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  1. [1.3.0] Kerbalism v1.2.9

    Pouring wastewater into space greenhouse (aeroponic most probably) is a bad idea. You don't have soil bacteria there to convert toxic substance into something that plants can consume, also spraying nozzles can get clogged. WasteWater processor should filter water, separate useful minerals and produce ammonia from nitrogenous solids. Roughly for each 1 kg of WasteWater processed we should get 0.95 kg of Water, 0.013 kg Minerals and 0.009 kg of Ammonia. Notice that some mass is lost (jettisoned), though if you want to add oxygenous pyroliser and recover some CO2, you may add extra input of 0.0117 kg O2 to recieve extra output of 0.0131 kg CO2. BTW, speaking about self-sustaining colonies, those will need not only Water and Minerals, but also some sources of Nitrogen and Carbon. Carbon is easy, it's most likely to be found alongside with Oxygen when processing some Ore in potassium fluorine cycle. Though finding Nitrogen is trickier. Though it's abundant in Kerbin and Laythe atmospheres, but very scarce in Duna (Mars) and Eve (Venus) atmospheres and it's a matter of luck if it can be found in ores anywhere.
  2. [1.3.0] Kerbalism v1.2.9

    Did not understand your question. First 3 resources were added to CRP from USI MKS. Fertilizer IIRC is used in KPBRS (+ TAC LS) and was also used in Biomass mod when it was alive. Thus using existing resources instead of creating new ones is actually a good idea. Methane is regretfully not used in most cryogenic engines mods IIRC, though IRL there are rocket engines that work on liquid methane + liquid oxygen. Units proportional to metric tons - that's GOOD! All my numbers are in percent-by-mass! Let's calculate exact rates... Concidering Food is mostly carbohydrates, rough molar rate of CO2 and Water input should be around 12/11. Thus we have greenhouse input of 65.5% CO2, 24.6% Water and 9.9% Fertilizer (by mass). Concidering greenhouse is mass-neutral (input mass equals output mass) and photosynthesis conversion rate for sugar, we can calculate that 65.5%*32/44=47,64% of greenhouse output (by mass) will be Oxygen, and remaining 52.36% will be solid output, which is Food and Waste (ineadible plant parts). Notice that those rates does not take into account kerbals consumption rates (0.84 kg of Oxygen and 1.77 kg of Food per day according to Default.cfg). For each kerbal breathing (if we don't have another source of CO2 onboard) both greenhouse input and output should equal 0.84/0.4764 = 1.76 kg per day. That gives us 0.923 kg of solid output per day. Best closed cycle experiment - the soviet BIOS-3 achived at most 50% closed cycle on food. Thus each 1.77*0.5=0.885 kg of Food produced should be accompanied by 0.038 kg of Waste. Huh! Those plants are almost whole edible. So finally we have Input: 65.5% CO2, 24.6% Water and 9.9% Fertilizer Output: 47.64% O2, 50.2% Food, 2.16% Waste Harvest cycle can be as long as you wish, it does not matter, just keep it proportional. P.S. Some calculation results from my earlier studies. 4 meter long 2.5m wide cylindrical "phytotrone" part should be able to produce 50% of single kerbal's needs in Food and 100% of his needs in Oxygen.
  3. My KSP 2.0 wishlist

    Yes, but what I want is robust STOCK mechanic to change part parameters according to animation state. Deflated parts obviously has less volume and less or even zero crew capacity. For now it can be done (in reverse) with some engines, but not with regular parts.
  4. My KSP 2.0 wishlist

    True multithreading. All your 4-8 CPU cores should calculate current craft physics. Integrated ModuleManager. Integrated CKAN or NexusModManager. Integrated Editor Extensions. Realistic life support system. Maybe something like Kerbalizm. Will give a reason for complex multi-habitable-parts designs. Realistic resources system. (No more combustible "Ore", hunt for water (hydrogen) or noble gazes, produce your own methane for both chemical and atomic engines...). Logical and sane TechTree with manless start OR a handy ingame instrument to make your own. Integrated RCSBuildAid. Procedural and switcheable parts (stock module to make those). Procedural planets (will have MUCH smoother terrain with better textures). More of them also, maybe even other star systems. More (MUCH MORE) reasons for sustaining an orbital station of sending a rover (corresponding science experiments and contracts). Propellers (stock module to make those). Inflatables (stock module to make those). Nodes, moving along with animation (Yay! Robotics!) Integrated KIS (KAS is pretty much useless) and more maintenance/repairing activities for engineers. Unity shaders. Also some Unity weather system maybe. Optional means of automation - either KOS-style (with examples library) or MechJeb-style. Haters should be able to turn those off. Optional N-body physics (Lagrange points are tricky but cool). Will work perfect with True Multithreading. ISRU manufacturing system (integrated ELP with USI MKS resources). Some way to automate logistics for ISRU MS. P.S. Voxel planets are a very BAD idea. Any digging will bloat you savegame files to ridiculous size and drop load speed dramatically.
  5. [1.3.0] Kerbalism v1.2.9

