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  1. Nice to hear you are OK. BTW, should there be TWO configs simultaneously? I mean ETTR_Spiral_TechTree.cfg and ETTR_TechTree.cfg. Those must be conflicting as they refer to the same nodes.
  2. What a disturbing tendency... When I make a pull request, corresponding mod owner mysteriously disappears...
  3. Nice! Why I don't see it in GitHub version? Speaking of which... https://github.com/fwdixon/ETT/issues/2, https://github.com/fwdixon/ETT/pull/3
  4. For nuclear engines? Like RD-0410 and Nerva? Then you should know that RD-0410 was gas-fed and Nerva has exploded (test of 1959) because of liquid hydrogen evaporating too fast. Neither of those was ever concidered to be CO2 fed. I'm not sure if it's even practical. For any practical usage like methane production, CO2 is stored solid, used gaseous.
  5. Nice idea! I approve it. Just some advices. 1) CO2 is not something you want to store as liquid. EVER. It will need constant heating (30°) and too high pressure (heavy tanks). On the other hand SOLID form of CO2 ("dry ice") is easily storeable, does not need any pressure holding at all and converts directly to gas when heated a little bit. 2) You forgot CO2 ice as a crustal resource. Martian ice caps consist of this mostly, exoplanets may have it too. 3) You are putting some ice-type resources to atmosphere. It's not that bad in terms of realism (snow, you know), but what exist as snow - can be obtained as gas from the same atmoshpere - concider it. 4) You may concider to use RealIsru for parts. I made some realistic-looking chemical reactors for it. 5) Concider to expand for some Manufactoring mod support (USI/MKS, Ground Construction or ELP). ISRU operations are boring when they are about fuel/breathing air alone. 6) Karbonite & Karborundum shoud disappear. Fantastic resources do not pair well with realistic ones.
  6. You did not understand the question. Also you are wrong about "cannot". Abovementioned Ship Manifest was the most obvious answer, but I found another one already. Portrait Stats adds a button to start stock crew transfer from ANY part that holds the kerbal to the connnected parts (with hatches).
  7. Silly question... How can I transfer crew to and from Tundra parts (Colonization, Medicine, etc.) without Ship Manifest addon, which is severely bugged in 1.7.x? There are no hatches to click.
  8. Will test it, add russian localization and ChopShop support. Probably in second half of october. Weekends are too short unfortunately.
  9. Seems that works... Should there be anything else than buttons at the top and at the bottom in that long empty window?
  10. All parts in recovered part inventory are shown as "Part is new". KCT treat them as NEW and does not reduce construction times... What am I doing wrong? P.S. I'm not using OhScrap!
  11. It didn't work right even in 1.4.x due to lots of bugs and author ignoring github pull requests. That's a pity, as it was the most sane tech tree ever released.
  12. New players should not bother with ISRU in first place. Building self-sustaining colonies is a late game thing anyway.
  13. When you have to pay for gameplay essential DLCs in KSP-1, why would you get a NEW GAME from OTHER DEVELOPER for free?
  14. Do not oversimplify Life Support, please! COMPLEX life support will call for more complex ISRU sysytems when building a self-sufficient base. More building. More transportation. More management. More fun.