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  1. It is NOT supposed to host ENGINE. It is supposed to host a docking port. If you want to fit engine inside - change config. You need to change \GameData\ChopShop\Utility\HeatShield\heatshield_o.cfg->"fuelCrossFeed = False" to "fuelCrossFeed = True".
  2. Переводить "науку" - это довольно нудный процесс. Удачи. P.S. Приглашать помощников нужно КУДА-ТО. На Гитхаб, битбакет или ещё какой ресурс, позволяющий совместную работу.
  3. It's some extremely weird sh1t... File is exactly the same as in version where I have solved all VAB/SPH measurement issues with chutes in a batch. Drag cubes are exactly what they should be. And it were drag cubes which produced this error in version There are no rogue vertices. And there was not a single one either. Other chutes which have exactly the same model (except for canopy size) and exactly the same animation do not produce similar error... ... Though... Dumb re-building the part in newer PartTools under Unity 5.4 seem to solve the issue... at the expence of extra 12 kb (.mu bloated for some reason). I haven't touch anything! Same old model, same old animation file... Just pressed "Write" once again.
  4. Seems legit. PACKED cube shows the phisical size in VAB/SPH. And it's small. Will check...
  5. Hm-m-m... This legacy bug was not seen for a while... Open your PartDatabase.cfg and check if you have PART { url = ChopShop/Utility/Chutes/chute2/ChopShop_ChSeg2 DRAG_CUBE { cube = PACKED, 0.4388,0.7829,0.6683, 0.4388,0.7708,0.5222, 0.2968,0.8427,0.211, 0.2968,0.7434,0.2089, 0.1975,0.7209,0.6697, 0.1975,0.7168,0.6697, -0.1728,0.09103,0, 0.5926,0.3381,1.311 cube = SEMIDEPLOYED, 9.203,0.3492,2.824, 9.212,0.348,2.824, 5.946,0.8857,16.79, 5.947,0.9097,17.06, 9.177,0.3249,2.824, 9.225,0.3328,2.824, 0,8.42,-1.073E-06, 2.8,17,2.8 cube = DEPLOYED, 22.58,31.22,7.878, 22.56,31.2,7.878, 48.49,40.38,15.23, 48.5,40.13,15.54, 22.85,30.38,7.878, 22.85,30.65,7.878, 0,7.653,-9.537E-07, 8,15.46,8 } } If numbers are different, especially in PACKED state - delete PartDatabase.cfg and restart the game.
  6. v 0.11.4 Eng: Added support for Textures Unlimited (had to re-build a couple of models). Shinies!!! Fixed all troubles with DDAS (hopefully). Few minor fixes. Rus: Добавлена поддержка Textures Unlimited (пришлось переделать пару моделей). Блестяшки!!! Исправлены все проблемы с ДДАС (надеюсь). Несколько мелких исправлений. You'll still need Textures Unlimited to get that shiny metal effect AND a separate TU config for stock parts if you want wings, engines and other stuff to match. Minor patch to return working decals to Rugged Rover and RTG Rover. Decal names appeared to be case sensitive. Who knew that?
  7. Dr. Jet

    Addon Localization Home

    Update ChopShop, please. It has English, Russian, Spanish and German. Other languages can be committed here https://github.com/doktorjet/ChopShop
  8. Если что - комменты сюда. Полезные дополнения и баг-репорты - на гитхаб.
  9. Localizing a big mod is not an easy task. Moreso if mod author "forgot" to implement #LOC tags for that whole gazillion of parts... This tiny script will do a huge part of the job for you. Just grab your mod folder with a mouse and drop it on top of autoloc.py. (Python 2.7+ needed.) What it CAN and WILL do: Find a defined agency in mod (only one!) and use it as a default part manufacturer for all mod parts. Generate most of the #LOCs needed and write them in proper places, thus freeing you from that boring repetitive task. Automatically create \Localization folder and en-us.cfg as a default language config. Copy it and edit to make other languages. What it CANNOT do (in current version): Generate #LOCs for science descriptions. Generate #LOCs for parts GUI. Generate #LOCs for ModuleManager patches. What it ABSOLUTELY CANNOT do (and never will be able to): Generate #LOCs for plugins. It is something that only plugin author can do. Tested on Contares collection, KW Rocketry Redux and Raidernick's mods. Feedback is appreciated.
  10. В помощь локализаторам - сделал небольшой скриптик, который автоматически генерирует en-us.cfg и #LOC-и в файлах запчастей для тех модов, где не прикручена локализация вообще. https://github.com/doktorjet/KSP_Mod_Localizer Пользоваться проще простого - перетащить мышью директорию с модом на скрипт. Требует Python.
  11. Dr. Jet

    [1.4.2] CSA Contares 'RUS' 2.0.6

    Seems that I made a solution for all that huge unlocalized mods... Check this https://github.com/CONTARES/CSA_Contares_CORE/pull/1 made by this https://github.com/doktorjet/KSP_Mod_Localizer
  12. Dr. Jet

    [1.4.2] CSA Contares 'RUS' 2.0.6

  13. Dr. Jet

    [1.4.2] CSA Contares 'RUS' 2.0.6

    Well, it was the main reason why Squad implemented it in place of self-made .mbm. I believe they tested it a lot. And self expirience too, of course. Conversion saved a couple of seconds loading even my tiny mod alone.
  14. Dr. Jet

    [1.4.2] CSA Contares 'RUS' 2.0.6

    It will be easier after localization implementation. All strings in one file. Difference is faster loading time and a bit less memory usage. Tested. For russian rockets and engines one should use russian wiki at least. https://ru.wikipedia.org/wiki/Космос-3М#Космос-3_(11К65) Western sources oftenly rely on cold war intelligence materials, so they are not always correct. Lower stage engine for Cosmos-3 is 11D614 (modernized 8D514 engine from R-14) and upper one is 11D49 (exclusively developed for Cosmos-3). Proper english abbreviation for "ЖРД" is RD, not RK. RD-216M is early engine of military R-14, even earlier than RD 8D514. As for DU-49, I can only interprete it as "двигательная установка образца 1949 года" ("propelling system, model of 1949"), but cannot find a corresponding engine in documents. OK, will use a model change and re-check for nodes. It's still a functional decluttering. "SWE", "LFO Vipera" and "Micro-Gabun" at least. First node is inverted, other two are rotated by 90º. Will possibly fix myself if nodes are declared in config rather than being empty objects.
  15. Dr. Jet

    [1.4.2] CSA Contares 'RUS' 2.0.6

    Some bits and bobs. Current part titles are awful. Most of em. And descriptions... are not very descriptive. Textures are not .dds (fixed) Writing "Salute" ("Salyut") as "KALJUTE" is eye-tearing. Do you know that "KIR" means literally "dick" in Farsi? Some engine indexes are wrong (early R-14 engines instead of Cosmos-3 engines). Don't use english wiki as a source for those. (fixed) Some parts have wrong node orientation (docking radar and inbuilt RCS engine). Also some parts are functional duplicates (KIR_BACK_9 and KIR_BACK_6 for example). I suggest ModulePartVariants for decluttering. P.S. What is "PCS Transport Vehicle"?