    Actually, Minerals are already available in CRP and actively used in MKS. Using what is already there to prevent resource cluttering. Also it may lead to MKS supporting patch, since USI LS in not mandatory for MKS.
  6. [1.3.0] Kerbalism v1.2.9

    Copied from private talk for open discussuion. Speaking about greenhouse-related resource chains, I see thing like this: Waste = "organic waste", which is kerbal feces + uneated food remnaints + inedible plant parts. Food = mostly hydrocarbons (let's take sugar, which is C12H22O11) and proteins (NH3-R-CO-OH, where R is a few CH2) and some different minerals (about 4-5%). For the sake of simplicity we can just assume that kerbals are vegetarians and use element mass percentages for plants I already wrote. Fertilizer = minerals + nitrogen in some bound form (easiest for our case is (NH4)2CO3). What we want from greenhouse is to convert Water, Fertilizer and CO2 into Food and O2. But we should also consider that not all plant parts are eadible. About 30-50% of Greenhouse biomass output will be Waste. How to reprocess Waste? There are 3 main methods: Pyrolysis in oxygen. Input: Waste, O2, EC. Output: CO2, Water, either Nitrogen or Oxidizer (N2O4), Minerals. Jettisoned mass is about 2-3%. Low EC consumage. Pyrolysis in vacuum. Input: Waste, EC. Output: Carbon (most likely jettisoned), CH4, CO2, Ammonia(NH3), Minerals, possibly H2,. Jettisoned mass is quite high and depends on how much free carbon is left. High EC consumage. Bioprocessing. Input: Waste, Water, EC. Output: Biomass (algae + bacteria). Possibly should not be implemented because it will call for second type of fertilizer. How to produce Fertlizer? Input: Minerals, Ammonia (∝2 mol), Water (∝1 mol), CO2 (∝1 mol). Output: Fertilizer. Remember, Nitrogen is only 30.4% by mass from Ammonium_carbonate. Considering this and plant dry mass table, Fertilizer should consist of 50,5% (by mass) Minerals and 49,5% of Ammonium_carbonate. Let's convert it to inputs mass percentage. Input: Minerals (50,5%), Ammonia (17,5%), Water (9,3%), CO2 (22,7%). Output: Fertilizer. How much Fertilizer do we need to produce food? Generally, Fertilizer should be 9,9% by mass of total greenhouse input. (5% / 50.5% = 9.9%)
  7. Same thing with USI MKS. EPL-MKS.cfg (patch for removing ugly original EPL stuff when you have MKS installed) strictly deletes original EPL resources and B9PartSwitch freaks out. Patched to ignore EPL resources when MKS is installed. Will commit after testing... along with some typo fixes in ru.cfg... https://github.com/ChrisAdderley/StationPartsExpansionRedux/pull/118
  8. [1.3.0] Kerbalism v1.2.9

    Definitely not. TAC LS units were based on average daily consumption. Also, kerbals are smaller than humans and their consumption is about 4 times less. Some plant chemistry: Generic green plant (or it's edible juicy fruit/vegetable) consists of 80-95% water (by mass). Ripe seeds (cereals) are only 10-15% water though. After complete dehydration, both fruits/vegetables and seeds generally consist of: Element % by mass Carbon 45 Oxygen 42 Hydrogen 6.5 Nitrogen 1.5 Minerals* 5 * - there is no particular reason to separate Na, K, P, S, etc. from each other. In KSP those are "Minerals" used by USI MKS. Plant life cycle has two main processes: photosyntesis and "respiration". Photosynthesis is generally consuming CO2, H20 and sunlight to produce O2 and some carbohydrates (usually C5H10O5 or C6H12O6). "Respiration" is the opposite process - consumption of O2 and carbohydrates and emitting CO2 and water vapor into atmosphere. Some human(oid) chemistry: Feces are generally 75% water, urine is 95% water. Daily human excretion in grams (not counting exhaling carbon with CO2): Element (g/day) Urine Feces Total Nitrogen 11.0 1.5 12.5 Carbon 6.6 21.4 30 Minerals * 20 ? ? Haven't found correct numbers for oxygen and hydrogen in solid residue. For kerbals those numbers should be 4 times lower due to their size. Or 16 times lower, considering 6-hour Kerbin day.
  9. [1.3.0] Kerbalism v1.2.9

