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  1. Working RO under 1.6? Where can I get one?
  2. Patch is out. Nothing more then upmentioned collider fix.
  3. It seems that ladder collider was somehow broken. Re-building part from Unity PartTools does not fix it... ... Fully re-imported and re-tweaked and... it seems fixed. Try this file: https://github.com/doktorjet/ChopShop/blob/master/GameData/ChopShop/Rovers/MRR/mrr2.mu If it will work for you - i'll put it in the patch.
  4. Was it an issue before 1.6.x? Do you have the same problem with MRR Mk2? It could be an issue if ladder or hatch colliders were not assigned to Part Trigger layer... But they ARE assigned. And a model has not changed since May 2018.
  5. Crafts are installed by CKAN to the /Ships, not to the /Saves/YourSaveName/Ships. One really should not uninstall by deleting whole /GameData/. Use CKAN instead for clean process.
  6. Notepad++ for all text-based files including .cfg. But keep in mind, those are UTF8, not Win1251.
  7. Updated with bugfixes from @Kerbas_ad_astra, Yalov and @Gordon Dry. Thanks for support, guyz. I'm a bit out of modding for a while now, too much IRL work.
  8. As this one is parts-only mod, It is already 1.5.1 compatible.
  9. In KSP it does add RAM usage efficiency. A lot.
  10. @Electrocutor Thank you a lot! Working DX3D11 is still a performance savior.
  11. Don't scare me. It's in place. https://github.com/doktorjet/ChopShop/tree/master/GameData/ChopShop/Utility/DDAS That was a duplicate that was deleted before. BTW, better use Spacedock or CKAN. Github instance is there for possible pull requests, not for downloads. I don't even have release packs there.
  12. v Eng: Updated stock rover patch for KSP 1.5.1 changes. Made controls for SSP rotator and SSP panels have different text (KSP 1.5.x allows it finally). Added new impact resistances and wind resistance (where it was missing) for all SSPs. Rus: Обновил патч стокового ровера с учётом изменений KSP 1.5.1. Сделал разный текст для управления ротором и панелями УСП (KSP 1.5.x наконец-то это позволяет). Добавил новые параметры удароустойчивости и параметр ветроустойчивости (где он был пропущен) для всех УСП.
  13. Contracts to grab science from KSC do not work in 1.5.1... Separate tasks are shown as completed "in-flight", but when returning to contracts screen at KSC they are all shown as not completed. Also "Return any science from Kerbin" did not completed until I actually grab an experiment while flying, neither of ground experiments counted for that.
  14. Ok, I'll make it a separate part then. XL one will remain of course, I already re-configured it. Nevermind. I remembered how I did it before. A substitute part that was deleted in presence of ModuleManager.