutes/chute2/ChopShop_ChSeg2 DRAG_CUBE { cube = PACKED, 0.4388,0.7829,0.6683, 0.4388,0.7708,0.5222, 0.2968,0.8427,0.211, 0.2968,0.7434,0.2089, 0.1975,0.7209,0.6697, 0.1975,0.7168,0.6697, -0.1728,0.09103,0, 0.5926,0.3381,1.311 cube = SEMIDEPLOYED, 9.203,0.3492,2.824, 9.212,0.348,2.824, 5.946,0.8857,16.79, 5.947,0.9097,17.06, 9.177,0.3249,2.824, 9.225,0.3328,2.824, 0,8.42,-1.073E-06, 2.8,17,2.8 cube = DEPLOYED, 22.58,31.22,7.878, 22.56,31.2,7.878, 48.49,40.38,15.23, 48.5,40.13,15.54, 22.85,30.38,7.878, 22.85,30.65,7.878, 0,7.653,-9.537E-07, 8,15.46,8 } } If numbers are different, especially in PACKED state - delete PartDatabase.cfg and restart the game.
  12. v 0.11.4 Eng: Added support for Textures Unlimited (had to re-build a couple of models). Shinies!!! Fixed all troubles with DDAS (hopefully). Few minor fixes. Rus: Добавлена поддержка Textures Unlimited (пришлось переделать пару моделей). Блестяшки!!! Исправлены все проблемы с ДДАС (надеюсь). Несколько мелких исправлений. You'll still need Textures Unlimited to get that shiny metal effect AND a separate TU config for stock parts if you want wings, engines and other stuff to match. Minor patch to return working decals to Rugged Rover and RTG Rover. Decal names appeared to be case sensitive. Who knew that?
  13. Dr. Jet

    Addon Localization Home

    Update ChopShop, please. It has English, Russian, Spanish and German. Other languages can be committed here https://github.com/doktorjet/ChopShop
  14. Если что - комменты сюда. Полезные дополнения и баг-репорты - на гитхаб.