    Well, I could do that... I mean, defining somewhat realistic greenhouse model... Just 2 questions need to be answered beforehead: How resource units are calculated in Kerbalism? I can calculate proper numbers for different processes either in mols or in kilogramms, but units seem to have no constant rate of conversion. For water it's 0.25 u/kg and for food it's 1.77 u/kg, not speaking of other resources. How to implement it if pull requests for Kerbalism just hang there untouched for months?
  10. [1.3.0] Kerbalism v1.2.9

    MODULE { name = Greenhouse crop_resource = Food // name of resource produced by harvests crop_size = 2500.0 // amount of resource produced by harvests crop_rate = 0.00000023148 // growth per-second when all conditions apply ec_rate = 2.5 // EC/s consumed by the lamp at max intensity light_tolerance = 400.0 // minimum lighting flux required for growth, in W/m^2 pressure_tolerance = 0.1 // minimum pressure required for growth, in sea level atmospheres radiation_tolerance = 0.000008333 // maximum radiation allowed for growth in rad/s, considered after shielding is applied lamps = Cylinder001 // object with emissive texture used to represent lamp intensity graphically shutters = door // animation to manipulate shutters plants = // animation to represent plant growth graphically INPUT_RESOURCE { name = Ammonia rate = 0.00695 // 37530 units required for crop } INPUT_RESOURCE { name = Water rate = 0.00023148 // 1250 units required for crop } OUTPUT_RESOURCE { name = Oxygen rate = 0.00463 // 25% of oxygen required by 1 crew member } OUTPUT_RESOURCE { name = WasteWater rate = 0.00023033 } } Waste? It does not. Anyway, where did you see ANY plant that consumes feces or ammonia and DON'T consume CO2? Parasites and saprophytes which cannot do photosyntesis are literally useless in greenhouse. And if you look into configs for "Ammonia" production - it's clearly NH3 and NOT NH4NO3 - by simple reason that process does not use any oxygen.
  11. [1.3.0] Kerbalism v1.2.9

    Greenhouse config is WEIRD.... Food and oxygen is currently produced from water (H2O), ammonia (NH3, which is actually POISON for plants) and sunlight (or EC)... Thus kerbal food consists of hydrogen and nitrogen only. NO CARBON! Please, tell me that you just FORGOT to add CO2 to the input resourses?
  12. If you are speaking about TechTree in stock Career - both should be in advElectrics node. If they are not - search ksp.log for ChopShop_SSP2 to find possible errors.
  13. v.0.11.1 Eng: New part: SSP-3 Fixed Ven's Revamp MM compatibility patch to work with new MM syntax Rus: Новая запчасть - УСП-3 Исправление ММ-патча совместимости с Ven's Revamp, чтобы работал с новым синтаксисом ММ
  14. Yes, IIRC, Ven's mod use it's own part replace patch, writing it's own model in place of Squad's. And you still didn't specify the error... Well... I'll just have to install Ven's Revamp myself and see... What a bloatware... archive had grown up to 111 Mb in size since I used it last time... Hm-m-m... It sure is a trouble, patch is not applied... Why? A-ah... MM has changed syntax... again... Multiple pass specifiers are forbidden now... Let's try with AFTER only... Yeah, It works... sorta... Applies only to smaller rover. Added a micropatch to alter both. Just one question before I update - what do you prefer to see as Ven's rover body FRONT - radiator (as Ven drew it) or a pair of what looks like flashlight slots (more plausible - real Curiosity rover has radiator for RTG on the back). For now it's a second option.
  15. Well, that "!" makes a choice for the case when you DON'T have Ven's Revamp installed. What error exactly do you have? For most compatibility patches bugs I need feedback, as I'm not using that mods myself.